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Summary of reviewsMaistra Select Pineta Hotel is lauded for its prime location on a scenic hill above the harbor in Vrsar, offering breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea, old town and harbor. The hotel's proximity to the beach, promenade and town center provides guests with convenient access to a variety of amenities, making it perfect for both relaxation and exploration. The beautiful natural scenery and well-maintained paths appeal to families and cyclists alike, adding to the tranquil and picturesque atmosphere of the area.

Breakfast at the hotel is consistently praised for its extensive range of delicious options with a plentiful selection of sweet and savory dishes catering to different tastes. Guests enjoy the fresh offerings and are particularly fond of the breakfast terrace with its scenic sea views. Friendly and attentive staff enhance the dining experience, ensuring a pleasant start to the day.

Dinner also receives high marks for its excellent and varied buffet, though some guests note areas for improvement such as food temperature and vegetarian options. Overall, guests appreciate the ample and tasty meal selections, which contribute to positive dining experiences.

The rooms at the Maistra Select Pineta Hotel are appreciated for their cleanliness and comfort, despite being somewhat dated. Daily cleaning and towel changes ensure tidiness, while the beautiful sea views from balconies add a touch of charm. However, the outdated decor and facilities suggest a need for modernization to meet contemporary standards.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with guests noting the well-maintained public areas, rooms and pool facilities. Despite occasional minor lapses, the hotel's attention to cleanliness contributes significantly to guest satisfaction.

The hotel staff earn high praise for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Guests frequently highlight individual staff members for their exceptional service, contributing to the welcoming and accommodating environment.

Free WiFi at the hotel is generally reliable and fast, enhancing the overall guest experience. Although there are occasional issues with connectivity during peak times, the service is mostly dependable and appreciated by guests.

The spa and wellness area offers a positive experience with its heated indoor pool, hot tub and excellent massage services. While the sauna facilities could use some improvement, the overall wellness offerings are well-received, providing a relaxing retreat for guests.

The fitness facilities are deemed satisfactory with well-equipped and clean spaces, though there are occasional remarks about outdated equipment. Nevertheless, the gym provides a functional and beneficial space for maintaining fitness during a stay.

The hotel's pool facilities are a highlight, particularly the clean and well-maintained indoor and outdoor pools that cater to families and children. The ability to use the neighboring Hotel Belvedere's pool facilities adds value, despite minor inconveniences noted by some guests.

Lastly, the hotel's proximity to beautiful beaches with clear, clean seas enhances its appeal. Guests appreciate the short walk to the shoreline, where they can enjoy natural shade and stunning views, making the Maistra Select Pineta Hotel a compelling choice for a memorable and relaxing stay.
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Room Types
Premium Double or Twin Room This room features air conditioning, a balcony, minibar and satellite TV. It is fitted with a king bed or two twin beds and located on the sea side of the hotel. The bathroom comes with bath and hairdryer.

Superior Twin Room The rooms feature air conditioning, a balcony and satellite TV. It is located on the park side of the hotel.

Premium Double Room with Extra Bed Sea-view double room with extra bed.

Basic Double Room This double room has a balcony and minibar.

Economy Double Room The double room features air conditioning, a minibar, as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath and a hairdryer. The unit has 1 bed.

Romantic Suite This suite consists of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and free toiletries. The air-conditioned suite provides a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a minibar, a wardrobe, a sofa as well as sea views. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Situated on a picturesque hill above the harbor in Vrsar, the Maistra Select Pineta Hotel boasts a prime location that guests repeatedly praise for its breathtaking views and accessibility. The hotel offers stunning panoramas of the Adriatic Sea, the charming old town and the bustling harbor, making it an ideal spot for those who enjoy scenic vistas right from their balconies.

Guests frequently highlight the convenience of the hotel's proximity to both the sea and the town center. With the beach and promenade just a short walk away and essential amenities like supermarkets and restaurants close by, the location is deemed perfect for both relaxation and exploration. The hotel's central yet peaceful setting allows for easy access to the quaint village atmosphere of Vrsar while providing a serene retreat away from the crowds found in larger cities like Porec or Pula.

