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Summary of reviewsHotel Žabčice is highly regarded for its strategic and tranquil location near Brno, offering easy access to major travel routes and local attractions. Situated in a peaceful village, it provides a restful and serene environment, appreciated for its proximity to wellness centers, thermal baths and exploration opportunities in South Moravia. The hotel's location makes it an ideal choice for both short stays and stopovers on longer journeys.

The hotel's breakfast receives predominantly positive feedback with descriptors like "great breakfast" and "delicious breakfast" frequently used. Guests appreciate the quality of the food, the rich and diverse self-service buffet and the friendliness of the staff. Early serving times cater to those with early departures. Despite some guests finding the selection limited or not up to the 4-star standard, the overall experience remains positive.

Dining at the hotel's restaurant is another highlight with many praising the variety and quality of the dishes, particularly the pizzas, hamburgers and Czech beer. The beer garden adds to the relaxed ambiance. Though the menu might be limited, the meals are consistently described as delicious and well-prepared, accompanied by commendable service.

Accommodations at Hotel Žabčice are commonly praised for their cleanliness, modern amenities and recent renovations. The rooms are described as spacious, bright and tastefully furnished with large, well-equipped bathrooms. Family and VIP rooms offer additional space and comfort. Though a few guests mentioned minor issues such as room noise and chemical smells, the general consensus highlights the hotel's high level of cleanliness and modern charm.

Exceptional cleanliness is a standout feature with both rooms and communal areas receiving consistent praise for their tidiness and modern appeal. The entire building maintains high standards of cleanliness, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Staff at Hotel Žabčice are consistently described as friendly, helpful and kind. The team, particularly the receptionists and waitresses, is noted for their pleasant demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile, contributing to a highly enjoyable stay.

The hotel provides convenient parking options, including public parking, a private parking area with plenty of spaces and an underground garage for added security. The availability of stress-free parking solutions close to the hotel and city center is appreciated by guests.

Finally, the beds at Hotel Žabčice offer a comfortable sleeping experience with many guests praising the large and comfortable beds and nice mattresses. Despite a few mentions of issues with softness and lumpiness, the general sentiment is that guests enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Overall, Hotel Žabčice is well-regarded for its convenient location, high standards of cleanliness, quality dining options, comfortable accommodations and exceptional staff service, making it a reliable choice for travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room Stylish room with free WiFi.

Double or Twin Room Stylish room with free WiFi and a comfort double bed.

Triple Room Stylish room with free WiFi.

Two Connecting Double Rooms These are 2 interconnected rooms with a private bathroom and free WiFi.

Quadruple Room The quadruple room provides air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. This quadruple room features parquet floors, heating, a flat-screen TV and a quiet street view. The unit offers 3 beds.

Double Room The double room offers air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This double room has parquet floors, heating, a flat-screen TV and a quiet street view. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Žabčice is praised for its convenient and strategic location near Brno, making it an ideal stopover for travelers heading towards South Moravia or even Croatia. Nestled in a peaceful, quiet village, the hotel offers a restful retreat with easy access to major travel routes, being only 5 km from the highway exit.

Guests appreciate the proximity to Brno, which is just a short 20-minute drive away, enabling easy access to wellness centers and thermal baths in the city. The hotel's setting in a tranquil and intimate town provides an opportunity for serene walks and a calming atmosphere, contributing to a restful stay.

A notable feature is its suitability for travelers from Southern Europe using public transport, highlighting its central position in the village. The location also serves as a fantastic base for exploring nearby attractions, including Pálava and Aqualand Moravia, making it a versatile choice for various types of visitors.

Overall, the hotel’s advantageous location and tranquil surroundings have left a positive impression on guests, recommending it for both short stays and as a stop on longer journeys. The combination of a quiet, peaceful environment with the convenience of nearby amenities and exploration opportunities makes Hotel Žabčice a well-regarded choice among travelers.

Hotel Žabčice receives predominantly positive feedback regarding its breakfast offerings, characterized by descriptors like "great breakfast," "delicious breakfast," and "very tasty food." Guests frequently commend the quality of the coffee and praise the freshness and variety of the breakfast options. The breakfast is often described as rich, diverse and plentiful with a self-service buffet that adds to the convenience. Many reviewers highlight the friendliness of the staff and the early serving time for those with early departures, adding to the overall positive experience.

