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Summary of reviewsHotel & Cafe Lanterna is a highly regarded accommodation option in the heart of Nauvo, gaining acclaim for its prime location near the marina and beach, which ensures easy access to local amenities, shops and restaurants. The charming old building, reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century mansion, provides a unique and peaceful atmosphere that appeals to both long stayers and those seeking a cozy retreat. Its proximity to the church and harbor, coupled with a beautifully renovated environment, further enriches its charm.

The breakfast offerings at Hotel & Cafe Lanterna are consistently celebrated for their quality, variety and presentation. Guests enjoy the fresh, local ingredients, including domestic strawberries and fresh bread. The breakfast, often served at the table, adds a luxurious and personalized touch, complemented by vegan options and an abundance that energizes guests for their activities. The breakfast room itself, adorned with fresh flowers and beautiful dishes, contributes to a delightful dining experience. Despite a few minor suggestions for improvement, such as more creative bread toppings, the overall satisfaction with the breakfast remains high.

The rooms at Hotel & Cafe Lanterna are described as clean, beautifully decorated and cozy with a warm and welcoming ambiance. Guests express appreciation for the charming attic rooms and spacious double rooms, despite some minor drawbacks like poor ventilation and small sizes. The shared bathrooms and toilets are noted for their cleanliness and functionality. Overall, the inviting decor and comfortable beds ensure a restful stay, making up for the few criticisms.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at Hotel & Cafe Lanterna with guests frequently praising the spotless rooms and well-maintained common areas. The high standards of cleanliness contribute to a homely and charming atmosphere, which is appreciated by most visitors.

The staff at Hotel & Cafe Lanterna receive high praise for their friendliness, warmth and exceptional service. Guests feel genuinely cared for, thanks to the sociable and helpful hosts who provide clear communication and an easy check-in process. Although there are occasional mentions of a need for more flexibility, the overwhelmingly positive feedback about the staff makes a significant impact on the overall guest experience.

The beds at Hotel & Cafe Lanterna elicit mixed reviews. Many guests find them neat, cozy and comfortable, contributing to a good night's sleep. However, some guests mention issues with the narrow size of double beds and the hardness of some mattresses. Despite these concerns, the general sentiment is that the beds are suitable for most guests.

In summary, Hotel & Cafe Lanterna offers a charming and comfortable stay with an excellent location, delightful breakfast, high cleanliness standards and friendly staff, making it a favored choice for visitors to Nauvo.
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Room Types
Twin Room with Shared Bathroom This twin/double room features a microwave, fridge and a tea/coffee maker. There is also a flat-screen cable TV, a desk and wardrobe.

Single Room with Shared Bathroom This single room has a flat-screen cable TV and a desk.

Double Room with Private Bathroom This room has a flat-screen cable TV, a desk and wardrobe.

Standard Twin Room with Shared Bathroom This twin room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a shared bathroom. The unit has 2 beds.

Double Room with Shared Bathroom This double room has a cable TV.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel & Cafe Lanterna boasts an unrivaled location in the heart of Nauvo, frequently highlighted by its guests. Situated near the marina and right next to the beach, visitors find it incredibly convenient for accessing local amenities, shops and restaurants. The charming old building, exuding a turn-of-the-century mansion vibe, adds to its unique atmosphere and appeal. Central to everything yet still peaceful, the hotel offers an idyllic setting for those seeking both relaxation and accessibility. The proximity to the church and harbor area, alongside a beautifully renovated environment, further enhances its desirability. It's a prime choice for both long hikes and cozy stays with its clean and well-maintained facilities. Overall, Hotel & Cafe Lanterna stands out as a top accommodation option in Nauvo.

Hotel & Cafe Lanterna consistently impresses guests with its delightful breakfast offerings. Numerous reviews highlight the high quality and versatility of the breakfast, often described as excellent, delicious and aesthetically pleasing with some noting fresh and local ingredients like domestic strawberries and fresh bread. The breakfast is typically served at the table, adding a touch of luxury and personal service that many appreciated. Some guests mentioned specific accolades for the vegan options, diversity and the overall abundance of the meal, which kept them energized for long hikes and explorations well into the afternoon.