The surrounding area is noted for its beautiful natural scenery and well-maintained paths, ideal for leisurely walks and cycling. Families with children and cyclists particularly appreciate the hotel's location due to its quiet ambiance, shaded areas and the variety of outdoor activities available.

Additionally, the hotel itself, despite its vintage charm, is well-maintained with friendly staff and commendable facilities. Guests also find the on-site amenities, such as the pool, to be excellent complements to the beautiful environment.

The Maistra Select Pineta Hotel stands out for providing a balanced experience of convenience, natural beauty and tranquility, making it a compelling choice for a memorable stay in Vrsar.

The breakfast experience at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel receives highly positive feedback from guests. Reviews consistently highlight the delicious and extensive range of options available at the breakfast buffet, offering a plentiful selection of sweet and savory dishes to satisfy various tastes. Many guests appreciate the fresh and varied offerings with some noting it as being above the standard for a three-star hotel. The self-service style makes for a convenient and enjoyable dining experience, enhanced by attentive and friendly staff.

Guests frequently mention the abundance of food, ensuring that there is something for everyone, even those with picky preferences. The breakfast terrace with views of the sea and harbor adds to the overall enjoyment, creating a scenic and relaxing environment to start the day.

While the breakfast generally meets or exceeds expectations, a few reviews indicate areas that could use improvement, such as the variety of pastries and bread, which are sometimes mentioned as lacking or not as fresh later in the morning. Nonetheless, the majority of feedback praises the breakfast for its quality, variety and the delightful experience it provides to guests each morning.

Overall, the breakfast at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel is described as excellent, rich and satisfying, making it a standout feature of the guest experience.

The dinner experience at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel generally receives high praise from guests. The food is often described as excellent, delicious and diverse with a wide selection that caters to various tastes. Many guests appreciated the buffet style, noting that it is varied and plentiful. The dinner offerings include a rich assortment of dishes, appealing to those looking for variety and ample choice.

However, some guests mentioned areas for improvement, such as the temperature of the food and the need for more variety in the main courses. While the buffet style allows for plenty of options, a few found the consistency lacking or mentioned that the dishes could be better executed. Additionally, concerns about the suitability for vegetarians and the overall quality at times were pointed out.

Despite some mixed feedback, the overall sentiment is positive with many guests enjoying the abundant, tasty meals and the fresh ingredients. Special occasions and themed dinners seem to add to the experience, providing memorable dining moments. The breakfast and dinner offerings together leave a generally favorable impression, making the hotel a commendable choice for travelers seeking good food as part of their stay.

At 'Maistra Select Pineta Hotel', the guest reviews paint a clear picture of the rooms. Predominantly, the comments reveal that the rooms are clean and comfortable with daily cleaning and towel changes being consistently highlighted. Some travelers appreciated the spaciousness of certain rooms and the beautiful sea views from various balconies, describing these as dream-like. Others found the rooms functional and equipped with all necessary amenities.

However, a recurring theme is the outdated nature of both the rooms and the furnishings with many guests mentioning that the decor and facilities appear frozen in time from several decades past. This includes mentions of old carpets, worn-out furniture and bathrooms in need of modernization. While some found the rooms to be well-maintained despite their age, others felt that comprehensive renovations were necessary. Issues such as small room sizes, noise levels, poor insulation and insufficient ventilation were also frequently noted.

The overall impression is that while the rooms are serviceable and clean and the views from certain rooms can be spectacular, the hotel's accommodations would benefit greatly from an update to align with contemporary expectations of comfort and style.

The reviews of the beds at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel present a varied picture. Many guests found the beds to be comfortable with some noting they were very comfortable and firm, allowing for a good night's sleep. Phrases like comfortable beds and the beds were extraordinarily perfect indicate that the hotel does well in ensuring guest comfort. There were also mentions of high-quality bedding and clean rooms which contributed positively to the overall sleep experience.

However, there were recurring remarks about the beds being on the harder side, which some guests found less than ideal. Descriptions such as beds were extremely hard, mattresses too hard and beds felt like sleeping on a plank were not uncommon. This suggests that while some guests appreciated the firmness, others found it to be a deterring factor affecting their comfort. There were also occasional complaints about the beds being too short, especially for taller guests.

