Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino

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Summary of reviewsThe Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino has garnered positive feedback from guests regarding its scenic location, spacious and clean rooms and friendly staff. Nestled in the serene environment of Rio Ceballos, the hotel offers a tranquil retreat perfect for nature walks and relaxation with easy access to the city center and picturesque surroundings.

Guests have praised the breakfast for its variety and freshness, although there are suggestions for improvement in terms of fruit and protein options. Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant receives high marks for its quality and service, despite some complaints about the limited menu and high prices.

The rooms are noted for their spaciousness and cleanliness with comfortable beds and pleasant views. However, certain rooms may need reconditioning and soundproofing could be improved. The hotel's cleanliness extends to its overall facilities with meticulous attention from the cleaning staff contributing to a welcoming atmosphere.

Staff interactions are highlighted positively with many guests appreciating the attentive and friendly service. Minor criticisms include occasional unfriendly reception staff and understaffing in the restaurant.

While the hotel offers free Wi-Fi, many guests have reported connectivity issues, frequent disconnections and slow speeds, detracting from an otherwise positive experience.

The spa facilities are well-received, offering a restful and enjoyable retreat, though some minor improvements in maintenance and clarity of operating hours could enhance the experience. The gym, while present, is small and basic with suggestions for better maintenance and equipment.

The pool facilities, particularly the heated indoor pool, receive positive remarks for cleanliness and tranquility. The outdoor pool, however, could benefit from better maintenance. Despite some logistical challenges with the parking facility, such as its distance from the hotel and shared use with casino patrons, it remains functional.

Overall, the Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino is highly regarded for its beautiful location, comfortable and clean rooms and excellent staff service. The hotel’s amenities, including the heated pool and spa, contribute to a pleasant stay with some areas for improvement identified in breakfast variety, Wi-Fi quality and parking convenience.
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Room Types
Executive Double King Room This double room's standout feature is the private pool. Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The spacious air-conditioned double room offers a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, a carpeted floor as well as garden views. The unit has 1 bed.

Executive Twin Room This twin room features a private pool. This air-conditioned twin room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a patio. The unit has 2 beds.

Executive Single Room This single room features a private pool. This air-conditioned single room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a patio. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in the serene environment of Rio Ceballos, Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino stands out for its excellent location. Guests repeatedly highlight the tranquil and remote setting, making it an ideal spot for nature walks and relaxation. The hotel is well placed, providing easy access to the city center for those looking to explore local attractions. Surrounded by a beautiful garden and small park, the views and surroundings are notably picturesque. The combination of the scenic environment, the comfort of the facilities and the friendliness of the staff make it a favored destination. Whether stopping off the E53 on the way to Buenos Aires or seeking a luxurious retreat, this hotel offers a great balance of accessibility and peacefulness.

The breakfast at Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino generally receives mixed feedback from guests. On the positive side, many guests describe the breakfast as very complete, traditional and basic with plenty of variety. The food is frequently praised for being fresh and tasty with some guests specifically mentioning the breakfast schedule being flexible and accommodating.

However, there are notable criticisms. Multiple reviews mention that the breakfast lacks variety, especially in terms of fruits and proteins like scrambled eggs. The quality of the coffee is often highlighted as very poor and some guests felt that the breakfast did not meet the expectations set by the hotel's star rating or price. Some refer to the breakfast as disappointing or even disastrous, citing a shortage of options and items running out quickly. Overall, while there are elements to enjoy, there is a consensus that the breakfast could benefit from improvements in variety and quality to better align with the hotel’s standards.

The Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino boasts a restaurant that has garnered significant praise from its guests. Many reviews highlight the excellent quality of the cuisine, describing it as very delicious and good. Diners often recommend the restaurant highly, noting its delicious food and very good dining room. The staff's friendly and attentive service has also received positive mentions, contributing to an overall enjoyable dining experience.

However, there are a few criticisms. Some guests found the menu limited and dishes ranging from average to bad in quality. Complaints also included high prices, considering the quality and variety of food offered. Despite these drawbacks, many visitors still deemed the food excellent, tasty and reasonably priced.

Overall, while there are some areas for improvement, the restaurant at Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino delivers a generally pleasant dining experience with its good cuisine and attentive staff making it a notable feature of the stay.

The Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino offers a mix of positives and areas for improvement when it comes to the rooms. Many guests highlight the spaciousness of the rooms with several comments noting that the rooms are extremely large, well-maintained and spotlessly clean. Comfort is another frequently mentioned attribute with guests appreciating the comfortable beds and cozy atmosphere.

The views from some of the rooms add to the overall experience, creating a pleasant stay for many visitors. Some specific rooms, however, like Room 211 and Room 115, have mentioned issues such as squeaky entrance doors, humidity and a strong smell, indicating that certain rooms might need urgent reconditioning. Additionally, the room insulation appears to be a common issue, as guests have pointed out poor soundproofing, which can result in noise disturbances.

While some rooms are praised for their excellent dimensions and beautiful, comfortable setups, a few guests found their rooms to be small and noted issues with water in the showers or antique furniture and worn-out accessories. Finally, the overall well-maintained state and cleanliness of the rooms are often mentioned positively, making it clear that the hotel prioritizes room upkeep. Despite a few drawbacks, the spacious and comfortable rooms seem to make for a generally satisfying stay.

The Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino receives praise for its beds, often described as comfortable and very clean. Guests highlight the extra-large beds and the soft, good-quality sheets and towels. There are mentions of pillows and quilts being particularly spectacular, adding to the overall comfort. While some guests noted that certain mattresses felt hard or worn out and one double bed had two mattresses, the consensus leans positively towards a good night's rest. The hotel's attention to cleanliness and quality in their bedding is frequently appreciated, ensuring guests are well-catered for in this aspect.