However, there are occasional mentions of the breakfast being below the expected standard for a 4-star hotel. Some guests found the selection limited and a bit scarce, noting missing items such as white yogurt and sweet pastries. A few reviews mention the breakfast being "normal" or "simple," indicating that while it may meet the basic needs, it might not impress those with higher expectations.

Overall, Hotel Žabčice's breakfast is generally well-received with guests appreciating the delicious food and good coffee, despite some occasional critiques of its variety and presentation.

Hotel Žabčice offers an impressive dining experience that frequently earns praise from its guests. The restaurant boasts a variety of enticing dishes with many highlighting the delicious pizzas and hamburgers, often noted for their excellent dressing. The beer garden at the hotel bar is celebrated, providing a relaxed ambiance and access to delicious Czech beer.

Despite a limited menu, guests find the meals to be consistently very tasty and well-prepared, often described as delicious or excellent. The service at the restaurant is commendable, contributing to a pleasant dining experience, although there might be occasional language barriers for Slovak-speaking visitors.

Portions served at dinner are generously sized, catering to those with hearty appetites. Overall, the restaurant at Hotel Žabčice stands out for its high quality and satisfying selection of dishes.

Hotel Žabčice offers commendable accommodations that guests frequently praise for their cleanliness and modern amenities. The hotel has undergone recent renovations, resulting in rooms that are not only very clean but also spacious, bright and tastefully furnished. Visitors particularly appreciate the large bathrooms, which are both clean and well-equipped and the overall spaciousness of the rooms.

Various room options, including family and VIP rooms, are noted for their generous size and comfortable beds, creating a cozy atmosphere. The newly reconstructed space features modern amenities such as air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable stay. The hallways also received positive mentions for their ample space, contributing to the overall pleasant experience.

However, a few guests pointed out minor issues, such as the lack of opaque blinds, occasional room noise and a strong chemical smell in some rooms. Despite these minor setbacks, the hotel's high level of cleanliness and modern charm are frequently highlighted, making it a reliable choice for travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

Hotel Žabčice offers a generally comfortable sleeping experience, highlighted by several guests praising the large and very comfortable beds. The mattresses are noted for their nice touch, adding to the overall comfort. The beds in the hotel are consistently described as comfortable and quiet, providing a restful night's sleep for many guests. While a small number of reviews mentioned issues with softness and lumpiness, the prevailing sentiment points to a favorable bedding experience.

Hotel Žabčice impresses with its exceptional cleanliness, offering visitors an immaculate and welcoming environment. Guests consistently praise the clean rooms, which are described as both tidy and modern, contributing to a comfortable stay. The hotel, having undergone recent renovations, boasts updated and fresh interiors. This modern appeal extends throughout the facility, from clean and spacious accommodations to spotless bathrooms. Notably, the cleanliness extends beyond the rooms with the entire building maintaining high standards. Visitors will also enjoy fresh amenities such as baked bread and find comfort in the cozy, fragrant atmosphere. The high level of cleanliness at Hotel Žabčice ensures a pleasant and hygienic experience, meeting and often exceeding guests’ expectations.

Hotel Žabčice boasts an exceptional staff, consistently described as friendly, helpful and kind by its guests. Reviews highlight the team’s overall pleasant demeanor with the receptionist and waitresses receiving particular praise for their friendliness and assistance. The hotel staff, including those in both the reception and the restaurant, are noted for their willingness to go the extra mile, providing fantastic and very kind service to all who stay. Guests also appreciate the clean environment, excellent service and the comfort offered, contributing to a highly enjoyable experience at the hotel.

Hotel Žabčice offers a variety of parking options that cater to visitors' convenience and preferences. Guests can choose between public parking and private parking with plenty of spaces available. The hotel also features an underground garage, ensuring covered and secure parking for vehicles. With parking close to the city center and at the hotel itself, visitors can enjoy stress-free parking without any issues. The free underground car park is an added benefit for those looking for additional security. Overall, Hotel Žabčice provides ample and convenient parking solutions for all its guests.

No, Hotel Žabčice doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Žabčice.

No, Hotel Žabčice doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Žabčice.

No, Hotel Žabčice doesn't have a gym.

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