It's clear that the hotel provides a mix of firm and soft mattresses, but the general consensus leans towards the beds being firmer than perhaps many would prefer. For those who like a well-made, firm mattress, this might be ideal, ensuring they sleep very well. The presence of cribs and additional beds was mentioned as a positive aspect, although some found the extra beds to be too small or uncomfortable.

Overall, the beds at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel receive positive remarks for cleanliness and overall comfort but might benefit from offering more variety in mattress firmness to cater to different preferences.

Maistra Select Pineta Hotel stands out for its notable cleanliness, which is often praised by guests. Rooms are described as very clean with daily cleaning routines that ensure fresh towels and tidiness. Public areas of the hotel, including the pool and beach, are maintained impeccably, providing guests with a clean and comfortable environment. The overall cleanliness of the hotel, including the lobby and dining areas, is well-regarded, contributing to a pleasant experience.

However, some guests noted that the rooms show signs of wear and could use renovations. Occasional lapses in room cleaning, such as dust and leftover items from previous guests, were mentioned. The swimming pool and sauna areas require more consistent maintenance and certain rooms had issues like calcified shower heads and stained fixtures.

Despite these minor setbacks, the hotel staff's dedication to maintaining cleanliness is generally appreciated and the majority of guests found their accommodations to be both clean and comfortable. With friendly staff and clean, well-maintained facilities, Maistra Select Pineta Hotel provides a satisfactory stay for most visitors.

Guests consistently praise the Maistra Select Pineta Hotel for its exceptional staff. Reviews highlight that the staff are extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating. A multitude of comments emphasize their professionalism, attentiveness and willingness to fulfill guests' wishes. The hotel team, from reception to housekeeping, is noted for their friendliness and competence in various languages, ensuring that all guests feel welcomed and cared for. Specific mentions of staff members, such as Slavica, Gabrijela, Branka and Dragana, underline personal, highly attentive service. The hotel's dedication to maintaining high standards of cleanliness, combined with the staff's proactive approach to resolving issues and ensuring guest satisfaction, contributes significantly to the positive experiences reported by visitors. Even during busy times, the staff's commitment to providing a pleasant and accommodating environment remains evident, making the hotel a commendable choice for travelers.

The Maistra Select Pineta Hotel appears to prioritize guest connectivity, offering free WiFi throughout the property. Guests have often noted that the WiFi is both fast and stable with speeds reaching up to 15 Mbps. Many reviews highlight the reliable and strong performance of the hotel's internet, describing it as working very well and perfectly suitable for general use.

However, there are occasional mentions of issues with the WiFi. Some guests faced patchy connections and slower speeds during periods of heavy traffic. Despite these minor setbacks, the overall sentiment towards the hotel's WiFi services remains positive.

In addition to acknowledging the satisfactory WiFi, guests also appreciate the efforts of the staff, who are frequently recognized for their excellent service. Nonetheless, some facilities such as direct phone lines for reception and room safes are noted as lacking.

The Maistra Select Pineta Hotel offers a varied spa and wellness experience with several appealing features. Guests frequently praised the wellness area as being nice and beautiful, highlighting the heated and indoor pool, which includes a hot tub and jacuzzi. The massage services received repeated commendations for being excellent with many guests describing their massages as very good or great.

The spa area includes multiple facilities, such as a Turkish sauna, a Finnish sauna and a general spa and wellness center that was described as excellent by several guests. A standout feature mentioned was the free sauna available upon registration, though it should be noted that some reviews mentioned the sauna facilities were small, old and occasionally not functioning properly. There were calls for more space and more relaxation areas within the sauna rooms.

The wellness area is characterized by its cleanliness with the hotel ensuring thorough cleaning on a daily basis. Additionally, a gym is available for guests who prefer a more active form of relaxation. Despite some areas needing improvement, particularly regarding the sauna space and equipment, the overall feedback on the spa and wellness services at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel was generally positive, making it a solid option for travelers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

The fitness facilities at the Maistra Select Pineta Hotel receive a generally positive assessment from guests. Many express satisfaction with the availability and functionality of the gym, describing it as well-equipped and suitably renovated. The gym and fitness area are noted for their utility with several guests praising the good to excellent quality of the equipment and overall setup.

