Gîte Le Shantoné

Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne , , Beaune Grand Village (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsGîte Le Shantoné is highly regarded for its breathtaking location amidst stunning natural surroundings. Set at 1400 meters, the lodge offers exceptional and magnificent views of the mountains and valley, making it a tranquil retreat perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and individuals seeking peace and quiet. Despite its remote setting, guests find the panoramic vistas and serene atmosphere well worth the narrow road that leads to the lodge.

The breakfast experience at Gîte Le Shantoné is largely appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency, aligning well with the price. While the fare is modest, featuring items like bread, jam and cereal, it is complemented by the beautiful morning views. Although some find the breakfast basic and lacking variety, it serves as an adequate start to the day for most guests.

Dinner offerings receive high praise for their quality and value. Guests enjoy the simple, yet tasty and well-prepared three-course meals that feature home cooking. Despite the lack of menu choices and prior information about the dishes, the dinners are generally considered delicious and a highlight of the stay.

The rooms at Gîte Le Shantoné are described as clean, spacious and comfortable, providing a calm and quiet environment. Guests appreciate features such as balconies in some rooms. While some criticisms include the rooms being basic or austere with outdated amenities and occasional cleanliness issues, the overall feedback is positive regarding comfort and tranquility.

The staff at Gîte Le Shantoné are consistently praised for their kindness and friendliness. Guests feel welcomed by the manager and the host couple, who contribute significantly to the warm atmosphere and provide helpful tips. Despite a minor complaint about the landlord's helpfulness, the general sentiment towards the staff remains favorable.

Beds at the gîte are generally viewed as comfortable, though opinions on mattress firmness vary with some finding them a bit hard. Guests are advised to bring their own bedding, as the polyester sheets provided are considered thin and less comfortable. Despite this, the overall sleep experience is regarded as comfortable.

In summary, Gîte Le Shantoné is celebrated for its stunning location, satisfactory and scenic breakfasts, tasty and good-value dinners, comfortable and clean rooms and a welcoming and friendly staff, making it a memorable retreat for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature.
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Room Types
Double Room With a mountain view, this room features free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom with a shower.

Twin Room With a mountain view, this room features free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom with a shower.

Quintuple Room with Balcony With a mountain view, this room features free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom with a shower. Extras include a balcony.

Quintuple Room With a mountain view, this room features free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom with a shower.

Triple Room With a mountain view, this room features free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom.

Guest Reviews
Gîte Le Shantoné is lauded for its breathtaking location amidst stunning natural surroundings. The views of the mountains and valley are consistently described as spectacular with many reviewers noting the exceptional and magnificent vistas that greet guests. Set at 1400 meters, the lodge offers a unique, tranquil and peaceful environment, perfect for those seeking a quiet retreat surrounded by beautiful nature. The location provides great opportunities for hiking and exploring, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Reviewers appreciate the calm and serene atmosphere, characterized by its isolation and the sense of being in a mountain paradise. Despite being accessible via a narrow road, the prime location of Gîte Le Shantoné offers an unbeatable setting for a memorable stay with stunning panoramas that make dining on the terrace a delightful experience.

The breakfast experience at Gîte Le Shantoné garners a mix of opinions from its guests. Predominantly, the reviews highlight a simple yet satisfactory morning meal experience. Many guests appreciated the breakfast, calling it good, decent and even very good, considering the price-to-quality ratio. Hearty and efficient were terms also used, indicating that while the breakfast offerings are not lavish, they are adequate for starting the day.

Guests often mentioned the beautiful views one can enjoy while having breakfast, adding a pleasant ambiance to the meal. Despite some positive remarks, a few guests found the breakfast lacking, describing it as basic, frugal or very simple with complaints about dry bread and limited toppings. A few pointed out that the breakfast is nothing more than home cooking with minimal variety, such as bread, jam or cereal, while others noted that it isn't worth booking at all.

In conclusion, while the breakfast at Gîte Le Shantoné is modest and aligns well with its price, the scenic views and straightforward offerings are generally well-received by guests looking for a simple start to their day.

Gîte Le Shantoné offers a variety of dining experiences that have left many guests satisfied. Reviewers frequently praise the food as good with some highlighting excellent evening meals and noting the deliciousness of the dinners. Many appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of the meals, particularly the three-course dinners that are both tasty and reasonably priced around €15.50 to €16.

The dinners, often characterized by home cooking, include an appetizer, main course and dessert. While the meals do not offer multiple choices and guests are not always informed of what is being served, the quality remains high. Reviewers recommend the homemade dinners and find them to be a good complement to the overall experience at the hotel. Despite occasional negative feedback regarding the food quality, the majority of reviews commend the dinner offerings as delicious and of good quality.

Gîte Le Shantoné features clean and spacious rooms that prioritize comfort. Guests appreciate the calm and quiet environment of the accommodations with some rooms offering balconies. The rooms, while simple and modest, are described as being both comfortable and efficient. Despite a few criticisms about the rooms being too basic, austere and having outdated equipment with some lacking a TV or even curtains, the overall feedback highlights cleanliness and tranquility as notable positive aspects.

Gîte Le Shantoné offers beds that are generally described as comfortable and very comfortable by guests. However, opinions on the firmness of the mattresses show some variation with a few guests finding the mattresses a bit hard or too hard. An important note for potential visitors is the bedding situation. The establishment provides sheets made of polyester, but these sheets must be purchased if guests do not bring their own. Many reviewers suggested bringing personal bedding, as the disposable sheets provided are thin and considered less comfortable. Additionally, some guests expressed a preference for double beds instead of the current arrangements.

Gîte Le Shantoné receives praise for its clean and spacious rooms with several guests noting the overall cleanliness and tidiness. However, there are some inconsistencies reported with certain reviews highlighting issues such as unclean bathrooms, smelly blankets and dirty rooms. A few guests mentioned being dissatisfied with the disposable bedding and pointed out that the necessity for guests to clean their rooms before departure was a downside. Overall, while the hotel maintains a generally positive reputation for room cleanliness, there are areas that require attention to ensure a more consistently satisfactory experience.

At Gîte Le Shantoné, the staff consistently receive praise for their kindness and friendliness. Guests appreciate the welcoming manager and the very nice, friendly host couple who ensure a warm atmosphere. The operator's great tips add an extra touch of helpfulness. Hospitality at the gîte stands out with several reviews highlighting an excellent and super nice host, alongside simple yet quality meals. Though there was a mention of the landlord not being very helpful, the general sentiment remains positive regarding the staff, who are described as kind and friendly.

No, Gîte Le Shantoné doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Gîte Le Shantoné.

No, Gîte Le Shantoné doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Gîte Le Shantoné.

No, Gîte Le Shantoné doesn't have a gym.

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