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Summary of reviewsHotel Piran, situated in the heart of picturesque Piran, captivates its guests with an incredible location directly on the Adriatic waterfront. Its central position offers easy access to Piran's charming medieval streets, historic landmarks and vibrant local culture. The proximity to the sea allows for leisurely walks, swimming and stunning sea views from rooms with balconies, often described as dreamlike.

The breakfast at Hotel Piran is a standout feature, praised for its extensive, high-quality options, including local specialties and gluten-free choices. Guests rave about dining right by the sea on the terrace, enhancing the morning experience with breathtaking views. The presentation and variety of the breakfast buffet leave nothing to be desired, often cited as legendary.

Hotel Piran's dinner also receives high praise for quality and taste, featuring regional specialties and a lovely setting, particularly on the rooftop bar. While some guests mention mixed feelings about pricing and service, the overall dining experience is satisfying and enjoyable.

Rooms at Hotel Piran are noted for their cleanliness and modern decor, especially those with sea views and balconies. Although some rooms are small and bathrooms in need of updating, they are maintained in spotless condition. The charm and stunning views elevate the guest experience, even if certain aspects of the rooms are not perfect.

The outstanding staff at Hotel Piran are frequently highlighted for their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay for guests. The level of cleanliness throughout the hotel also impresses, contributing significantly to its appeal.

Guests do express dissatisfaction with the Wi-Fi service, finding it weak, unstable and sometimes chargeable. However, the beach experience is overwhelmingly positive with direct access to the sea, clean waters and stunning sunsets.

The unique parking solution involves a well-organized shuttle service, praised for its efficiency and timeliness, helping mitigate the challenge of parking in a car-restricted area.

Families will find Hotel Piran welcoming with facilities accommodating guests of all ages, including pets. The flexible and helpful staff, along with the convenient breakfast, make it an ideal choice for family stays.

Overall, Hotel Piran offers a memorable stay with its superb location, excellent dining and friendly service, perfect for those seeking both relaxation and adventure on the Adriatic coast.
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LED lighting throughout the premises
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Signs in the rooms informing guests that towels will only be changed upon request
Waste is separated into at least 3 categories
No disposable (single use) cups/glasses, plates and cutlery
Air-conditioning and heating automatically switches off when windows are open
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Yes, € 20 per night
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Yes, During the booking process
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Room Types
Double Room with City View This air-conditioned room offers views of Piran Town and comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries. Please note that extra beds are not available in this room type.

Double Room with Sea View This air-conditioned room offers views of the Adriatic Sea and comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Double Room This compact air-conditioned room comes equipped with a French bed, a flat-screen cable TV, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Deluxe Suite with Balcony and Sea View This air-conditioned suite features a balcony offering views of the Adriatic Sea and comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a sofa, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

One-Bedroom Suite with Balcony and City VIew This air-conditioned suite features a balcony offering views of Piran Town and comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a sofa, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

One-Bedroom Suite with Balcony and Sea View This spacious air-conditioned suite features two balconies offering views of the Adriatic Sea and comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a sofa, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Double or Twin Room - Attic This air-conditioned room is located in the attic and comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Double Room - Beach Front This air-conditioned room is located on the ground floor and comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Double Room with Landmark View This air-conditioned room features views of the Church of St. George and comes equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, a minibar and a safe. A private bathroom includes a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries.

Double or Twin Room with Sea View Providing free toiletries, this twin/double room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The air-conditioned twin/double room provides a flat-screen TV, a minibar, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box as well as sea views.

Deluxe Suite with Sea View This suite includes 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. The air-conditioned suite offers a flat-screen TV, a minibar, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box as well as sea views. The unit has 1 bed.

Double or Twin Room with Sea View Offering free toiletries, this twin/double room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The air-conditioned twin/double room offers a flat-screen TV, a minibar, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box as well as sea views.

Guest Reviews
Nestled in the heart of the picturesque old town of Piran, Hotel Piran enjoys an unparalleled location that consistently captivates its guests. This beautiful seaside hotel stands directly on the waterfront, offering breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. Its central position allows for easy access to all of Piran's charming attractions, making it an ideal base for exploring the quaint medieval streets, historic landmarks and vibrant local culture.

