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Rubeland 51.75255000, 10.87511000, Ortsstraße 1 B Ot Neuwerk (Show on Map)

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The Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge is a highly recommended hotel located in a beautiful natural location with stunning views of the river and direct access to hiking trails. Guests praised the friendly staff who were attentive and helpful, providing guests with information on hiking destinations and accommodating their special requests. The rooms are spacious, modern and beautifully designed with attention to detail. The lodge offers an exceptional dining experience with a variety of delicious meals ranging from regional favorites to vegetarian and vegan options. The breakfast buffet is also highly praised for its quality and variety. Guests can also unwind in the private sauna and jacuzzi in the spa area. Even pets are welcome at the lodge, making it perfect for family vacations. Despite a few minor issues with Wi-Fi, the lodge met the basic needs of guests during their stay. Guests recommended the lodge for its comfortable and spacious beds, making for a good night's rest every time. It is an ideal place for romantic getaways as well with its unique blend of modern and rustic charm. Overall, guests provided high praise for the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge as a clean, comfortable and relaxing hotel with exceptional amenities and a friendly atmosphere.

The Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge is nestled in a truly beautiful location with stunning views of the Bode river and direct access to hiking trails like the Hexenstieg. Guests can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the lodge, surrounded by nature and the peaceful sound of the river. The lodge is also conveniently located for excursions and activities in the Harz region and many hiking trails are within walking distance. Rooms are tastefully decorated and some feature terraces overlooking the river. The location, views and ambiance of the lodge have received high praise from guests, who also appreciated the friendly staff and the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside. Whether you want to relax or be active in nature, the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge is the perfect basecamp for your Harz adventure.

Guest reviews of the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge have overwhelmingly praised the breakfast offerings. The buffet is said to be very appealing and sufficient with a range of different breads and pastries available. Gluten-free options are also available upon request. Guests loved the variety of options, including waffles, yoghurt, fruit and even warm dishes like bacon and eggs. Coffee lovers can also rejoice, as the lodge offers a selection of specialty coffee drinks. Additionally, the staff members responsible for preparing and serving breakfast have been called out as exceptional with one guest even calling out a woman named Heike for her attentive service. Though a few guests noted that options for vegans were limited, most guests found the offerings to be delicious and satisfying. Overall, guests were very pleased with the quality and variety of breakfast options at the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge.

If you're a foodie searching for your next culinary adventure, look no further than the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge. This hotel offers an exceptional dining experience with a variety of delicious meals ranging from regional favorites to vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant is highly recommended by guests, who enjoyed the fresh and mouth-watering dishes, including Rouladen and unique vegetarian and vegan dishes. The staff accommodated special requests and provided excellent service, except for a few minor complaints about inattentive service one night. The Wirtshaus, which offers an excellent menu, is also worth visiting. While the restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, guests can order pizza. The food is made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, giving a home-cooked feel that some guests even described it as better than their mother's cooking. However, the restaurant has a limited window for dinner service, which is worth keeping in mind and some guests suggested that it should be open more frequently. Although there were some minor complaints, the majority of the reviews specify that the food was delicious and they recommended the restaurant for its great cuisine and friendly staff.

If you're looking for a comfortable and relaxing stay, Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge is the perfect hotel for you. Guests raved about the top-notch cleanliness of the rooms, which were often described as modern and beautifully designed with attention to detail. The beds were super soft and comfortable and the rooms were spacious with options to choose with terraces overlooking the Bode River. Many guests were impressed with the large, stylish bathrooms, some with wellness showers. Some guests encountered minor cleanliness issues, but these were few and far between. The hotel's recent renovations and modern decor were unforgettable with a harmonious combination of rustic and chic styles. In summary, the rooms were spacious, comfortable and very aesthetically pleasing with a high standard of cleanliness.

Guests of the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge rave about the comfortable and modernly furnished rooms with their own spacious bathrooms. The beds are especially noteworthy with guests commenting on how well they slept throughout their stay. The hotel offers a variety of bed types, including single, double and bunk beds, each providing excellent sleeping comfort. The mattresses are described as wonderfully comfortable with some guests appreciating the fact that they are long enough for taller individuals. Despite a few minor complaints about bed firmness, overall, the consensus is that the beds are unbeatably comfortable, making for a good night's rest every time.

