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Summary of reviewsHotel Monarc in Ostend garners consistently high praise, particularly for its outstanding location just a short walk from the seafront. Guests appreciate the hotel's proximity to the beach, central attractions and local amenities like cafés, restaurants and shops. This central but tranquil positioning makes it an ideal base for exploring the city on foot.

One of the hotel's standout features is its breakfast buffet, often described as extensive, delicious and well-presented. Guests are impressed with the variety and quality of offerings, including fresh fruit, smoothies, eggs made to order and fresh rolls. The friendly and attentive breakfast staff further elevate the morning dining experience.

The hotel's rooms are another highlight, noted for their spaciousness, modern and stylish decor and comfortable bedding. Bathrooms, particularly the ones with walk-in showers and freestanding baths, receive frequent accolades for their luxurious feel. Cleanliness across the hotel, from the rooms to common areas, is consistently praised, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Staff at Hotel Monarc are repeatedly described as friendly, helpful and professional, contributing significantly to the welcoming atmosphere. Their warm and responsive service enhances the overall guest experience.

For families, Hotel Monarc offers spacious and well-laid-out family rooms that provide comfort and privacy. Parents appreciate the thoughtful room designs that cater to both adults and children. The exceptional comfort of the beds with high-quality mattresses and pillows, ensures a restful night's sleep for all guests.

Despite some mixed feedback regarding its four-star rating, especially concerning amenities and room size, the general sentiment remains positive. Business travelers find the location convenient, though there are suggestions for improvement in room lighting and amenities to better suit their needs. The hotel's luxurious ambiance, stunning entrance and well-appointed interiors make it a tranquil retreat for all visitors.

Overall, Hotel Monarc is highly recommended for its prime location, exceptional breakfast, comfortable rooms, cleanliness and welcoming staff, making it a top choice for both leisure and business travelers in Ostend.
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Room Types
Deluxe Queen Room This double room has a flat-screen TV, minibar and private entrance. Experience luxury in our Deluxe Room with a comfortable Queen-sized Bed. Enjoy the convenience of a flat-screen TV and mini-bar, as well as the privacy of a private entrance. Book now for a memorable stay in Ostend.

Superior Queen Room with Two Queen Beds Featuring free toiletries, this quadruple room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. The spacious air-conditioned quadruple room features a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private entrance, soundproof walls, a minibar as well as city views. The unit has 2 beds.

Deluxe Double Room with Balcony This double room has a balcony, cable TV and minibar. Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our Deluxe Double Room with Balcony. Enjoy the fresh air and scenic views from your own private balcony. Stay entertained with cable TV and keep your refreshments close by with the convenient minibar. Book now for a deluxe stay in Ostend.

Superior Queen Room This double room features a flat-screen TV, soundproofing and private entrance. Upgrade to our Superior Room with a comfortable Queen-sized Bed. Enjoy a peaceful stay with soundproofing, and stay entertained with a flat-screen TV. The private entrance adds an extra layer of privacy to your stay in Ostend. Book now for a superior experience.

Superior Queen Room With Balcony This double room has a balcony, soundproofing and patio. Elevate your stay with our Superior Room featuring a comfortable Queen-sized Bed. Take in the stunning views from your own private balcony, and enjoy a peaceful stay with soundproofing. Step outside and relax on the patio, making your stay in Ostend even more memorable. Book now for a superior experience.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Monarc in Ostend consistently receives high praise for its outstanding location. Situated just a street back from the seafront, it offers guests easy access to the beach, making it an ideal spot for those looking to relax by the sea. The hotel is described as being very close to the promenade and just a short walk from the beach—often mentioned as a mere stone's throw or 50-100 meters away.

Its central but tranquil position enhances its appeal, staying right in the heart of Ostend, conveniently near cafés, restaurants and shops. The proximity to local attractions like the Kursaal casino and the Christmas market benefits those who enjoy exploring the city's vibrant culture on foot. Parking availability nearby is also highlighted as a significant advantage.

Overall, the reviews underscore Hotel Monarc's prime, central location, making it a perfect base for visiting Ostend. The combination of being close to the beach, the city center and an array of local amenities contributes to its top ratings for convenience and accessibility.

At Hotel Monarc, breakfast is a standout feature, widely praised for its extensive and delicious offerings. Guests are consistently impressed by the variety and quality, frequently highlighting the abundance of fresh fruit, smoothies, eggs made to order and freshly baked rolls. The breakfast buffet is described as lavish, sumptuous and exceptional, providing a rich selection of both savory and sweet options.

The buffet presentation is a point of admiration with careful attention to detail and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The addition of freshly prepared fruit juices and high-quality products further enhances the dining experience. Moreover, the friendly and attentive staff contribute significantly to the positive ambiance, ensuring guests feel well-cared-for as they start their day.

Despite the occasional mention of the breakfast being on the pricier side, most guests seem to feel that the quality and variety of the offerings justify the cost. The option to have breakfast delivered to the room is also noted as a convenient and appreciated service. Overall, Hotel Monarc's breakfast leaves a lasting impression, often described as perfect and something that elevates the entire stay to another level.

Hotel Monarc boasts a range of beautiful and comfortable rooms that have been highly praised by its guests. Many reviewers noted the spacious size of the rooms and their modern, stylish decoration. The rooms are well-furnished, clean and include comfortable bedding, ensuring a restful stay. The bathrooms, often highlighted as stunning and superb, feature walk-in showers, some with freestanding baths and high-quality amenities.

Despite a few mentions of smaller or darker rooms, the overwhelming sentiment is positive with many guests appreciating the quiet, calm atmosphere and the well-maintained facilities. Large family rooms and functional layouts cater well to families, making the hotel a good option for group stays. Cleanliness is evidently a priority, as reflected in the numerous comments on the tidiness and upkeep of both the rooms and bathrooms.

