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Summary of reviewsAltstadt-Hotel Passau is highly esteemed for its prime location in Passau's old town, offering spectacular views of the three rivers' confluence and easy access to historical sites, local attractions and restaurants. The peaceful and central setting makes it an ideal base for exploring the city on foot or by bicycle, enhanced by a tranquil atmosphere and comfortable accommodations.

The breakfast service is a highlight with guests praising the extensive buffet that includes freshly made egg dishes, fresh fruit and a variety of bread and rolls. The panoramic views of the Danube from the breakfast area add to the experience. Despite minor suggestions for more variety, the overall breakfast experience is positively received for its quality food and attentive service.

In the evenings, while there is no on-site restaurant, the staff are proactive in recommending and making reservations at excellent nearby dining spots, ensuring guests have delightful meal options.

The rooms at Altstadt-Hotel Passau are spacious, modern and well-maintained. Guests appreciate the tasteful decor, modern amenities and high-quality equipment with many rooms boasting views of the Danube. The rooms are noted for their cleanliness, comfortable beds and well-insulated, quiet environments.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel receives high praise with spotless and well-maintained rooms that contribute to a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Guests feel assured by the hotel's strict hygiene standards.

The staff are consistently praised for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Their warm welcomes, accommodating nature and valuable local recommendations enhance the overall guest experience.

The Wi-Fi service is generally reliable and meets guests' needs, though occasional intermittent issues are noted. The gym facilities are well-regarded with modern equipment suitable for maintaining fitness routines.

Parking receives mixed feedback; while the underground parking is convenient and secure, the limited and sometimes tight spaces can be challenging. Reserving a spot in advance is recommended.

The hotel is highly recommended for families, offering large rooms with child-friendly amenities and a safe environment. Family rooms and suites are particularly suitable and the staff's helpfulness and dining recommendations are valued.

Beds at Altstadt-Hotel Passau are largely praised for their comfort and support, contributing to a restful stay despite some minor critiques regarding mattress quality and bedding.

Although positioning itself as a four-star establishment, some guests feel the hotel falls short of this rating due to limited breakfast selection and absence of certain amenities. However, its modern facilities and good quality accommodation are appreciated.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau also caters well to business travelers with suitable business facilities, large desks in rooms and hospitable staff ensuring smooth check-ins and overall positive experiences.

The hotel offers a romantic atmosphere with lively, spacious and well-decorated rooms. The lovely views of the rivers' confluence further enhance this ambiance, making it a charming and comfortable choice for visitors.
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Room Types
Comfort Double or Twin Room Furnished in classic style, the room has a flat-screen TV, minibar and private bathroom with a hairdryer. The room offers views of the historic old town.

Junior Suite Large suite with a separate seating area and a sofa bed. Includes a flat-screen TV, minibar and private bathroom. Includes a sofa capable of accommodating 1 extra person (see Hotel Policies). An extra bed is available for a fee of EUR 25 per person per night.

Comfort Triple Room This spacious room includes a sofa bed, a flat-screen TV, minibar and private bathroom with a hairdryer. Also features a seating area and tea/coffee facilities

Comfort Quadruple Room This spacious room includes a sofa bed, a flat-screen TV, minibar and private bathroom with a hairdryer. Also features a seating area.

Premium Double Room This modern room includes a flat-screen TV, minibar and seating area. Some of these rooms offer views of the Donau River.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Altstadt-Hotel Passau is celebrated for its prime location, nestled in the quiet yet central part of Passau's old town. The hotel is strategically positioned near the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers, providing guests with spectacular views and easy access to historical sites. Visitors appreciate the convenience of being within walking distance of local attractions, restaurants and the scenic Danube promenade. The hotel's setting is ideal for exploring the city on foot or by bicycle. Guests frequently note the peaceful atmosphere despite the central location, making it a perfect base for a city trip. With friendly staff, comfortable rooms and comprehensive facilities, the Altstadt-Hotel Passau offers an exceptional experience for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the charm of Passau.

The breakfast experience at the Altstadt-Hotel Passau has garnered high praise from many guests. The breakfast buffet, which includes freshly made egg dishes, fresh fruit and a variety of bread and rolls, is described as delicious, varied and exceptionally good. Guests particularly appreciated the panoramic views of the Danube while enjoying their morning meal, especially when the weather allowed for dining on the terrace. The buffet is extensive and abundant, featuring diverse options to cater to all tastes with everything from yogurt and fresh fruit salad to muesli, freshly prepared scrambled eggs and cakes.

