Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit

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Summary of reviewsSpreewaldresort Seinerzeit shines as a premier destination enveloped in the tranquil and picturesque landscape of the Spreewald region. Positioned in Schlepzig, a charming village, the hotel earns high marks for its idyllic and peaceful setting, offering an excellent base for nature enthusiasts and relaxation seekers. Guests value the serene ambiance, complimenting the well-maintained facilities like the large garden orchard, terrace and private boat docks, which enhance the experience of the natural surroundings.

The breakfast service at Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit is highly praised, offering a broad and varied buffet that impresses with its quality and local touches. Guests enjoy the selection of fresh, local products, including Spreewald pickles, homemade bread and champagne, which collectively contribute to a delightful start to the day. Dining options are commendable, whether indulging in the gourmet cuisine at the "Feine Küche" restaurant or savoring the rustic meals and freshly brewed beers at the brewery's idyllic beer garden.

Accommodations at the resort merge luxury with comfort, featuring stylishly designed rooms that cater to a high standard of comfort. Highlights include modern amenities, private saunas in select rooms and spacious, elegantly furnished accommodations that cater to both individuals and families. Despite minor cleanliness issues on rare occasions, the overall consensus is that the hotel maintains a clean and welcoming environment.

The staff is frequently lauded for their friendliness and attentiveness, contributing significantly to the positive guest experience. Courteous and helpful, the team is dedicated to ensuring a pleasant stay for all visitors, despite occasional instances of the staff being overwhelmed.

Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit also offers good wifi coverage, spacious and secure parking and amenities suited for families, making it an attractive option for a broad range of guests. However, mixed feedback on the bed comfort indicates that preferences for mattress firmness vary among visitors.

While the resort has garnered accolades for its luxurious setting, there are suggestions for improvement to fully align with its four-star rating. Despite some gaps in fulfilling all aspects associated with such a rating, Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit remains a luxurious retreat that offers a delightful blend of comfort, nature and top-notch service, promising a memorable stay in the heart of the Lower Spreewald.
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Room Types
Double Room This country-style room features a TV with satellite channels and a spacious en suite bathroom.

Maisonette Studio This classic-style studio is set on 2 floors, and features a living room with a sofa bed as well as a bathroom with a shower. It also offers 2 balconies.

SPA Suite (2 Adults) This suite is is decorated either in a modern or country-house, barn style. It features a living room with a sofa bed, a bathroom with a private sauna, and a terrace. One of the Spa-Suites features a decorative fireplace.

SPA Suite (4 Adults) This very spacious suite is elegantly decorated, and features a combined bedroom/living room with 2 TVs, as well as a small separate bedroom. It also includes a bathroom with private sauna, and a furnished terrace.

Junior Suite This country-style suite features a combined bedroom/living area with a sofa and armchairs, and a bathroom with a bathtub. Also includes a furnished terrace.

Deluxe Double Room This country-style room features a TV with satellite channels and a spacious en suite bathroom.

Deluxe Suite (2 Adults) Boasting a private entrance, this suite also comes with 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and a shower. This suite has a minibar, a wardrobe, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a balcony. The unit has 2 beds.

Large Double or Twin Room Providing free toiletries, this twin/double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The twin/double room provides a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a minibar, a wardrobe and heating. The unit offers 1 bed.

Family Room Offering free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The family room offers a minibar, a wardrobe, heating and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit boasts a fantastic location, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and relaxation seekers. Guests repeatedly praise its placement in a quiet, idyllic setting, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Nestled in Schlepzig, a charming and peaceful village, the hotel is conveniently located near several attractions, including the Spree River, canals and the Tropical Islands water park. This prime spot allows for various outdoor activities such as paddling, cycling and hiking, providing a great starting point for exploring the picturesque Spreewald region.

The ambiance of the hotel is described as beautiful and tastefully decorated with a strong connection to nature and tranquility. Many reviews highlight its serene environment, far away from busier areas, offering pure relaxation. The proximity to the water with private boat docks and canoe rentals, adds to the exceptional charm of the location. Additionally, the well-maintained facilities, including a large garden orchard, terrace and sun loungers, contribute to the guests' enjoyment of the peaceful surroundings.

The surroundings of the hotel extend a unique natural environment, blending seamlessly with the resort's top-notch services and hospitality. Whether exploring the lush landscapes, embarking on a boat trip or simply relishing the serene atmosphere, Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit provides a perfect retreat amidst the exquisite beauty of the Lower Spreewald.

The breakfast experience at Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit appears to consistently impress guests, offering an extensive and varied buffet that meets high standards. Descriptions frequently highlight the plentiful and delicious selection, including cold cuts, cereals, spreads, eggs, sausages and more. Guests appreciate the local touches, such as Spreewald pickles and lard, as well as fresh rolls, homemade bread and delightful details like champagne and a good tea and coffee selection. The breakfast setting enhances the experience with options to dine on terraces or in a garden by the water, adding to the ambiance.

