Boutique Hotel Nautica - Free parking, Pet friendly

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Summary of reviewsBoutique Hotel Nautica, located in the serene marina of Novigrad, consistently receives high praise for its prime and tranquil location. Guests appreciate the hotel's proximity to key attractions, such as the city center and pebble beaches, all within a short walk. The picturesque setting with stunning views of yachts and the Adriatic Sea, complements the peaceful and safe surroundings, making it an ideal retreat. The added convenience of ample free parking and a pet-friendly policy enhances the appeal for travelers with vehicles or pets.

The breakfast experience at the hotel stands out with an extensive and varied buffet that delights guests with its fresh and delicious offerings. Many enjoy the ambiance of having breakfast on the terrace overlooking the marina. The staff receives commendations for their friendliness and attentive service, making the breakfast experience a highlight of the stay.

Navigare, the in-house restaurant, is well-regarded for its high-quality and beautifully presented meals, especially seafood dishes. While some guests note the high prices and occasional menu limitations, the 10% discount for hotel guests and the overall dining atmosphere on the terrace are appreciated. Despite minor complaints about service speed, the restaurant's offerings are often described as meeting four-star standards.

The spacious and elegantly designed rooms impress guests with their nautical decor, reminiscent of old cruise ships. Many rooms feature large balconies with marina or sea views, adding to the serene ambiance. Cleanliness is a strong point with rooms maintained spotlessly and soundproofed for a quiet stay. Minor issues, such as outdated furnishings or maintenance needs, do not significantly detract from the overall comfort and charm.

The hotel's high standards of cleanliness extend to common areas like the pool and sauna. The thorough daily cleaning services ensure a pristine environment that guests highly value. Friendly and efficient staff further enhance the sense of a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Free WiFi availability throughout the property is generally reliable, despite some reported inconsistencies in service. The spa with its variety of wellness facilities, provides a clean and comfortable space for relaxation. Though some facilities are outdated, the included spa services add value to the guest experience.

The indoor pool receives positive feedback for its cleanliness and pleasant ambiance, despite occasional noise and crowding issues on weekends. The hassle-free and spacious parking options are another well-appreciated feature that contributes to a stress-free stay.

The hotel caters well to families, offering spacious family suites and thoughtful amenities. Children enjoy the activities and offerings, making it a popular choice for family vacations. The comfortable and large beds receive high praise, contributing to restful sleep and overall guest satisfaction.

Overall, Boutique Hotel Nautica delivers a commendable four-star experience with its distinct services, exceptional location and thoughtful amenities, making it a top choice for a memorable stay in Novigrad.
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Room Types
Double Room with Balcony and Partial Sea View This air-conditioned room features a balcony, a fridge and an LCD satellite TV.

Double Room with Balcony and Park View Decorated in sailing style, this air-conditioned room features a balcony, a fridge and an LCD satellite TV.

Junior Suite with Sea View Decorated in red tones, this air-conditioned suite features a balcony, a fridge and an LCD satellite TV.

Superior Suite with Sea View Suite with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a balcony and a living room.

Deluxe Double Room with Sea View Spacious and luxuriously decorated, this air-conditioned room features a balcony, a fridge and an LCD satellite TV.

Double Room with Balcony The spacious double room features air conditioning, a minibar, as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. Featuring a balcony, this double room also offers a seating area, a wardrobe and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Boutique Hotel Nautica offers an exceptional experience with its prime location in the picturesque marina of Novigrad. Guests consistently praise the hotel's proximity to key attractions, noting the short walk to both the city center and the beach. The ambiance at the harbor creates a serene and relaxing environment, complemented by stunning views of the yachts and the Adriatic Sea. Whether you're looking to explore the charming streets of the old town or enjoy a peaceful stroll along the marina, the hotel's positioning provides convenient access to it all.

Moreover, visitors appreciate the tranquility of the area, emphasizing the quiet and safe surroundings that make for an ideal retreat. The hotel's setting offers both the vibrancy of the city just minutes away and the calm of a waterfront location. Guests particularly enjoy the easy walking distance to various amenities, including shops, restaurants and pebble beaches with shady trees.

Additionally, the ample free parking and pet-friendly policy further enhance the appeal, especially for travelers with pets or those driving in. The overall sentiment conveys that Boutique Hotel Nautica's location is not only convenient but also adds tremendous value to the overall stay, making it a top choice for visitors to Novigrad.

The breakfast experience at Boutique Hotel Nautica is highly praised by its guests. Visitors frequently highlight the extensive, varied and generous breakfast buffet that boasts an excellent and comprehensive selection of foods. Many appreciate the delicious and fresh quality of the offerings with some noting freshly made egg dishes prepared upon request. The breakfast includes a wide range of options, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Guests particularly enjoy having breakfast on the terrace with a picturesque view of the marina, adding to the overall pleasant ambiance. The staff also receive commendations for their friendliness and attentive service. Although a few guests mentioned a preference for more savory options and a better selection of bread and coffee, the general consensus is that the breakfast is superb and leaves little to be desired.