Guests frequently highlight the exceptional convenience of the hotel's location, noting that everything in Piran is just a short stroll away. The proximity to the sea facilitates leisurely walks along the promenade and provides immediate opportunities for sunbathing and swimming in crystal-clear waters — right at the hotel's doorstep. The view from the rooms, especially those with balconies facing the sea, is described as nothing short of spectacular, often likened to a dreamlike experience.

Apart from its scenic beauty, Hotel Piran boasts ease of access to the bustling Tartini Square, beautiful harbor views and a myriad of nearby restaurants and cafés, enhancing the overall guest experience. The combination of the hotel's prime location and its stunning sea views garners unanimous praise for making every stay memorable.

In summary, Hotel Piran's superb, central location by the sea and in the heart of Piran earns it rave reviews, making it the perfect place for visitors seeking both relaxation and adventure on the captivating Adriatic coast.

Hotel Piran has garnered widespread acclaim for its breakfast offerings, consistently delivering an exceptional start to the day for its guests. The breakfast buffet is notably extensive and varied, featuring a wide array of fresh and high-quality options that cater to various dietary needs, including gluten-free and lactose-free choices. Guests particularly appreciate the inclusion of local Slovenian specialties, adding an authentic touch to the meal.

The breakfast experience is enhanced by the breathtaking setting, often described as idyllic and dreamlike with many reviewers highlighting the ability to dine right by the sea. The terrace offers stunning views of the Adriatic, making the morning meal both a visual and culinary delight. The presentation is notably beautiful with an emphasis on attention to detail and love in the preparation, which further elevates the dining experience.

The selection is abundant and diverse, ensuring that there is something for everyone, whether their preferences lean towards sweet or savory. Guests repeatedly mention the superb quality of the dishes, including fresh fruits, smoothies, croissants and a variety of savory foods. The breakfast has even been described as legendary by some with several guests asserting it's the best they've experienced, not just in Slovenia, but anywhere.

Service during breakfast also receives high praise with the staff being noted for their friendliness and attentiveness, contributing to a pleasant and satisfying experience. The ample and generous breakfast timings further add to the convenience, allowing guests to enjoy a leisurely meal.

Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Piran is frequently highlighted as a standout feature, leaving nothing to be desired and setting a high standard for hotel dining. Whether it's the quality, variety, presentation or the splendid sea views, guests leave highly satisfied and often describe the experience as a highlight of their stay.

Hotel Piran's dining experience is, for the most part, a standout feature, boasting an array of positive feedback from guests. The dinner offered at the hotel's in-house restaurant receives high praise for its quality and taste with many noting the cuisine as noteworthy and the dinners as exceptional. There is a good selection of regional specialties, guaranteeing a touch of local flavor, while the sea bass in particular has been highlighted for its delicious taste.

The rooftop bar and wine bar offer delightful settings for dining and sunset cocktails, adding to the overall charm of the dining experience. Guests have enjoyed top-notch and superb dinners, sometimes accompanied by stunning views of the sea. The restaurant is often described as lovely and wonderful with a comfortable and beautiful setting, particularly for breakfast, which features a fantastic variety of sweet and savory options.

However, opinions on pricing and service are mixed. Some diners find the menu a bit more expensive compared to other local establishments and there are mentions of unfriendly and demotivated staff. Portions have also been noted as smaller recently and the menu is said to be somewhat limited.

Despite these critiques, the overall food quality, from breakfast to dinner, remains consistently good with many guests finding the dining experiences satisfying and enjoyable. For those seeking gluten-free options or regional specialties, the menu caters well, although improvements in staff interaction could enhance the overall dining experience.

Hotel Piran has received diverse feedback regarding its rooms with a notable emphasis on their cleanliness and appealing decor. Many guests appreciated the "beautiful," "modern," and "spacious" rooms, particularly those with "sea views" and "balconies," which offered breathtaking scenery. However, several reviews highlight the small size of many rooms and bathrooms, describing them as "tiny," "narrow," and occasionally "claustrophobic." Despite this, phrases like "comfortable" and "cozy" frequently appear, suggesting that even the smaller spaces maintain a degree of comfort.

