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Summary of reviewsHoward Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo in Paraná presents a high-caliber guest experience with multiple categories garnering broad commendation. The hotel thrives in its strategic, picturesque location, offering impressive views of the Paraná River and easy access to various city attractions and parks. Nestled in a serene residential area near the Costanera and Parque Urquiza, visitors can relish in leisurely walks and lush surroundings, making it a prime spot for both relaxation and exploration.

Guests appreciate the excellent and varied breakfast, which includes a large selection of baked goods, breads, pastries, cereals, yogurts, fruits and even hot sandwiches. The breakfast area also provides lovely views, enhancing the overall dining experience. While some guests express a wish for more fruit options and specific items like scrambled eggs, the breakfast experience remains a highlight.

Dinner at the hotel's restaurant, Las Barrancas, receives mixed feedback with praise for the quality of food and its variety of dishes including meats, fish, pasta and salads. However, suggestions for a more extensive menu, particularly for vegetarian and gluten-free diets, are noted. While the ambiance and service receive occasional criticism, the overall dining experience is generally positive.

The rooms are lauded for their spaciousness and comfort with many guests highlighting the large, comfy beds and exceptional river views. Despite some mentions of outdated furniture and occasional maintenance issues, the rooms are overall well-maintained and clean, offering a delightful stay.

Cleanliness across the hotel is highly regarded with guests frequently noting the well-kept rooms, common areas and bathroom facilities. The friendly and attentive cleaning staff further enhance this aspect, ensuring a consistently tidy and hygienic environment.

The staff's attention and friendliness substantially contribute to positive guest experiences. Professional and cordial, the staff at the reception, bellboys, bartenders and cleaning services receive high marks for their helpfulness and efficiency. This warm and welcoming atmosphere extends to the spa, where guests appreciate the good amenities and services, although some improvement in massage services and facility maintenance is suggested.

The pool area receives favorable reviews, featuring both indoor and outdoor heated pools set in a scenic environment. Family-friendly amenities such as a kids' club and numerous activities for children make the hotel an excellent choice for family vacations. Although the pool area could benefit from better accessibility and additional amenities like more umbrellas, the overall pool experience remains a major draw.

However, the hotel’s WiFi service is a common point of dissatisfaction among guests, who note its unreliability and connectivity issues. While parking options are available, some find the parking spaces limited and narrow, especially during peak times.

In conclusion, Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo offers a comprehensive and enjoyable stay, marked by its scenic location, comfortable accommodations, excellent breakfast, attentive staff and well-maintained facilities. Although there are a few areas for improvement, the hotel's many appealing features ensure that guests have a memorable and pleasant experience.
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Room Types
Superior Twin Room This room features heating, air conditioning and a 26-inch LCD TV.

Superior Twin Room with Terrace This room features heating, air conditioning, a 26-inch LCD TV and a terrace.

Corner Suite Features air conditioning, heating, a seating area with a flat-screen TV, a work desk and a breakfast bar.

Superior Double Room Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a bidet and a hairdryer. The spacious air-conditioned double room features a flat-screen TV with cable channels, soundproof walls, a minibar, a wardrobe as well as river views. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in the heart of Paraná, Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo enjoys an outstanding location that consistently wows its guests. The hotel is strategically positioned, offering picturesque views of the Paraná River from all rooms, which adds an enchanting touch to any stay. Surrounded by a beautiful residential area, the hotel sits conveniently close to the riverside, providing easy access for leisurely walks along the Costanera and exceptional views of Parque Urquiza.

Guests frequently praise the location for its proximity to key points of interest, including vibrant gastronomic spots and important city amenities. The centrality of the hotel makes it an ideal choice for both relaxation and exploration. The nearby lush park and the panoramic river views create a serene environment, perfect for unwinding.

In addition to its prime location, the hotel boasts impressive facilities and comfortable rooms, complementing the scenic beauty of its setting. The combination of pleasant accommodations, friendly staff and spectacular surroundings ensures that visitors have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

The breakfast experience at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo receives high praise from guests, who describe it as excellent, varied and complete. Guests appreciate the diverse selection of bakery goods, varied breads, pastries, cereals, yogurts, fruits and even hot sandwiches. Many find the breakfast plentiful with abundant options catering to different tastes, including gluten-free alternatives on request. The breakfast buffet is noted for its quality with items being tasty and well-prepared and for covering both sweet and savory preferences.

