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Summary of reviewsGarni Hotel Siesta provides a mixed yet compelling option for travelers seeking affordability and convenience. The hotel is strategically positioned in an industrial area, close to Nova Gorica and Gorizia's city centers and despite its seemingly uninviting surroundings, it ensures a tranquil and quiet stay. Its proximity to an excellent brewery adds a unique charm, while easy access to downtown and ample parking options further enhance its appeal.

Guests often appreciate the breakfast for its simplicity with many describing it as decent and sufficient, particularly enjoying the excellent coffee. However, the minimalist spread may not suit everyone's tastes with some guests opting to visit nearby eateries for a more varied breakfast experience. Dinner services at the hotel receive mixed feedback with some appreciating the presence of a craft brewery and pizza offerings, though others find the food quality and options lacking, suggesting nearby alternatives for a more satisfying meal.

The rooms at Garni Hotel Siesta offer air conditioning, independent entrances and convenient proximity to the parking lot, making them functional for travelers seeking basic amenities. However, opinions on room conditions vary significantly. While some guests find their rooms clean and adequately maintained, others report issues related to size, lighting, outdated furniture and cleanliness, including sightings of insects and signs of neglect.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel echoes this inconsistency. While many areas such as sheets, towels and bathrooms earn praise for their tidiness, other reports highlight areas needing improvement, including old furniture, mold and occasional pests. Overall, taking into account a clean environment seems to be hit or miss depending on the room assigned.

One significant consistent positive at Garni Hotel Siesta is the staff. Guests frequently compliment the friendly, helpful and professional demeanor of the staff, notably at the front desk, contributing significantly to overall satisfaction and a welcoming atmosphere.

Finally, guest experiences with the beds are varied with some finding them comfortable, yet many note issues such as hardness, noise and worn-out mattresses, affecting their quality of sleep. This variability in bed comfort might be a consideration for those prioritizing a restful night's sleep.

In sum, Garni Hotel Siesta represents a budget-friendly choice for travelers, offering a blend of convenience, basic comfort and commendable service, overshadowed in parts by some maintenance and amenity shortcomings.
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Guest Reviews
Garni Hotel Siesta offers travelers a blend of convenience and tranquility despite being nestled in an industrial area. Its proximity to an excellent brewery and the city centers of Nova Gorica and Gorizia makes it an attractive choice for those looking to access local amenities and entertainment. The location, though surrounded by garages, car dealerships and factories, ensures a quiet and calm atmosphere, ideal for rest after a day of exploring.

However, the hotel can be somewhat challenging to find and is located in a somewhat remote industrial zone. This setting may not appeal to everyone, especially those seeking an idyllic or picturesque environment. Despite this, the ease of access to downtown, ample parking options and being sufficiently close to the city center (a 5-10 minute walk) make it convenient for short stays.

Guests have highlighted that while the surrounding industrial landscape may initially seem uninviting, the tranquility inside the hotel more than compensates. Overall, Garni Hotel Siesta stands out for its strategic location that balances accessibility to city life with a peaceful retreat.

If you’re planning a stay at Garni Hotel Siesta, brace yourself for a wide range of opinions on the breakfast experience. The guest reviews depict a mixed bag, but there's enough positive feedback to ensure a decent start to your day.

Many guests appreciated the straightforward and efficient nature of the breakfast offered. Described often as simple, modest and decent, it appears to cover the basics without unnecessary frills. Some reviews praised the breakfast as being good, sufficient and even great in some cases, highlighting elements like excellent coffee and a satisfactory buffet.

However, you should be prepared for a rather minimalist spread. References to the breakfast being basic, very modest and meager are frequent. Some guests noted that the offering includes aspects such as bread with packaged cold cuts, jams, Nutella and cheap pastries. While this might be perfectly fine for those who prefer a light morning meal, others might find it insufficient or unvaried.

Despite the mixed feedback, there are hints that the hotel is situated in a convenient location with decent rooms and bathrooms that fare well compared to similar establishments. This could make up for what the breakfast might lack in variety.

Should you find the breakfast not up to your standards, note that some guests chose to visit nearby bars or restaurants. This alternative provides a solution for those seeking a more substantial or diverse morning feast.

