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Summary of reviewsParkhotel Wangerooge is highly acclaimed for its prime location that perfectly balances convenience and tranquility. Set in the heart of Wangerooge, it offers easy access to attractions like the beach, main street and train station, all while providing a peaceful retreat amidst beautiful parks and gardens. The proximity to shops and restaurants adds to its appeal for those looking to explore the local amenities.

The breakfast offerings at the hotel are particularly praised. Guests delight in the extensive, high-quality selection, which includes fresh ingredients and a charming make-your-own waffle feature. The cozy breakfast room and the option to dine in the garden enhance the experience. Dinner, though available mainly from Thursday to Sunday, receives commendations for its quality and the engaging presence of the chef. Special menus add to the dining charm, particularly in the picturesque park terrace setting.

Guest rooms at Parkhotel Wangerooge are appreciated for their spaciousness, modern amenities and cleanliness. Many rooms boast large windows, welcoming decor and thoughtful provisions like complimentary water and kettles for tea and coffee. Despite occasional minor criticisms regarding size and soundproofing, the overall comfort and cleanliness of the rooms are lauded.

The hotel's commitment to cleanliness extends to the entire property with well-maintained common areas and updated bathrooms receiving particular praise. The staff is noted for their exceptional friendliness and attentiveness, always striving to ensure a pleasant stay for guests, even amidst minor challenges such as sometimes limited reception hours.

The spa area stands out as another highlight, offering a relaxing and well-maintained environment complete with bathrobes, towels and mineral water. The addition of a garden spa and fitness area enhances the overall wellness experience.

Families find the hotel particularly accommodating with spacious family rooms and a pleasant, family-run atmosphere that suits all age groups. The park's comfortable seating also contributes to the family-friendly vibe.

Beds at Parkhotel Wangerooge receive high marks for comfort, often described as excellent. Though preferences for mattress firmness vary among guests, the general sentiment is that the beds significantly contribute to restful sleep.

The hotel is notably dog-friendly, providing amenities such as dog beds and food bowls and allowing pets in designated areas which guests greatly appreciate. Although the current dining options are somewhat limited due to staffing issues, this does not considerably detract from the positive experience for pet owners.

Overall, Parkhotel Wangerooge offers a harmonious blend of accessibility, comfort and attentiveness, making it a desirable destination for travelers seeking a relaxed and well-rounded stay.
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Room Types
Doppelzimmer Parkhotel This double room features an electric kettle.

Familien-Suite Parkhotel This suite has an electric kettle and seating area.

Single Room with Shower This single room features an electric kettle and flat-screen TV.

Economy Double Room This double room has an electric kettle.

Holiday Home The unit has 9 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Parkhotel Wangerooge enjoys a prime location that is highly praised for its convenience and tranquility. Positioned centrally within the town of Wangerooge, the hotel provides guests with short walking distances to key attractions such as the beach, the main street and the train station. Despite its central spot, the hotel is set back enough to offer a peaceful environment, allowing visitors to enjoy a quiet stay. The surroundings are notably beautiful, nestled in or near well-maintained parks and gardens, offering a serene and idyllic setting. Moreover, the proximity to shops and restaurants makes it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the local amenities with ease. This blend of accessibility and calm, combined with the lush, park-like atmosphere, makes the location of Parkhotel Wangerooge particularly appealing for a relaxing and convenient vacation.

The breakfast at Parkhotel Wangerooge consistently receives high praise from guests, many highlighting both its quality and variety. The selection is described as extensive, rich and diverse, ensuring there's something to suit every taste. Fresh ingredients and an excellent buffet presentation contribute to the overall experience with many noting how the offerings remain well-maintained and abundant throughout the breakfast hours. Numerous reviews mention the ability to make your own waffles, adding a personal and delightful touch.

The breakfast room is often highlighted as inviting, cozy and even freshly renovated, enhancing the pleasant dining experience. Guests also appreciate the option of enjoying their meal in the garden area, adding to the charm. The coffee, robust and strong, pairs well with the delicious food, completing the morning spread. Overall, the breakfast at Parkhotel Wangerooge is regarded as a standout feature of the hotel, setting a high standard that leaves little to be desired.

Parkhotel Wangerooge offers a noteworthy dining experience that has received commendations from guests. Despite some limitation in operating hours with the restaurant requiring reservations and being mainly open from Thursday to Sunday, the opportunities to dine there are well appreciated. The à la carte dinner options are frequently praised for their quality. Special menus, such as those provided on New Year's Eve, enhance the dining experience with unique offerings. Guests also mention having engaging conversations with the chef, adding a personal touch to the meal. Dining on the park terrace adds to the appeal, providing a pleasant atmosphere. While some noted the absence of a bar and restaurant service as described, the overall positive remarks highlight the hotel's commitment to good cuisine and a commendable dining environment.

Parkhotel Wangerooge offers a variety of rooms that are generally well-received for their spaciousness and modern amenities. Guests frequently praise the newly renovated and tastefully furnished rooms, highlighting their cleanliness and comfort. Many rooms are described as large with expansive windows and some even feature sizable, pristine bathrooms with dual sinks. The decor is often noted to be bright, airy and friendly, making the accommodation feel inviting.

