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Summary of reviewsArmada Apart Ustka stands out as an exceptional accommodation option, primarily due to its superb location, excellent dining experiences, comfortable rooms and friendly service. Situated directly at the harbor, it offers picturesque views, easy access to Ustka's main attractions and a short walk to the beach and city center. The hotel's charming historic character and modern facilities are frequently praised by guests, making it a convenient and atmospheric choice for exploring the town.

The breakfast at Armada Apart Ustka is consistently lauded for its variety, quality and abundance. Featuring a wide selection of hot and cold foods, including fresh pastries and local specialties, the breakfast is often highlighted as a daily treat. The hotel’s Port Tavern restaurant also receives high praise for its delicious and high-quality food, beautiful decor and friendly staff with the fish and smoky ribs receiving special mentions.

The rooms at Armada Apart Ustka are described as a blend of rustic charm and modern comfort with cozy decor, large bathrooms and ample amenities. Guests appreciate the stylish and spacious interiors, good soundproofing and stunning harbor views. Despite occasional reports of inadequate ventilation and minor cleanliness issues, the overall impression is that the rooms are well-maintained and inviting.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel generally meets high standards with regular and efficient cleaning services contributing to a tidy and pleasant environment. While there are occasional remarks about areas needing more attention, the overall feedback is favorable.

The staff at Armada Apart Ustka are highly commended for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Guests frequently note the warm and accommodating nature of the reception and restaurant teams, enhancing the overall hospitality experience.

Pet owners will find the hotel particularly appealing due to its dog-friendly policies, which allow pets in rooms and even in some public areas, creating a welcoming environment for furry companions.

While the free Wi-Fi receives mixed reviews for its reliability and speed and some guests find the beds occasionally uncomfortable due to creaking or being formed by pushing two singles together, these issues are relatively minor compared to the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Overall, Armada Apart Ustka offers a delightful and comfortable stay with its strategic location, commendable dining options, stylish rooms and excellent service. The hotel’s pet-friendly nature and charming harbor views enhance its appeal, making it a favored choice for visitors to Ustka.
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Room Types
Duplex Apartment with Harbour View This apartment features a electric kettle and satellite TV. It features a view of the Ustka Harbour.

Two-Bedroom Apartment This apartment features a view and electric kettle.

Double or Twin Room with Harbour View This apartment has a electric kettle and view. It features a view of the Ustka Harbour.

Double Room with Harbour View - antiques Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. The spacious double room offers a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, soundproof walls, a tea and coffee maker, a wardrobe as well as sea views.

Deluxe Apartment This apartment consists of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and free toiletries. Featuring a patio, this apartment also provides soundproof walls, a tea and coffee maker and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit offers 2 beds.

Double Room Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. This double room has soundproof walls, a tea and coffee maker, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a patio. The unit has 1 bed.

Duplex Apartment The unit offers 2 beds.

Duplex Apartment The unit has 2 beds.

Maisonette The unit offers 2 beds.

Two-Bedroom Apartment The unit has 4 beds.

Double or Twin Room The unit offers 1 bed.

Budget Double or Twin Room The unit has 1 bed.

Small Double or Twin Room The unit offers 1 bed.

Small Double or Twin Room The unit has 1 bed.

Small Double or Twin Room The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room

Double Room

Double Room

Guest Reviews
Armada Apart Ustka boasts a superb location directly at the harbor, providing guests with picturesque views of the port and easy access to Ustka's main attractions. The hotel's strategic positioning offers a short walk to the beach and the city center, making it a convenient choice for vacationers. Guests appreciate the charming and atmospheric setting, which includes a beautifully renovated brick building right by the waterfront.

The central location allows for effortless exploration of the town with close proximity to shops, restaurants and cafes. Visitors highlight the hotel's unique historic character, cozy atmosphere and modern facilities. The picturesque views from the rooms, especially overlooking the harbor, add a special touch to their stay.

From the hotel, the beach is just a few minutes away, facilitating leisurely walks along the shore and enjoyment of seaside activities. The ambiance of the port and the convenience of nearby attractions make Armada Apart Ustka an excellent choice for those looking to explore Ustka while enjoying comfortable accommodation and friendly service.

Armada Apart Ustka is consistently praised for its exceptionally delicious and varied breakfasts. Guests frequently highlight the wide selection and diversity available on the breakfast buffet, making it easy for everyone to find something they enjoy with many commending the inclusion of Polish specialties and local fresh-baked bread. The breakfast offerings are described as plentiful and abundant, featuring a rich assortment of hot and cold foods, including fresh pastries, warm bread, spreads and a variety of fish.

The breakfast not only caters to different palates with its diverse selection, but also maintains high quality and freshness, replenished frequently by a friendly and efficient staff. Some reviews note the availability of breakfast from early morning with the opportunity for personalized set meals upon request.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, a few guests mentioned that the breakfast could occasionally be repetitive or uninspiring. However, for the majority, the quality, variety and taste of the breakfasts at Armada Apart Ustka contribute significantly to a pleasant stay, often described as a daily treat and a highlight of their visit.

Armada Apart Ustka is praised for its dining experience, particularly the notable Port Tavern restaurant located within the hotel. Guests consistently highlight the delicious and high-quality food served here. The cuisine receives accolades for being among the best in Ustka with some diners specifically recommending dishes like the perfectly cooked fish and smoky ribs. The restaurant is described as having a beautiful decor and an interesting atmosphere, making it a pleasant setting for meals.

The menu is extensive and varied, featuring superb quality dishes that cater to diverse tastes. Patrons mention the excellence of both the breakfast and dinner offerings, emphasizing value for money and the generous portions provided. The chef’s culinary skills are frequently commended, contributing to the overall dining experience.