The fitness center is located conveniently near the pool area, allowing for an integrated experience of exercise and relaxation. Many appreciate the cleanliness and maintenance of the gym, highlighting that it is cleaned daily and situated well within the hotel's layout.

However, some guests pointed out areas needing improvement, mentioning that certain equipment in the fitness room does not work and that it sometimes appears outdated or less than pristine. Despite these occasional critiques, the overall impression remains that the hotel's gym provides a functional and beneficial space for maintaining fitness while traveling.

Maistra Select Pineta Hotel offers a well-rounded pool experience that caters to various preferences. Guests consistently praise the pool area for being clean, well-maintained and perfectly suited for families, especially children. The hotel boasts both indoor and outdoor pools with the indoor pool being especially appreciated for its cleanliness and heating, making it a highlight during colder months. The outdoor pool is also well-received, providing ample loungers, umbrellas and a pleasant atmosphere.

Guests have the added benefit of accessing the pool facilities at the neighboring Hotel Belvedere, which enhances their overall pool experience. The shared pool areas with Belvedere are noted to be modern and well-kept, although some visitors find the path to the pool slightly inconvenient and comment on occasional noise issues.

The pool area’s aesthetics are often highlighted, described as beautiful and bordered by a nice location. Additional amenities such as sunbeds, parasols and poolside bars add convenience and relaxation options. Children’s pool areas are specifically mentioned as very nice, further solidifying the hotel's family-friendly reputation.

Despite a few concerns about the indoor pool's temperature and occasional crowding, the overall feedback is positive with guests appreciating the hotel's efforts to maintain clean and inviting pool areas. Whether seeking relaxation by the poolside or engaging in water activities, guests find the pool facilities at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel to be a notable feature of their stay.

Maistra Select Pineta Hotel is ideally situated just a short walk from some beautiful beaches, making it a top choice for those looking to enjoy the sea and sun. The proximity to the beach is a significant advantage; guests appreciate the quick and easy access with the shoreline typically just a few steps away or about a 2-minute walk. This perfect beach location offers stunning views of the clean, clear sea, often complemented by natural shade perfect for relaxation.

Beachgoers will find the environment both clean and well-maintained, ideal for families and children with numerous opportunities for swimming. While the beach is predominantly pebbly, some areas are sandy, adding to the variety. The beach's calm atmosphere provides an excellent setting for a pleasant stroll or relaxing day by the sea.

Visitors have noted the availability of sun loungers and umbrellas, although these come with a fee. Despite the scattered loungers, the beach does not often feel overly crowded, maintaining a tranquil environment. However, the presence of steps leading to the beach and the charges for beach amenities could be a consideration for some guests.

Overall, the beachfront location of Maistra Select Pineta Hotel, combined with the picturesque view from the hotel and the pleasant, well-kept beaches nearby, make it a desirable destination for those seeking a seaside retreat. The beach with its great bathing opportunities and family-friendly setup, stands out as one of the key highlights of staying at this hotel.

Maistra Select Pineta Hotel emerges as an ideal spot for family vacations, especially catering to families with children. The hotel offers a wide array of amenities and activities that children and their families can enjoy. The food selection is praised as excellent, providing a variety of options that delight children and fulfill family needs. Guests often highlight the family-friendly atmosphere and child-friendly accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all.

The hotel's pool areas are particularly appreciated with child-friendly and well-maintained facilities, including small beachside pools perfect for kids. There is also a Kids Club that offers engaging entertainment, allowing children to play for hours. The small pebble beach and the accessible promenade add to the convenience, offering more outdoor activities for families with strollers.

A recurring theme among reviews is the desire to return, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the family-oriented services and amenities. Whether it’s the pleasant service, the fun and safe pool areas or the overall family-friendly vibe, Maistra Select Pineta Hotel stands out as a great destination for a memorable family vacation.

3 Star
The Maistra Select Pineta Hotel, a three-star establishment, offers an impressive balance between quality and price. Many guests found it to be exceptional value for money with a majority praising it as very affordable. The hotel largely meets the expectations set for its star rating, even exceeding them in various aspects.

Known for its wonderful location, albeit with a considerable gradient and a series of daunting steps, it offers impressive views. The rooms, while clean and adequate, are complemented by the superbly trained and genuinely friendly staff across all areas of the hotel. This contributes significantly to the overall positive experience.

