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Summary of reviewsHotel Obzor, nestled in the Krkonoše National Park, offers a picturesque setting perfect for both winter and summer activities. Ski enthusiasts praise the convenient ski-in/ski-out access, while hikers enjoy the many trails available during warmer months. The serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of Pec's town center, promises a peaceful stay with breathtaking views.

Guests consistently laud the breakfast at Hotel Obzor, describing it as rich, luxurious and generous. The extensive selection caters to all tastes, from traditional breakfast items to more elaborate options, including fresh eggs and personalized omelets. Families, in particular, appreciate the kid-friendly sweet treats on offer.

Dinner at the hotel's on-site restaurant also receives high acclaim for its excellent, delicious cuisine presented with aesthetic flair. Local specialties and varied selections, including generous portion sizes and quality wines, enhance the dining experience. The restaurant's picturesque location near the slopes adds to its charm.

The spacious, modern and impeccably clean rooms at Hotel Obzor are a significant highlight. Guests appreciate the tasteful décor, modern furnishings and well-equipped bathrooms. The hotel is also noted for its meticulous cleanliness standards, ensuring all areas, including shared spaces, remain pristine.

The staff at Hotel Obzor are known for their exceptional friendliness and professionalism. Guests frequently praise the accommodating nature of the staff, who go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay. The welcoming atmosphere, from reception to dining, enhances the overall experience.

Hotel Obzor's spa, particularly the well-equipped sauna, adds a relaxing element to the stay. Guests value the spacious and comfortable spa facilities, contributing to a rejuvenating experience even though some find the massages average.

Families find Hotel Obzor particularly appealing with suitable and clean family rooms. The hotel's family-oriented atmosphere extends to its restaurant, making it a preferred choice for those traveling with children. The dog-friendly facilities also receive high marks, ensuring pets are welcomed and well-catered for across the hotel.

The hotel's beds are generally deemed very comfortable with soft mattresses enhancing the cozy experience, although a few guests find them too soft. Overall, the comfort and cleanliness of the beds contribute to a restful sleep.

Despite being a three-star hotel, many guests feel Hotel Obzor offers standards that rival higher-rated establishments. The comfortable rooms and blend of country and modern facilities ensure a satisfying stay, leading many guests to recommend the hotel and express a desire to return.

Overall, Hotel Obzor is a top choice for visitors seeking a combination of adventure and tranquility in a stunning natural setting with excellent dining, comfortable accommodations and exceptional service.
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Room Types
Two-Room Studio with Balcony This studio features a view of ski slopes.

Quadruple Room This room is located on the top floor. Please note that an extra bed is available in this room type.

Two-Room Studio There are 2 separate rooms in this studio.

Two-Room Family Studio There are 2 rooms in this studio. Please note that an extra bed is available in this room type.

Double or Twin Room The twin/double room offers a wardrobe, heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. The unit offers 1 bed.

Two-Room Deluxe Studio This room features 2 rooms with views of the valley. Please note that an extra bed is available in this room type.

Studio with Balcony This studio consists of 2 bedrooms and offers views of a ski slope.

Standard Triple Studio The studio features a wardrobe, heating, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This studio offers a flat-screen TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Studio with Sauna This studio's standout feature is the sauna. The studio offers a wardrobe, heating, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This studio provides a flat-screen TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Two-Bedroom Apartment The spacious apartment features 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This apartment has a wardrobe, heating, a flat-screen TV and mountain views. The unit offers 6 beds.

Guest Reviews
Nestled within the heart of the Krkonoše National Park, Hotel Obzor takes pride in its breathtaking surroundings and prime location. The hotel’s position is nothing short of perfect for skiing enthusiasts, offering ski-in/ski-out access directly on the slopes. This convenient proximity to the ski pistes makes it an ideal winter retreat for those looking to strap on their skis and hit the slopes without delay.

During warmer months, the hotel serves as a fantastic starting point for hiking adventures with many trails nearby. Its location also provides a quiet, serene environment, far from the hustle and bustle of Pec's town center, promising a peaceful and atmospheric stay. Guests can enjoy beautiful views from their rooms and the hotel's green, expansive grounds.

