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Summary of reviewsThe Golden Lion Wetherspoon in Rochester enjoys high praise for its prime location at the heart of the historic city, providing easy access to numerous attractions and the train station. Despite being situated on the lively High Street, the hotel ensures a peaceful stay with well-insulated rooms, offering excellent value for money with their clean and modern accommodations in a cozy setting.

Rooms at The Golden Lion Wetherspoon are frequently commended for their spaciousness, immaculate cleanliness and modern décor. Guests consistently highlight the comfort of the beds, quality linens and the effective noise isolation. The modern bathrooms with walk-in showers and ample space further contribute to guest satisfaction. Despite occasional minor issues with room temperature, the overall experience is highly positive, enhanced by the characterful blend of historical charm and modern amenities.

The hotel's dining experience, particularly dinner, is well-regarded for its good quality meals at reasonable prices with a variety of options and a cozy atmosphere in the pub downstairs. While some guests reported long wait times and unorganized service during busy periods, the general consensus is that the dining experience is satisfying. Breakfast garners mixed feedback with praises for value and the convenience of dining in-house, although consistency and variety could be improved.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with numerous guests highlighting the spotless conditions of both individual rooms and common areas. Many appreciate the modern, spacious and well-decorated rooms, though some note that areas like the public bar could benefit from more attentive cleaning.

The staff receive widespread acclaim for their friendliness and efficiency, contributing significantly to the welcoming atmosphere and overall enjoyable stay. Their courteous and accommodating nature, along with quick check-ins and prompt issue resolutions, further underline the positive service experiences.

Free WiFi is available but has mixed reviews with some finding it reliable while others experiencing intermittent connections. Despite this, the hotel's many other positive aspects, such as great staff, excellent location and comfortable rooms, remain the highlights.

The Golden Lion Wetherspoon is also recognized as a family-friendly destination, offering large family rooms and amenities catering to children, although access to the pub is restricted for children after 8pm. Guests appreciate the quiet rooms, helpful staff and overall comfort, making it a recommended spot for family stays.

In summary, The Golden Lion Wetherspoon stands out for its exceptional location, clean and comfortable rooms, friendly staff and good value dining options, cementing its reputation as a reliable and pleasant accommodation choice in Rochester.
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Room Types
Double Room The spacious double room offers air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom featuring a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. The double room is fitted with a flat-screen TV, an electric kettle, a carpeted floor, as well as heating. The unit offers 1 bed.

Twin Room The twin room provides air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom featuring a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. The unit offers 2 beds.

Family Room This family room offers a double bed and a sofa bed suitable for two children under the age of 16.

Deluxe Double Room (2 Adults + 1 Child) The spacious double room features air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower and a bath. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Golden Lion Wetherspoon in Rochester appears to have garnered widespread acclaim for its prime location. Nestled in the heart of the historic city, it sits right on the bustling High Street, providing easy access to a variety of pubs, restaurants and key attractions like Rochester Cathedral, the Castle and the Guildhall. Guests commend its centrality, noting that it's an ideal starting point for exploring the city's rich history. Its proximity to the train station makes it a convenient choice for travelers relying on public transport. Despite its lively surroundings, the hotel offers well-insulated rooms that ensure a peaceful stay. Overall, The Golden Lion Wetherspoon offers excellent value for money with its clean and modern accommodations in an unbeatable, cozy setting.

The Golden Lion Wetherspoon features a breakfast experience that has garnered a mix of feedback from its guests. Many visitors praise the breakfast for being excellent, good value for money and reasonably priced. Several reviews highlight the convenience of dining in the pub downstairs with quick service and an all-day food menu that ensures guests have plenty of options. Vegan breakfast options and complimentary coffee refills are appreciated, adding to the overall value.

However, consistency seems to be an issue. While some guests find the breakfast tasty and satisfying, others report that their meals were served cold or were otherwise not up to standard. Specific complaints mention the breakfast being too focused on cooked items, lacking healthy options and issues with cleanliness, such as sticky tables and unclean menus. The availability of certain breakfast items can be inconsistent, leading to disappointment.

Overall, while the breakfast at The Golden Lion Wetherspoon earns high marks for value and convenience, improvement in consistency and variety could enhance the experience for all guests.

The Golden Lion Wetherspoon provides a dining experience that hits the mark for those seeking good quality meals at reasonable prices. Many guests appreciated the delicious and straightforward grub, which offers good value for money without diving into the realm of gourmet cuisine. The bar downstairs is particularly noted for its fabulous food and cozy atmosphere, making it the highlight of the stay for some.

Guests found the meals to be realistically priced with a commendable selection of hot drinks and the food service generally received positive remarks, being described as amazing. However, some reviews mentioned issues with long wait times for orders and instances of unorganized service, particularly during busy periods. Despite these occasional hiccups, the general consensus leans towards a satisfying dining experience with fair prices and good food quality.

The Golden Lion Wetherspoon features rooms that are largely praised for their spaciousness, cleanliness and modern décor. Guests frequently highlight the large room sizes with many appreciating the comfortable and well-decorated spaces. The cleanliness is consistently noted with terms like spotless, immaculate and well presented appearing repeatedly. Nearly every review mentions the comfort of the beds and the high standard of room facilities, which include modern bathrooms often described as featuring walk-in showers and ample space.