Overall, the breakfast at Boutique Hotel Nautica is described as a standout feature, contributing to an exceptional start to the day with its rich, varied and high-quality offerings.

Boutique Hotel Nautica offers varied dining experiences at its in-house restaurant, Navigare. Despite occasional closures and some high pricing, many guests are impressed by the quality and freshness of the food. The eloquently prepared seafood dishes and beautifully presented meals often stand out in reviews. The hotel restaurant provides a commendable 10% discount for hotel guests, which is well appreciated.

Navigare's dinner and breakfast services receive praise for exceptional taste and high food quality, though some find the menu needing more variety, especially for children and vegetarians. The restaurant staff is usually knowledgeable and offers great service, although there are some instances of unmotivated staff and long waiting times.

Guests enjoy evening service on the beautiful terrace and the atmosphere adds a special touch to their dining experience. While the restaurant prices are on the higher side compared to other local establishments, many find the overall dining experience at Boutique Hotel Nautica worth recommending. Overall, the food at the restaurant is often described as on par with the high standards expected of a four-star establishment.

'Boutique Hotel Nautica - Free parking, Pet friendly' offers an exceptional experience with its spacious and elegantly designed rooms that consistently exceed guest expectations. The rooms are notably large, often described as huge and feature comfortable, well-equipped amenities. Guests frequently highlight the beautiful nautical decor, which adds a unique charm reminiscent of an old cruise ship, making stays feel special and memorable.

Most rooms come with expansive balconies, offering stunning views of the marina or sea, adding to the serene ambiance. The large bathrooms, some with separate toilet and bidet spaces, are also a hit among guests. Cleanliness is a consistent positive note with rooms cleaned daily and maintained spotlessly.

The soundproofing of the rooms is commendable, ensuring a quiet stay, while the decor is tastefully nautical, providing a cozy yet luxurious feel. Many guests find the ambiance and atmosphere of the rooms delightful with ample storage space, comfortable beds and functional amenities like minibars.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, a few minor flaws are occasionally mentioned, such as outdated furnishings, preventive maintenance needs and some sporadic issues with room facilities. However, these do not overshadow the general satisfaction with the generous room sizes, beautiful views and overall comfort.

Overall, 'Boutique Hotel Nautica' is highly praised for its spacious, stylishly decorated rooms that provide a comfortable and memorable stay for guests, complete with great views and a charming nautical theme.

Boutique Hotel Nautica has received high praise from guests for its bed quality. Nearly all reviews emphasize the comfort and spaciousness of the hotel beds. Guests frequently described the beds as very comfortable, great and super comfortable, often mentioning the king-size dimensions. The terms big, huge and wide were commonly used to describe the beds, indicating significant guest satisfaction with bed size and comfort.

Many guests highlighted the cleanliness of the rooms, noting that the cleaning was done thoroughly every day. Though bedding was not changed throughout some stays, the comfort of the beds did not seem to be significantly affected.

Overall, the mattresses received positive feedback with only occasional mentions of them being too soft or hard. Most guests seemed to find the beds extremely cozy and conducive to a good night's sleep. The hotel clearly prioritizes offering large, comfortable beds, contributing to a restful and enjoyable stay.

Boutique Hotel Nautica impresses guests with its exceptional cleanliness across various aspects of the property. Many visitors highlight the hotel as being well-maintained with rooms that are spacious, tidy and featuring chic maritime designs. Common areas, including the pool and sauna, are frequently mentioned as particularly clean and pleasant. Guests appreciate the thorough daily cleaning services, describing their rooms as spotlessly clean and very family-friendly. The hotel’s overall cleanliness often exceeds expectations, attracting guests who value a pristine and relaxing environment.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, a few isolated comments note areas needing improvement, such as dustiness upon arrival, mold in some bathrooms and lapses in thorough cleaning like dead flies or unclean gold accessories. However, these critiques seem to be exceptions rather than the rule, as the majority of guest feedback underscores the hotel's admirable standards of cleanliness. The friendly and efficient staff also contributes to the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that guests have a restful and enjoyable stay at this well-kept and beautiful property.

The staff at 'Boutique Hotel Nautica - Free parking, Pet friendly' are frequently praised for their exceptional quality and friendliness. Guests consistently highlight the superb reception and quality service provided, noting the staff's ability to be consistently friendly and helpful. Both the restaurant and reception staff are commended for their competence and attentiveness, enhancing the overall guest experience. The friendliness of the team, including housekeeping and spa staff, is often mentioned with several guests recalling specific staff members by name for their professionalism and kindness. Any interaction with the hotel staff seems to be marked by a warm and accommodating attitude, contributing significantly to guests' satisfaction. Even during instances of room upgrades or special requests, the cooperative and attentive nature of the staff stands out. Although there were occasional mentions of less friendly service, the overwhelmingly positive feedback underscores that the staff's excellence is a cornerstone of the hotel's appeal.

