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Summary of reviewsHotel Maack consistently receives high praise from guests, establishing itself as a favored destination for both short stopovers and extended stays. Situated in a tranquil village with easy access to a main highway and just a 25-minute drive from Hamburg, its prime location balances convenience with serenity. The hotel is surrounded by nature, offering a peaceful atmosphere while maintaining optimal transport connections. This advantageous positioning is enhanced by top-notch service and beautiful scenery.

Guests lauded the hotel's breakfast for its quality and variety, featuring fresh ingredients and catering to various tastes with an abundant, replenished buffet starting as early as 6 o'clock. The friendly and attentive staff ensure a pleasant dining experience. Likewise, the dinner service is highlighted for its delicious, abundant meals that are available late into the evening. The restaurant’s ambiance and the quality of food contribute to a delightful culinary experience.

Hotel Maack’s spacious, well-maintained rooms are repeatedly praised for their cleanliness and comfort. They come with amenities like large televisions, comfortable beds and sizable bathrooms. Despite some furnishings being a bit dated, the overall atmosphere is inviting with large windows providing a bright environment. Recent renovations, particularly in the bathrooms, add to the modern appeal. The consistent upkeep of the rooms and facilities reflects the family-run nature of the hotel, promoting a relaxed and homey atmosphere.

Cleanliness is another standout feature at Hotel Maack. Guests frequently note the spotless condition of the rooms and common areas, contributing to a tranquil stay. This high standard of cleanliness extends to the hotel's well-maintained parking facilities, which are ample and easily accessible.

The staff at Hotel Maack are often cited as the highlight of many stays. Extremely friendly, accommodating and helpful, they create a welcoming atmosphere and are lauded for their customer service. Personalized attention, including remembering guest names and offering useful recommendations, significantly enhances the guest experience. Additionally, the hotel prides itself on offering a family-friendly and pet-friendly environment. Families with children and pets feel particularly welcome with spacious accommodations and dedicated amenities contributing to a comforting stay.

The hotel is exceptionally dog-friendly, making pets feel at home with special touches like fresh water bowls and access to dining areas. A nearby dog park and the surrounding nature trails ensure pets also enjoy their stay.

Overall, Hotel Maack strikes a remarkable balance between accessibility, comfort and excellent service, making it a preferred choice for many travelers. Despite minor issues such as occasional hard beds or less-than-ideal pillows, the overwhelming positive reviews highlight the hotel’s dedication to creating a pleasant and memorable guest experience.
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Room Types
Double Room Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a bath. The double room provides a minibar, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, a carpeted floor and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit offers 1 bed.

Single Room The single room provides heating, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The single room features a minibar, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, a carpeted floor and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Maack boasts a prime location that is highly praised by guests. Situated in a tranquil and picturesque village, the hotel offers easy access to the main highway, making it incredibly convenient for travelers. Despite its proximity to the motorway, the hotel remains quiet and serene, ensuring a peaceful stay. Guests appreciate the short distances to the highway, making it an excellent stopover point, especially for those heading south or seeking quick access to Hamburg, just 25 minutes away by car.

Surrounded by nature, the hotel's setting contributes to its relaxing atmosphere. Visitors also commend the optimal transport connections and the friendly, top-notch service. The hotel strikes a balance between convenience and comfort, aided by its beautiful location and the high standard of its rooms. The delightful breakfast and good food further enhance the overall guest experience, making Hotel Maack a preferred choice for many who prioritize both accessibility and tranquility.

Hotel Maack’s breakfast offerings have been widely praised by guests for their quality and variety. Described as very good and great, the breakfast impressed visitors with its extensive choices and delicious options. Freshness and the quality of ingredients, such as ripe fruit and very good yogurt, were commonly noted. Guests appreciated the buffet that started as early as 6 o'clock, allowing for convenient dining schedules.

The breakfast buffet was frequently highlighted as abundant and enough to cater to all tastes, featuring a generous selection that was continually replenished. Despite some preferences for larger whole grain rolls, the overall feedback was positive, indicating satisfaction with both the food and the service. Special requests were also fulfilled, adding to the personalized experience.

Friendly and attentive staff were another strong point, ensuring that the dining experience was pleasant and efficient. Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Maack was deemed a must-try, offering an extensive, fresh and well-prepared start to the day.

Hotel Maack offers an exceptional dinner experience that stands out for its high restaurant quality, available until late in the evening. Guests frequently praise the delicious and abundant meals served at the hotel's restaurant. The menu boasts a variety of tasty dishes, making it a notable choice for those seeking good food in a pleasant setting. Many reviewers recommend dining here, underscoring the super good dinner that enhances the overall stay. The restaurant's well-maintained ambiance contributes to a satisfying culinary experience. Despite a few guests missing the opportunity to dine due to events, the overwhelming consensus highlights a very delicious and commendable dining experience.