The buffet is well-maintained with regular restocking and fresh food, ensuring guests' satisfaction. Occasional remarks noted the absence of some items like a toaster or small bowls for jam and some felt the need for more frequent replenishment of basic items. A couple of reviews mentioned limited options for vegans and minor lapses in meeting four-star expectations.

Overall, the breakfast at Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit is highly praised for its quality, variety and delightful atmosphere, frequently exceeding guests' expectations and leaving little to be desired.

The Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit offers a delightful dining experience characterized by a variety of culinary options, primarily praised for its good food and exceptional breakfast. Guests can choose between dining at the brewery and enjoying rustic, tasty meals or experiencing a more refined menu at the "Feine Küche" restaurant. Both the restaurant and the attached brewery are particularly appreciated for their delicious food with some finding the cuisine to be exquisite and regional.

The brewery stands out for its freshly tapped, high-quality beers and the idyllic beer garden set on the Spree river. However, it's noted that the menu at the brewery is quite small and lacks hot meal options around 4pm. Despite this, the tasty dishes and cozy ambiance make it a recommended spot, especially for beer enthusiasts.

The gourmet restaurant impresses with its fine cuisine and beautifully presented dishes. Although some guests felt the food was a bit heavy or overpriced, the overall consensus is that both the food and drink selections are commendable. The chic restaurant decor and fantastic wine list add to the dining experience.

Reservations are recommended, particularly on weekends, to ensure a table for dinner, where the service is consistently super nice and excellent. The evening ambiance within the courtyard is highlighted as a pleasant end to the day, complementing the overall enjoyable dining atmosphere at the Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit.

Set in a beautifully stylish and modern hotel, the rooms at Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit are a blend of luxury, comfort and tasteful design. Many guests have praised the rooms for being very nice, clean and well-equipped with the décor frequently described as tastefully furnished and elegant. The amenities in some rooms include unique features such as private saunas, spacious duplex layouts, mega balconies and luxurious interior designs, making the overall package feel sophisticated and exclusive.

Some rooms offer wonderful perks like high-quality furnishings, comfortable and cozy atmospheres and spacious environments conducive to relaxation. The bathrooms, too, are noted for their spaciousness and modernity. Rooms like the junior suite are highlighted for their impressive size and coziness and the duplex suites provide ideal options for families seeking more space.

Despite the many positive aspects, there are a few noted drawbacks. Some guests found the rooms to be on the smaller side and issues with cleanliness and readiness at check-in were mentioned. Additionally, the storage space in some rooms was insufficient and noise from surrounding areas occasionally disrupted the ambiance.

Still, the elegant, modern and thoughtfully designed rooms provide a comfortable stay with standout features like luxurious "Air" beds, great views and noteworthy room layouts such as suites with private saunas. The overall feedback from guests centers on the stylish design and high comfort levels that the rooms consistently provide.

Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit offers a mixed experience when it comes to beds in their guest rooms. On the bright side, many visitors found the beds to be very comfortable with some describing them as luxurious and high-quality. Specific mentions of wonderfully comfortable beds, very large and super comfortable options and spacious sleeping areas highlight the comfort some guests enjoyed. In particularly positive reviews, the terms very comfortable, super comfortable and large bed were frequently used. However, not all feedback was positive.

A recurring issue seemed to be the softness of the mattresses, which were often noted as too soft and even sagging for some, deviating from the expected standard of a 4-star establishment. The problem wasn’t limited to the softness; there were also mentions of beds being too small, narrow or cramped with thin or clumped duvets and occasional dust on the bed's gable. Instances were noted where changing bed linen had to be requested, indicating room for improvement in housekeeping.

Despite these mixed reviews, the hotel does provide good bedding and some luxurious "air" beds, ensuring that those who enjoy softer mattresses might find their stay particularly delightful. For guests who prefer firmer mattresses, however, the overly soft beds might not meet their expectations.

Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit appears to garner mostly positive feedback regarding its cleanliness. Many guests emphasize that everything is clean, tidy and well-maintained with some describing the hotel as pristine and exceptionally clean. The rooms are frequently highlighted as being very clean and modern, often equipped with large, clean bathrooms. The general upkeep of the hotel and its facilities also receives commendation with mentions of everything appearing spotless and spic and span.

However, some concerns are raised about room cleanliness and maintenance. A few guests noted specific issues such as dirt and leaves on the entrance staircase, cobwebs and spots on sheets. Additionally, isolated incidents like dirty mirrors, stained sofas and dusty lamps were reported. Cleanliness in the breakfast room also garnered some criticism with mention of cobwebs and lime stains on bathroom fittings.

Despite these occasional lapses, many reviews still praise the overall level of cleanliness at Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit, highlighting that cleanliness is generally evident throughout the facility. The majority of guests had positive experiences, noting the hotel's effort to maintain a clean and comfortable environment.

The staff at Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit receives largely positive feedback with frequent mentions of their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests consistently describe encountering very friendly, accommodating and attentive team members throughout their stay. The reception is often praised for being approachable and polite, complementing the overall warm and welcoming atmosphere of the resort.