Looking for a clean and modern accommodation in the midst of nature? Look no further than Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge. Guests consistently rave about the cleanliness of the rooms, describing them as "top notch," "tiptop," and "wunderschön ausgestattet." The rooms are not only clean, but also comfortable and spacious. The bathrooms are particularly noteworthy with guests praising their modern and new appearance.
While some guests noted minor issues such as small wall scuffs or minor dust on the floors, the overall cleanliness of the lodge is highly rated. The friendly staff and cozy atmosphere also make for a pleasant stay. So why not book a stay at Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge for a clean and comfortable getaway?

The staff at Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge are praised by guests for being extremely friendly, attentive and helpful. The owner and his son are particularly noted for their warm welcome, while the restaurant service is praised for having attentive and kind staff. The reception and service teams are described as lovely, lovable and fantastic, providing good information on hiking destinations and always willing to help. The staff members are also noted for their competence and helpfulness, going out of their way to accommodate guest requests even when understaffed. The owner is described as loving his hotel and providing a familial atmosphere. Guests appreciate the staff's engagement, friendliness and willingness to assist with anything needed with mentions of specific employees who went above and beyond. Alt personale var hjælpsomme og kunne engelsk.

Guests at Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge have mixed reviews about the Wi-Fi. While some described it as unstable and weak, others appreciated the complimentary Wi-Fi and the fact that it worked well in their rooms. Some guests pointed out that the Wi-Fi did not extend to the terrace, while others noted that there was no mobile phone reception in the valley. However, guests were satisfied with the fact that Wi-Fi was available and free of charge, despite some minor connectivity issues. Overall, the availability and quality of Wi-Fi at Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge met the basic needs of guests during their stay.

Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of hiking. Guests have raved about the spa amenities, specifically the private sauna and jacuzzi in the bathroom. The sauna can be rented for 1.5 hours and is in a private area which guests have found to be a great perk. Although the sauna barrel incurs an additional fee, guests have said it is well worth it. The spa area also includes a lovely private spa, a yoga room in the main house and massages available upon request. The sauna has received high praise from guests who highly recommend it for its cozy atmosphere and relaxing heat.

Looking for a cozy family-friendly accommodation? Look no further than the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge! Guests rave about the warm and welcoming atmosphere provided by the friendly hosts and the family-owned feel of the lodge. Rooms are spacious enough for the whole family, even accommodating groups of up to six people. Plus, even furry family members are welcome here. However, guests do mention that prices for baby amenities, like a crib, can be a bit steep. Whether you're planning a girls' weekend away or a fun-filled family vacation, the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge is the perfect spot for groups of all sizes. And if you don't have a car, don't worry - the lodge offers dinner options for guests without transportation. Book your stay today and experience the warmth and charm of this family-run gem.

For those seeking a romantic getaway, look no further. The Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge offers a unique blend of modern and rustic charm that is sure to appeal to couples. Set in a beautiful location surrounded by the lush forest and tranquil river, you can enjoy the stunning view from charming balconies or outdoor terraces. The food choices are equally unique, providing an alternative to traditional fare. The lodge itself is a cozy and comfortable haven decorated with taste and class that makes for a memorable stay. For an especially romantic experience, stay directly by the river and indulge in the serene ambiance of the surroundings. Come experience the perfect setting for your next romantic escape.

Dog Friendly
Welcome to the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge, the perfect travel destination for pet owners. Many confirmed guests have positively reviewed the hotel for their dog-friendly facilities and services. Guests with dogs can start their hiking adventure directly from the hotel, as pets are allowed in all areas. Even dogs and babies are welcome to the lodge. Though some rooms like the Junior Suite do not allow pets with a prior announcement to the hotel mentioning the dog, the staff can provide the best accommodations for you and your pet. The lodge only asks for a minimal extra fee to bring your furry friend along. The hotel is vigilant about keeping their premises clean, but guests should be mindful of cleaning their pets before entering the hotel. The hotel is surrounded by greenery and during the summertime, there can be many bugs, so guests suggest that the rooms with a terrace should have a fly screen installed. There may be a few pet hairs on the bed linen, but the overall experience is highly dog-friendly and your pet will indeed feel at home in the Bodetaler Basecamp Lodge.

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