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Summary of reviewsHotel Staffler consistently receives commendable reviews across various categories, making it a favored choice among travelers. Its prime location near the A8 highway offers convenience for those passing through or exploring nearby cities like Munich and Augsburg. Guests appreciate the tranquility of the setting despite its proximity to the highway and the hotel’s strategic position makes it accessible to several golf courses within a 50 km radius.

The breakfast at Hotel Staffler is frequently highlighted as delightful and plentiful with many guests appreciating the variety and quality of the offerings. The inclusion of breakfast in the room rate adds significant value to the stay. While there are some calls for more diversity and fresher options, the overall sentiment remains positive with friendly service enhancing the experience.

The hotel's on-site dining receives high marks for its superb culinary offerings. Guests rave about the delicious and high-quality meals served in the simple yet inviting restaurant. Despite the slightly higher price point, the exceptional food and well-chosen wine pairings justify the cost, making it a recommended dining spot.

Rooms at Hotel Staffler are praised for their cleanliness, modern design and comfort. Guests find the accommodations spacious and attractively furnished, contributing to a relaxing stay. Although some mention occasional noise from street-facing rooms and temperature concerns, the overwhelmingly positive feedback underscores a high standard of room maintenance.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at Hotel Staffler with guests frequently noting the immaculate state of both rooms and shared areas. This, combined with functional amenities and tasteful decorations, creates a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

The hotel’s staff receive exceptional acclaim for their friendliness and helpfulness. The welcoming and attentive nature of both the staff and the owners contributes significantly to the overall guest experience. The personal touch, effective communication in English and genuine effort to meet guests' needs make for an inviting and homely atmosphere. Even small details, like interactions with the house dog, add to the charm.

Parking is another convenience at Hotel Staffler with ample and spacious options available for cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Private parking and free on-site spaces ensure a hassle-free experience for guests.

Lastly, the beds at the hotel are generally praised for their comfort. Though opinions vary on the firmness of the mattresses, most guests find the sleeping arrangements highly satisfactory, adding to the overall quality of their stay.

In conclusion, Hotel Staffler provides a well-rounded and highly satisfying experience with its convenient location, excellent dining, comfortable rooms, cleanliness, friendly staff and ample parking, making it a top choice for many travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room Bright, modern room offering satellite TV and a private bathroom with hairdryer.

Double Room Bright, modern room offering satellite TV and a private bathroom with hairdryer.

Triple Room Bright, modern room offering satellite TV and a private bathroom with hairdryer.

Quadruple Room Bright, modern room offering satellite TV and a private bathroom with hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Staffler boasts a strategic and accessible location, making it ideal for various types of travelers. The hotel is situated near the A8 highway, providing easy access and convenience for those passing through, particularly for overnight stays on the way to winter sports destinations. Despite its close proximity to the highway, guests generally do not experience noise disturbances, appreciating the quiet environment.

The location stands out for being modern and well-maintained with good transport connections that make it easy to reach by car. While a car is necessary for getting around due to its somewhat remote setting, the hotel is not far from Munich and Augsburg, making it a suitable base for exploring these cities. The surrounding area is also noted for its accessibility to several golf courses within a 50 km radius.

Guests appreciate the tranquility afforded by its setting, even when situated on the main road, though a few have mentioned the inconvenience of heavy traffic at times. Overall, Hotel Staffler’s location is considered excellent and ideal for travelers looking for a convenient stopover or a quiet escape without being too far from major attractions and transit routes.

Hotel Staffler offers a delightful breakfast experience that has generally received positive feedback from guests. Many guests described the breakfast as delicious with a varied and plentiful selection that allowed them to start their day happily. Phrases like excellent, rich and very good were commonly used, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the quality and variety of the offerings.

The breakfast being included in the price is a notable highlight, adding value to the stay. Some guests mentioned the options for gluten-free bread, catering to specific dietary needs. The friendly service from the breakfast staff also contributed positively to the overall experience.

