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Summary of reviewsHotel Posthuys Vlieland, nestled amid the serene dunes of Vlieland, provides an idyllic retreat for those yearning for tranquility and natural splendor. Its exceptional location, 8 kilometers from the bustling village, offers a serene escape far from mass tourism. The area boasts expansive views, lush forests and the soothing sounds of the nearby sea. Guests can easily access both the North Sea and Wadden Sea, making it a perfect spot for beach strolls and bird-watching excursions. The network of scenic walking and cycling paths provides spectacular views of the island's diverse landscapes.

Breakfast at Hotel Posthuys Vlieland impresses with its quality and variety. Guests appreciate the extensive selection of items such as croissants, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, bread rolls and fresh juices. The possibility of enjoying breakfast outdoors on a tiered stand adds to the charm. Despite minor comments on limited options, the delightful setting and attentive service make the breakfast experience highly rated.

Dinner at the hotel garners praise for its delicious and well-prepared meals. Guests often describe the cuisine as delicious and perfectly executed. Special occasions, like New Year's Eve dinner, receive particular acclaim. Although some diners suggest adding more fresh vegetables and enhancing hygiene, the overall dining experience remains a highlight of the stay.

The rooms at Hotel Posthuys Vlieland are consistently praised for cleanliness, spaciousness and tasteful décor. Bright and well-equipped, they feature modern, luxurious designs that are both cozy and comfortable. Comfortable beds and thoughtful amenities contribute to a restful stay. Some rooms offer enchanting sea views, enhancing the overall experience, although there are mentions of warmth in the summer without air conditioning, mitigated by the presence of fans and mosquito nets.

Cleanliness is a strong point for the hotel, consistently receiving positive feedback from guests. The rooms, bathrooms and public spaces are noted for being sparkling clean and well-maintained, contributing to a comfortable and hygienic stay.

The hotel staff stands out for their exceptional hospitality, marked by friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. From the warm reception to attentive service throughout the stay, the staff's dedication to guest satisfaction is evident. Their courteous demeanor and genuine hospitality create a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the overall guest experience.

Beds at Hotel Posthuys Vlieland receive high praise for comfort with many guests noting the quality of the box spring beds and perfect mattresses. The combination of clean, cozy rooms and excellent bedding ensures a restful stay.

As a three-star establishment, Hotel Posthuys Vlieland offers a budget-friendly option with a good atmosphere and appealing decor. While some areas, such as room size and basic amenities, could see improvement, the overall cost-effectiveness and relaxing ambiance make it a reasonable choice for travelers. With potential updates, the hotel could attract more return visitors and possibly transition towards a more luxurious offering.

In summary, Hotel Posthuys Vlieland's combination of a stellar location, excellent service and comfortable accommodations makes it a standout destination for nature lovers and peace seekers alike.
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Room Types
Comfort Double Room This comfort double room has box-spring beds, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with shower and toilet. This room overlooks the natural surroundings. All rooms have a water boiler and a coffee machine.

Double Room with Extra Bed The double room provides a sofa, heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. The double room features carpeted floors, a seating area with a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a kettle, a coffee maker, a wardrobe, as well as a safe deposit box. The unit offers 3 beds and a sofa bed.

Guest Reviews
Nestled in the enchanting dunes of Vlieland, Hotel Posthuys Vlieland offers an idyllic haven for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. This beautifully situated hotel is located 8 kilometers from the bustling village, ensuring a peaceful retreat far from mass tourism. Guests rave about the serene surroundings, characterized by expansive views, lush forests and the soothing sounds of the nearby sea.

The hotel's stellar location provides seamless access to both the North Sea and Wadden Sea, making it perfect for beach strolls and bird-watching excursions in Kroons Polders. Nature enthusiasts will delight in the network of scenic walking and cycling paths that weave through the dunes, offering spectacular views over the island's diverse landscapes.

Though remote, the hotel remains accessible with a convenient bus connection to the village and bike rentals available. The secluded yet reachable setting ensures a pleasant journey through nature without sacrificing comfort. Every room boasts luxurious amenities with some offering vistas of the sea and sunrise, enhancing the overall experience.

Whether it's the calm atmosphere, beautiful surroundings or the unique position within Vlieland's pristine nature reserves, Hotel Posthuys Vlieland emerges as a top choice for a rejuvenating escape. The combination of exceptional location, friendly staff and serene environment makes this hotel a standout destination for nature lovers and peace seekers alike.

Hotel Posthuys Vlieland's breakfast offerings consistently impress guests with their quality and variety. Many reviews describe the breakfast as "delicious," "great," and "extensive," often highlighting the abundant choices of fresh and tasty items. Guests notably appreciated the option to "take some things for lunch," with several mentioning this thoughtful touch. The breakfast buffet frequently features items like croissants, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, bread rolls and fresh juices, providing a wide range of options to suit different tastes.

The breakfast setting also adds to the charm with the possibility of enjoying the meal outdoors on a tiered stand. Service is often praised, noted for being "friendly" and attentive, which enhances the pleasant dining experience. Despite a few comments on limited options and occasional issues with replenishment, the overall sentiment regarding the breakfast remains highly positive.

