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Summary of reviewsHotel Hubert, situated in Slavonice, is widely recognized for its superb location. Just a short walk from the Renaissance center and town square, it's praised for its convenience to historical sites, shops and restaurants, while maintaining a serene ambiance. The hotel is ideal for cycling and hiking enthusiasts, nestled near popular routes amid picturesque surroundings. Despite its centrality, the hotel offers a peaceful retreat in a quiet residential area, complemented by ample parking and pet-friendly policies. The combination of strategic location and well-maintained amenities makes it a recommended choice for a memorable stay.

Guests' experiences with breakfast at Hotel Hubert are generally positive, highlighting a rich and plentiful selection at the buffet. Featuring great pastries, excellent pâté and a wide variety of food and drinks, the breakfast offerings are described as good value for money. However, some inconsistencies were noted regarding the timing and quality of the breakfast service, including issues with cold food and missing items such as whole grain bread with coffee also needing improvement.

Dinner, on the other hand, has received less favorable feedback. Numerous guests reported an inactive kitchen or lack of a professional chef, resulting in unsatisfactory meals and limited food availability. Many opted to dine at nearby restaurants due to the poor dining service at the hotel with a mention of the restaurant's recurrent inability to serve meals even during peak seasons.

The rooms at Hotel Hubert are praised for their cleanliness and modern furnishings, often described as newly renovated and well-equipped. Larger rooms offer added amenities like kitchens and dining areas. However, room sizes vary with some being small or lacking practical features like adequate storage space. Noise issues are a concern for rooms facing the street or in the attic and there have been comments about insufficient room ventilation. Despite these points, the overall cleanliness and comfort are commendable, making it suitable for short stays.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel is largely appreciated with many guests noting the well-kept and modern appearance of both rooms and common areas. Nonetheless, some improvements are needed to address occasional issues such as smelly toilets, mold in showers and inconsistent room cleaning schedules.

The staff at Hotel Hubert is generally described as friendly and helpful with particular praise for the receptionist who handles multiple roles effectively. However, limited staff presence and occasional communication challenges were noted. Despite these, the staff's willingness to go the extra mile in resolving issues and their multilingual capabilities contribute to a positive overall experience.

WiFi service at the hotel has received mixed reviews. Though generally free and available throughout the hotel, guests have reported weak and unstable signals, especially in rooms, forcing them to access reliable connectivity in common areas like the bar.

Parking at Hotel Hubert is frequently lauded for its ample, free and convenient options directly at the hotel. The secure and well-maintained parking area adds to the convenience for guests, given the hotel's proximity to the city center.

The beds are a highlight with guests praising their comfort and high-quality mattresses. However, some reviews mention issues with bed conditions like broken zippers or thin mattresses and concerns about bed stability. Despite isolated cases of bedbugs, the overall sentiment towards the beds remains positive, emphasizing their comfort.

In summary, Hotel Hubert offers a strategically located and clean accommodation with generally friendly staff and comfortable beds, making it a solid choice for a tranquil stay in Slavonice. However, prospective guests should be prepared for some dining and WiFi inconsistencies, along with potential room size variations.
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Room Types
Double Room The double room offers a private entrance and soundproof walls, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. This double room features heating and a TV. The unit offers 1 bed.

Twin Room This twin room features a minibar, private entrance and soundproofing. Please note that guests in this room may experience some noise or light disturbances.

Triple Room The triple room offers a private entrance and soundproof walls, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. This triple room provides heating and a TV. The unit offers 2 beds.

Family Suite The spacious family room features a private bathroom, a private entrance, soundproof walls, as well as a seating area with a TV. The family room offers a tea and coffee maker, a dining area, a sofa along with heating. The unit offers 2 beds.

Double Room - Disability Access This double room has a private entrance, minibar and soundproofing. Please note that guests in this room may experience some noise or light disturbances. This room is situated on the ground floor. Please note the room is not suitable for long-term stay.

