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Summary of reviewsBoutique Hostel Forum in Zadar consistently receives high praise for its location, cleanliness and stylish, modern design. Positioned in the heart of Zadar's Old Town, the hostel provides guests with unparalleled access to the city’s historic attractions, bustling nightlife and various dining and shopping options. Iconic landmarks, such as the Roman Forum, St. Donatus Church and the Sea Organ, are just a short walk away with beautiful views of these sites visible from many rooms.

Guests frequently highlight the quality and value of the breakfast, which offers a good mix of sweet and savory options. Though the breakfast room can be small and occasionally crowded, the warm atmosphere and courteous staff make it a delightful experience. Rooms at the hostel are noted for their cleanliness, modern design and thoughtful features like privacy curtains, individual outlets and lamps. While the rooms are compact, their efficient layout and unique design elements, such as capsule beds and colorful decor, provide a cozy and pleasant stay.

The hostel’s staff are often commended for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism, contributing significantly to the welcoming ambiente of the hostel. The Wi-Fi service receives mixed reviews; it is generally strong in communal areas, though improvements could be made to its consistency in private rooms.

The hostel is close to vibrant nightlife, which may result in some noise, particularly during weekends. Despite this, the lively energy surrounding the hostel adds to its charm. The beds are comfortable and private with additional features like personal lamps and mirrors enhancing the guest experience.

Guests also appreciate the hostel’s dog-friendly policy, noting that it is a welcoming place for pets with specific amenities provided for them. Overall, the combination of its unbeatable location, modern design, friendly staff and dog-friendly features makes Boutique Hostel Forum a standout choice in Zadar for those looking to immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy a vibrant, convenient stay.
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Single Bed in 4-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room This room features air conditioning and a bathroom.

Standard Twin Room This air-conditioned room features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a minibar.

Superior Double Room Featuring modern design, this air-conditioned room offers a flat-screen satellite TV and a minibar.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Boutique Hostel Forum's location consistently receives high praise from its guests, making it a standout choice for visitors. Situated right in the heart of Zadar's Old Town, the hostel offers unparalleled access to the city's historic and cultural attractions. Guests highlight its proximity to iconic landmarks such as the Roman Forum, the Archaeology Museum, St. Donatus Church and the Sea Organ, all of which are just a short walk away. The central position also ensures that a plethora of restaurants, bars, shops and the beach Promenade are within easy reach, making it an ideal base for both sightseeing and leisure.

This ultra-convenient location is complemented by breathtaking views of the city's historic structures from many of the rooms. The well-designed hostel allows guests to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Zadar while enjoying modern amenities and a comfortable stay. Visitors also commend the hostel's accessibility, especially its connection to the airport bus stop, which is only a few minutes away.

Overall, the unbeatable location of Boutique Hostel Forum ensures that everything Zadar has to offer is at the guests' fingertips, combining a perfect blend of convenience, comfort and cultural immersion.

Guests generally appreciated the breakfast at Boutique Hostel Forum, highlighting its quality and taste. Many described it as simple yet delicious with a good mix of sweet and savory options. The breakfast was often noted as offering great value for money with some standout mentions of specific items like scrambled eggs and breads.

The variety and freshness of the offerings were frequently praised with many reviewing the ample selection as more than sufficient and satisfying. However, there were occasional comments on the limited variety and some guests felt it could include more options such as fresh fruit or cater better to dietary restrictions like lactose intolerance.

The breakfast room was described as small but cozy and functional with a few guests mentioning it could become crowded. Despite this, the overall dining experience seemed positive, thanks to a warm atmosphere and courteous staff. The extended breakfast hours and the ability to take food to go were added conveniences noted by guests.

In summary, Boutique Hostel Forum’s breakfast is considered a strong point of the stay by visitors, offering a good start to the day with its hearty, tasty and varied selections, even if it occasionally falls short on diversity and space.

