Zum Waldnaabtal

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Summary of reviewsNestled in the heart of Neuhaus, 'Zum Waldnaabtal' offers a prime location perfect for both leisure and activity-oriented travelers. Its proximity to traditional Zoigl taverns and central position on the Goldsteig make it an ideal base for hiking, cycling and immersing in local culture. Guests appreciate the serene and quiet village atmosphere, enhanced by scenic views over Windischeschenbach and the valley. Nearby parking facilities add convenience, ensuring a tranquil and easily accessible retreat.

The breakfast at Zum Waldnaabtal consistently impresses, often described as very good, varied and plentiful. The rich buffet offers a wide selection of fresh organic and locally influenced options, praised for their high quality and fair pricing. The pleasant breakfast experience, complemented by nice staff and comfortable amenities, stands out as a key highlight for guests.

Dinner at the hotel's restaurant is equally notable with guests frequently recommending the establishment for its excellent regional dishes. The traditional, hearty and home-cooked style cuisine, often paired with Zoigl beer, receives high praise for its taste and quality. Words like impeccable, amazing and fantastic reflect the superior culinary experience offered.

Guest rooms are commended for their cleanliness and comfort. Described as beautiful, cozy and nicely furnished, the rooms feature a modern-rustic design with effective soundproofing, ensuring a peaceful stay. Newly renovated rooms with balconies, along with spotless conditions and hypoallergenic environments, contribute to the overall positive experience. The addition of a small, nice sauna area further enhances the hotel's appeal.

The exceptional friendliness and helpfulness of the hotel staff are frequently highlighted. Guests appreciate the staff's professionalism, attentiveness and multilingual abilities, which contribute to a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The cleanliness of the entire property, from guest rooms to dining areas, is consistently praised, maintaining a high standard of hospitality.

The spa area, featuring a sauna, infrared cabin and relaxation space, offers a cozy and pleasant wellness experience. Despite bearing an additional charge and subject to availability, the well-maintained facilities provide a relaxing retreat.

The beds at Zum Waldnaabtal are largely praised for their comfort with many guests describing their sleep experience as restful. The overall consensus points to a positive experience, making the hotel a reliable choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing stay.
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Standard Double Room This room has a balcony or terrace.

Superior Double Room Boasting a balcony with city views, this double room also features soundproof walls and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Nestled in the heart of Neuhaus, 'Zum Waldnaabtal' boasts a prime location that caters to both leisure and activity-oriented travelers. The hotel’s proximity to the traditional Zoigl taverns, just a short walk away, makes it ideal for those wanting to immerse in local culture and enjoy an evening out. Positioned centrally on the Goldsteig, it serves as a perfect base for various hikes and outdoor activities, including cycling. Guests consistently praise the hotel for its convenient access to beautiful hiking trails and its scenic views over Windischeschenbach and the valley.

Despite being located in a village, the hotel offers a serene and quiet atmosphere, even with a church and its bells nearby. The village setting, combined with the wooded surroundings, provides a picturesque and tranquil retreat. The property also benefits from nearby parking facilities, making it easy for guests with vehicles.

Whether used as a starting point for adventures or a quiet getaway, 'Zum Waldnaabtal's' central but peaceful location, beautiful natural surroundings and local cultural attractions ensure a highly appreciated stay for its guests.

Zum Waldnaabtal consistently impresses guests with its breakfast offerings. Visitors frequently describe the breakfast as very good, varied and plentiful. The rich breakfast buffet features a wide selection of fresh and high-quality choices, often noted for its delicious and diverse options. Guests appreciate the ample selection and highlight the extensive, locally influenced menu that includes organic and fresh products.

The breakfast is often noted to be wonderful with superlatives like excellent and amazing being used to describe the experience. The variety in the breakfast spread means there is something for everyone, ensuring a good start to the day. High praise is also given for the fair pricing of such a high-quality breakfast.

The breakfast service reflects the overall hospitality of the hotel, which combines nice staff, great food and comfortable amenities. Guests continually underscore the pleasant experience of enjoying breakfast at Zum Waldnaabtal, making it a distinguished aspect of their stay.

Zum Waldnaabtal offers a dining experience that consistently impresses its guests. The restaurant at the hotel is frequently recommended, garnering praise for its very good and well-prepared regional dishes. Guests have highlighted the fine cuisine available in the evenings with many describing their dinner as excellent and top-notch. The food is characterized by its traditional and hearty, home-cooked style, which adds a comforting and authentic touch to meals.