Despite its somewhat challenging access road, the hotel's high vantage point offers a secluded feel while still being reasonably accessible to the town center and cable cars. The beautiful nature, clean and freshly scented rooms and spacious accommodations, complemented by excellent breakfast options and on-site dining, make Hotel Obzor a delightful choice for visitors seeking both adventure and tranquility in a stunning natural setting.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Obzor receives widespread acclaim based on guest reviews. Guests frequently highlight the quality and variety of the offerings. Descriptions such as "rich breakfast," "luxurious," and "generous" are common, suggesting that the breakfast buffet features an extensive selection of foods to suit all tastes. Options range from traditional breakfast items like pancakes, scrambled eggs and cold cuts to more elaborate choices such as meats, cheeses, fruits and baked goods.

Many guests appreciate the freshness and abundance of the food, noting that nothing is missing from the spread. Requests for freshly made eggs and omelets are also accommodated, enhancing the personalized service. Diverse options appeal to both adults and children with specific mentions of sweet treats like Nutella pancakes and semolina porridge for kids.

The breakfast is frequently described as "excellent," "amazing," and "fantastic," with a consistent theme of high quality and great taste throughout the reviews. The atmosphere of the breakfast setting is also praised, contributing to a pleasant overall dining experience. Overall, Hotel Obzor’s breakfast offerings stand out as a highlight for guests, providing a satisfying and enjoyable start to their day.

When staying at Hotel Obzor, guests can expect an outstanding dining experience at the on-site restaurant. The cuisine receives high praise for being excellent, delicious and aesthetically served. Guests consistently enjoyed both breakfast and dinner, noting that the food was amazing and the selection varied. The local specialties, including the cheeseburger and soup, were particularly highlighted and the food presentation was described as magnificent.

The restaurant's location, near the slopes and hiking trails, offers both convenience and a picturesque setting for meals, whether enjoyed on the terrace or inside the clean and modern dining area. Despite some isolated criticisms regarding specific dishes or occasional service issues, the overall sentiment towards the dinner offerings is overwhelmingly positive. The chef's skill and commitment to quality are frequently mentioned, contributing to the excellent dining experience.

Guests found the dining options reasonably varied and appreciated the quick service, especially for dinner. There were also mentions of generous portion sizes and quality wine selections. Even for those dining late, the restaurant staff ensured that meals were promptly and satisfactorily prepared.

While a few reviews mentioned a desire for extended restaurant hours and noted some dishes weren't to their taste, the impeccable cuisine, friendly staff and convenient location make dining at Hotel Obzor a delightful aspect of the stay.

'Hotel Obzor' consistently impresses with its room offerings, starting with their spacious, modern and impeccably clean accommodations. Guests frequently mention the ample size of the rooms, noting that even family and apartment-style options provide generous space. The rooms are described as beautifully decorated with modern furnishings and wooden accents, reflecting a tastefully luxurious aesthetic.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with numerous reviews highlighting the hotel’s commitment to maintaining spotless rooms. Many reviewers also appreciate the modern and new equipment in the rooms that enhance comfort and convenience. The stylish and urban design of the rooms is another element that catches the eye, adding to the overall appeal.

The hotel doesn’t compromise on luxury, providing well-equipped bathrooms and other facilities that match the high standards of the rooms. Although there are some remarks about smaller rooms with less ideal layouts, the overall sentiment remains positive due to the quality and spaciousness of the majority of the accommodations.

Well-thought-out amenities, such as balconies, large wardrobes and multiple toilets in certain rooms, contribute to a comfortable and pleasant stay. Furthermore, the hotel's well-maintained condition ensures that everything feels modern and new, offering guests a satisfying and luxurious experience during their visit.

Hotel Obzor provides an inviting experience for its guests with an emphasis on comfort when it comes to their beds. Phrases like comfortable beds and cozy beds are frequently mentioned, highlighting the generally positive feedback. Many guests appreciate the very comfortable beds and soft mattresses, often describing them as super comfortable and beds like in cotton. The beds are also noted to be clean and well maintained, adding to the overall satisfaction.

However, it’s important to address that some guests found the mattresses to be too soft, leading to comments about uncomfortable beds. In a few instances, beds were described as not well made. Despite these occasional drawbacks, the consensus leans towards a pleasant sleeping experience with many guests highlighting the nice big bed with plenty of storage space.

Overall, for those prioritizing a restful sleep, Hotel Obzor appears to be a solid choice, particularly for those who favor softer mattresses.

