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Summary of reviewsKoversada Villas Naturist Park is widely celebrated for its exceptional location, nestled within lush greenery and offering direct access to stunning beaches. The expansive resort, surrounded by picturesque old olive trees and pine forests, provides a serene and natural environment perfect for relaxation and sport activities. The nearby town of Vrsar adds to the allure with accessible amenities and charming eateries. The intoxicating natural ambiance and well-organized layout make it an ideal destination for a tranquil naturist retreat.

The breakfast offerings at Koversada are consistently praised, highlighted by a diverse and plentiful self-service buffet that caters to various tastes, including vegetarians. Fresh and high-quality food, along with a pleasing variety, ensures a great start to the day. Similarly, the dinner experience is well-regarded, especially for those on a half-board plan. Guests appreciate the variety and quality of the fresh, replenished dishes, making dining at the park a notable part of the stay.

While some reviews note that the rooms are dated and could benefit from renovations, they are frequently described as clean and functional, fitting the rustic charm of the property. Proximity to the beach is a plus, yet improvements in air conditioning and ventilation would enhance comfort. The outdoor and common areas maintain a high standard of cleanliness, though room maintenance could be more consistent.

The friendly and professional staff play a significant role in elevating the guest experience. Visitors frequently highlight the warmth and helpful nature of the employees, from reception to housekeeping, making their stay more comfortable and memorable. Specific mentions of staff like Mr. Elvis and Miss Benko add personalized touches to the positive reviews.

Wi-Fi availability is limited, mainly accessible in specific café areas rather than in the rooms, encouraging guests to disconnect and immerse themselves in the natural surroundings. The beach receives high commendations for its clean, well-organized and peaceful environment, catering to various preferences including sections for nudists and areas suitable for families.

The beds receive mixed reviews with several guests appreciating the new, firmer mattresses, though some found them too firm or low. The frequent change of bedding is a well-regarded plus.

Koversada Villas Naturist Park also welcomes pets, providing dog-friendly facilities and areas, much to the delight of pet owners. While the increase in dogs and occasional nighttime barking have been noted, the resort maintains cleanliness and offers specific conveniences for dogs and their owners.

Overall, Koversada Villas Naturist Park emerges as a much-praised destination, ideal for those seeking a scenic, relaxing naturist holiday with excellent staff service, diverse dining options and inviting natural surroundings.
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Room Types
Standard Twin Room This room features a balcony and a private bathroom with a shower.

Standard Triple Room This room features a balcony and a private bathroom with a shower.

Standard Single Room This single room features a private bathroom, a private entrance and garden views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Koversada Villas Naturist Park boasts an exceptional location that continues to delight its visitors. Nestled amidst abundant greenery and sprawling nature, the park's proximity to the sea is a standout feature, offering stunning beach access and tranquil seaside views. The accommodations are strategically placed close to the beach, contributing to the overall convenience and enhancing the relaxation experience. The entire facility is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a rich natural environment including old olive trees and pine forests, providing a serene and picturesque setting.

The resort is expansive and well-maintained with an abundant offering of green spaces and diverse bathing spots. The nearby charming town of Vrsar is easily accessible, either by a short walk or a brief drive, adding to the park's allure. The local amenities, including well-placed eateries and facilities, further complement the scenic beauty, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and sports activities.

The natural ambiance of the park is frequently highlighted with guests often mentioning the breathtaking coastline, the soothing sea and the beautiful nature that surrounds them. The park’s layout and its various points of interest are well-organized, ensuring that every guest finds a place to unwind and enjoy the serene environment.

Overall, Koversada Villas Naturist Park stands out as a dream destination primarily due to its magnificent location and stunning natural surroundings, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing and scenic naturist holiday.

Koversada Villas Naturist Park garners positive feedback for its breakfast offerings with guests frequently describing the morning meal as both delicious and diverse. Many reviews highlight an extensive selection of both sweet and savory options, ensuring options are available for varied tastes, including vegetarians. Frequent mentions of the breakfast being plentiful and abundant suggest guests never leave the table hungry.

