Hostel Baqueira - Refugi Rosta - PyrenMuseu Hostel Baqueira - Refugi Rosta - PyrenMuseu
Hostel Baqueira - Refugi Rosta - PyrenMuseu  
Hostel in Salardu  
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Historic Accommodation


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Casa Rural "Casa Chin", Val d'Aran  
4.9 mi from Salardu, Country House in Betren  
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Historic Accommodation

Year erected: 1850
What is the history of the property?
Typical Aranese family house from the 19th century.
Has restoration work taken place?
Restoration and rehabilitation of the house has been done for five years. The house is rehabilitated with the criteria of sustainable organic architecture.
Are there any elements of particular historical importance at the building?
Are there any important guests or previous owners worth mentioning?
All the people who stay in our House for its construction, location and trust in us.
Are there any significant events that took place at the property in the past?
there is a story that is related to the house that we always tell clients that explains the importance of the house to the family and the history of the place.
Would you describe your property as (or has it ever been in the past) a:
family home
Is there anything that you would like to highlight, add or clarify?
Transformation of the past to the needs of the present
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