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Summary of reviewsHotel Arocena, nestled in the charming Basque Country, offers a prime location that provides convenient access to local attractions, vibrant cities and coastal and inland destinations. Its central placement in a beautiful small town allows guests to easily explore nearby areas such as St Jean de Luz, Hendaye and Biarritz. The hotel's combination of antique furniture and modern amenities enhances its charm, while the friendly and helpful reception staff contribute to a highly positive overall experience.

Though the hotel does not provide breakfast, its proximity to several bar-restaurants nearby ensures guests can easily find decent morning meal options. Additionally, the absence of in-room facilities for making coffee or tea and no fridges is balanced by the convenient location that offers various alternatives within walking distance.

The spacious and comfortable rooms, despite needing some modernization and better maintenance, are consistently praised for their quiet atmosphere and cleanliness. Some guests appreciate the old-fashioned charm, although there are mentions of musty carpets and insufficient ventilation in certain rooms.

The cleanliness of the hotel receives mixed reviews; while some guests note the cleanliness of rooms, others point out areas needing improvement, including dusty environments and minimal cleaning services between nights. Nevertheless, the pleasant and welcoming staff significantly enhance the stay with the owner and hostess, Lucie, particularly praised for their warm and accommodating nature.

The pool area of Hotel Arocena is a standout feature, consistently receiving positive feedback for its size, cleanliness and the shaded garden with picnic tables that enhance the outdoor experience. Families, in particular, find the hotel to be an excellent choice, noting the family-friendly atmosphere and the well-maintained swimming pool that adds to the enjoyment of both children and adults.

While the beds receive mixed feedback, the majority of guests find them big and comfortable, providing a satisfactory sleep experience overall. The spacious and quiet rooms further contribute to a restful stay, making Hotel Arocena an ideal lodging choice for those seeking charm, comfort and convenience in the captivating Basque region.
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Room Types
Double Room Located on the third floor and accessed by stairs, this attic double room with sloping ceilings features a TV and a telephone. It is complete with an en suite bathroom.

Twin Room This room features a TV and a telephone. It is complete with an en suite bathroom.

Quadruple Room Located on the third floor and accessed by stairs, this attic quadruple room with sloping ceilings features a TV and a telephone. It is complete with an en suite bathroom.

Family Room with Two Separate Bedrooms This room is composed of 2 non-adjacent bedrooms.

Triple Room This triple room is located on the third floor and is accessed by stairs. The room has sloping ceilings.

Double Room with Garden View The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Nestled in the charming and picturesque Basque Country, Hotel Arocena boasts a very good location that caters to a variety of visitor preferences. Positioned in the heart of a beautiful small town, the hotel offers convenient access to a plethora of attractions. Whether guests aim to explore the sprawling Basque beaches or venture into neighboring Spain, the hotel's location proves to be exceptionally advantageous.

The central placement of Hotel Arocena ensures that visitors are just a short distance away from vibrant cities like St Jean de Luz, Hendaye and Biarritz. Not only is the hotel well integrated into the town, but it also maintains a tranquil ambiance that promises a quiet retreat despite its proximity to the bustling center.

Guests appreciate the ease of access to local shops and the availability of free parking. This practical convenience is complemented by the hotel’s combination of antique furniture and modern amenities, contributing to both charm and comfort. Cleanliness and a helpful, friendly reception staff further enhance the overall positive experience.

In summary, the prime location of Hotel Arocena, situated in a lovely village with easy access to coastal and inland destinations, makes it an ideal lodging choice for exploring the captivating Basque region.

Travelers heading to Hotel Arocena should be aware that the hotel does not offer a breakfast service. While previous guests have noted the absence of breakfast, they also point out the close proximity of several bar-restaurants nearby, providing simple and decent morning meal options. For those who enjoy preparing their own hot beverages, it’s important to know that the rooms do not come equipped with facilities for making coffee or tea, nor are fridges provided. Although the hotel lacks an in-house breakfast, its central location ensures that alternatives are conveniently available within walking distance.

Hotel Arocena offers guests rooms that are consistently praised for their spaciousness and comfort, providing ample space to relax and unwind. Visitors frequently mention the rooms' quiet atmosphere and overall cleanliness, which contributes to a comfortable stay.

However, many reviews point out that the rooms have an outdated and old-fashioned feel with some mentioning that the decor could use a modern update. Issues such as musty carpets and a lack of ventilation are highlighted, noting that some rooms need better airing and maintenance. Despite these drawbacks, the rooms manage to maintain a certain charm that some guests appreciate.

Overall, while the rooms at Hotel Arocena are generous in space and offer a peaceful environment, there is room for improvement in terms of modernization and upkeep.

Hotel Arocena garners mixed feedback regarding its beds with many guests highlighting the comfort and size of the beds. The majority of reviews refer to the beds as big and comfortable and the bedding consistently receives positive remarks for its quality and cleanliness. However, some guests found the beds uncomfortable, indicating occasional inconsistencies in comfort. Overall, the hotel generally provides a satisfactory sleep experience with its comfortable and clean bedding.

Hotel Arocena presents a mixed experience when it comes to cleanliness. Several guests have appreciated the hotel's effort to maintain the cleanliness of certain areas, noting rooms as being clean or very clean. However, a significant number of reviews highlight concerns that the overall cleanliness needs improvement. Issues such as visibly dusty and musty environments, dirty bathrooms and minimal cleaning services between nights are frequently mentioned. Some guests have specifically pointed out the old and worn aspects of the hotel's carpet as potential breeding grounds for dust mites and the lack of thorough vacuuming and proper bed-making further detracts from the experience. While the atmosphere is described as old but clean by some, others feel that the general level of cleanliness leaves much to be desired.

Hotel Arocena consistently impresses guests with its exceptional staff and warm atmosphere. Reviews highlight the very pleasant and efficient reception, noting how welcome they feel upon arrival. The owner, often described as charming, very friendly and accommodating, contributes significantly to the positive experiences of visitors. The hostess, Lucie, receives particular praise for her warm and helpful nature, ensuring guests feel attended to and comfortable throughout their stay. Kindness and attentiveness are recurring themes with multiple remarks about the friendly and gracious demeanor of both the host and hostess. Overall, guests emphasize the delightful and welcoming environment created by the attentive and kind staff at Hotel Arocena.

The pool at Hotel Arocena consistently receives positive feedback from guests. The area surrounding the pool is described as very nice with a shaded garden and adjoining picnic tables that enhance the outdoor experience. Many guests highlight the pool as a great feature of the hotel, mentioning its size and cleanliness. Words such as large, very big and very clean are frequently used to describe the pool. The outdoor areas surrounding the pool are also appreciated with several reviewers noting that the entire space is well-maintained. Although one guest did mention finding no pool despite it being announced and another cited poor swimming pool facilities, the overall sentiment remains highly favorable. The hotel's pool services are notably remarkable, adding to the positive experience for those who chose to relax poolside during their stay.

Hotel Arocena stands out as an ideal choice for a family stay, consistently praised for its family-friendly atmosphere and great amenities that cater to families. Guests frequently highlight the welcoming environment and excellent location, making it an attractive option for a relaxing family vacation. The spacious and quiet rooms contribute to a restful experience, while the well-maintained swimming pool offers additional enjoyment for both children and adults. Many reviewers have noted the very pleasant family stays they experienced, indicating that Hotel Arocena is a repeat-worthy destination for families seeking both comfort and convenience.

Yes, Hotel Arocena has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Arocena.

No, Hotel Arocena doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Arocena.

No, Hotel Arocena doesn't have a gym.

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