The rooms at Boutique Hostel Forum offer an interesting blend of functionality, modern design and a touch of uniqueness, perfectly reflecting the hostel's boutique nature. Cleanliness stands out as a consistent highlight with rooms frequently described as very clean, modern and tidy. Despite being on the smaller side, the rooms are efficiently organized to maximize the available space, providing necessary amenities such as privacy curtains, individual outlets and lamps at each bed.

The hostel's design is distinct and quirky with many guests appreciating the creative use of mirrors, bright colors and capsules that afford a higher degree of privacy, even in shared dormitories. Comfortable beds and well-maintained facilities are typical remarks from guests, alongside the convenience of having separate shower and toilet areas within the same room.

Views are another strong feature with many rooms offering stunning vistas of the sea or iconic landmarks such as St. Donatus Church and the main square, making the stay memorable despite the compact size of the rooms. The capsule-style beds and private cubicles add to the modern chic of the hostel, ensuring guests enjoy both comfort and some degree of seclusion.

However, space seems to be the most common drawback with repeated comments about rooms being cramped, especially for larger groups or longer stays. Bathrooms and showers, while clean and functional, are often noted as being quite small. Despite these spatial constraints, many guests find the rooms cozy, cheerfully designed and perfectly suitable for short stays.

Overall, the Boutique Hostel Forum seems to offer a delightful mix of modern comfort, cleanliness and unique design with the room views and thoughtful privacy features making up for the limited space.

At Boutique Hostel Forum, guests have consistently praised the comfort and privacy provided by the beds. The mattresses are frequently described as comfortable with some guests specifically mentioning the cleanliness and quality of the bedding. The innovative design, which often involves capsule-like structures, curtains or blinds, enhances privacy and creates a cozy sleeping environment. Many visitors appreciated the additional features such as personal lamps, plugs and mirrors that make each bed feel more private and convenient.

Despite several positive remarks, a few guests noted that the firmness of the mattresses might not suit everyone’s tastes and the beds can sometimes lack ventilation when the curtains are closed. Some bunk beds were reported to be high and a bit challenging to climb into. However, these issues did not overshadow the overall positive feedback regarding the great privacy and comfort provided by the beds.

In essence, Boutique Hostel Forum's approach to bed design – focusing on comfort and privacy – has been well-received, making it a favorable choice for travelers looking for a restful stay with ample personal space.

'Boutique Hostel Forum' receives high praise for its commitment to cleanliness, as affirmed by numerous guest reviews. Guests frequently highlighted the spotless environment, noting that both rooms and bathrooms are consistently well-maintained. Daily housekeeping ensures that spaces remain tidy and the hostel's overall hygiene standards are commendable. Various comments emphasize that the rooms are very clean, comfortable and organized. The staff's dedication to cleanliness extends to common areas, which are also kept in excellent condition.

However, some minor criticisms were noted, including occasional lapses in cleaning specific areas such as carpets, roller blinds and certain bathrooms. Despite these few issues, the general consensus portrays 'Boutique Hostel Forum' as a clean, welcoming and comfortable place to stay. Guests appreciate the modern setup and the hostel's ability to maintain a high level of sanitation, contributing significantly to the positive overall experience.

The reviews for the staff at Boutique Hostel Forum paint a picture of a team that is consistently friendly, helpful and welcoming. Guests repeatedly commend the reception staff for their kindness, attentiveness and availability around the clock. Many mentioned the warm and professional demeanor of the staff, appreciating their willingness to go above and beyond to assist with various needs and inquiries.

Several reviews highlight specific staff members, such as Valentina, Mario and Bianca, for their exceptional service and personal touch. The receptionists are noted for being informative, fluent in English and dedicated to ensuring guests have a pleasant stay. The atmosphere created by the staff is described as very friendly, cooperative and accommodating.

There are occasional mentions of less favorable experiences with some staff members, but these instances seem to be exceptions rather than the rule. Overall, the positive feedback emphasizes the staff’s dedication to making each guest feel welcomed and valued, contributing greatly to the hostel's hospitable environment.

