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Summary of reviewsVilar do Golf, situated in the majestic Quinta do Lago area of Algarve, is widely celebrated for its prime location. Visitors find its proximity to a plethora of golf courses and the stunning Ria Formosa Nature Park immensely appealing. The serene, lush gardens, alongside well-maintained grounds, add to its allure as a tranquil retreat that balances accessibility to nearby shops, restaurants and breathtaking beaches. Despite minor concerns about signage and car necessity, the central location remains highly valued by guests.

The resort's dining options receive substantial acclaim. NOA Cafe is particularly favored for its delicious vegan offerings, while Il Vero Italian Restaurant wows with its authentic cuisine and magnificent golf course views. The pool restaurant and BAO Restaurant also stand out for their diverse and delectable menus, ensuring guests are delighted with a variety of culinary choices throughout their stay.

Accommodations at Vilar do Golf are lauded for their spaciousness, modern amenities and overall comfort. Many guests appreciate the home-like atmosphere, complete with well-equipped kitchens, private balconies and scenic views. Although some rooms are noted as dated with occasional maintenance issues, the meticulous cleanliness and comfort overshadow these drawbacks, providing a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Cleanliness is a strong suit at the resort with frequent commendations for immaculate and well-maintained apartments, villas and communal areas. Although there are isolated reports of cleanliness lapses and infrequent cleanings, the resort's high hygiene standards and responsive staff mitigate these concerns effectively.

Praised for their exceptional service, the staff at Vilar do Golf enhance the guest experience significantly. Friendly, professional and accommodating, the team ensures a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Minor grievances about check-in/check-out times and isolated unhelpful instances do not detract from the generally positive impressions guests have of the staff's dedication to quality service.

While WiFi experiences vary with notable instances of weak or unreliable connections, the overall feedback suggests that the resort's amenities, such as WiFi, could benefit from improvements but are passable for basic needs.

The pool facilities are well-received, offering multiple, clean pools that cater to all ages and preferences. Though some guests mention crowding and limited towel service, the beautifully maintained pool areas provide an enjoyable experience. Enhancements to operating hours and staffing at the pool bar would further boost satisfaction.

Families find Vilar do Golf to be an excellent destination with its variety of activities and amenities catering to all age groups. The comfortable, well-equipped villas and child-friendly environment make it particularly suited for family vacations. Minor disturbances do little to overshadow the overwhelmingly positive family-oriented experiences.

Golf enthusiasts specifically benefit from the resort's strategic location, providing easy access to several outstanding golf courses. The scenic surroundings and quality facilities make Vilar do Golf a highly recommended choice for a golfing holiday, despite some mention of higher fees.

Guest opinions on the beds are mixed with newer accommodations praised for comfort, while older units sometimes fall short. Overall, the quality of sleep could be enhanced with consistent updates to bedding across all units.

Finally, the four-star rating of Vilar do Golf is perceived variously with some guests finding discrepancies in quality. However, many still find the facilities and the overall experience aligning with high standards of a four-star resort.

In summary, Vilar do Golf is a well-regarded destination that excels in location, dining, cleanliness, staff service and family-friendly amenities, making it a generally favorable choice for a relaxing getaway.
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Room Types
Standard One-Bedroom Apartment This spacious, air-conditioned apartment has a balcony or a terrace. It features a seating area with a cable TV. Each has a fully equipped kitchenette with a fridge, microwave and a washing machine. The private bathroom has a bath or shower and comes with free toiletries. Each apartment has been individually furnished, therefore all apartments differ in appearance and furnishings throughout the resort. This unit can accommodate 2 children up to 12 years old.

Standard Two-Bedroom Apartment This spacious, air-conditioned apartment has a terrace. It features a seating area with a cable TV . Each has a fully equipped kitchenette with a fridge, microwave and a washing machine. The private bathroom has a bath or shower and comes with free toiletries. Each apartment has been individually furnished, therefore all apartments differ in appearance and furnishings throughout the resort. This unit can accommodate 2 children up to 12 years old.

Premium Two-Bedroom Apartment This spacious, air-conditioned apartment has a terrace. It features a seating area with and cable TV. Each has a fully equipped kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave and a tea and coffee maker. The private bathroom has a bath and shower and comes with free toiletries. This accommodation features 2 floors. The images displayed are representative of the room category. However, the actual room you are allocated may differ in terms of layout, furnishings, or view.