Boutique Hotel Nautica provides free WiFi throughout the building and even on the premises, offering guests the convenience of online connectivity during their stay. Many guests highlight the reliable and super fast wifi in some areas with wonderful and consistent service noted in specific rooms like Room 115. While the overall WiFi connectivity is stable, some reviews indicate that improvements could be made. Instances of non-functioning WiFi and absence of internet access in certain rooms were mentioned, pointing to an inconsistency in service. Despite these occasional issues, the WiFi service appears to meet the needs of most guests.

The spa at Boutique Hotel Nautica offers a generally positive experience, featuring a variety of wellness facilities including a swimming pool, whirlpool, Turkish sauna and Jacuzzi, all of which can be utilized free of charge. The area is described as clean, well-maintained, private and comfortable, providing a serene atmosphere that promises relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests have particularly appreciated the massages and the overall ambiance.

However, a recurring theme in the reviews is the need for renovation and modernization, as some facilities are outdated with a few even out of order, such as the Turkish sauna. There are mentions of the spa area requiring new flooring and additional water stations. Despite these drawbacks, the spa remains a pleasant space for relaxation with sufficient wellness offerings. The modest size does not diminish its appeal as the area is described as lush, peaceful and clean.

Included in the accommodation price, the spa services add significant value to the overall guest experience, making it a noteworthy feature of the hotel.

Boutique Hotel Nautica's pool facilities have received mostly positive feedback from guests. The indoor pool is described as exceptional, clean and well-maintained, offering a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Guests especially appreciate the spaciousness and cleanliness of the large indoor pool, making it a highlight of their stay. The pool area is well-organized and the availability of sunbeds adds to the convenience. The wellness area, including the hot tub, also receives favorable comments for its upkeep and overall ambiance.

However, a few areas for improvement are noted. The pool area can become noisy and overcrowded, especially on weekends, suggesting a need for better soundproofing. Additionally, the jacuzzi's temperature varies with some guests finding the water too hot or too cold.

Despite these minor issues, the pool consistently stands out as a beautiful and inviting feature of the hotel, making it a frequent recommendation from guests.

Boutique Hotel Nautica offers an array of parking benefits that have left guests highly content. The hotel features a large, secure and free parking lot right on the premises. With ample, safe and well-organized parking, guests found it easy to park their vehicles directly at the hotel without any additional charges. The spacious parking area is always accessible and ensures convenience for hotel guests. Whether it's the front of the hotel or nearby, free and sufficient parking spaces are consistently available, contributing to a hassle-free experience for visitors. The extensive and protected parking options garner positive remarks for making stays more comfortable and stress-free.

Boutique Hotel Nautica offers a welcoming atmosphere for both families and their pets, earning praise for being pet-friendly and accommodating for children. Guests frequently commend the hotel's family suites, noting their spaciousness and suitability for large groups, including suites with two large bedrooms. The hotel's thoughtful amenities and services ensure a pleasurable vacation for the entire family, making it a popular choice for family stays and short getaways. Children are particularly pleased with the offerings available at the reception and enjoy activities such as time spent at the pool, although it's noted for occasional noise. Breakfast is highly regarded with mentions of delightful scrambled eggs that children loved. Overall, the hotel is described as very family-friendly, despite a minor concern about being prepared for the correct number of guests in family suites.

4 Star
Boutique Hotel Nautica successfully impressed some guests with its distinct four-star services and exclusive hotel amenities, making it an ideal location for various travelers. The true four-star experience is often highlighted, reflecting positively on the facilities and accommodations provided which significantly contributed to many successful short vacations, thanks to the attentive staff.

However, there are notable areas where the hotel falls short of its four-star claim. Some guests pointed out notable discrepancies between four-star pricing and the quality of the bathrooms and other facilities, indicating that certain aspects do not meet the expected standards for a hotel of its caliber. Breakfast choices, for instance, were considered limited as essential items like jam were missing. Additionally, the hotel’s facilities were described by some as mediocre and there were instances of quality faults in the rooms which detracted from the overall experience. Despite the presence of coffee machines and Wi-Fi, these amenities alone couldn't fully compensate for the perceived shortcomings.

In summary, while Boutique Hotel Nautica offers a blend of commendable four-star services that leave many guests satisfied, there are critical areas in need of attention to universally uphold the four-star standard.