Hotel Maack boasts spacious and well-maintained rooms that are praised for their cleanliness. Many guests found the rooms to be large, featuring amenities like big televisions, comfortable beds and in-room facilities that are more than sufficient. The rooms cater well to pet owners, providing a cozy and comfortable space for both guests and their pets. The presence of large windows ensures the rooms are bright and inviting.

The bathrooms, often described as large and spotless, add to the overall comfort of the stay. Although some furnishings are labeled as a bit rustic or dated, they are still considered perfectly fine, especially given the affordable pricing. The property does show signs of long-standing tradition, but this does not compromise the cleanliness and maintenance of the rooms.

Modern and stylish touches are also noted with recent renovations in areas like the bathrooms adding to the appeal. Despite minor drawbacks such as the occasionally old-fashioned shower or somewhat lacking head pillows, the overall guest sentiment is highly positive. The combination of spacious, clean and well-equipped rooms alongside a welcoming atmosphere makes Hotel Maack a compelling choice for travelers.

Hotel Maack offers generally comfortable beds according to various guest reviews. Many guests specifically noted the bed's comfort with phrases like very comfortable bed and comfortable beds frequently mentioned. The mattresses received positive feedback for their quality. However, some guests felt that the beds were a bit hard and that the pillows were less satisfactory with descriptions ranging from bag-like to disastrous for the neck. Additionally, the use of feather beds in warmer weather was pointed out as a concern by some reviewers. Despite these minor drawbacks, the prevailing sentiment highlights the comfort of the beds.

Hotel Maack stands out for its exceptional cleanliness with numerous guests affirming that their rooms and the hotel facilities are spotless and well-maintained. The attention to detail in maintaining a tidy and hygienic environment doesn't go unnoticed, contributing to a tranquil and pleasant stay. The bedrooms and bathrooms are consistently described as very clean, comfortable and spacious, matching the high standards seen throughout the hotel. The family-run establishment offers a relaxed atmosphere, enhancing the overall guest experience. The interior design and quality of the food receive appreciation as well. Despite minor issues such as a missing towel and an unexpected bathroom visitor, the overwhelmingly positive comments about cleanliness and management make Hotel Maack a preferred choice for many travelers seeking a serene and well-kept lodging option.

The staff at Hotel Maack consistently receive high praise from guests and are often highlighted as the best aspect of their stay. Words frequently used to describe the team include extremely friendly, accommodating and helpful. Guests appreciate the welcoming atmosphere created by both the owner and the employees. The reception staff are particularly noted for their warm greetings with instances of addressing guests by name and offering useful recommendations, such as good dining options.

Additionally, the hotel promotes a family-friendly environment and even accommodates small pets, enhancing the overall guest experience. The positive interactions extend to various parts of the hotel service with guests feeling exceptionally well-treated by the breakfast staff and other personnel throughout their stay.

Moreover, the commitment to cleanliness and attention to detail in the rooms, combined with comfortable beds, contributes to an environment where guests feel truly at home. The repeated commendations for the staff's courteousness, friendliness and excellence in service indicate that Hotel Maack prioritizes customer satisfaction and creates a memorable stay for its visitors.

Hotel Maack offers ample and convenient parking options for its guests. There is a large parking lot available, ensuring that there is always plenty of free parking spaces. Guests also appreciate the ease of parking with parking right next to the house and ample space around the hotel. Additionally, a dog park is located behind the hotel, providing further convenience for pet owners. The hotel’s parking facilities receive consistently positive feedback, reflecting their adequacy and accessibility.

Hotel Maack, a family-run establishment, stands out for its family-friendly and pet-friendly atmosphere. Guests have frequently praised the welcoming and happy ambiance that pervades the hotel, attributing it to the enduring family traditions and the family-centric services offered. Families traveling with children or pets will find a comforting and inclusive environment, where the staff ensures everyone feels at home. The spacious accommodations further add to the comfort, providing ample room for essentials such as baby beds. All these elements combined contribute to a good family atmosphere, making Hotel Maack an ideal choice for a relaxing family getaway.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Maack stands out as an exceptionally pet-friendly establishment, warmly welcoming dogs and their owners. On arrival, pets are lovingly greeted and often provided with fresh water bowls without any need to ask. The hotel allows dogs to join their owners in the dining areas, including the breakfast room, making mealtime a more inclusive and relaxed experience. Guests frequently mention the perfect surroundings for dog walks, ensuring that pets have ample opportunity to stretch their legs and explore. Families traveling with children and dogs particularly appreciate the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Hotel Maack's dedication to accommodating pets ensures a pleasant and hassle-free stay for dog owners.

No, Hotel Maack doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Maack.

Yes, Hotel Maack welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Maack.

No, Hotel Maack doesn't have a gym.

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