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Family Friendly Hotel
What percentage of your guests are families? Between 50% and 90%
Family-Friendly room types:
Family rooms. Number: 6
One-bedroom apartments. Number: 1
Please suggest which room type a family with one child should choose and where the child will sleep:
Triple Apartment (One-bedroom apartment). Child can sleep on a couch bed.
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Hotel near Bars And Clubs

Hotel with Free Wi-Fi

Hotel with Parking
Location of parking spaces:
Outdoors, not covered (inside the premises) Number of spaces: 10
Cost of parking: Free
Self parking or valet parking?
Self-parking: Guests find a parking space on their own.
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Small Hotel

Hotel where Extra Health & Safety Measures Have Been Taken
Do visitors need a health certificate (i.e. a test) prior to arrival?
Do you perform temperature checks upon guests' arrivals?
Yes, random checks
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Information provided by the hotel

IRIS is a family business that welcomes visitors to the centre of Skiathos town for more than 25 years. The second generation has completely revamped the style, designed for visitors that want to explore all aspects of the Greek island lifestyle. It is equally convenient for couples, families and friends as it offers studios and apartments of different sizes and with a range of amenities.

Room Types

Apartment-Split level

Budget Twin Room

Economy Twin Room

Family Apartment

One-Bedroom Apartment

Studio (2 Adults)

Superior Studio

Ground Floor - Twin Room

License: 0756K133K0218200
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