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Summary of reviewsAlbergo Stella, situated in the charming village of Tolè, offers a picturesque and tranquil setting among the rolling hills of Bologna. The location provides a perfect base for exploring the Italian countryside and is particularly favored by those on motorcycle tours. Though a bit remote, the serene atmosphere and stunning views make it a great retreat for anyone seeking peace and charm away from the city's hustle.

The hotel's breakfast is exceptional, featuring a varied and plentiful buffet that delights guests every morning. The offerings include a rich selection of artisanal and local products, served in a clean and elegant dining area. The quality and generosity of the breakfast spread consistently leave a lasting impression with highlights including homemade desserts and a wide variety of fruits.

Dinner at Albergo Stella’s restaurant is equally praised, known for its high-quality, traditional cuisine. Guests commend the delicious and generously portioned dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Affordable prices and the homey, flavorful meals make dining here a highly recommended experience. The staff also contributes greatly to the dining pleasure, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Accommodation at Albergo Stella includes spacious and comfortable rooms that are impeccably clean and well-maintained. While the decor is simple and possibly a bit outdated, the rooms provide a cozy and quiet environment, although some may find the sound insulation lacking. The overall cleanliness and comfort, combined with a serene ambiance, ensure a pleasant stay for all visitors.

The staff at Albergo Stella are frequently lauded for their exceptional hospitality. Guests mention the friendly, kind and always-smiling demeanor of the entire team, including the owner and receptionist. Their polite, helpful and genuinely accommodating nature significantly enhances the overall experience, making guests feel thoroughly welcomed and cared for.

In summary, Albergo Stella offers a delightful combination of a picturesque location, exceptional dining experiences, clean and comfortable accommodations and outstanding hospitality. Guests leave with memorable impressions of this charming hotel amid the beautiful Italian countryside.
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Room Types
Single Room This single room features tiled floors.

Twin Room Featuring free toiletries, this twin room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. This twin room has a wardrobe, flat-screen TV, garden views, as well as fruit for guests.

Triple Room Please specify whether you prefer a double bed and a single bed, or 3 single beds.

Double Room Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. This double room features a wardrobe, flat-screen TV, garden views, as well as fruit for guests.

Small Double Room Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. This double room has a wardrobe, flat-screen TV, a quiet street view, as well as fruit for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

Family Room The family room features a wardrobe, a tiled floor, a terrace with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower.

Guest Reviews
Located in the heart of the charming village of Tolè, Albergo Stella enjoys a picturesque and quiet setting among the rolling hills of Bologna. This family-run hotel offers a great base for exploring both Bologna and the surrounding cities. The village itself is renowned for its artistic community and features a delightful Sunday market. The hotel's position, although a bit remote and somewhat challenging to reach, rewards guests with a peaceful atmosphere and stunning views—a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquility.

Ideal for those keen on motorcycle tours, Albergo Stella is perfectly situated for journeys between the Tuscan and Emilian borders. While the hotel is approximately 45 kilometers from Bologna and nestled high in the mountains, its location is nonetheless considered unbeatable for visitors wanting to experience the beauty of the Italian countryside. Whether one is on a leisurely escape or an adventurous tour, the serene landscape and characteristic charm of Albergo Stella and Tolè offer an unforgettable experience.

Albergo Stella is widely praised for its exceptional breakfast offerings. Guests frequently highlight the breakfast as varied, plentiful and delicious with an impressive buffet that leaves nothing to be desired. The quality is consistently noted, featuring a rich selection of both artisanal and local products. Many reviews emphasize the abundance and generosity of the breakfast, describing it as eye-catching, superlative and fabulous.

The buffet is not only abundant but also well-prepared with a genuine and homemade selection that includes a wide variety of desserts and fruits. The cleanliness and hygiene of the dining area are also commended, contributing to a comfortable and elegant terrace dining experience.

Overall, the breakfast at Albergo Stella goes beyond expectations, garnering high recommendations for its exceptional quality and variety. Whether enjoying local products or savoring a rich and varied spread, breakfast at this hotel is a highlight that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

The restaurant at Albergo Stella has garnered enthusiastic praise for its exceptional dining experience. Guests consistently highlight the delicious and high-quality food, describing the cuisine as sublime and the dishes as both tasty and generous in portions. The restaurant offers a wonderful combination of traditional dishes made with many locally sourced products, earning it a solid recommendation from those who have dined there.

Affordable prices add to the appeal, making it a great option for both lunch and dinner. Homemade pasta and a variety of other savory options have been specifically noted. Breakfasts at Albergo Stella are equally impressive, featuring an extensive selection that leaves nothing to be desired. Many guests have remarked on the exceptional dining experiences for both breakfast and dinner with special mentions of the restaurant's excellent food and fair prices.

Even those who haven’t had a chance to dine at the restaurant believe it must be very good, based on the overall high praises it receives. To top it off, the staff is cited as being truly great, enhancing the overall dining experience. For anyone visiting, trying out the restaurant at Albergo Stella is strongly recommended.

Albergo Stella features spacious, cozy and comfortable rooms that guests repeatedly commend for their cleanliness. Each room is equipped with all essential amenities, ensuring a pleasant stay, although it is advised not to expect luxurious fixtures like a Jacuzzi. Despite their simple and somewhat outdated decor, the warm and welcoming atmosphere compensates for any lack of modernity. Guests appreciate the quietness of the hotel, though it's worth noting that some rooms have poor sound insulation. Overall, Albergo Stella provides a clean, comfortable and serene environment for travelers.

Albergo Stella has been consistently praised for its exceptional cleanliness with multiple guests highlighting the perfect and excellent state of the rooms. Reviews repeatedly emphasize that the rooms are not only tidy but also very welcoming, adding to the overall pleasantness of the stay. The cleanliness of the rooms is often described as impeccable, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable environment for visitors. Additionally, the combination of clean rooms with excellent food further enhances the appealing experience at this hotel. Everything from room upkeep to common areas is maintained to very high standards, contributing significantly to the positive guest experiences.

The reviews for Albergo Stella consistently highlight the exceptional hospitality and welcoming atmosphere created by the staff. Guests frequently describe the staff as very friendly, kind and always smiling, contributing to a warm and inviting environment. Notably, the owner and receptionist receive special mention for their super friendly demeanor, while the entire team is praised for being polite, helpful and extraordinarily accommodating. The cheerful and attentive approach of the staff enhances the overall experience, making visitors feel genuinely welcome and cared for. Adding to this, the combined excellence in hospitality and food service ensures a delightful stay at Albergo Stella.

No, Albergo Stella doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Albergo Stella.

Yes, Albergo Stella welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Albergo Stella.

No, Albergo Stella doesn't have a gym.

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