A few reviews mention the breakfast as spectacular and remarkable, emphasizing the enjoyable and satisfying experience. Guests also highlight the beautiful views accompanying their breakfast, enhancing the dining experience.

However, there are some minor critiques. A few guests suggest that the breakfast could be more varied with increased offerings of fruits and some specific requests for items like scrambled eggs, watermelon and cantaloupe. There are mentions that the breakfast quality, although still good, has slightly decreased in comparison to previous visits.

Overall, the breakfast at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo is deemed a significant highlight of the stay, praised for its variety, completeness and deliciousness.

The dining experience at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo's restaurant, ‘Las Barrancas,’ receives mixed feedback from guests with the majority of comments highlighting various aspects of the dining experience. Many guests praise the quality of the food, describing it as very good and even excellent. The menu is noted to include a variety of dishes such as meats, fish, pasta and salads, though some reviews suggest that the offering is limited and could benefit from more options, particularly for vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

Several reviews mention the reasonable pricing of the meals, although others find the pricing to be on the higher side, considering the service and food quality. The overall ambiance and comfort of the restaurant receive less favorable mentions with some guests indicating that it doesn’t quite meet expectations for a hotel of this category.

Service at the restaurant appears to be inconsistent with some guests applauding the staff’s attention while others feel that the waitstaff is unprepared and the service needs significant improvement. Cleanliness and maintenance of the dining area also come under scrutiny with a few reviews pointing out neglected areas.

Timing is another point of contention; the restaurant opens for dinner at 8:30 PM, which some guests find inconvenient and suggest a need for greater flexibility.

In summary, the restaurant at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo has a blend of strong points such as high-quality food and good variety in the dishes offered but also faces criticism for its limited menu options, higher prices and inconsistent service and cleanliness.

The rooms at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo consistently receive praise for their spaciousness and comfort. Guests frequently highlight the large, comfy beds and the exceptional river views available from many rooms. The rooms are described as modern with nice decor and well-maintained cleanliness. Multiple reviews point out that the rooms are bright and immaculate, enhancing the overall comfort of stays.

However, some guests note a few areas for improvement. There were mentions of outdated furniture and carpets, occasional maintenance issues like musty smells, missing tub plugs and inefficient air conditioners. Bathroom layouts and certain features, such as the lack of a glass shower partition, were found to be inconvenient by some guests.

Additionally, amenities like electric kettles or coffee makers in the rooms were missed. A few guests mentioned occasional unpleasant odors, creaky hallways and noisy air conditioning units as drawbacks. Despite these points, the overall consensus is that the rooms are very large, comfortable and offer breathtaking views, making for a delightful stay for many visitors.

At Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo, the beds are frequently praised for their comfort and spaciousness. Guests commonly describe the mattresses as very comfortable with many noting the softness and luxurious feel of king-size beds available in most rooms. The large, spacious beds add to a sense of luxury and relaxation, contributing to a restful night’s sleep. Comfortable pillows further enhance the overall sleeping experience for most guests.

While the majority of feedback emphasizes the comfort and quality of the bedding, there are occasional remarks about the need for firmer foam mattresses instead of spring-based ones. Some guests have encountered issues with mattresses that have become too soft or have sunk significantly in the middle, impacting comfort. Despite this, the general consensus remains positive, highlighting the well-maintained and high-quality bedding, ensuring a relaxing stay for most visitors.

Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo generally receives high marks for cleanliness from its guests. The rooms are consistently described as well cleaned, tidy and organized with several mentions of the hotel being immaculate and maintaining high cleanliness standards. The bathrooms and the large swimming pool also meet these stringent cleanliness criteria. Guests frequently praise the friendly cleaning staff for their excellent service and attention to detail, ensuring that common areas and breakfast spots remain spotless. Furthermore, the hotel adheres strictly to COVID-19 protocols, giving guests peace of mind about health and safety during their stay. While most reviews are positive, a few note lapses in cleaning standards, pointing to instances like dirty carpets or bedspreads and rooms only being halfway cleaned. Despite these occasional issues, the majority of feedback highlights a clean and comfortable experience, enhanced by the attentive housekeeping staff and strict compliance with hygiene regulations.

At Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo, guests consistently praise the exemplary attention and friendliness of the staff. Professionalism and cordiality are standout qualities with staff described as extremely attentive, helpful and efficient. Guests highlight the excellent service at the reception, noting that the front desk sets a welcoming tone for the entire stay. The bellboys, bartenders and cleaning staff also receive commendations for their polite and attentive service.