Hotel Obzor consistently impresses guests with its exceptional cleanliness standards. Visitors frequently highlight the clean and spacious rooms, often describing them as modern, comfortable and filled with fragrant air. The entire hotel, including the surroundings and shared areas, maintains a high level of cleanliness with phrases such as "clean everywhere" and "superbly cleaned" being used repeatedly. The well-maintained premises and recently renovated features contribute to a fresh and welcoming environment. Guests also appreciate the regular and thorough cleaning services which ensure that rooms remain in pristine condition throughout their stay. The fusion of cleanliness and modernity, paired with comfortable and solid furnishings, creates an inviting atmosphere that does not go unnoticed.

Hotel Obzor has consistently impressed guests with its exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. The service is marked by a high level of professionalism combined with a welcoming and courteous demeanor. Visitors frequently mention how accommodating the staff are, always going the extra mile to ensure a pleasant stay. The atmosphere is warm with everyone from the reception to the restaurant staff maintaining a constant smile, making guests feel right at home.

The hotel's gastronomy also receives high praise with breakfasts described as amazing and the chef particularly accommodating. Staff members' multilingual abilities add another layer of convenience, ensuring smooth communication for international guests. The pleasant, clean rooms and well-maintained facilities further enhance the overall experience.

Guests consistently notice that employees at all levels, including management, display great hospitality and attentiveness. The few criticisms, such as the presence of the owner's dogs in the restaurant or an occasional unpleasant waiter, are overshadowed by the overwhelming positivity towards the service. In conclusion, the staff at Hotel Obzor are genuinely dedicated to providing a top-notch experience, marked by friendliness, professionalism and attentiveness.

Hotel Obzor's spa is highlighted by guests for its relaxing atmosphere and well-equipped sauna facilities. The spa area itself is described as very nice and spacious, which adds to the overall wellness experience. Guests appreciate the excellent and comfortable sauna, noting it as a significant feature of the hotel's amenities. Wellness services, including access to the sauna, are often included and contribute to the relaxing environment. Although the massage services are described as average, the availability of a massage within the spa is a noted convenience. Some found the private wellness facilities to have both pros and cons and there were mentions of the sauna being more expensive than anticipated. Overall, the spa at Hotel Obzor is a valued aspect of the guest experience, particularly for its relaxing and comfortable sauna.

Hotel Obzor is highly praised as an ideal destination for families. Guests frequently highlight it as a family-friendly establishment, noting that it caters well to families, including larger ones with multiple children. The family rooms are appreciated for their suitability and cleanliness, contributing to a comfortable stay. The hotel's warm, family-oriented atmosphere extends to its restaurant, enhancing the overall experience. Many families express a willingness to return, indicating satisfaction with the accommodations and amenities provided. This family-friendly environment makes Hotel Obzor a standout choice for those traveling with children.

Situated in a prime location for winter sports enthusiasts, Hotel Obzor boasts an enviable proximity to the ski slopes, making it a perfect destination for skiing aficionados. The hotel’s setting provides great access to well-maintained slopes, ensuring a safer and more convenient skiing experience. Guests frequently remark on the convenience of being right next to or even on, the ski slope, allowing for seamless skiing adventures. The beautiful surrounding area further enhances its appeal as a top spot for skiing trips. In addition, Hotel Obzor serves as a great starting point for hiking, particularly in the winter months. Overall, its location is ideal for those seeking a skiing holiday combined with picturesque scenery.

3 Star
Hotel Obzor garners high praise from its guests for being a beautiful, clean hotel that lives up to its three-star rating. Visitors frequently commend the hotel for adhering to three-star standards and even suggest that some aspects could rival a 4-star establishment. Despite minor shortcomings, such as the absence of a minibar and less comprehensive room equipment, the general sentiment remains positive. Comfortable rooms and a combination of country and modern facilities contribute to guests' overall satisfaction. Many patrons find the hotel worthy of recommendation and express a strong intention to return, often highlighting that everything is on point and suggesting it to others. Overall, the hotel comes highly recommended by those who have stayed there.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Obzor stands out for its exceptional dog-friendly facilities and services. All accommodations are welcoming to dogs, ensuring guests and their pets feel right at home. Dogs are allowed in various areas of the hotel, including the restaurant, where water is readily provided for them upon entry. The hotel staff consistently show a great approach to pets, maintaining a very pleasant environment for dog owners. Guests have frequently noted the family-friendly and dog-friendly atmosphere with no reported issues when accompanied by their furry friends. Hotel Obzor is a top choice for travelers looking to bring their pets along on their journeys.

No, Hotel Obzor doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Obzor.

Yes, Hotel Obzor welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Obzor.

No, Hotel Obzor doesn't have a gym.

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