Steytlerville Villa Guest house
Bed & Breakfast in Steytlerville  
Steytlerville Villa Guest house Steytlerville Villa Guest house
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Accessible Accommodation

To whom is your hotel/accommodation accessible?
People who use a wheelchair   People who are deaf   People who are blind   People with autism   People with asthma  
Is there level-access route (might include lifts) from the road to the rooms? Yes, to certain rooms
Please specify: Large double room; 2 x twin rooms
Are there any facilities that guests who use a wheelchair cannot reach? No
Are there designated parking spaces for people with disabilities? No
If you offer free transfers to guests, do you have a wheelchair accessible vehicle? No
Are assistance/guide dogs allowed in the hotel/accommodation? Yes
In the rooms, is there a level-access (roll-in) shower? Yes, in certain rooms
Please specify: 1 x twin room
In the rooms, does the toilet have support handrails? No
Are wheelchairs offered to guests who do not come with their own? Νο
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*Additional taxes or fees may apply. Please check the final price before completing your booking.