However, there were a few mixed reactions. Some guests found the breakfast to be simple and less diversified with suggestions for improvements such as including fresh fruit. A couple of reviews noted their disappointment, describing the breakfast as mediocre and more than disappointing. Extending breakfast times was another suggestion mentioned by guests.

Overall, Hotel Staffler provides a good start to the day with its breakfast offerings, though there is room for minor improvements to cater to diverse preferences.

Hotel Staffler boasts an exceptional dining experience that has garnered high praise from guests. The on-site restaurant is frequently cited as a highlight of their stay with many describing the food as delicious, fabulous and superb. Guests have enjoyed great meals and have been delighted by the exciting menu offered. The restaurant, although simple and often full, serves high-quality, delicious food consistently. Selected wines complement the meals perfectly, enhancing the overall dining experience. While some guests mentioned that the prices are above average and quite expensive, the consensus remains that the excellent quality of the food and the overall dining experience justify the cost. The restaurant at Hotel Staffler comes highly recommended for those seeking a memorable culinary experience during their stay.

Hotel Staffler offers guests rooms that are consistently praised for their cleanliness and modern design. The rooms are described as spacious, functional and attractively furnished with some highlighting a modern, new design and others noting beautiful interiors. Guests appreciate the comfort of the beds and the overall coziness of the rooms. Many reviews mention the rooms being very clean and equipped with functional amenities, making for a comfortable stay.

However, it's worth noting that some rooms facing the street can be quite noisy and one review mentioned the room being freezing. Despite these minor issues, the positive feedback overwhelmingly reflects a high standard of room maintenance and guest satisfaction. Enjoying a stay in one of the large, tastefully decorated rooms at Hotel Staffler promises a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Hotel Staffler offers a largely positive sleeping experience according to guest reviews. The majority of feedback highlights the comfort of the beds with numerous guests describing them as very comfortable, super comfortable and even noting the availability of huge beds. Despite this, there are mixed opinions about the firmness of the mattresses with some reviewers mentioning they are too soft or extremely soft, while others felt that one bed in particular was too hard. However, most guests agree that the overall sleeping comfort provided by the beds is very good and for those in need of alternative sleeping arrangements, a bunk bed option is available.

Hotel Staffler has received praise from guests for its exceptional cleanliness. Visitors frequently describe the rooms and shared areas as "spotlessly clean" and "very clean." The hotel maintains a high standard of hygiene across all areas with comments highlighting that everything is not only clean but also functional and well-maintained. Guests appreciate the cozy and tastefully decorated rooms, noting that the accommodations are both comfortable and immaculate. The friendly service enhances the overall positive experience, making Hotel Staffler a standout choice for those prioritizing cleanliness during their stay.

Hotel Staffler garners high praise for its exceptional hospitality, characterized by super nice, very friendly and extremely helpful staff. Guests consistently highlight the welcoming and attentive nature of both the staff and the owners. The reception is noted for being personal and inviting with the staff making an effort to ensure guests feel at home from the moment they arrive. The hotel prides itself on its excellent service with many reviews mentioning the staff's ability to communicate effectively in English and their readiness to assist with any needs or requests.

The friendliness of the hotel permeates every aspect, from the restaurant and reception staff to the owners themselves, who are keen to ensure guests have everything they need for a comfortable stay. The hotel is described as being clean with a relaxed and accommodating atmosphere. The positive demeanor of the staff, including the chef, who often shares kind words with guests, contributes to the overall pleasant experience.

Even the house dog plays a role in the warm, friendly greeting extended to visitors. The consistent mention of friendly, attentive and accommodating staff across numerous reviews underscores the exceptional guest service that defines a stay at Hotel Staffler.

Hotel Staffler offers a variety of convenient parking options for its guests. Visitors appreciate the ample and spacious parking lot, highlighting its capacity to accommodate both cars and motorcycles with the latter benefiting from garage storage. Private parking is also available and the hotel provides handy storage facilities for bicycles. Although it can get full in the evenings during peak summer periods, guests frequently mention the availability of free parking spaces on-site, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

No, Hotel Staffler doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Staffler.

Yes, Hotel Staffler welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Staffler.

No, Hotel Staffler doesn't have a gym.

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