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Selfoss 63.94527000, -20.81982000, Lambastadir (Show on Map)

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1 room2 guests 1 room, 2 guests
Guest House with EV Charging Stations

Guest House with Rooms With Jacuzzi / Hot-tub

Eco Friendly Guest House
Do you utilise any renewable energy sources to produce energy on the hotel/accommodation premises?
What makes your hotel/accommodation eco-friendly?
Use of non-toxic cleaning products
Serving organic food at the restaurant
LED lighting throughout the premises
Employees are trained to follow environmental policies
Electric car charging station(s) available
Waste is separated into at least 3 categories
No disposable (single use) cups/glasses, plates and cutlery
Organic waste is composted
Most of the ingredients used to prepare meals are locally produced
A vegetarian alternative menu is proposed in the restaurant
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Guest House with Parking

EV charging stations  

Accessible Guest House
To whom is your hotel/accommodation accessible?
People who use a wheelchair  
Is there level-access route (might include lifts) from the road to the rooms? No
Please specify: All rooms on 1st floor
Are there any facilities that guests who use a wheelchair cannot reach? Yes
Please specify: The sauna barrel
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Small Guest House

Room Types
Budget Triple Room
Budget Triple Room with access to hot tub and sauna
Double or Twin Room
Double or Twin Room with access to hot tub and sauna
Economy Triple Room with access to hot tub and sauna
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