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May 26, 2022 by Maria Taglidou

Photo by  Horizon Beach Resort

Ahhh, summer! That time of the year when all you can think about while at work is that you would rather be lounging on a beach somewhere, ready to dive in the clear blue sea and cool off. You start to think about where you can go to have the exact experience you’ve been dreaming of. You search and search and end up choosing a hotel that says it’s located on a white sandy beach. Hurray! You finally get there but alas! You realize that in order to get to the beach, you need to walk further than you’d like in the scorching heat or you need to cross a busy highway where there is no crossing or even climb a fence since the beach is sectioned off! How disappointing… Your dream is slowly turning into a nightmare.

Having personal experience of scenarios like the above, we decided to put an end to them and was one of the reasons why we decided to create Travelmyth. We decided to examine what the word beachfront really means for us and ended up setting some standards and parameters for the hotels featured on our site.

Ideally, every beachfront hotel would be located in front of or directly on a beach, however, this is not always the case. We understand that every part of the world is different so we have taken this factor into account. So, when we categorize a hotel as beachfront, this may include hotels which have a building or road between them and the beach, as well as hotels which are built at a higher elevation than the beach. Allow us though to clarify each case and to analyze what we look for.

In the case of in between buildings, we check to see if these buildings are part of the hotel, in which case, guests are allowed to stroll past them and access the beach. If the buildings belong to a different hotel or are owned by the state or a private individual, the hotel will not be categorized as beachfront.

In cases where the hotel is separated from the beach by a road we ensure that the road is easy to cross, for example, there might be a designated crossing or a suspended bridge for pedestrians.

Photo by  Ikones Seafront Luxury Suites

If the hotel is built on higher ground or on a cliff, we will check for you and find out if and how you can access this beach whether it’s by descending a few steps or by using the hotel’s elevator.

How do we do all this? Well, it’s not easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. With over 46000 worldwide beachfront hotels on our site, we go directly to the source. We ask hoteliers to fill in our questionnaire which has been specifically designed for this purpose. The process is entirely free so we urge the hotels to take some time and fill it in if they haven’t done so already. So far, over 1000 questionnaires have been filled in, so we use this detailed information to not only categorize each property correctly but also to rate each one and provide our users with the top selection in each category and sub-category.

So what happens with the hotels which haven’t yet filled in our questionnaire? This is where good, old-fashioned, hard work comes in. We scour the internet for information. We study maps, photos, traveler reviews and anything else that can help us make a decision on whether a hotel will be included in the beachfront category.

Oh and here are some fun facts for you! The number 1 country in the world with the most beachfront hotels is the US with 12532 hotels. Can you guess which country ranks number 2, though? It’s Greece with 3469! Cool right? Do you want to now know which destination in the US ranks first for beachfront hotels? Did anyone guess Myrtle beach in South Carolina? Yup! With 1962 hotels, it’s ahead of Panama City beach in Florida with 1085 and the Gulf Shores in Alabama with 696. If you enjoyed these facts, there are plenty more where they came from! Just follow us on social media to get notified of our future posts:

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