Guests appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, which complements the delicious meals and enhances the overall satisfaction. The restaurant’s ambiance and the appealing appearance of both the bar and dining areas add to its charm. With its reasonable prices and high standards, the restaurant at Armada Apart Ustka is highly recommended for anyone looking to enjoy great cuisine in Ustka.

Armada Apart Ustka delivers a blend of rustic charm and modern comfort across its spacious and tastefully decorated rooms. The accommodations often feature cozy decor and a pleasing ambiance with large bathrooms and ample amenities adding to the overall comfort. Guests frequently appreciate the beautifully furnished rooms, noting the stylish interiors original designs and atmospheric touches. The rooms are also well-equipped and provide a sense of coziness, making them suitable for families.

Despite being close to the street, the rooms maintain a quiet environment, bolstered by good soundproofing. Many rooms offer stunning views, including vistas of the harbor and the architectural design of the building adds an extra layer of historic charm. However, a lack of air conditioning and ventilation might affect comfort during the summer months, leading to a stuffy environment.

Attention to cleanliness is generally evident, though some guests have reported occasional oversights, such as stains on carpets and dirty doors. Room service is typically reliable, though some experienced infrequent cleanings and insufficient towel replacements over extended stays. Nevertheless, the positive attributes of Armada Apart Ustka, including stylish decor, spacious layouts and a well-kept environment, create an inviting atmosphere that many guests find appealing.

Armada Apart Ustka enjoys praise for its general comfort, particularly when it comes to the beds. Many guests find the beds to be very comfortable, featuring high-quality, soft and decorative bedding that ensures a good night's sleep. Several mentions highlight the beds as big and beautifully furnished with the phrase "super comfortable beds" recurring often. Comfortable mattresses and trendy, soft sheets contribute to the overall positive sleeping experience.

However, some issues have been noted. Instances of creaking beds and discomfort due to beds being formed by pushing two single beds together are reported. A few reviews mention that the beds can be squeaky and some are in need of repair or replacement. The presence of poorly placed beds, thin mattresses and uncomfortable sofa beds also detract from the experience for some guests.

Despite these occasional drawbacks, the emphasis on comfort remains strong with many reviewers appreciating the large, cozy beds with soft blankets. For those prioritizing a good night's rest, the positive feedback on the well-equipped and comfortable sleeping arrangements might outweigh the sporadic issues noted by others.

Armada Apart Ustka generally receives positive feedback for its cleanliness with many guests praising the clean and cozy rooms, the tasteful décor and the high standard of cleanliness. Rooms are regularly cleaned and there is frequent attention to detail in maintaining a spotless environment. Guests often note that cleaning services are performed daily, which helps keep the rooms and common areas tidy and pleasant.

Some reviewers also appreciate the neat and well-maintained condition of the rooms, describing them as clean, warm and inviting. The cleaning services are mostly efficient and satisfactory with a significant number of guests expressing contentment with the cleanliness levels throughout their stay.

However, there are occasional remarks about average cleanliness and areas that could benefit from more attention. Specific issues mentioned include dirty windows, stained upholstery, mold in the bathroom and some fixed elements requiring better cleaning. Despite a few isolated comments about lapses in cleanliness, including dust on surfaces and infrequent changing of bedding, the overall impression is that Armada Apart Ustka maintains good standards of cleanliness.

The hotel's commitment to cleanliness appears to be a priority, contributing positively to guests’ overall experience. While there are minor setbacks noted by some visitors, the general consensus is that Armada Apart Ustka successfully offers a clean and comfortable environment for most of its guests.

The reviews of Armada Apart Ustka reveal that the hotel staff is consistently praised for being exceptionally friendly, helpful and polite. Guests frequently noted the high quality of service with staff members described as very nice, always smiling and ready to assist with any needs. The reception and restaurant teams, in particular, received accolades for their attentiveness and professionalism. Visitors highlighted the friendly demeanor of the two young gentlemen serving breakfast and the accommodating nature of the receptionist. Additionally, the management and owners are commended for their warm and flexible service, making the overall hospitality experience highly recommended. Despite a few isolated instances of unmotivated staff and language barriers, the general consensus is that the staff at Armada Apart Ustka greatly contributes to a pleasant and welcoming stay.

The Wi-Fi at Armada Apart Ustka has received mixed reviews from guests. Consistently mentioned as being weak and slow, the connection is often unstable and only partially functional in some areas of the hotel with many highlighting issues such as difficulty accessing the Wi-Fi in rooms and overly complicated connection processes. Although there are occasional instances where the Wi-Fi works, overall the internet experience seems to fall short for many visitors.

Dog Friendly
Armada Apart Ustka is highly praised for its dog-friendly environment, making it an ideal choice for pet owners. Guests consistently highlight the property's acceptance of pets, whether it's in the rooms or even in the breakfast area. This flexibility is frequently mentioned as a significant advantage with phrases like "very dog-friendly" and "a huge plus for accepting pets" underscoring this sentiment.

The hotel is noted for having great amenities tailored for dogs, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere where no issues arise from bringing a pet. Despite some minor discrepancies regarding pet restrictions in the restaurant, the overall feedback emphasizes the property's accommodating nature toward dogs. Guests can expect a friendly, playful environment for their furry companions at Armada Apart Ustka.

No, Armada Apart Ustka doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Armada Apart Ustka.

Yes, Armada Apart Ustka welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Armada Apart Ustka.

No, Armada Apart Ustka doesn't have a gym.

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