Guests repeatedly mentioned that the rooms are "very clean," with a special note on the pleasant scents and well-maintained condition. The hotel's direct location by the sea enhances the allure of sea-facing rooms, although city-facing rooms can be "noisy" due to traffic and late-night activities. Rooms with "newly renovated" and "well-equipped" features are praised, yet some guests noted that parts of the hotel are "showing their age" and require updating. Issues such as "cramped" spaces, "old-fashioned" bathrooms and minor maintenance problems like "cracks in sinks" and "peeling wallpaper" were also reported.

The absence of air conditioning in certain rooms was a slight discomfort for guests during hot nights and there were occasional complaints about "noisy" environments, including those under the rooftop terrace or near the street. Despite these drawbacks, the overall sentiment trends positive, as guests found rooms to be "comfortable," "quiet," and "modern," with particular enjoyment of the "balconies" and "sea views." The combination of charm, cleanliness and stunning views indeed elevates the experience at Hotel Piran, even if all room aspects are not uniformly perfect.

Hotel Piran's beds have received mixed reviews, reflecting a range of guest preferences and experiences. A common positive note is the frequent mention of the beds being very comfortable, well-maintained and even offering ocean views in some rooms. Guests generally appreciated the comfort and size of the king-sized beds, emphasizing that they found the beds to be very good and well-liked.

However, a significant number of guests found the beds to be either too firm or too soft, indicating that the mattress firmness did not suit everyone. Some reviews mentioned beds being too small or narrow, which could be uncomfortable, especially for two people. Additionally, discomfort was noted regarding pillows with various guests finding them hard and in need of replacement.

For couples, there were complaints about double beds being made up of two single beds pushed together, creating discomfort due to gaps between the mattresses. Layout issues were also noted, such as beds being squeezed against walls, causing inconvenience for those sharing the bed.

While many guests enjoyed a comfortable sleeping experience, others felt that improvements in mattress quality, pillow replacements and bed arrangements could enhance their stay at Hotel Piran.

Hotel Piran boasts an exceptional level of cleanliness that significantly contributes to its charm and appeal. Guests consistently commend the hotel for its spotless rooms and well-maintained public areas. Descriptions such as extremely clean, outstanding cleanliness and spotlessly clean frequently appear in reviews, indicating a high standard of hygiene throughout the hotel.

Both rooms and bathrooms are often highlighted as being very clean and well-appointed with many noting the modern and updated feel despite some rooms being perceived as a bit outdated. The hotel itself is described as exceptionally clean and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable stay for all visitors.

While the majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive, there are occasional mentions of lapses in cleaning standards in some rooms, but these instances are few and far between. On the whole, Hotel Piran consistently impresses with its dedication to maintaining a clean and inviting environment for its guests.

Hotel Piran is consistently praised for its outstanding staff, who consistently receive high marks for their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness. Reviews highlight the warm and welcoming receptionists, who efficiently handle check-ins and provide multilingual assistance. The service staff is noted for their attentiveness and courteous demeanor, ensuring guests feel well-cared-for throughout their stay. Many guests underscore the accommodating nature of the team with particular appreciation for how they go above and beyond to meet needs and solve problems promptly. The hotel's excellent service culture extends to all areas, including housekeeping and dining, creating a seamless and enjoyable guest experience that leaves a lasting positive impression.

Hotel Piran generally provides a Wi-Fi service that guests have found lacking in several respects. The most frequent issues mentioned include weak and unstable connections with some guests struggling to stay connected or experiencing frequent disconnections. Many found the internet speed to be slow or the service to be unreliable, even in areas where it was available. There were also mentions of the Wi-Fi being chargeable in some cases, adding to the dissatisfaction. However, there have been a few instances where the Wi-Fi worked well and was found to be good, offering a hint of inconsistency in the service quality. For those needing a robust and reliable internet connection during their stay, it might be prudent to look for alternative solutions or accommodations.