A visit to the Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino guarantees a stay in a spotlessly clean and well-maintained environment. Guests frequently praise the cleanliness of the facilities, noting particularly how quickly the rooms are cleaned and the overall attentive service of the cleaning staff. The heated pool and gardens stand out as meticulously cared for, offering a pristine and welcoming area for relaxation.

The general cleanliness extends beyond just the rooms with the entire hotel being described as orderly and sparkling clean. The cleaning staff are not only efficient but also very attentive and polite, contributing to an atmosphere of friendliness and good service that guests appreciate.

While the majority of experiences recounted are overwhelmingly positive, there were minor suggestions for improvement, such as better attention to the cleanliness of the garage area and the landscaped zones, as well as ensuring the breakfast buffet area is perfectly clean.

Nevertheless, the consistent emphasis on cleanliness and polite service throughout the hotel ensures a comfortable and pleasant stay for all guests.

The reviews for Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino highlight the overwhelmingly positive interactions guests had with the hotel staff. The service provided by the staff is described as attentive, warm and consistently friendly. Many guests praised the excellent treatment received throughout their stay, particularly noting the night waiters' exceptional service and the attentiveness of the restaurant staff. The reception and cleaning staff also received high commendations for their courteous attitude and helpfulness.

While most experiences with the staff were favorable, a few reviews mentioned that the reception staff could be unfriendly and that the restaurant could benefit from additional staffing. Nevertheless, the majority of guests emphasized the staff's general kindness, helpfulness and the excellent service that contributed significantly to their positive stay. Cleanliness and overall good service further enhanced their experience at this hotel.

Guests of the Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino have noted mixed experiences with the hotel's Wi-Fi service. While many enjoyed their stay and expressed a desire to return, the Wi-Fi emerged as a consistent issue. Reviewers commonly described the internet connection as unstable and noted the inconvenience of having to log in repeatedly, often every time they re-entered the room. Some guests highlighted that the Wi-Fi frequently disconnected and others pointed out that the internet access was so poor it could be considered deplorable. Additionally, the Wi-Fi being blocked on the TVs, limiting options like Netflix, also drew criticism. Despite these setbacks, the overall sentiment of the stay was positive with many guests indicating they would return.

The spa at the Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino receives high praise from guests with many highlighting its fantastic amenities and great additional services. Visitors have found the spa to exceed their expectations and particularly appreciate the attentive staff. While some expressed a need for clarity on opening hours and noted that the external pools could use some maintenance, the overall experience remains positive. Guests enjoy the sauna and an open spa setting, contributing to a restful weekend retreat. Despite some minor issues, such as the hydro not working, the general consensus is that the spa is a wonderful feature of the hotel.

The gym at the Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino has mixed feedback from guests. While it exists as an amenity, multiple reviews suggest that it lacks maintenance and proper equipment. Descriptions indicate the gym is small and basic with some areas left incomplete. On the positive side, the hotel offers other commendable facilities such as a good and abundant breakfast, clean pools and a jacuzzi, which might compensate for the gym's limitations. However, additional equipment and better ventilation could enhance the workout experience.

At the Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino, the pool experience offers a mix of enjoyment and areas needing attention. Guests have highlighted the heated indoor pool for its cleanliness, warmth and peaceful ambiance, making it a significant asset for the hotel. The convenience of having two pools, one of which is heated, adds practicality and flexibility to the guest experience.

Despite the positive mentions, several reviews note that the outdoor pool requires maintenance to meet its potential. Concerns about the heating system, chlorine levels and general upkeep suggest that improvements are necessary. Still, the heated pool generally stands out for positive remarks with many guests finding it very nice, clean and excellent.

The presence of a café beside the pool adds to the appeal, offering a nice spot for relaxation. Additionally, the water pressure in the facilities is frequently praised, contributing to an overall comfortable environment. While maintenance needs are apparent, the pool areas remain a notable part of the hotel experience, highlighted by the flexible pool and breakfast schedules that guests appreciate.

In conclusion, the Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino provides an enjoyable pool experience, particularly with its heated indoor pool, although some attention to maintenance could enhance it further.

The parking situation at Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino receives mixed feedback. While there is an underground parking facility available, some guests find the parking lot a bit complicated, likely influenced by the nearby casino. The parking area is described as large but has no roof and it sometimes experiences issues such as being almost full, particularly when casino patrons occupy the spaces reserved for hotel guests. Additionally, the distance from the parking lot to the hotel is noted as a point of inconvenience. No valet parking service is provided and some guests find the garage uncomfortable. Overall, while parking is available, there are logistical challenges that guests might encounter.

Heated Pool
The heated pool at Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino receives considerable praise from guests. Described as very good, excellent, clean and peaceful, the heated indoor pool appears to be a highlight of the hotel's amenities. However, some reviews indicate issues with maintenance and occasional excessive chlorine levels. There were also instances where the heated pool was turned off until requested by guests. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall impression of the heated pool is positive, contributing to an enjoyable stay at the hotel. Adding to the experience, the hotel maintains excellent service in its pools, jacuzzi and gym facilities even during challenging times such as the pandemic.

Indoor Pool
The Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino features a remarkable indoor pool, which is often praised for being heated. Guests highlight its importance and practicality, especially appreciating the convenience of having both indoor and outdoor pool options. The covered pool area is considered very good, though some note that it is small. Overall, the indoor heated pool stands out as an excellent amenity, adding value to the hotel experience.

Yes, Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino.

No, Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino.

Yes, Howard Johnson Rio Ceballos Hotel y Casino has a gym.

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