Resort Čapí Hnízdo

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Summary of reviewsResort Čapí Hnízdo garners high acclaim from guests for its memorable and enriching experiences across various facets of hospitality. The breakfast at the resort is a standout feature, described as rich, excellent and unbeatable, offering a variety of delicious and high-quality options that cater to diverse tastes. This high standard continues with the dining experience, where the hotel restaurant's food and service are outstanding, particularly for dishes like meatloaf and sirloin, served in a well-organized and beautiful environment.

The accommodations are another highlight with rooms that are clean, large, well-designed and equipped with thoughtful amenities. Guests appreciate the beautifully furnished decor and the quiet, pleasant atmosphere of the resort. The dedication to cleanliness is exceptional with the resort maintaining fresh and inviting spaces through multiple cleaning sessions daily. The staff's friendliness, professionalism and attentiveness further enhance the guest experience, ensuring a welcoming and comfortable stay.

The spa and pool areas are equally impressive, offering luxurious and tranquil environments. The spa is praised for its beautiful design, cleanliness, quality cosmetics and personal care services, making it a rejuvenating retreat despite its smaller size. The swimming pool area is highlighted for its beauty and warmth with additional features like children's pools and hot tubs adding to the relaxing experience.

Families particularly enjoy the resort with ample activities and entertainment provided for children, including an Animal Park and eco farm that captivates younger guests. Comfortable beds and additional touches like lavender pillow sprays contribute to a restful and pleasant stay, rounding out the overall exceptional experience at Resort Čapí Hnízdo.
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Room Types
Double Room This modern room comes with a balcony or a terrace, a view of a farm or a pond, a seating area, a TV with satellite channels, a minibar, a telephone and a private bathroom with a shower.

Twin Room This modern room comes with a balcony or a terrace, a view of a farm or a pond, a seating area, a safety deposit box, a TV with satellite channels, a minibar, a telephone and a private bathroom with a shower.

Guest Reviews
The breakfast experience at Resort Čapí Hnízdo consistently receives high praise from guests. Described as rich, excellent and unbeatable, the spread offers a variety of options that cater to different tastes. Guests frequently mentioned the plentiful and regularly replenished offerings, which included everything the heart desires. The quality of food is highlighted as very good with adjectives like fabulous, hearty and delicious providing a picture of a memorable morning meal.

While a few guests mentioned a desire for a bit more variety, the overall consensus remains highly positive. The excellent food is complemented by services that go beyond expectations, making the breakfast a standout feature. With a nice selection of both food and drink available, it appears that Resort Čapí Hnízdo ensures a complete and satisfying start to the day for every visitor.

Resort Čapí Hnízdo offers an impressive dining experience with its hotel restaurant receiving high praise for both food and service. Guests repeatedly commend the excellent and breathtaking quality of the dishes, highlighting the meatloaf and sirloin as standout options. The meals, described as fabulous and satisfying, are served in a very nice and well-organized environment. The lunch menu features more traditional Czech dishes, though some visitors note a desire for more variety. Despite occasional comments on the confused service, the overall sentiment towards the culinary offerings and the beautiful facilities, including a horse farm and animal park, remains highly positive.

Resort Čapí Hnízdo offers accommodation that consistently impresses its guests with clean and beautifully designed rooms. The rooms are often described as large, comfortable and well-equipped, featuring thoughtful amenities such as a Nespresso machine and small details like bed perfume. The interior design is consistently praised with many guests noting the beautifully furnished and appealing decor. The property itself maintains a clean, tidy and well-maintained environment.

Guests frequently highlight the overall pleasant and quiet atmosphere, adding to the appeal of the resort. The exemplary room cleaning and the cleanliness throughout the resort are notable highlights mentioned repeatedly. The well-designed facilities and the accessibility to various services and amenities also add to the positive experience.

Despite the overwhelming positive feedback, some reviews mention certain drawbacks, such as a lack of natural light in some rooms and occasional noise issues. Nonetheless, the general consensus remains that the resort offers wonderful, beautifully furnished rooms that contribute to a memorable stay.

Many guests of Resort Čapí Hnízdo have emphasized the comfort of the beds, citing very comfortable sleeping arrangements and even upgraded bed comfort levels. The resort provides clean beds with some guests noting that the cleaning happens several times a day, ensuring a pristine sleeping environment. Although some opinions suggest that the rooms themselves might be basic or nothing special, the comfort of the beds is consistently praised. Additional touches like lavender spray on pillows contribute to a pleasant and restful stay.

Resort Čapí Hnízdo consistently impresses visitors with its exceptional cleanliness and well-maintained facilities. The resort is noted for being exceptionally clean throughout with cleaning implemented several times a day, ensuring that all areas remain fresh and inviting. Guests frequently praise the beautifully designed rooms and wellness area, commenting on the fragrant, clean environment that enhances their stay. The staff also receives high marks for their helpfulness and dedication to maintaining maximum cleanliness with twice-daily room servicing and exemplary room cleaning practices.

The cleanliness of the rooms and bedding is particularly commended with snow-white bathroom fixtures and an overall neat appearance that contributes to a great experience. The combination of clean accommodations, helpful staff and excellent dining ensures a satisfying visit, solidifying Resort Čapí Hnízdo as a top choice for travelers seeking a spotless and welcoming environment.

The staff at Resort Čapí Hnízdo consistently receives high praise from guests. Visitors frequently highlight the team's friendliness, professionalism and attentiveness. The staff is described as being helpful, kind and always ready to assist, contributing to a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Guests particularly appreciate the professional attitude and excellent service, making interactions pleasant and smooth. The approachable and caring nature of the staff ensures that every need is met promptly, enhancing the overall experience at the resort.

Nestled within the serene surroundings of Resort Čapí Hnízdo, the spa offers an oasis of luxury and tranquility. The wellness center stands out for its exceptional amenities, described by guests as a beautiful, clean area featuring a stunning pool. Visitors are particularly impressed with the quality cosmetics and personal care services available, underscoring the spa's commitment to providing an enriching experience. Though the spa area is noted to be smaller with limited sunbeds—only four in total—the indoor relaxation space compensates by providing a calming retreat for guests seeking a moment of peace. Whether it's the picturesque pool view or the high level of wellness service, the spa at Resort Čapí Hnízdo ensures a memorable and rejuvenating stay.

The Resort Čapí Hnízdo offers a stunning swimming pool area that guests consistently praise for its beauty and serenity. Visitors frequently highlight the attractiveness of the pool, describing it as both beautiful and interesting with some noting the pleasing warmth of the water. There is a dedicated children's pool area that families find particularly delightful. In addition to the main pools, the resort also features alternative pools and hot tubs, all of which contribute to a relaxing and enjoyable experience, making it a favorite spot for many guests. The view from the pool area is also notably appreciated, adding to the overall positive ambiance of the resort.

Resort Čapí Hnízdo stands out as an excellent destination for families with children. The service and attitude towards young guests are exceptional, ensuring they feel welcomed and entertained throughout the visit. The resort provides an array of activities several times a day, keeping the kids engaged and excited. One notable highlight is the Animal Park and the eco farm, where children thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the animals and exploring the estate's pastures. Overall, there is ample entertainment for the whole family, making it a truly exceptional place for children's enjoyment.

Yes, Resort Čapí Hnízdo has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool, Children's Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Resort Čapí Hnízdo.

Yes, Resort Čapí Hnízdo welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Resort Čapí Hnízdo.

Yes, Resort Čapí Hnízdo has a gym.

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