The staff responsible for the breakfast are frequently highlighted as being very good, attentive and courteous. Although some noted that the breakfast could have more variety or was sometimes limited due to individual packaging during the COVID-19 period, the overall impression remains largely positive. Most guests found the breakfast to be plentiful and met or exceeded their expectations, appreciating the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere provided.

Breakfast at the Altstadt-Hotel Passau appears to be not just a meal but an experience that combines quality food with picturesque views and attentive service, ensuring guests start their day on a high note.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau provides excellent recommendations for dining in the area, ensuring guests find delightful meal options nearby. Although there is no on-site restaurant available in the evenings, the hotel staff is proactive in making restaurant reservations and offering useful tips for nearby dining experiences. Guests highly appreciate the nearby restaurant around the corner, which offers excellent dinners and a beautiful view of the Danube. The lack of a bar or common sitting area in the evenings is somewhat offset by the helpfulness of the staff in guiding guests to enjoyable dining spots in the vicinity.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau excels in providing spacious and well-maintained rooms, often described as very large, clean and comfortable. Many guests highlight the modern and recently renovated interiors that blend well with the hotel's historic charm. Rooms are not only spacious but also tastefully furnished with modern amenities and high-quality equipment.

Views of the Danube River from many rooms add an extra touch of tranquility, greatly appreciated by guests. The rooms are also noted to have modern bathrooms with some featuring walk-in showers and stylish decor. Moreover, cozy room setups and high ceilings contribute to a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Guests also commend the cleanliness and upkeep of the rooms, emphasizing the consistent and high standards maintained by the hotel. The comfortable beds and well-insulated, quiet rooms ensure a restful stay and the presence of air conditioning in many rooms is a welcomed feature.

The hotel’s location is prime, offering beautiful views and easy access to the Altstadt area. Additionally, the underground car park and nearby parking options are noted conveniences.

Overall, the rooms at Altstadt-Hotel Passau receive high praise for their spaciousness, modern amenities, cleanliness and excellent views, making it a highly recommended choice for travelers.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau receives predominantly positive feedback regarding its beds. Guests frequently describe the beds as comfortable, spacious and providing a good night's sleep. Many highlight the size of the beds and the roominess they offer. The quality of the mattresses appears high with descriptions like "comfortable" and "very comfortable" commonly used. Box spring beds and proper mattress padding are also noted, contributing to the overall comfort.

Occasional criticisms do arise, such as beds being too hard, saggy or in need of new mattress covers. Some guests mention that the pillows and duvets could improve. However, the consensus remains overwhelmingly positive, supported by phrases like "sleep well," "good quality bed," and "bedding is very comfortable."

In summary, despite a few mixed opinions, the beds at Altstadt-Hotel Passau are largely praised for their comfort and support, making it a strong choice for travelers seeking restful accommodation.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau has garnered praise for its outstanding cleanliness. Guests consistently describe the hotel as impeccably clean with rooms that are both spacious and well-maintained. Many reviews highlight the modern and spotless rooms, offering a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The bathrooms, often noted as superb and freshly renovated, uphold the high standards of hygiene expected by travelers.

Despite a few minor mentions of delayed cleaning and some cleanliness issues in less visible areas, the overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive. The hotel’s strict adherence to hygiene and Corona measures further assures guests of a safe and clean stay. With its strategic location and well-designed interiors, Altstadt-Hotel Passau stands out as a clean and delightful choice for visitors.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau receives consistently glowing reviews for its exceptional and attentive staff. Guests repeatedly highlight the friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism of the team, making it clear that service is a top priority at this hotel. The reception staff is particularly noted for their warm welcomes and accommodating nature, often staying late to assist guests and providing valuable recommendations for local restaurants and museums.

The staff’s courteous and cheerful demeanor extends to all areas of the hotel, including the breakfast service, where attentiveness and friendliness seem to be the norm. Many reviews mention specific instances of going above and beyond, such as meeting extra requests with a smile and providing helpful tips and advice throughout the stay.

Overall, the hotel's team is praised for creating a welcoming and supportive environment, making Altstadt-Hotel Passau not just a place to stay, but a place where guests feel genuinely cared for. The consistently high standards of service are a standout feature, making the staff one of the best aspects of the hotel.

The Wi-Fi at Altstadt-Hotel Passau generally receives positive feedback with guests noting that it offers a good, strong and reliable connection. Some described the internet as easily accessible and meeting their expectations. However, there are a few comments about intermittent issues with some guests experiencing problems with stability and continuity. Despite these occasional setbacks, many reviewers found the Wi-Fi service satisfactory for their needs.