The spa staff, while needing a bit more proactive training, generally provide good massages and sauna experiences. The restaurant staff, despite some reviews mentioning high prices, exceed expectations with their service and quality. Guests also appreciate the staff's willingness to accommodate needs, including parking assistance and resolving requests immediately.

Overall, the hotel's staff manage to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, contributing significantly to guests' positive experiences. The consistent praise for their friendliness and attentiveness underscores the culture of excellent customer service at this resort.

Guests have noted that the WiFi at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo has significant room for improvement. Reports indicate that the connection is frequently unreliable with notable cuts and issues with connection speed. Many guests have found the signal to be weak and in some instances, nonexistent. The inconsistency of the WiFi has made it difficult for those needing internet access for work. Overall, while the hotel has many appealing features, the WiFi service stands out as an area in need of enhancement.

Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo in Paraná features a spa that has generally received high praise from guests. The spa area is well-equipped, offering amenities such as a sauna, gym and a heated swimming pool. Guests frequently describe the spa as fantastic, excellent and very good. The services provided, including massages and microdermabrasion treatments, have been highlighted positively. The spa staff also receive accolades for their excellent treatment.

However, feedback on the spa service has been mixed with some guests noting areas for improvement. Reports of inadequate massage services, poor service in the spa area and issues with cleanliness have been mentioned by a few. Additionally, some facilities like the dry sauna have been found out of service, which contrasted with the guests’ expectations.

Despite these occasional shortcomings, the overall impression of the spa remains favorable. The combination of great amenities, good service and excellent treatments makes it a noteworthy feature of the hotel for many visitors.

The gym at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo offers a mixed experience. It features good equipment and is considered well-maintained by many guests. Some describe it as well equipped and technically perfect, making it a satisfying spot for regular workouts. However, there are areas that could benefit from improvement, such as the need for renewing and better maintenance. The gym's small size and constant occupancy can make it less convenient for some visitors. Additionally, it could be challenging for seniors or disabled individuals and lacks staff assistance during opening hours.

Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo offers a comprehensive pool experience with both indoor and outdoor options. Many guests appreciate the extensive pool area, highlighting the beautiful and well-maintained heated pools. The outdoor pool, surrounded by a lush park environment, provides a spacious relaxation hall and numerous green outdoor spaces. Family-friendly amenities and child-friendly activities are a frequent mention, adding to the appeal for those traveling with children.

The heated indoor pool is particularly praised for its comfort and cleanliness, despite some remarks about its high temperature. The pool facilities overall are considered good with the heated pool being a standout feature. Some guests also enjoyed the jacuzzi available in the pool area.

On the downside, the outdoor pool service receives mixed reviews with some noting delays and maintenance issues. Accessibility concerns were mentioned, particularly for seniors and disabled guests. Additionally, the pool area could benefit from more umbrellas and better towel service. Nonetheless, the positive feedback about the pools' aesthetic and functionality makes them a notable highlight of the hotel.

The Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo offers various parking options, including underground and covered parking, as well as valet parking services. The ease of parking outside and its own private parking lot add to the convenience. However, the parking spaces are often described as small and insufficient with narrow garage spaces and limited availability especially during peak times. The parking lot's size and design can make it uncomfortable and difficult to navigate when the hotel is busy. Guests note that while parking is available, it is on a first-come, first-served basis and the situation may become experimental and inconvenient with limited space. Despite these challenges, the hotel provides good services related to parking, making it manageable for guests who plan accordingly.

Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo stands out as an excellent family-oriented destination, offering a variety of engaging and creative activities tailored for children. The hotel features a kids' club, a clubhouse and dedicated spaces for young guests, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for families. The staff is notably friendly and accommodating towards both adults and children, which contributes to a comfortable and pleasant stay. Despite some feedback mentioning a lack of kids' space and an absence of coffee makers in the rooms, the overall family experience at the resort is highly positive. With daycare services, numerous children's activities and areas for cartoon-watching, the hotel ensures that both parents and grandparents can relax. The environment is not only good for kids but also very suitable for families of all sizes looking to unwind and create lasting memories.

5 Star
Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo receives mixed reviews regarding its five-star rating. While many guests appreciate the excellent location, varied and delicious breakfast and commendable attention of the hotel staff, there are several areas where it falls short of a true five-star experience.