Double or Twin Room This room is situated on the ground floor. Please note the room is not suitable for long-term stay.

Economy Twin Room The twin room offers a private entrance, soundproof walls, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. This twin room features heating and a TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Apartment This spacious apartment includes 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. The apartment offers a private entrance, soundproof walls, a tea and coffee maker, a seating area and a TV. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Hubert offers a superb location in Slavonice, praised by guests for its close proximity to the city's main attractions and serene ambiance. Nestled just a short walk away from the Renaissance center and the town's square, it provides easy access to historical sites, shops and restaurants, ensuring convenience for all visitors. The hotel’s setting is ideal for those interested in cycling and hiking, as it is near popular routes and excursion spots and offers picturesque surroundings.

Despite its centrality, the hotel maintains a peaceful environment, making it a perfect retreat. Guests appreciate the quietude of its residential area, balanced with the vibrancy of Slavonice’s charming, historical atmosphere. Ample parking and pet-friendly policies add to the hotel's appeal, particularly for those traveling by car.

Affordably positioned and featuring minimalist yet functional accommodations, Hotel Hubert consistently receives positive feedback for its practical and aesthetic advantages. The combination of proximity to the city center, historical attractions and well-maintained amenities make it a highly recommended choice for a memorable stay in Slavonice.

Guests' experiences with breakfast at Hotel Hubert were varied with many highlighting the positive aspects. Numerous visitors appreciated the "rich" and "plentiful" selection available in the breakfast buffet, noting its "variety" and describing it as "very good" or "excellent." The offerings included "great pastries and doughnuts," "excellent pâté," and a "wide selection of drinks and food," suggesting a well-rounded meal to start the day.

Several reviews mentioned that breakfast was "sufficient," "adequate," and "fine," indicating that it met basic expectations without exceeding them. Some appreciated it as "very good value for money" and "good," reflecting satisfaction with what was provided at the price point.

However, there were also some less favorable experiences. Guests reported inconsistency with instances of "no breakfast" at the expected time and descriptions of the food as "poor" or "disastrous." Issues like cold food, lack of setup and missing items such as dark or whole grain bread were noted. Furthermore, the "breakfast coffee needs improvement" was a recurring critique.

Overall, while the breakfast experience at Hotel Hubert generally met or exceeded expectations for many, there were noticeable gaps in service and quality that some guests found disappointing.

Dinner experiences at Hotel Hubert have generally been underwhelming with guests frequently encountering significant issues. Many have reported that the hotel's kitchen was non-functional or lacking a chef during their stay, leading to an inability to dine at the accommodation itself. There are mentions of dinner being prepared by an individual who was not a professional chef, which resulted in unsatisfactory meals, such as poorly made Spaghetti Bolognese.

Guests have consistently noted a lack of food availability, an insufficient amount of food for the number of hotel guests and overall poor management and preparation by the restaurant staff. Some even had to seek alternative dining options nearby, such as the recommended Maříš restaurant.

Additionally, there were complaints about the unavailability of red wine with only white wine being offered in the evenings. It appears that the restaurant's inability to function and serve meals was recurrent, even during peak season periods, which led many guests to seek dinner elsewhere. Overall, it seems there were significant gaps in service and amenities related to dining at Hotel Hubert.

Hotel Hubert offers a mix of modernity and comfort, albeit with some variations in room size and amenities. The rooms are frequently praised for being clean, newly renovated and featuring modern furnishings. Many guests find the rooms adequately equipped with some larger rooms offering additional amenities like equipped kitchens and dining areas.

However, room sizes vary noticeably with some guests pointing out that certain rooms are quite small and may lack practical features such as wardrobes or adequate storage space. This makes the hotel better suited for short stays rather than extended visits. While some rooms boast large, state-of-the-art bathrooms, others may have issues like missing shower doors or small sinks. Additionally, noise can be a concern, especially for rooms facing the street or located in the attic, which can also get very hot.