Hotel Piran's spa seems to garner mixed impressions from its guests. On one hand, several visitors found the spa area welcoming and enjoyed the excellent massage services, particularly highlighting the skill of the masseuses. The indoor pool and sauna were generally appreciated with some guests specifically noting the wellness area as worth using. Additionally, elements such as the rooftop drinking area and VIP taxi service received positive mentions.

However, there were notable criticisms. Some guests were disappointed by the lack of spa services available and a few pointed out inconsistencies between the hotel's website descriptions and the actual spa offerings. Instances of the spa being closed, the absence of staff or limited treatment options were recurring themes. Overall, while the spa and wellness services at Hotel Piran have the potential to provide a pleasant experience, the consistency and availability of these amenities appear to be areas needing improvement.

Nestled along the captivating Adriatic coastline, the beach by Hotel Piran offers a uniquely serene escape. Overlooking the beautiful, clean waters, guests can immerse themselves in stunning sunsets while enjoying the fresh air. Despite the beach being concrete, it provides direct access to the sea, making it an easy and convenient spot for a morning swim. In fact, many guests love the ability to lounge and swim right in front of the hotel before heading to a delicious breakfast buffet. The clear waters by the terrace invite all to swim freely without long waits, contributing to an overall exceptional beach experience. With sea views straight from their rooms and the beach's cozy setting, visitors find this spot perfect for swimming and relaxation.

Hotel Piran offers a well-organized yet unique parking solution due to its location in a car-restricted area. Although guests cannot park directly at the hotel, a comprehensive shuttle service compensates for this inconvenience. The hotel provides a free shuttle that operates 24/7, efficiently transporting guests between a nearby parking garage and the hotel itself.

Guests appreciated the smooth and convenient shuttle operations, which were often praised for their timeliness and cleanliness. While the cost of parking was noted as being high, the hotel offers a reduced rate and even complimentary services for certain durations. The parking garage, located just minutes from the hotel, is easy to find and comes with loading and unloading zones directly in front of the hotel for luggage management.

Despite some initial difficulties and the higher-than-expected costs, the shuttle service is highly recommended for its reliability and helps offset the complexity of the car parking process. Ultimately, the excellent shuttle services and staff support ensure that Hotel Piran's parking system, although not straightforward, is manageable and convenient for hotel guests.

A stay at Hotel Piran promises a delightful experience for families visiting the picturesque town of Piran. The hotel stands out for its strong family-friendly ethos, accommodating guests of all ages, including little ones and even pets. Reviewers highlight the welcoming atmosphere with facilities that are stroller-friendly and a variety of family suites available that cater to the needs of multiple generations.

Staff at Hotel Piran are praised for their flexibility and helpfulness, particularly when it comes to assisting families with children. The morning breakfast is noted as being well-suited for families, adding to the convenience and enjoyment of a stay. The hotel's pet-friendly policy ensures that furry family members are also made to feel at home, creating a holistic family-friendly environment.

Guests appreciate the stress-free experience offered by the hotel's prime location, which eases the logistics of family travel. Family-friendly amenities and a warm atmosphere make Hotel Piran a great choice for those looking to relax and enjoy quality time with loved ones in a beautiful setting.

4 Star
Hotel Piran has received a mix of feedback regarding its four-star rating and facilities. Positively highlighted aspects include a commendable price-performance ratio, often noted as fair and reasonable. Reviewers frequently praised the hotel's excellent location, deeming it the best, alongside good quality services that could support a four-star designation. Several guests found the service exceptional and some asserted the hotel exceeded their expectations, suggesting it is well over a four-star experience.

However, the hotel appears to fall short in several key areas expected of a four-star establishment. Specific criticisms mentioned include the lack of amenities such as a tea or coffee station in the rooms and instances of cleanliness issues like a loose bathroom faucet and outdated bathroom fixtures. Guests also experienced dissatisfaction with the additional charge for WiFi and the unavailability of the roof terrace.