The hotel’s small-scale nature is also mentioned positively, contributing to a more intimate and personalized stay. Modern touches and renovations have successfully combined comfort with stylish design, consistently leaving guests impressed. Overall, Hotel Monarc offers a welcoming and luxurious environment, making it a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking quality and comfort.

Hotel Monarc offers a truly remarkable sleep experience, universally praised for its blissful and exceptionally comfortable beds. Guests frequently highlight the quality and comfort of the beds with numerous mentions of them being king-size and large, providing ample space to stretch out and relax. The beddings are consistently described as excellent and of great quality, contributing to a very cozy and restful environment.

Twin beds are also available and noted for their comfort. Many reviews emphasize the superior experience of the bedding with particular praise for the quality mattresses and pillows. Some guests did mention that certain beds had two separate mattresses instead of a single large one, but overall, the feedback remains overwhelmingly positive.

The comfort of the beds at Hotel Monarc stands out as a key feature, ensuring that guests enjoy a magnificent and restful stay with top-notch bedding and spacious, cozy beds. It's clear that a night here guarantees a wonderfully comfortable sleep, making it a perfect retreat for travelers in need of relaxation.

Hotel Monarc impresses guests with its impeccable cleanliness and well-maintained facilities. The spacious rooms are consistently highlighted for being very clean and comfortable with many guests praising the modern, hygienic bathrooms. The hotel's common areas, including the beautifully maintained building and tidy bar terrace, provide a cozy atmosphere that guests find inviting. Though a few mentioned that some windows and bar areas could be cleaner, the overall feedback underscores that hygiene standards at Hotel Monarc are top-notch. With an emphasis on clean and quiet accommodations, the hotel ensures a pleasant and comfortable stay for all visitors. Rooms are not only clean but also spacious and beautifully appointed, making Hotel Monarc an excellent choice for travelers who prioritize cleanliness and comfort.

At Hotel Monarc, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff leave a lasting impression on guests. Consistency in courteous service is evident across the board with terms like "super friendly," "attentive," and "welcoming" frequently used to describe staff interactions. This warm approach begins at the reception and extends throughout guests' stays, making everyone feel at home.

The positive impact of the staff is highlighted by their professionalism and responsiveness. Guests appreciate the accommodating nature of the team, noting the pleasant and personable demeanor of each staff member, including the hosts and owners who contribute significantly to the inviting atmosphere. The staff's kindness and passion are palpable with every guest experience enhanced by the personal touch they provide.

Breakfast services stand out for exceptional friendliness and attentiveness, making mornings at the hotel a delightful start to the day. Staff at the reception are particularly praised for their helpfulness and the overall hospitality is often described as top-notch.

In essence, the staff at Hotel Monarc are a key element in making stays enjoyable, characterized by their warm welcomes, responsive service and consistently friendly attitudes. This combination of friendliness and professionalism ensures that guests leave with fond memories and a desire to return.

Hotel Monarc stands out as a particularly child-friendly option for families. The hotel offers a variety of family rooms, described as both comfortable and spacious. Guests noted the convenience and pleasant layout of these rooms, including some with completely separate sleeping areas for children, which adds an extra layer of comfort and privacy. The hotel staff appears attentive to family needs, even accommodating room changes for family convenience. Overall, Hotel Monarc is praised for its family-friendly atmosphere and accommodation options, making it an excellent choice for those traveling with children or even adult family members.

4 Star
Hotel Monarc provides a mixed experience, especially when evaluated against its four-star rating. While the hotel's beautiful location and secure environment earn praise, many guests feel that it falls short in terms of amenities and services expected from a four-star establishment. Criticisms include the absence of in-room refrigerators, water bottles, bathrobes and slippers. The adequacy of amenities like towels and breakfast drinks also came into question, highlighting the need for improvements to meet the higher expectations associated with its star rating. Though the rooms feature nice decorations, their small size and lack of certain basics leave guests feeling they didn't get sufficient value for the price paid. Overall, the hotel would benefit from addressing these gaps to align more closely with the standard its rating implies.

Hotel Monarc offers a satisfying experience for business travelers, particularly highlighted by the business sense of the boss and the availability of business services. The location is convenient, making it suitable for both work and leisure, especially for those looking to experience a weekend in Ostend. A good welcome sets the tone upon arrival, although the hotel can improve by addressing a few shortcomings. Rooms could benefit from better lighting to facilitate work and the setup might not be ideal for those sharing with business partners or colleagues due to the glass partition between the shower and bedroom. Additionally, rooms were noted to lack certain amenities, such as shampoo and properly functioning underfloor heating. Overall, while there are positives for business travelers, some improvements could make the stay even more comfortable and conducive to work.

Hotel Monarc exudes a blend of luxury and tranquility that leaves a lasting impression on its guests. The hotel's entrance is both elegant and beautiful, setting the tone for the stylish and luxurious experience that awaits within. The interior architecture is both modern and tasteful with a thoughtful renovation that highlights the hotel's aesthetics.

Guests have noted the excellent and luxurious bathrooms as a standout feature, complementing the overall ambiance of the well-appointed rooms. The rooms themselves are spacious and comfortable with beds that enhance the relaxing experience. Every detail, from the stylish decor to the overarching touch of luxury, is meticulously curated to ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Hotel Monarc's overall design and ambiance convey a sense of pleasant luxury, making it a modern haven for travelers seeking a beautiful and tranquil retreat.

No, Hotel Monarc doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Monarc.

No, Hotel Monarc doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Monarc.

No, Hotel Monarc doesn't have a gym.

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