The fitness facilities at Altstadt-Hotel Passau are notably well-regarded for their quality and equipment. Guests frequently mention the presence of a well-equipped gym, highlighting the newly furnished fitness studio outfitted with Life Fitness equipment. This modern fitness area provides a range of high-quality gear, making it a suitable place for maintaining workout routines during a stay. While not all reviews mentioned the gym, those that did spoke positively about the fitness room's offerings and overall experience.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau receives mixed feedback regarding parking facilities with some positive mentions. The hotel offers underground parking, which is convenient and included in the room rate. Guests appreciate the availability of a parking garage on-site, which adds security and ease. The underground parking area is clean and the garage is conveniently located right next door to the hotel or even integrated within the property itself.

However, navigating through the narrow and tight spaces in the parking garage can be challenging. The availability of parking is limited, often requiring a bit of luck to secure a spot. Reserving a parking space is advised due to the limited number of spots, particularly if guests plan to arrive with larger vehicles or additional equipment like bike racks.

There are alternatives such as nearby public parking, although this is generally more expensive with fees around 20 euros per day compared to the hotel’s garage fee of 10 euros per night. The parking can sometimes feel too small or scarce, forcing guests to rely on nearby parking options. Despite these limitations, the hotel's own parking solutions, including both underground and outdoor options, are generally appreciated when available. The parking situation overall can be a bit of a tight squeeze and finding a spot is not always guaranteed.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau stands out as a family-friendly establishment that has garnered positive feedback for its accommodating and welcoming atmosphere for guests with children. The hotel offers large rooms, including family rooms and a spacious youth suite, which are particularly suitable for families as they include amenities such as sofa beds for children. The overall setting is both child-friendly and safe, making it an excellent choice for those traveling with kids.

Families have found the atmosphere comfortable with a notable emphasis on services that cater specifically to their needs. The dining options within the hotel are also family-oriented, ensuring that mealtimes are a pleasant experience for all ages. A standout aspect of the hotel’s service is the reception staff, who have been praised for their helpfulness, providing excellent restaurant recommendations to ensure that guests can enjoy the best local dining options during their stay.

For those needing to store bikes, the hotel offers storage solutions, adding another layer of convenience for active families. Despite a slight critique regarding the youth suite with its jungle corner being somewhat overambitious, the overall feedback suggests that Altstadt-Hotel Passau successfully meets the requirements for a family-friendly stay, making it a highly recommended option for those looking to visit Passau with children.

4 Star
Altstadt-Hotel Passau presents a mixed picture for travelers assessing its four-star rating. Many guests appreciate the hotel's modern amenities and the attractively renovated historic building, highlighting the good quality of accommodation. Despite these positive aspects, numerous reviews suggest that the hotel no longer meets the standards expected of a four-star establishment. Recurring criticisms include a limited breakfast selection, which does not align with typical four-star dining experiences and the absence of certain small comforts expected at this rating level. Visitors felt that, while the hotel has commendable attributes, its amenities and services fall short overall, resulting in a perception that it does not offer good value for money relative to its four-star designation.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau is highly recommended for both business and vacation stays, noted for its suitability for business travelers. Guests found it perfect for holding meetings thanks to its good business facilities and modern furnishings. The large desks provided in the rooms cater well to those needing to work. The hospitality of the staff particularly stands out, ensuring smooth check-ins and overall positive experiences for business and leisure visitors alike.

Altstadt-Hotel Passau is noted for its well-maintained facilities, making it a suitable choice for a leisure stay. Guests consistently highlight the spacious and large rooms, hinting at a comfortable and uncramped experience. Descriptions often allude to the hotel maintaining a high standard with some even referring to it as a luxury hotel. This suggests that while luxury may not be overtly mentioned, the overall quality and ample room space contribute to a pleasant and potentially upscale stay.

Located in a perfect spot within Passau, the Altstadt-Hotel offers a romantic atmosphere inside, making it an ideal choice for those seeking charm and comfort. Guests appreciate the hotel's lively and spacious rooms, accentuated by nice decor and a cozy ambiance. The rooms are consistently noted for their cleanliness and large size, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Moreover, the hotel offers lovely views of the confluence point, further enhancing the overall experience. The combination of these elements creates an inviting environment for a memorable visit.

No, Altstadt-Hotel Passau doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Altstadt-Hotel Passau.

No, Altstadt-Hotel Passau doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Altstadt-Hotel Passau.

Yes, Altstadt-Hotel Passau has a gym.

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