Premium One-Bedroom Apartment This spacious apartment features 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath or a shower and free toiletries. In the well-fitted kitchenette, guests will find a stovetop, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and kitchenware. This air-conditioned apartment includes a dining area, a flat-screen TV with cable channels a washing machine and an outdoor dining area. The unit has 2 beds. The images displayed are representative of the room category. However, the actual room you are allocated may differ in terms of layout, furnishings, or view.

Standard Three-Bedroom Apartment Each apartment has been individually furnished. All apartments differ in appearance and furnishings throughout the resort.

Standard Two-Bedroom Family Apartment This apartment features a oven, electric kettle and tumble dryer. Each apartment has been individually furnished. All apartments differ in appearance and furnishings throughout the resort.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Vilar do Golf, nestled in the heart of the Algarve at Quinta do Lago, receives high praise for its exceptional location. It's an ideal spot for golf enthusiasts, offering proximity to numerous golf courses and facilities. Whether you're planning to hit the greens or explore the stunning Ria Formosa Nature Park, the setting is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. Guests appreciate the nearby gorgeous beaches and nature walks, highlighting the resort's balance of tranquility and accessibility to vibrant attractions.

The resort itself is described as beautiful with well-maintained grounds, stunning views of the golf courses and serene, lush gardens that add to its charm. It's a quiet retreat, yet conveniently located near shops, restaurants and essential amenities, which guests find highly convenient. Despite occasional mentions of the need for better signage and the necessity of a car to move around easily, the central location within Quinta do Lago offers a short trip to nearly any destination within the area.

Visitors frequently commend the spacious, clean apartments, which feel more like real homes than hotel rooms, adding a touch of comfort to their stay. The friendly and helpful staff further enhance the experience, ensuring a warm welcome and quality service. Whether visiting for the golf, the beautiful surroundings or simply to unwind in a peaceful environment, Vilar do Golf's superb location consistently wins guests over.

Vilar do Golf offers a range of dining options that have received positive feedback from guests. The on-site restaurants, including NOA Cafe and Il Vero Italian Restaurant, provide delightful culinary experiences. NOA Cafe is particularly praised for its delicious vegan food and cakes with many guests enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and quality of its offerings. Il Vero stands out with a great view of the golf area and serves up good Italian cuisine, including well-loved pizzas.

The pool restaurant provides a good variety of food choices, making it convenient for guests leisurely spending their day by the pool. BAO Restaurant impresses with its fantastic sushi and Thai dishes, adding diversity to the dining options available on the property.

Overall, the combination of lovely cafes and restaurants at Vilar do Golf ensures that guests have numerous delicious and enjoyable dining experiences during their stay.

Vilar do Golf offers a mix of accommodations with refurbished villas and apartments gaining high praise from guests. Visitors frequently highlight the spaciousness and modern facilities. Many enjoyed the well-equipped kitchens, private gardens, balconies and terraces with scenic views, such as those overlooking the lake. Cleanliness and comfort are recurring themes and several guests appreciated the recent upgrades and redecorations. The indoor heated swimming pool and the general amenities also add to the positive experiences, making it a relaxing and satisfactory stay.

However, not all reviews are glowing. Some accommodations are reported to be outdated with furniture and appliances that could use revamping. Guests noted issues with cleanliness in certain areas and discomfort with older furnishing, such as worn-out sofas and mattresses. Despite these drawbacks, many found the overall experience pleasant due to the accommodating staff and serene environment. The resort's well-maintained gardens and functional facilities further enhance its appeal, making Vilar do Golf a generally recommended stay for those visiting.

The beds at Vilar do Golf have garnered varied reviews from guests, highlighting a mix of comfort and areas for improvement. Many guests have praised the beds for being extremely comfortable with some describing the mattress and pillows as very comfortable and noting that the beds were big and clean. In particular, newer and renovated apartments received compliments for their great and super comfortable beds.

However, some guests pointed out that certain beds were quite hard or had thin mattresses, leading to discomfort. There were also comments about some beds being very noisy, creaky and even broken, which affected sleep quality. Additionally, a few reviews mentioned that the beds and bed sofas could use updating and more blankets would have been appreciated in the colder rooms.

The comfort level of the beds seemed to vary between different units, suggesting that while many guests enjoyed a good night's sleep, others felt that improvements in bedding quality and consistency are needed.

The guest reviews for Vilar do Golf predominantly highlight the establishment's commitment to cleanliness. Guests frequently praise the accommodations as immaculate, spotlessly clean and beautifully maintained. Apartments and villas are described as modern, well-kept and equipped with everything required for a comfortable stay. Additionally, communal areas are clean and tidy, upholding high standards throughout the resort.