The rooms are equipped with useful amenities such as kettles with tea and coffee and some configurations also include refrigerators, safes and balconies. Daily provisions often include a complimentary bottle of water. Guests appreciate details like the comfortable beds and modern furnishings, which contribute to a pleasant stay. Some rooms come with the added luxury of bathrobes, towels and mineral water, especially when using the sauna.

There are a few criticisms: some rooms are described as small or having minimalistic furnishings that lack coziness. The soundproofing might not be ideal for all guests and housekeeping services have mixed reviews with occasional lapses in room cleaning and towel replacement. A few guests felt that some room setups were outdated or not conveniently located.

Despite these minor issues, the generous room sizes, high-quality furnishings and overall cleanliness ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for most guests at Parkhotel Wangerooge.

Parkhotel Wangerooge earns high marks for the quality of its beds from numerous reviews. Most guests find the beds to be very good, often describing them as excellent or great. Comfort is a recurring theme with guests appreciating the comfortable mattresses and highlighting the good sleeping comfort. Even the children's sofa bed receives commendations for its comfort. However, some reviews point out areas for improvement, such as mattresses being too soft or too hard for certain guests and the pillows not meeting expectations. Despite a few critical mentions, the general consensus is that the beds contribute positively to a restful stay at the hotel.

Parkhotel Wangerooge has garnered a positive reputation for its cleanliness and modern amenities. Guests consistently highlight that everything is very clean, from the beautifully furnished rooms to the spacious bathrooms. The hotel’s atmosphere, although slightly aged, remains charming and does not detract from the experience. The rooms are described as bright, large and airy and are noted for being clean, fresh and well-maintained. Many guests appreciate the modern and clean look of the hotel, including the common areas and the interesting elevator.

The accommodations are well-equipped and practical, offering a comfortable and tidy environment. However, there are occasional mentions of room cleaning not meeting some guests' expectations with specific complaints about finding hair in bed and inadequate cleaning. Despite these isolated incidents, the overall sentiment remains positive, applauding the hotel for its cleanliness and the accommodating staff. The spacious and updated bathrooms are especially praised, adding to the overall comfort of the stay.

Parkhotel Wangerooge has garnered extensive praise for its staff, who are described as exceptionally friendly, attentive and helpful. Guests frequently highlight the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the hotel team, noting that staff members consistently go out of their way to accommodate needs and fulfill wishes promptly. The reception staff, housekeeping and all other personnel are repeatedly noted for their courteous and polite demeanor. Furthermore, the cheerful and youthful attitude of the staff contributes significantly to the pleasant ambiance of the hotel. Despite occasional challenges such as the elevator being out of order or the reception not being permanently staffed, the staff's effort to ensure a positive experience remains evident. Overall, the service at Parkhotel Wangerooge is characterized by its friendliness, efficiency and a genuine commitment to guest satisfaction.

Parkhotel Wangerooge's spa garners praise for its inviting sauna area, described by guests as spacious, comfortable and very relaxing. The wellness area, referred to multiple times in reviews, is well-maintained and includes thoughtful amenities like bathrobes, towels and mineral water. A beautiful garden spa and fitness area complement the offerings, enhancing the overall experience. While there were some comments about not all saunas being operational, the positive feedback highlights the spa as a well-being oasis, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Parkhotel Wangerooge has garnered positive feedback from families who have stayed there. Guests appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere and the comfortable family rooms, making it an ideal spot for a short family vacation. The hotel's pleasant, family-run vibe contributes to an enjoyable and relaxing stay, even for those traveling with a baby.

Many families have highlighted the spacious and well-equipped bathrooms, which feature two sinks, offering the convenience of allowing multiple people to use the bathroom simultaneously—a notable advantage for families. Those who opted for the family suite left satisfied with their accommodations.

The hotel's park with its inviting and comfortable seating, is another favored aspect that enhances the overall stay. Families, including parents and children, have reported feeling very comfortable throughout their visit, indicating the hotel's suitability for guests of all ages, from young children to teenagers.

Dog Friendly
Visitors consistently note that 'Parkhotel Wangerooge' offers excellent amenities for those traveling with dogs. The provision of dog beds and food bowls is particularly appreciated with many guests noting how well their pets were accommodated. The spacious rooms allow both guests and their furry friends to stay comfortably. Breakfast arrangements include a separate room where travelers can enjoy their morning meal alongside their pets, a feature that has been commended for its thoughtful design. Generally, visitors find the hotel very dog-friendly, although there are mentions of a high number of dogs throughout the hotel. Currently, aside from breakfast, dining options are limited due to staffing shortages, but this does not seem to detract significantly from the overall positive experience for dog owners.

No, Parkhotel Wangerooge doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Parkhotel Wangerooge.

Yes, Parkhotel Wangerooge welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Parkhotel Wangerooge.

Yes, Parkhotel Wangerooge has a gym.

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