Several reviews also praise the quality of the food, labeling it as excellent, fresh and exceptional. The self-service buffet style breakfast is particularly popular with phrases like top-notch, which underline both variety and quality. Numerous comments point out the great value for money, indicating a high level of satisfaction regarding the cost and quality balance.

The breakfast buffet is celebrated not only for its range but also for its generous portions and freshness. Guests appreciate the wide selection, including fruits and vegetables and the ability to enjoy a hearty start to the day. While a few reviews mention a desire for more variety or improved bread options, such critiques are rare and overshadowed by the overall positive sentiment.

Additionally, the atmosphere of the breakfast setting often receives praise, contributing to a pleasant dining experience. Whether mentioning excellent food or a suitable and satisfactory menu, the breakfast at Koversada Villas Naturist Park seems to consistently meet, if not exceed, guest expectations.

Koversada Villas Naturist Park offers a delightful dining experience, especially for those on a half-board plan. Guests consistently praise the variety and quality of the dinners, often highlighting the diverse and tasty range of dishes available. The evening buffet is particularly noted for its fresh, replenished offerings, including fish, which never sits for long. Many guests find the food to be excellent and of high quality with a selection that changes enough to avoid monotony.

The Amfora restaurant receives mixed reviews, though the general sentiment leans towards positive with good and tasty food. Some guests mention the dinner could benefit from longer service hours and a few noted issues with the temperature of the food. Nevertheless, the rich and varied dinners are a standout feature of the resort, making it a recommended choice for half-board arrangements. Breakfasts receive similar commendations, often being described as delicious and varied.

Overall, dining at Koversada Villas Naturist Park is a well-regarded aspect of the stay, offering both quality and variety and contributing positively to the overall vacation experience.

Koversada Villas Naturist Park's rooms blend simplicity and functionality, attracting guests seeking a basic retreat close to nature. Despite their dated appearance, many reviewers praised the cleanliness and daily housekeeping. Positioned conveniently near the beach, the accommodations ensure easy access to outdoor activities.

However, the overall sentiment indicates a significant need for renovation across the villas. Guests report the rooms’ interiors as very old, small and worn out with outdated furniture and old bathroom fixtures. The lack of air conditioning and insufficient ventilation have been highlighted as major drawbacks, making the rooms uncomfortably warm, especially in summer.

Some rooms suffer from unpleasant odors and occasional pest issues with several mentions of spiders and general poor maintenance. Despite these issues, a few find the accommodations functional and fitting the nostalgic charm of its rustic setting. Updates and modernization would markedly improve the comfort and appeal of these accommodations, aligning them better with contemporary expectations.

Guest reviews of Koversada Villas Naturist Park present a mixed picture regarding the beds. Positive comments highlight the presence of comfortable and high-quality beds with some guests emphasizing that the bedding is very good and changed every two days. Noteworthy is the fact that many reviews mention newly replaced mattresses, which were firmer and more comfortable, enhancing the overall sleeping experience.

Several guests also appreciated that the beds were always made and clean with new mattresses being a significant improvement. However, some feedback points out areas for improvement; certain beds are reported as being too hard, too firm or uncomfortably low. The term "reasonable" appears in some reviews, suggesting that while not perfect, the beds met a basic standard of comfort.

Despite these mixed feelings, it's clear that Koversada Villas Naturist Park has made efforts to upgrade their bedding, focusing on providing clean, comfortable mattresses for their guests.

Koversada Villas Naturist Park receives generally favorable feedback regarding its cleanliness, particularly in its outdoor areas and common facilities. Guests frequently note that the facility itself, including the campsite, beach areas and dining spaces, are clean and well-maintained. Beach cleanliness, in particular, is highlighted multiple times with the added benefit of nicely maintained sea access options.

Park areas and surroundings are described as tidy and inviting, contributing to a peaceful vacation environment. The restaurant's cleanliness and professionalism of the cleaning staff there also receive positive remarks. Guests appreciate the daily cleaning and fresh towels, which contribute to an overall feeling of tidiness.