Guests repeatedly highlighted the quality of breakfast, describing it as very good with an excellent choice. Despite some remarks about the hotel feeling a bit dated, its amenities and features are considered more than adequate for a three-star hotel. The functional and well-equipped facilities add to the appeal of this medium upper-class establishment.

In conclusion, the Maistra Select Pineta Hotel proves to be a suitable 3-star hotel level accommodation with many amenities, very good catering and a beautiful location that collectively provide a three-star experience exceeding typical expectations.

Maistra Select Pineta Hotel offers an excellent range of services for business travelers. Its central location, close to the city center and harbor area, adds to its appeal for those traveling for work. The hotel features good business facilities, including meeting rooms and a business center, making it a suitable venue to organize company events. Guests have highlighted the steady internet connection and efficient check-in process as particularly beneficial for business stays.

While some guests noted that the room state does not meet contemporary standards and found the price-performance ratio not quite appropriate, the overall consensus underscores the value for money, particularly given the comprehensive business services provided. The hotel's proximity to nearby office access also enhances its suitability for business-related travel.

Heated Pool
The Maistra Select Pineta Hotel offers a well-kept heated pool that guests find enjoyable and comfortable. The indoor heated pool consistently received positive remarks for its clean condition and pleasant temperature, making it a hit among both adults and youngsters. Many reviewers found the heated water to be just the right temperature, describing it as nice and warm. Despite a few mentions of the pool water being cold or suggesting a need for increased heating, the overall experience was positive with guests appreciating the availability and quality of the heated swimming facilities.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel has garnered positive feedback from guests, highlighting its cleanliness, modern facilities and well-maintained condition. Visitors appreciate the pool's design and the inclusion of towel service. The availability of water slides, particularly appealing to kids, adds a touch of fun. Despite its relatively small size given the hotel's scale, the pool is described as functional and suitable for all ages. Guests have noted the ample provision of loungers and umbrellas, ensuring a hassle-free, relaxing experience by the poolside.

Additionally, the area around the pool offers a spacious ambiance, contributing to an overall pleasant atmosphere. Many reviews mention that the outdoor pool is shared with the neighboring Belvedere hotel, providing further options for swimmers with both facilities maintaining high standards. There were some mentions of the pool's water being quite cold and its early closure time at 6:00 pm, which may not suit all preferences. However, its cleanliness and the sufficient space for lounging were consistent highlights, ensuring an enjoyable and refreshing stay for visitors.

Indoor Pool
The Maistra Select Pineta Hotel offers an indoor pool, appreciated for its cleanliness and suitable temperature. This pool, although on the smaller side, provides a warm and inviting environment, essential during bad weather days. Families with children will find the facilities accommodating, as there is a dedicated children's section. Conveniently, guests can also enjoy access to the neighboring hotel's indoor pool that includes a hot tub, adding an extra touch of relaxation to their stay. Additionally, the indoor pool area features useful amenities like a sauna and a gym. Some guests noted the need for renovation and occasional overcrowding by teenagers, but overall, the indoor pool remains a strong draw for visitors seeking comfort and convenience during their stay.

The 'Maistra Select Pineta Hotel' emerges as an ideal retreat for couples seeking a romantic escape. Many guests cherished their stays in well-appointed romantic suites and the dedicated honeymoon suite, which are tailored for special occasions. Notably, romantic dinners and reserved wine upon arrival add to the charm, creating memorable dining experiences for couples. The hotel's effort to celebrate special moments, such as surprising guests with chilled champagne and a welcome message, highlights their attention to detail and commitment to creating personalized experiences. Additionally, couples have the opportunity for private bookings in secluded sections, allowing for intimacy and privacy. For those looking to enhance their romantic getaway, an evening walk along the beach is highly recommended, offering a serene and picturesque setting. Overall, the facilities, amenities and thoughtful gestures make 'Maistra Select Pineta Hotel' a compelling choice for honeymooners and couples celebrating significant milestones.

Yes, Maistra Select Pineta Hotel has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel.

No, Maistra Select Pineta Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Maistra Select Pineta Hotel.

Yes, Maistra Select Pineta Hotel has a gym.

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