Boutique Hotel Nautica stands out as an ideal choice for business travelers, notably for its excellent facilities for business meetings and a central location that makes it suitable for professional gatherings. The hotel offers practical and business-traveler friendly rooms, ensuring a comfortable stay for those on work trips. Visitors have praised it as a good business hotel, benefiting from both its quiet and central settings, which cater to various meeting requirements. The presence of a business center further adds to its appeal for corporate guests. Notably, some guests have found their experience to exceed even the hotel's promotional promises, reinforcing its reputation as a top pick for business stays.

Boutique Hotel Nautica offers a mixed experience when it comes to accessibility for guests with disabilities. The hotel is noted for its large, well-laid-out accessible rooms and generally good wheelchair access within the facility. This makes navigating the urban context around the hotel easy for those with mobility impairments. However, the hotel has been described as having partial wheelchair accessibility with the presence of a large staircase being a significant burden for guests recovering from knee surgeries. Additionally, some negative points include an out-of-order elevator, high entry bathtubs and elevator access being limited to one side of the hotel, creating long walking distances for those with walking disabilities. Although the walking path is suitable for strollers, bicycles and wheelchairs, some aspects such as bathroom steps and in-room issues like broken fixtures and air conditioning needing activation by reception may pose challenges for some guests. Overall, while the hotel aims to be accessible, certain shortcomings may impact the experience for disabled guests.

Heated Pool
The heated pool at Boutique Hotel Nautica is frequently praised for its relaxing and comforting attributes. Guests have expressed appreciation for the warm indoor environment, noting its use of both heated pool and sauna facilities as standout features. The pool is described as a heated saltwater option, contributing to its soothing experience. Accompanied by heated towel racks, the attention to guest comfort is further evidenced. While the water in the jacuzzi next to the sauna was mentioned as cold, the overall feedback on the heated pool is overwhelmingly positive, making it a highlighted aspect of the hotel stay.

Indoor Pool
The indoor pool at Boutique Hotel Nautica receives consistent praise for its cleanliness, pleasant ambiance and heated water, making it a prominent feature of the hotel. Guests describe the indoor pool as large, beautiful and lovely, enhancing the overall experience of their stay. Additionally, the pool's long operating hours provide ample opportunity for use, accommodating various schedules. However, some guests noted that the volume in the indoor pool area can be higher than expected, which slightly detracts from its appeal as a designated quiet area. Despite this minor issue, the indoor pool remains a standout facility, appreciated for its warmth and overall quality.

Boutique Hotel Nautica offers a romantic escape with its picturesque location at the marina and stunning coastal scenery. Guests have praised the opportunity for romantic walks along the coast and the serene environment that provides a perfect retreat from everyday life. The hotel's rooms, often described as romantic, feature nautical themes, cozy corners and balconies with breathtaking views of the sea and yacht harbor, allowing the scent of the sea to greet guests each morning.

The hotel's restaurant enhances the romantic ambiance with its cozy lighting and directly seaside breakfast, adding to the appeal for couples looking for a romantic getaway or something special for their honeymoon. Late-night drinks on the balcony and the potential for viewing breathtaking sunsets also contribute to the romantic atmosphere.

The location is highlighted as ideal for couples, being described as peaceful, pleasant and a gem for a romantic trip, whether for a vacation or a special romantic occasion like Valentine's Day. The combination of a beautiful setting, thoughtful romantic details and a calming coastal environment makes Boutique Hotel Nautica a perfect choice for a memorable romantic stay.

Dog Friendly
Boutique Hotel Nautica stands out as a warmly welcoming destination for dog owners seeking a comfortable and inclusive stay. The hotel goes above and beyond to ensure pets feel at home, allowing dogs throughout its premises, including the restaurant and adjacent beach area designed specifically for dogs. Guests consistently appreciate the pet-friendly atmosphere and report that their canine companions are greeted warmly upon arrival, often with treats and a bowl provided both in the rooms and restaurant.

The service extends to friendly gestures such as bringing treats and water to the dogs, making it evident that the hotel values its four-legged guests. The positive aspects noted by visitors highlight the hotel's readiness to accommodate pets easily and make dog owners' stays enjoyable, exemplified by the provision of a flat 20 Euro fee per night for dogs.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the dog-friendly facilities, amenities and services, there are minor mentions of isolated incidents where dogs left alone in rooms may have caused disturbances. However, these occurrences do not overshadow the overall dog-welcoming experience highly praised by guests. The hotel's approach to accommodating dogs and their owners, paired with its convenient amenities and warm reception, makes it a favored destination for those traveling with pets.

Yes, Boutique Hotel Nautica - Free parking, Pet friendly has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Boutique Hotel Nautica - Free parking, Pet friendly.

Yes, Boutique Hotel Nautica - Free parking, Pet friendly welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Boutique Hotel Nautica - Free parking, Pet friendly.

No, Boutique Hotel Nautica - Free parking, Pet friendly doesn't have a gym.

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