Boutique Hostel Forum appears to have diverse feedback on its Wi-Fi service. Many guests commend the hostel for its excellent, very good and consistently strong Wi-Fi connectivity with several noting the super-fast internet speed, especially in common areas like the communal kitchen and seating/work spaces. The internet worked well for a number of visitors, providing good quality and uninterrupted access.

However, some guests reported issues with the Wi-Fi in the rooms, mentioning weak signals, connection problems and instances where the Wi-Fi wasn’t working at all. These negative experiences could be problematic for travelers who heavily rely on stable internet, particularly those without local mobile data. Improvements in the room-specific Wi-Fi and overall security could enhance the guest experience significantly.

Overall, the hostel's Wi-Fi receives mixed feedback, performing admirably in communal areas while having room for improvement in private quarters.

The Boutique Hostel Forum in Zadar offers an exceptional location right in the heart of the Old Town, placing guests just steps away from key attractions, the beach and a plethora of restaurants, bars and shops. The historical center boasts a lively atmosphere with cozy streets that are dotted with a variety of dining and nightlife options. Guests will appreciate the ease of access to all amenities and the vibrant ambiance that permeates the area, making it an ideal choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the local scene.

However, being at the epicenter of the city's nightlife comes with its own set of challenges. The proximity to nightclubs and bars means that noise levels can be quite high, particularly on weekends and during late-night hours. Street musicians, party celebrations and the sounds of enthusiastic crowds spill into the rooms, which might disturb light sleepers. Rooms above or near clubs may experience noise till the early morning hours, which is something to consider for those who prioritize a quiet night's sleep.

In summary, while the location of Boutique Hostel Forum is perfect for those looking to explore and enjoy Zadar's bustling nightlife and dining scene, it may not be the best choice for guests seeking tranquility. The vibrant energy that surrounds the hostel makes it a lively and exciting place to stay, provided one is prepared for the accompanying urban sounds.

Boutique Hostel Forum in Zadar has garnered acclaim for its trendy and stylish design, creating a unique and charming atmosphere that sets it apart. Guests appreciated the modern and artistic interior, described as both funky and original with standout elements like slightly trippy hallway colors and mirrored rooms. The hostel's attention to detail and custom-built quad beds were particularly noted, enhancing the cozy and boutique ambiance.

The facilities are modern, clean and well-equipped, offering great value despite not being the cheapest option. The reception staff received high praise for their professionalism and kindness, contributing to an overall positive experience. Beautiful city and sea views further amplified the hostel's appeal, making it a highly recommended place to stay for many visitors.

Despite some minor issues, such as smaller-than-expected rooms, the hostel's blend of originality, stylish decor and cleanliness left a lasting impression on its guests. For those seeking a balance of privacy and the lively atmosphere typical of hostels, Boutique Hostel Forum stands out as the place to be in Zadar. Its central location, coupled with a unique and modern design, ensures it remains a top choice for travelers.

Dog Friendly
Boutique Hostel Forum in Zadar has garnered positive feedback for its dog-friendly features, making it an appealing choice for pet owners. The hotel is known for its accommodating stance towards dogs with several guests highlighting this aspect as a key reason for their stay. Amenities for dogs include comfortable bedding, dog menus and even the provision of bowls. Some reviews mention that dogs are allowed without any additional charges, while one noted a fair charge of 50 kn for the presence of a dog. However, it is important to note that dogs are not allowed at breakfast. Despite this minor restriction, guests generally appreciate the overall atmosphere, describing the hotel as super friendly and funny. The great breakfast offerings also stand out, adding to the overall positive experience at the hotel.

No, Boutique Hostel Forum doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Boutique Hostel Forum.

Yes, Boutique Hostel Forum welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Boutique Hostel Forum.

No, Boutique Hostel Forum doesn't have a gym.

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