Some reviews mention specific positive aspects, such as the friendly and helpful staff, as well as the impeccably clean resort and pool area. The rooms are noted for being spacious, comfortable and cozy, contributing to an overall pleasant experience.

However, there have been mentions of occasional cleanliness issues, such as dusty areas and ant infestations, although staff responded quickly to resolve these problems. Some guests felt the cleaning frequency could be improved with a few pointing out that their apartments were only cleaned once a week.

Despite a few negative feedbacks regarding cleanliness during guests' stays, the majority of reviews reflect a high level of satisfaction with the cleanliness standards at Vilar do Golf, making it a commendable option for travelers prioritizing a clean and well-maintained environment.

Vilar do Golf boasts an exceptional staff that continuously earns high praise from guests. The feedback highlights that the team is marked by their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Many reviewers repeatedly use words such as amazing, superb and excellent to describe their interactions with the staff, particularly emphasizing the warm and welcoming reception staff, who are often cited as being accommodating and polite.

The housekeeping and maintenance teams also receive positive remarks for their efficiency and commitment to maintaining high standards throughout the resort. Guests appreciated the quick and effective communication via WhatsApp and the prompt resolution of issues reported to the staff. The pool and restaurant teams are described as courteous and attentive, enhancing the overall guest experience with their pleasant demeanor.

Despite a few critical notes concerning inflexible check-in/check-out times, occasional miscommunications and isolated instances of unhelpful behavior from some staff members, the overwhelming sentiment is that the staff at Vilar do Golf endeavor to make every guest's stay memorable. Their efforts to provide excellent customer service are clearly evident with most reviewers feeling well-cared-for and relaxed during their stay.

The engagement and competency displayed by the staff seem to be key pillars in the resort's high level of guest satisfaction. Their dedication to ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience underscores the resort's commitment to quality service, ensuring that guests leave with positive impressions and fond memories.

The WiFi at Vilar do Golf presents a mixed bag of experiences for guests. On the positive side, some reviews highlight that the internet was stable and maintained a good connection throughout their stay with mention of a responsive 24/7 reception and efficient WhatsApp communication with staff. However, numerous reviews point out significant issues with the WiFi, describing it as weak, slow, unreliable and, at times, completely non-functional. Guests note that free WiFi is limited to 2 devices and often requires reconnections. Overall, while the WiFi may suffice for basic needs, it’s an area that could benefit from improvement.

The pool area at Vilar do Golf garners a mix of praise and constructive feedback from guests. The general consensus highlights a beautiful and well-maintained pool area with clean and modern facilities. Both indoor and outdoor pools are appreciated for their size and cleanliness with several pools suitable for all types of swimmers, including designated areas for children. The heated indoor pool receives positive remarks for its warm temperature and enjoyable experience.

Guests commend the outdoor pools for being impeccably maintained, although they note that the water can sometimes be on the cooler side. The pool area's ambiance is described as lovely with sufficient sun beds and parasols available. The grounds surrounding the pools are similarly well-kept and pleasant.

However, the pool area can get crowded, leading to occasional difficulties in finding available chairs and pool towels. Some reviews indicate that the towel service could be improved, as guests experienced delays and occasional shortages. Additionally, the booking system for the indoor pool, while ensuring limited numbers, is mentioned as a slight inconvenience.

Another point of consideration is the pool's operating hours with some guests expressing a desire for earlier opening times to allow for a morning swim. The pool bar's service also received mixed reviews with comments on it being understaffed at times.

Overall, the pool facilities at Vilar do Golf are praised for their excellent maintenance and suitability for various age groups, providing a pleasant experience for both relaxation and fun.

Vilar do Golf stands out as an excellent destination for families, offering a range of activities and amenities tailored for both children and adults. The resort is described as a wonderful place to stay with family, featuring ideal facilities that cater to both youngsters and older guests. Families particularly appreciate the well-maintained leisure areas, where one can relax and enjoy quality time together.

The villas are praised for being super comfortable, modern and peaceful, making them perfect for family stays. They come well-equipped, often including baby equipment and provide a cozy and functional space for various family sizes, including those with up to five members. The kitchen facilities are notably convenient for families with young children.

The resort offers a mix of fun activities suitable for children of all ages. Kids can enjoy playing table tennis, pool and splashing around in the heated pool. Furthermore, the array of excellent activities ensures that children are entertained throughout their stay. Parents value the child-friendly environment with great food options that kids love and plenty of outdoor space for them to run around and play.

The staff at Vilar do Golf receive high marks for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing significantly to the pleasant experience. They are well-dressed, professional and consistently willing to assist, which enhances the family-friendly atmosphere of the resort.