The breakfast room itself, often described as unique, cozy and adorned with fresh flowers and beautiful dishes, creates a charming atmosphere. The service is frequently praised for being organized, sympathetic and professional. Notable mentions include the convenience of packed lunches and the availability of self-service options during the pandemic.

While overwhelmingly positive, a few guests pointed out areas for improvement, suggesting a need for more creative toppings for the bread and expressing occasional disappointment with dry bread. Despite these minor critiques, the general consensus is that Hotel & Cafe Lanterna provides a satisfying and memorable breakfast experience that enhances the overall stay.

Hotel & Cafe Lanterna offers a charming and cozy stay within its beautifully decorated rooms. Many guests commend the rooms for being both clean and beautifully maintained with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The hotel itself is praised for its lovely and unique old-fashioned charm, exuding a neat and cozy ambiance.

Accommodations at Hotel & Cafe Lanterna feature a variety of rooms, many described as both inviting and comfortable. Charming attic rooms and spacious double rooms are especially attractive to guests. Despite the small size of some rooms, their cozy setup wins hearts with well-maintained interiors and comfortable beds ensuring a restful stay.

However, some reviews highlight a few drawbacks such as poor ventilation and rooms that can become overly hot, especially during warm weather. Certain rooms are noted for their small, cramped spaces and dark interiors, though the charming decor and clean ambiance often make up for these downsides. Shared toilets and bathrooms are also a feature, yet they are kept clean and functional, providing the necessary amenities for an overnight stay.

In essence, Hotel & Cafe Lanterna offers a blend of comfortable and charming rooms with an inviting atmosphere despite a few minor issues like ventilation and room size. The lovely decor, clean spaces and cozy vibe make it a favored choice for many travelers.

Hotel & Cafe Lanterna offers a mixed experience when it comes to their beds. Many guests found the beds to be neat and cozy, describing them as comfortable and pleasant. For those who appreciate a good night's sleep, there were mentions of big, comfortable beds and soft mattresses, along with good pillows contributing to a positive sleep experience. On the other hand, some reviews highlighted that the double beds were quite narrow and sometimes too small for larger individuals, which could make co-sleeping less comfortable. Certain reviews noted that the bed mattresses were hard and that extra beds added to single rooms were uncomfortable. Despite these issues, the overall sentiment suggests that hotel beds were generally suitable for most guests.

Hotel & Cafe Lanterna earns high marks for its exceptional cleanliness, making it a standout choice for travelers who value tidy accommodations. Guests frequently mention spotless rooms and well-maintained common areas. The bathroom tiles and the shared facilities, such as showers and toilets, are regularly highlighted for their cleanliness. Despite a few isolated remarks about specifics like wet showers and a dirty carpet in one room, the consensus is overwhelmingly positive. The rooms are described as extremely clean, neat and orderly, contributing to a homely and charming atmosphere. Overall, the hotel's commitment to maintaining high cleanliness standards is evident and appreciated by its visitors.

Hotel & Cafe Lanterna stands out due to its exceptionally friendly and accommodating staff. Guests frequently highlight the warmth and helpfulness of the hosts, who are described as welcoming, sociable and thoughtful. The service consistently receives high praise, being termed as excellent, friendly and flawlessly executed.

Communication before arrival is often noted as a strong point with clear access instructions and proactive engagement enhancing the guest experience right from the start. The ease of the check-in process is commonly appreciated, further underscoring the hotel’s commitment to customer service.

There are, however, occasional comments about the need for more flexibility and responsiveness, particularly with additional service requests or late arrivals. Despite these sporadic mentions, the predominance of positive feedback about the staff's kindness, sociability and exceptional service leaves a lasting impression.

The atmosphere created by the warm and friendly staff makes guests feel genuinely cared for, contributing significantly to the overall charm of Hotel & Cafe Lanterna.

No, Hotel & Cafe Lanterna doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel & Cafe Lanterna.

Yes, Hotel & Cafe Lanterna welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel & Cafe Lanterna.

No, Hotel & Cafe Lanterna doesn't have a gym.

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