Overall, while the breakfast at Garni Hotel Siesta might not wow everyone, it generally offers a simple and decent option to kickstart your day, possibly complemented by the excellent coffee highlighted in several reviews.

Garni Hotel Siesta offers a unique experience with a craft brewery located right in front of the hotel, providing an excellent option for beer enthusiasts. The hotel occasionally features pizza on the menu, adding variety to the dining options. However, the dinner service itself can be a mixed experience with some guests finding the food basic and not well prepared. While other services could be improved, the hotel generally maintains a clean environment. Nonetheless, those looking for a full dinner experience might need to explore nearby options as dining at the hotel can be challenging with some guests finding it impossible to get a proper meal in the evening.

Garni Hotel Siesta offers a mixed experience when it comes to room accommodations. On the positive side, each room has air conditioning and an independent entrance, which could be a benefit for travelers seeking privacy and personal comfort. Additionally, some guests reported their rooms being clean and noted that the location of the rooms, close to the parking lot, was convenient.

However, several aspects of the rooms need attention. Many guests found the rooms to be very small and poorly lit, lacking essential amenities such as bedside lamps and adequate soundproofing. Maintenance appears to be a significant issue with numerous reports of dated furniture, moldy showers and general disrepair. Cleanliness also seems inconsistent; while some rooms were noted as clean, others were described as dirty with sightings of insects and ants adding to the unpleasant experience.

The room conditions are described as basic with some furniture and facilities in need of renovation. The absence of room service and bed-making services might be a drawback for those looking for comprehensive care during their stay. Overall, while Garni Hotel Siesta provides some baseline necessities and affordability, it seems to fall short in terms of upkeep and comfort.

During my recent stay at Garni Hotel Siesta, I encountered a range of experiences regarding the beds. While some guests found the beds to be comfortable, the general consensus leaned towards the beds being a bit of a letdown. Many reviews highlighted issues such as the beds being uncomfortable, hard and noisy. There were also mentions of worn-out and old-fashioned mattresses with some guests specifically noting the presence of springs and makeshift mattresses.

Cleanliness was another mixed point of feedback; although some guests found the bed linens to be clean, there were also mentions of dirty sheets and dust under the bed. Overall, if bed comfort is a top priority for your stay, you might face some inconsistencies at this hotel. However, despite these challenges, the hotel is often seen as offering good value, which might balance out the less-than-ideal sleeping conditions for budget-conscious travelers.

If you’re planning to stay at Garni Hotel Siesta, it’s important to keep a few things in mind regarding cleanliness, as feedback varies. On the positive side, many guests found their rooms and bathrooms to be clean with particular praise for clean sheets, towels and a tidy bathroom. This suggests there are areas where housekeeping ensures a good standard of hygiene.

However, it's crucial to note that cleanliness isn’t consistent throughout the hotel. Several reviews describe rooms as dirty and in need of significant upkeep with instances of insects, dead bugs and mold. The furniture is often described as old, worn-out and sometimes not very clean. Some guests mentioned an unpleasant smell, reminiscent of a latrine and sightings of flies and cockroaches.

The general condition of the rooms appears to range from clean and basic to small, old and dingy. While some guests were satisfied with the cleanliness of their accommodations, others found faults such as dirty bathrooms, blocked fans and poor room conditions upon arrival.

If you’re considering Garni Hotel Siesta, be prepared for a mixed experience in terms of cleanliness. While some rooms meet basic clean standards, others may fall short, reflecting a need for more consistent maintenance and attention to detail.

The staff at Garni Hotel Siesta consistently receives high praise from guests. Described as friendly, helpful and kind, the team prides itself on providing polite and courteous service. Reviews highlight their professional demeanor and dedication, making guests feel welcomed and well-cared for. The front desk, in particular, is noted for being remarkably supportive and accommodating. Overall, the hotel's staff significantly contributes to a pleasant and satisfying stay for its visitors.

No, Garni Hotel Siesta doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Garni Hotel Siesta.

No, Garni Hotel Siesta doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Garni Hotel Siesta.

No, Garni Hotel Siesta doesn't have a gym.

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