Multiple reviews highlight the staff's competence and the high level of service provided, contributing to an enjoyable guest experience. Guests particularly appreciate the warm receptions and the courteous nature of the employees, noting their eagerness to assist and their ability to maintain a pleasant demeanor.

However, a few reviews mention occasional shortfalls, such as isolated incidents of rudeness or a lack of warmth from some reception staff. There are also remarks about staff being overwhelmed at times, which may affect the quality of service. Additionally, the language barrier is a minor issue for some guests, as a few staff members speak limited German. Despite these occasional drawbacks, the majority of reviews underline the team’s dedication to providing top-notch service.

Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit offers good wifi coverage throughout the hotel with a strong and reliable connection for most guests. However, there have been some issues noted by a few visitors, including occasional inability to connect and instances where the WLAN was temporarily turned off. Some have mentioned that the wifi antenna might be improperly installed, leading to inconsistent service. Despite these occasional hiccups, when the wifi is functioning, it generally provides a satisfactory experience for guests.

Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit offers a range of parking options, though experiences vary. Most guests appreciate the convenience of having spacious, secured and free parking directly at the hotel, which includes parking spaces for motorcycles and ample room in the outdoor area. However, some encountered additional costs of 5 euros per day for parking and the availability of spaces can be limited and sometimes crowded. Despite this, the parking lot is generally safe with a barrier for security. Some guests suggested improvements like better lighting and assistance for loading or unloading vehicles. Overall, while there are extra fees and occasional space issues, the parking facilities are largely satisfactory for most guests.

Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit offers a wonderful experience for families with spacious suites ideal for those traveling with children. The accommodation is beautifully situated in a peaceful, nature-rich area that allows guests to engage in a variety of active pursuits. Families particularly appreciate the child-friendly amenities, including convenient parking. The duplex suites provide ample space, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone.

Although some aspects like the soft beds and the lack of a proper shower might be less ideal, these are minor points that do not overshadow the overall positive experience. Guests highly recommend the on-site brewery for its excellent taste, which compensates well if the in-house restaurant is unavailable. Additionally, the resort's proximity to attractions like Tropical Islands makes it an appealing option for a family break. The children's enjoyment of their stay further underscores the resort's suitability for a family vacation. All in all, Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit stands out as a child-friendly destination that promises relaxation and enjoyment for the whole family.

4 Star
Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit has a beautifully unique location that guests appreciate. However, there is a notable discrepancy between the expectations of a four-star hotel and what is provided. While some aspects meet the high standards typical of upscale accommodations, other areas fall short. The lack of a spa or sauna and certain deficiencies in room quality and food do not align with the four-star rating. Additionally, although the prices are set at a four-star level, some guests feel the cost is not justified by the services offered. Breakfast received particular criticism, being compared to that of a two-star hotel. Overall, while the ambiance and setting of the hotel receive praise, its facilities and services appear to require improvement to meet the standards associated with its rating.

Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit is a luxury retreat that exudes a five-star hotel feel with its upscale standard and high-end amenities. Guests can expect luxuriously furnished rooms with plenty of space and exclusive facilities like in-room saunas. The resort's environment is very stylish, boasting a beautiful design that complements its overall luxurious ambiance. Visitors have particularly praised the luxurious soft "air" beds for their comfort. Deluxe drinks and other premium offerings contribute to the high-quality experience. This resort stands out as an exclusive place with a distinctive high-quality hotel ambiance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious getaway.

Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit offers a wonderfully romantic escape, perfect for couples and honeymooners. The hotel radiates a special loving atmosphere with a cozy and intimate evening ambiance that enhances the romantic setting. Guests gush about the romantic and meltingly beautiful surroundings, describing the place as a perfect destination for a wedding or a romantic retreat. The hotel's tasteful ambiance and dreamy decor make it an ideal spot for a timeout and recharging during a beautifully romantic vacation.

Visitors particularly appreciate the convenience of enjoying drinks from the restaurant in the privacy of their cozy rooms, adding an extra touch to their perfect getaway. The romantic hotel setting provides an idyllic backdrop for creating special memories, such as making a wedding day truly unforgettable. With its beautiful location and thoughtfully designed spaces, Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit truly stands out as a romantic evening destination.

Dog Friendly
Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit offers a welcoming experience for those traveling with dogs. Guests appreciate the warm reception extended to their four-legged companions with bowls and blankets ready upon arrival. The hotel provides dog pastries, adding a special touch for pet owners. There are pet-friendly rooms, particularly on the 1st floor in a side building and the staff is helpful, providing guidance on dog-friendly routes in the area. However, some guests noted inconsistencies, such as the occasional lack of bowls, blankets and outdoor amenities like trash cans or bags. Additionally, the 20 euros per night fee for pets is considered relatively high. Despite these minor drawbacks, the provision of mosquito nets in front of windows added to the comfort of the stay. Overall, while the hotel is dog friendly, there are areas where amenities could be more consistent.

No, Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit.

Yes, Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit.

No, Spreewaldresort Seinerzeit doesn't have a gym.

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