Some minor issues were noted, such as an isolated incident with noisy revelers and some check-in restrictions, but overall, these did not overshadow the positive experiences.

In conclusion, Vilar do Golf is a highly recommended destination for a family vacation, offering excellent value, superb accommodations and a host of activities that ensure a delightful stay for both parents and children.

Vilar do Golf is renowned for its exceptional proximity to a variety of top-tier golf courses, making it an ideal retreat for golf enthusiasts. The resort is praised for its strategic location in the heart of a prime golf area, providing easy access to several high-quality courses that are perfect for players of all levels. Guests consistently highlight the fantastic golf course surroundings and the relaxing, lovely ambiance that caters specifically to golfers. The accommodations are spacious and offer direct access to two amazing golf courses, enhancing the overall experience. Many reviewers mention that the resort is an excellent choice for golf lovers with some even noting the positive impact of their golf instructors. While some found the golf course fees to be on the higher side, the overall sentiment is that the golf courses themselves are wonderful and well-maintained. Overall, Vilar do Golf emerges as a perfect and highly recommended destination for those looking to immerse themselves in a golfing holiday.

4 Star
Vilar do Golf boasts a reputation as a four-star resort, though guest reviews suggest a mixed experience regarding that rating. While some guests felt the quality of the accommodations fell short of four-star standards, others described their stay as exceptional and highly enjoyable. The resort receives praise for its well-maintained, modern and stylish facilities, highlighting its good pool facilities, sauna and attentive staff. However, several reviews noted that the standard of the accommodation needs upgrading with some guests comparing it more to a two or three-star experience. Despite these varied opinions on the star rating, many visitors reported having a lovely stay overall.

Vilar do Golf offers a solid set of facilities and services that cater well to business travelers. The well-maintained business facilities and well-equipped business center are frequently noted highlights, ensuring that guests have access to necessary utilities within the villas for all their working needs. The amenities provided are particularly suited to those on business trips, making it a value-for-money option. Comfort is another key point with comfortable beds and accommodations allowing remote work from within the rooms seamlessly. Additionally, the outdoor pools and large meeting areas provide relaxing yet functional spaces for work-related activities. It's important to note that late check-out requires an extra payment, regardless of availability. Overall, Vilar do Golf presents itself as a dependable choice for business travel.

Children's Pool
Vilar do Golf stands out as a kid-friendly destination, particularly praised for its children's pool area. Visitors often highlight how much their children loved the pools, describing them as fun and ideal for all ages. The pool area is structured to accommodate separate pools for children, making it suitable for young swimmers. Families appreciate the environment, noting it's a great place to visit together, where both kids and adults can enjoy the facilities.

However, it's important to mention that some found the children's pool to be crowded at times. Despite this, the overall sentiment remains positive with ample activities for kids to enjoy. Other minor concerns included damaged playground equipment and occasional access restrictions to the pool. Nonetheless, the majority of guests seemed to have a delightful experience, particularly pointing out the vast, enjoyable pool area as a highlight for family vacations.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pools at Vilar do Golf receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. They are described as vibrant and beautiful, providing a delightful experience despite occasionally cooler water temperatures. Families especially appreciate the separate children’s pool, ensuring that younger guests can enjoy a safe and fun swimming environment.

The pools are noted for being clean and well-maintained with ample shade providing a comfortable environment for relaxation. The variety of pools, including a large pool and additional amenities, cater to different preferences and needs. The extensive grounds and surrounding areas add to the overall appeal, offering a lovely setting for guests.

However, some guests mention the need to book slots for pool use, indicating that restrictions on usage may apply, which wasn't always clearly communicated. Despite this minor inconvenience, the general consensus is that the outdoor pool facilities significantly enhance the stay at Vilar do Golf.

Indoor Pool
The indoor swimming pool at Vilar do Golf receives positive feedback from guests, emphasizing its cleanliness and warmth. Described as beautiful and well-maintained, this heated facility is particularly appreciated by families with children and babies. It offers a unique advantage over the outdoor pool with its crisp and warm environment, making it a preferred choice for many. However, the indoor pool does require advance booking with access limited to one hour per day to ensure a comfortable experience for all guests. While the booking system is praised for keeping crowd numbers manageable, some guests mention that securing a session can be challenging. Despite minor suggestions for hygiene improvement, the indoor pool remains a valued amenity for those staying at Vilar do Golf.

Yes, Vilar do Golf has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Children's Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Vilar do Golf.

No, Vilar do Golf doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Vilar do Golf.

Yes, Vilar do Golf has a gym.

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