However, the guest experiences suggest some challenges with the cleanliness of the rooms. Some reviews point out that room cleaning is randomly timed, ranging between one and three days and there were instances where room conditions could be improved. Issues such as outdated furnishings, lack of Wi-Fi and air conditioning and occasional cobwebs were mentioned. There were also reports of bathrooms needing more thorough cleaning and issues with maintenance like improperly attached faucets. Concerns about the frequency and quality of room cleaning service suggest that these areas might be understaffed at times, affecting overall room satisfaction.

While outdoor facilities and shared spaces maintain a good standard of cleanliness, the inconsistent room maintenance could be an area for improvement to enhance guest experience.

Koversada Villas Naturist Park boasts a commendable reputation thanks to its exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. Guest reviews consistently highlight how the staff's warmth and professionalism significantly enhance the overall experience. Visitors describe the reception staff, particularly individuals like Mr. Elvis and Miss Benko, as excellent and attentive. The employees at the main and Amfora restaurants receive specific praise for their wonderful service and accommodating nature.

Housekeeping is noted for being hardworking and diligent despite challenges and the cleaning staff is particularly appreciated for their smiles and friendliness. Visitors also enjoy the pleasant and attentive service at the bar and during meals at the Batana restaurant.

Overall, the staff's professionalism, warmth and effort in providing quality service stand out, making stays at Koversada Villas Naturist Park both comfortable and memorable.

At Koversada Villas Naturist Park, guests frequently mention the limited availability of Wi-Fi. While it is accessible in certain areas like the café, the Wi-Fi does not extend to the individual rooms. Several guests noted that the Wi-Fi coverage is partial and can be unreliable, requiring visitors to seek out specific spots to connect. Additionally, the Wi-Fi is not complimentary throughout the property, which some guests found inconvenient. For those looking for a completely unplugged experience, the absence of in-room internet can be considered a plus. Overall, Wi-Fi at Koversada Villas is limited, which may encourage guests to disconnect and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Located mere steps from the accommodation, the beach at Koversada Villas Naturist Park is a highlight for guests. With its ample space, clean sandy and pebbly stretches and crystal-clear sea, it offers a fantastic spots for swimming and sunbathing. Visitors appreciate the well-organized and minimally crowded environment, which ensures a peaceful and relaxing experience. The facility boasts beautiful natural and unspoiled beaches that cater to a variety of preferences, including sections tailored for nudists and areas perfect for families with young children. Shade is plentiful thanks to old trees and the serene atmosphere is enhanced by the absence of noisy parties, particularly during the pre-season. Although there are minor suggestions for improving stairway access to the sea, the overall consensus is that the beaches are excellent, clean and provide a superb backdrop for a tranquil escape.

Dog Friendly
The Koversada Villas Naturist Park offers a welcoming environment for dog owners with the presence of numerous dog-friendly facilities and amenities. The resort includes specific areas where dogs are allowed, including beaches and breakfast venues, which is a significant convenience for guests traveling with pets.

Cleanliness regarding dogs is generally well-maintained, although there have been some issues with dog owners not always cleaning up after their pets. The resort is also considered to have good facilities tailored specifically for dogs, such as designated dog-friendly spaces and proximity to the dog beach, which is highly appreciated by pet owners.

However, guests have noticed an increasing number of dogs at the resort, which sometimes leads to many dogs barking at night. Some restrictions have been lifted over time, like dogs being allowed to walk among vacationers and cross roads within the resort premises, which has both positive and negative reactions from visitors.

Overall, the Koversada Villas Naturist Park is a favorable destination for those looking to enjoy their vacation with their four-legged companions, offering multiple conveniences and areas to ensure a pleasant stay for both dogs and their owners.

No, Koversada Villas Naturist Park doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Koversada Villas Naturist Park.

Yes, Koversada Villas Naturist Park welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Koversada Villas Naturist Park.

No, Koversada Villas Naturist Park doesn't have a gym.

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