Despite these issues, beds are generally comfortable and the cleanliness level is commendable. The larger rooms, particularly on the first floor and those with market square views, receive high marks for comfort and space. Overall, Hotel Hubert appears to provide a satisfactory experience for short-term stays with its clean and modern environment, although guests should be aware of potential variations in room amenities and sizes.

Guests at Hotel Hubert have largely praised the beds for their exceptional comfort and high-quality mattresses. Many reviews highlighted the beds as being very comfortable with several mentions of the super comfortable beds and great mattresses. The box spring is noted to be comfortable as well. However, some critiques surfaced regarding the condition and stability of the beds. Issues such as broken zippers on bed sheets, beds rolling away from each other and thin mattresses were reported. Instances of beds being clean but equipped with slippery or uncomfortable mattresses were also mentioned. Additionally, there was a notable concern about bedbugs. Despite these issues, the overall sentiment towards the beds remains positive, focusing on their comfort and quality.

Hotel Hubert delivers a solid experience in cleanliness for guests with numerous praises highlighting the hotel's newly renovated appearance and well-kept rooms. Multiple reviews noted that the rooms and bathrooms were consistently clean, modernly equipped and even luxurious at times. The common areas of the hotel received positive remarks for being tidy and well-maintained.

However, the hotel does have some areas that need improvement. Guests have pointed out issues such as smelly toilets, some mold in the showers, occasional dirt on the walls and neglected surroundings. There were also complaints about missing amenities like towel racks, rough towels and rooms not being cleaned regularly with full trash cans remaining unemptied for days.

Overall, while the interior spaces largely reflect high standards of cleanliness and comfort, attention to detail and consistent maintenance are necessary to address some of the negatives raised by guests.

Hotel Hubert has garnered a range of reviews about its staff, which paint a picture of largely friendly and accommodating personnel, though with some areas for improvement. The staff is generally described as very friendly and helpful with many guests appreciating their pleasant and attentive service. The receptionist, who also wears many hats including those of cook and waitress, often receives praise for solving issues and making guests feel welcome. The bar service is similarly noted for its friendly and multilingual approach.

However, the reviews point out certain challenges. Some guests mention that staff presence is limited, often only available during mornings and there are occasional comments about neutral or unenthusiastic behavior. Communication can be problematic at times and there have been instances where personal interaction with the staff was lacking. On the operational side, a few reviews highlighted issues with understaffing and noted that some staff members seemed overwhelmed or confused.

Despite these inconsistencies, many guests have managed to work through problems with the help of amiable staff members and the overall sentiment trends positive, especially in relation to the reception and management. The staff's ability to speak multiple languages and their willingness to go the extra mile in resolving issues have also been key highlights. Overall, while there is room for improvement, guests leave with a satisfactory experience largely due to the friendly and helpful nature of the staff.

Hotel Hubert offers varied experiences with its WiFi service. Guests noted that WiFi is available throughout the hotel, including in the rooms. Many reviews highlight that the internet connection is generally good and the service is free. However, there are some areas for improvement noted by guests, including instances of weak and unstable signals. Some reviewers mentioned that WiFi didn’t work in their rooms, but it was accessible in common areas like the bar. While some found the connection to be usable but slow, others experienced a poor connection. Overall, while the WiFi service at Hotel Hubert has room for improvement, it largely meets basic needs for most travelers.

Travelers visiting 'Hotel Hubert' will be pleased to note the ample parking options available directly at the hotel. Guests have frequently highlighted the large, free parking lot which offers sufficient parking capacity for all visitors. The convenience of having parking right at the hotel is notable, especially considering the proximity to the city center, just a few minutes' walk away. The parking area is reportedly clean and well-maintained with private parking options adding an extra layer of security. While there are mentions of overgrown areas, the overall feedback remains positive, emphasizing the ease and accessibility of parking facilities at 'Hotel Hubert'.

No, Hotel Hubert doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Hubert.

Yes, Hotel Hubert welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Hubert.

No, Hotel Hubert doesn't have a gym.

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