The efforts to maintain high standards of hygiene and organization, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, have not gone unnoticed, adding an extra layer of comfort for guests. In summary, Hotel Posthuys Vlieland delivers a compelling breakfast experience marked by variety, quality and excellent service in a delightful setting.

Hotel Posthuys Vlieland offers an impressive dining experience, praised consistently for its delicious and well-prepared meals. Guests marvel at the excellent cuisine, which includes evening meals that are both varied and flavorful, often described as delicious or perfect. The New Year's Eve dinner received particular acclaim, indicating a special effort for holiday occasions. Even during the pandemic, when meals were delivered to rooms, the quality remained high, retaining the enjoyable dining experience.

The restaurant itself has been noted for having a wonderful menu designed by a skilled chef with dishes that are both excellent in taste and beautifully presented. The ambiance adds to the dining pleasure as guests relish their meals in a special location.

However, there are some areas for improvement. A few guests mentioned that they found the options somewhat limited and suggested offering more fresh vegetables. Additionally, some felt that the restaurant's hygiene could use some enhancement and there were comments about the affordability and temperature of the food on occasion.

Overall, the hotel's dining services are highly rated, making it a notable part of the guest experience. With a few tweaks, it has the potential to be exceptional in every aspect.

Hotel Posthuys Vlieland's rooms receive consistently high praise from guests for their cleanliness, spaciousness and tasteful décor. Many reviewers highlighted the rooms as being bright, well-equipped and maintained to a high standard. Guests appreciated the modern, luxurious design, finding the rooms not only practical but also cozy and comfortable. Furthermore, the rooms featured comfortable beds contributing to a good night's sleep.

Several visitors noted the fresh and colorful decoration with some describing the style as maritime. The rooms offer good views, including some with a sea view and are equipped with thoughtful amenities. Despite a few mentions of rooms being warm in the summer without air conditioning, the presence of fans and mosquito nets helped enhance the comfort.

The hotel is praised for its quiet and beautiful location, which adds to the restful atmosphere of the rooms. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, making guests feel at home. Overall, the combination of spacious, clean and well-decorated rooms along with excellent service makes Hotel Posthuys Vlieland a delightful place to stay.

Guests staying at Hotel Posthuys Vlieland have frequently praised the beds for their comfort. The phrase "comfortable beds" recurs throughout the reviews, indicating a strong consensus on the quality of rest offered by the hotel's accommodations. Many guests found the beds to be good, great and even described them as delicious, lovely and wonderful. The box spring beds were particularly appreciated and several reviews noted that the mattresses were absolutely perfect. With the combination of nice, clean rooms and excellent bedding, guests can expect a comfortable and restful stay.

Hotel Posthuys Vlieland consistently receives praise for its cleanliness from its guests. Many reviews highlight the clean, tidy and well-maintained nature of the rooms, describing them as sparkling clean, spotlessly clean and very tidy. The cleanliness extends beyond the rooms with the surroundings and overall hotel being noted as neat and clean. Guests have also appreciated the clean bathrooms and the well-maintained condition of the hotel. Despite some concerns regarding hygiene at breakfast and in the catering industry, the positive feedback regarding the cleanliness of the accommodations and public spaces stands out prominently.

Hotel Posthuys Vlieland earns high praise for its exceptional staff, creating a welcoming and hospitable environment for guests. Consistently described as very friendly, helpful and accommodating, the team excels in providing top-notch service. Guests frequently highlight the friendliness of the staff, from the warm reception to the attentive service in the restaurant. The hotel's personnel, including the management, receives accolades for their professional yet down-to-earth approach, making visitors feel at home.

The team at Hotel Posthuys Vlieland stands out for their attentiveness and readiness to assist, ensuring that nothing is too much trouble. Their dedication to providing excellent service is evident with many reviewers noting the staff's genuine hospitality and courteous demeanor.

Superlatives such as "super friendly," "extremely accommodating," and "enormously friendly" are common in describing the hotel staff, underscoring their commitment to guest satisfaction. The seamless blend of high-quality service and a welcoming atmosphere makes a stay at Hotel Posthuys Vlieland a memorable experience, appreciated by many.

3 Star
Hotel Posthuys Vlieland offers a comfortable stay with a good atmosphere and appealing decor. Guests appreciate the relaxing and cosy ambiance of this atmospheric hotel. As a three-star establishment, it is regarded as a good, budget-friendly option on Vlieland. However, some areas could use improvement. Rooms are described as small and basic with limited TV instructions and some noise issues. Additionally, there are remarks about hygiene needing attention. Despite these minor drawbacks, its cost-effectiveness makes it a reasonable choice for travelers. For future growth, the hotel might consider updates to attract more return visitors, possibly transitioning towards a more luxurious offering.

No, Hotel Posthuys Vlieland doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Posthuys Vlieland.

No, Hotel Posthuys Vlieland doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Posthuys Vlieland.

No, Hotel Posthuys Vlieland doesn't have a gym.

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