Moreover, the hotel's staff performance and some aspects of its comfort and decor were noted to be subpar for a four-star rating. There were comments on the outdated air conditioning system and the generally outdated feel of the comfort provided. The breakfast coffee and some of the amenities did not meet guests' four-star expectations, prompting calls for more improvements.

In summary, while Hotel Piran garners strong remarks for its location, service and value for money, it falls short in meeting several of the standard expectations for a four-star hotel, indicating areas needing improvement and renovation.

Hotel Piran has received positive feedback from business travelers for its suitability and convenience for corporate needs. Guests have highlighted the availability of a business center and efficient business amenities which contribute to a productive stay. The hotel is recognized as a business-friendly venue offering good facilities and services for business travelers, including efficient meeting facilities and an ideal location for business conferences.

The hotel also offers a small but functional business center and a convenient VIP taxi service, facilitating seamless transportation for business guests. The ease of arranging meetings and conferences adds to the hotel's appeal for corporate visitors. Overall, Hotel Piran is noted for providing good service and ensuring business travelers are well looked after.

Hotel Piran stands out as an exceptional destination tailored for honeymooners seeking a romantic and dreamy escape. The hotel offers a variety of honeymoon-specific packages and arrangements that can be easily organized to create an unforgettable experience. The junior and honeymoon suites come highly recommended with many guests praising their fabulous amenities and stunning views. The rooftop bar and beautiful terrace provide breathtaking sunset vistas, adding to the hotel's romantic ambiance.

Guests frequently highlight the secluded and idyllic nature of the hotel, deeming it the ultimate honeymoon destination and a heavenly place for a romantic getaway. With romantic and honeymoon packages available daily, Hotel Piran ensures that every couple can enjoy a personalized and intimate experience. While some minor details, like a somewhat rusty balcony, could use attention, the overall consensus is overwhelmingly positive. Guests describe the location as perfect for honing and capable of delivering incredible, dreamy experiences for newlyweds.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Adriatic Sea, Hotel Piran offers an ideal romantic getaway. The hotel's location provides a dreamy setting with beautiful views directly on the sea, perfect for watching sunsets from the rooftop lounge or terrace. Guests can plan a romantic sunset meal or enjoy candlelight dinners, adding to the enchanting experience.

For special occasions, the junior suite, often chosen for honeymoons, provides an elegant and romantic ambiance with tile floors and thoughtfully designed decor available on request. Couples can also take advantage of romantic packages tailored to enhance their stay and the hotel can even organize romantic tours for exploring the picturesque surroundings.

The romantic charm of Hotel Piran extends beyond the accommodations to the overall atmosphere of the town, which boasts a cozy and intimate vibe. With romantic rooms, a romantic location on points and a fabulous setting by the beautiful beach, Hotel Piran is an excellent choice for couples seeking a perfect romantic hideaway enhanced by breathtaking sea views and captivating sunsets.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Piran stands out as a prime destination for those traveling with their canine companions. Guests frequently highlight the hotel's welcoming and dog-friendly atmosphere. Pets are allowed to stay in the rooms, providing a comfortable setting for both humans and their four-legged friends. The hotel even permits dogs to join their owners for breakfast, enhancing the sense of inclusivity.

Guests with pets appreciate the cool tiled balconies and parquet floors, which provide a comfortable respite for dogs, especially larger breeds like labradors. For those seeking outdoor activities, there's a nearby shallow area perfect for dogs to swim without disturbing other hotel guests. Moreover, the overall cleanliness and pet-friendly environment of the hotel add to its appeal.

While there is a noted lack of green areas in the hotel’s immediate surroundings, the hotel's strategic location manages to cater to the needs of pets and their owners effectively. The extra charge of 20€ per night for dogs is considered reasonable given the high level of pet accommodation provided.

In summary, Hotel Piran offers a conducive environment for a holiday with dogs, ensuring a pleasant stay for both pets and their owners.

No, Hotel Piran doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Piran.

Yes, Hotel Piran welcomes dogs. For more information, read the answers to the Dog Friendly questionnaire

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Piran.

No, Hotel Piran doesn't have a gym.

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