The kitchen staff at Zum Waldnaabtal are noted for their extensive and very good culinary skills, delivering delicious and fantastic dishes. Many guests have expressed that the gastronomy at the hotel rounds off their stay perfectly with the Zoigl beer being a notable complement to the evening food. Reviewers have described the dining experience with words such as impeccable, amazing and extremely good, reflecting the high standard of the cuisine offered.

Overall, the restaurant at Zum Waldnaabtal is celebrated for its excellent cuisine, making it a key highlight for those staying at the hotel. Guests can expect a delicious and traditional dining experience that enhances their stay in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Zum Waldnaabtal showcases an array of guest rooms that have received commendable remarks for their cleanliness and comfort. The rooms, described as beautiful, cozy and nicely furnished, exhibit a modern-rustic design that appeals to many. Several guests highlighted the modernization and tasteful decoration of the rooms, specifically noting their spaciousness and effective soundproofing, ensuring a peaceful stay.

The hotel offers newly renovated rooms with added perks such as balconies, which provide a pleasant outdoor space. Although some noted the rooms are relatively small, many found them to be adequately spacious and consistently styled with large, open spaces in certain sections. In terms of temperature control, rooms remain cool even in hot weather, adding to the comfortable experience.

The cleanliness of the rooms is a recurring highlight with many guests praising the spotless condition and well-maintained nature of the spaces. The attention to detail in cleanliness extends to the absence of carpets, providing a hypoallergenic environment. There were few instances of minor cleanliness oversights, but overall, the upkeep of the rooms is highly regarded.

The addition of a small but nice sauna area adds to the appeal, providing a relaxing retreat for guests. In summary, Zum Waldnaabtal’s rooms stand out for their modern furnishings, spaciousness, soundproofing and impeccable cleanliness, making it a favored choice for travelers seeking both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

The guest reviews of Zum Waldnaabtal consistently highlight the comfort of the hotel's beds. Most guests found the beds to be very comfortable with several specifically praising the double beds. Many described their experiences with terms like "comfortable beds," "excellent bed as always," and "pleasant bed." Only a few mentioned that the beds were rather uncomfortable. Overall, the general sentiment leans towards a positive and restful sleep experience, making it a reliable choice for travelers seeking comfort.

Zum Waldnaabtal offers a consistently high standard of cleanliness, a key highlight frequently mentioned by guests. The rooms are described as spotlessly clean, modern and comfortable, providing a welcoming atmosphere that travelers appreciate. Many reviews note the modern furnishings, including beautifully renovated bathrooms and attractive wooden floors, adding to the overall pleasant environment. The hotel and its surroundings maintain a pristine condition with spotless guest dining areas and well-kept facilities. The ambiance is clean and quiet, ensuring a restful stay. Despite a singular mention of a room being less clean, the overwhelming consensus points to an impeccably maintained property, reflecting a high level of attention to detail in cleanliness and hospitality.

The reviews for 'Zum Waldnaabtal' overwhelmingly highlight the exceptional friendliness and helpfulness of the hotel staff. Travelers consistently describe the employees as very friendly, incredibly accommodating and attentive to guests' needs. The staff’s professionalism and willingness to assist are notable, ensuring a pleasant experience for visitors. Multilingual abilities, such as speaking Czech and the courteous demeanor of the reception team contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Guests repeatedly emphasize the positivity and happiness they felt during their stay, citing the staff's friendliness and attentiveness as key reasons for their satisfaction.

Zum Waldnaabtal offers a cozy and pleasant wellness experience, featuring a sauna, infrared cabin and a small relaxation area. Guests appreciate the nice, well-maintained spa facilities, which include the option to book the sauna individually, allowing for a more personalized experience. The spa area is often described as cozy and conducive to relaxation, complemented by the hotel's beautiful and clean environment. While it should be noted that the sauna requires an additional charge and is subject to availability, the overall atmosphere of the wellness area contributes significantly to a relaxing stay at the hotel.

No, Zum Waldnaabtal doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Zum Waldnaabtal.

Yes, Zum Waldnaabtal welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Zum Waldnaabtal.

No, Zum Waldnaabtal doesn't have a gym.

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