Noise isolation seems particularly effective with many reviews mentioning quietness even though the hotel is located above a busy pub. The rooms are described as cozy and equipped with everything guests might need for a comfortable stay, including quality linens, refreshment facilities and good sound insulation. Some reviews note the character of the rooms, indicative of careful conversion of the historical building, adding charm to the modern amenities.

While the majority of comments are positive, a few mention issues such as occasional temperature problems with rooms being either too hot or too cold. Nonetheless, this did not seem to significantly detract from the overall experience. Guest satisfaction is further complemented by friendly and helpful staff, convenient central location and the good value for money. Overall, the rooms at The Golden Lion Wetherspoon provide a comfortable, clean and quiet retreat with modern conveniences in a characterful setting.

The beds at The Golden Lion Wetherspoon receive predominantly positive feedback from guests with many describing them as large, modern, clean and especially comfortable. Numerous reviews highlight the beds as exceedingly comfy with a few even dubbing them super comfortable and of great quality. The modern, clean furnishings of the rooms, along with their warm and quiet atmosphere, add to the overall sleeping comfort.

However, not all guests found the beds ideal with several noting that the mattresses were harder than they preferred. This firmness seemed to be a common issue for some, leading to discomfort for those guests. Despite this, a significant number slept well and even guests with specific sleep difficulties reported positive experiences.

Overall, while a few guests found the beds a bit too firm for their taste, the general consensus points to a comfortable and clean sleeping environment that contributes positively to the stay at The Golden Lion Wetherspoon.

The Golden Lion Wetherspoon consistently receives high praise for its cleanliness with numerous guests highlighting the exceptionally clean and well-decorated rooms. Many reviews describe the rooms as very clean, modern and spacious, often mentioning comfortable furnishings and quality linen. Guests appreciate both the immaculate conditions of individual rooms and common areas, although some note that the public bar and restaurant areas could benefit from more attentive cleaning.

Rooms at The Golden Lion Wetherspoon are often cited as spotless, tidy and fresh-smelling with scrupulously clean bathrooms being a common point of satisfaction. The hotel's modern amenities, such as air conditioning and updated bathrooms, further enhance guests' comfort. Many also find the accommodations better than expected with a blend of new renovations and old-world charm adding to the overall appeal.

Despite a few minor criticisms regarding the cleanliness of certain public areas and inconsistencies in daily room cleaning, the general consensus among guests is that the hotel maintains a very high standard of cleanliness. The staff are generally seen as clean and very helpful, contributing to a pleasant stay. With spacious, well-decorated rooms, good facilities and a clean, comfortable environment, The Golden Lion Wetherspoon proves to be a reliable choice for travelers seeking a neat and tidy accommodation option.

The Golden Lion Wetherspoon showcases a team of remarkably friendly and efficient staff who create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Numerous reviews highlight the staff as very helpful, courteous and always eager to assist with various needs, whether it involves room accommodations or dining experiences. Many guests are pleasantly surprised by the quality of service, deeming the staff not only polite and professional but also remarkably considerate and accommodating. Despite occasional instances of unhelpful encounters, the overwhelming sentiment is one of satisfaction with the staff’s exceptional customer service. Quick check-ins and prompt responses to issues such as heating problems further underscore their efficiency. Whether it's late-night arrivals or meal times, the level of attention and friendly demeanor from the staff contribute significantly to the enjoyable experiences shared by guests.

The Golden Lion Wetherspoon offers free WiFi, which has received mixed feedback from guests. While some guests found the WiFi to be working well and commended its quality, others experienced intermittent or weak signals, making the connection unreliable at times. Despite some inconsistencies, the positive aspects of the hotel, including great staff, an excellent location and clean, spacious rooms, were frequently highlighted. While the WiFi might require occasional reconnections, many guests have appreciated the convenience of free internet access during their stay.

The Golden Lion Wetherspoon has received commendations for being a great family-friendly destination. Guests have appreciated the huge and suitably sized family rooms with many noting the added value compared to other hotel chains. The location is central, perfect for immediate access to shops and various eateries, although the pub beneath the hotel restricts children's access after 8pm.

The establishment caters well to family needs, offering extra beds for children and even provisioning a double buggy for small children. Staff are highlighted as helpful and welcoming, particularly with parking information and ensuring guests are aware of family-friendly areas.

The rooms have been described as quiet and ideal for undisturbed sleeping, enhancing the appeal for families seeking restfulness. Praise has also been given to the overall planning and management of the hotel, which prioritizes guest comfort and convenience.

Reviews consistently mention the intention to return and recommend The Golden Lion Wetherspoon to friends and family, underscoring its reputation as a fantastic hotel for family stays.

No, The Golden Lion Wetherspoon doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The Golden Lion Wetherspoon.

No, The Golden Lion Wetherspoon doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at The Golden Lion Wetherspoon.

No, The Golden Lion Wetherspoon doesn't have a gym.

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