Numerous reviews point out that the hotel does not meet the standard of a five-star hotel, some suggesting it is closer to a three or four-star quality. Guests highlight specific shortcomings such as small room beds, lack of modernity and the absence of essential amenities like coffee makers, robes and complimentary toiletries.

Maintenance issues and limited restaurant variety are also frequent points of criticism, suggesting that the facility might not be keeping up with the expectations set by its advertised star rating. Despite some positive remarks about service and specific aspects, overall, many guests feel that the hotel is not on par with the five-star level it claims to represent and see room for significant improvements.

Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo is highly praised for its business-friendly environment. The staff is frequently described as helpful, friendly and efficient, contributing positively to the overall experience of business travelers. The facilities are well-suited for business needs with good options for meetings and a meeting room that is reportedly excellent. Many reviews highlight its appropriateness as a business hotel with a safe and efficient setup. However, there are some mentions of a lack of required business amenities, although these do not overshadow the generally positive feedback. The hotel appears to be an excellent choice for business stays and meetings.

The Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo offers a nearby casino for guests' entertainment. The casino has its own entrance and facilities, ensuring easy access. However, the amenities inside lean heavily towards electronic games, lacking traditional card tables, which some guests found boring. Opinions on the physical condition of the casino vary; while some found it well-maintained and well-run, others described it as run down and lamentable. The casino's presence is convenient since it is directly connected to the main hall of the hotel.

Staff friendliness also received mixed reviews with some guests finding the casino staff friendly and helpful, while others perceived them negatively. Noise from the casino sometimes disturbs the tranquility of the nights. Despite these drawbacks, the casino's services are generally considered good and various aspects like queues could benefit from additional seating areas. Overall, the casino offers a convenient entertainment option for hotel guests, though improvements in certain areas could enhance the guest experience further.

Heated Pool
Guest reviews of the heated pool at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo reveal a mix of positive and critical impressions. Reviewers consistently highlight the appeal of the heated indoor pool, often describing it as beautiful, excellent and in good condition. Several guests emphasize its appeal, particularly during colder weather, praising it as a comfortable and attractive space to relax.

However, some feedback points to drawbacks such as the pool's small size and its location being far behind, which might make it less convenient for some guests. There are mentions of the water temperature being too high at times with one guest noting the water felt almost boiling on certain days.

Additionally, the pool area can be noisy and concerns are raised about the COVID protocols, as some guests observed that the half-hour usage rule was not consistently enforced. Despite these criticisms, the heated pool remains a well-loved feature of the hotel for many visitors, who appreciate its warmth and the opportunity it provides for relaxation.

Outdoor Pool
Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo offers a notable outdoor pool experience that has received mixed reviews from guests. The pool area is frequently described as beautiful and well-maintained with several guests highlighting its attractiveness and the additional safety fence feature. Some reviews also appreciate the heated options and the presence of a bar near the pool, enhancing the overall relaxation experience.

However, there are mentions of the outdoor pool sometimes being closed or not functional, which has left a few guests disappointed. Additionally, some service issues around the pool area have been noted as subpar. Overall, while the pool facilities are generally praised for their appearance and upkeep, there are a few operational and service-related aspects that the hotel may need to address.

Indoor Pool
Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo features a heated indoor pool that offers an excellent and relaxing experience, especially appreciated after a long trip. The pool is consistently noted for being clean and safe for children with extended hours for their use. Many guests highlight the pool's well-maintained condition and the adjacent jacuzzi, further enhancing the relaxation quotient.

However, it's important to note that some reviews mention the pool's small size, which can lead to overcrowding and difficulty in accessing the stairs. While the heated pool is generally well-received for its warmth and comfort, a few guests have observed issues with cleanliness and maintenance that detract from the overall experience. Additionally, the facility could use more space to better accommodate the number of visitors. Despite these concerns, the indoor pool remains a popular amenity, complete with a spa and sauna, although these were occasionally reported to be out of service.

In summary, the heated indoor pool at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo has many positive attributes that create a pleasant and relaxing environment, albeit with some room for improvement in terms of maintenance and space.

Located in the heart of the city, the Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo offers an unparalleled luxury experience. With its truly 5-star rating, guests can expect high-end service and luxurious rooms that enhance the overall stay. Described as a hotel of higher category, it provides a high-value experience characterized by its luxury offerings. This destination truly feels like a luxury hotel, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a real touch of elegance and opulence.

Yes, Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo.

No, Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo.

Yes, Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo has a gym.

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