5 Boutique-style Riads and Hotels in Morocco

August 28, 2022 by Akylina Printziou

Photo:  Hotel & Ryad Art Place Marrakech

Exotic spices and fragrances that waft through the atmosphere as you walk down the flea market, vibrant colours and traditional architecture anywhere you turn your gaze to, and cities steeped in history, sensations and aromas - there's a very characteristic charm that Morocco has and it pulls us in every single time.

You can find luxurious boutique hotels in any part of the world, but the truth is that Morocco, with its unmatched charisma, offers some of the most unique options. Riads with distinctive design that fuse traditional architecture with modern details, hotels that are nothing short of an oasis of luxury with the amenities and services they offer and hotels that will awaken all your senses and make you feel like you stepped into an oriental tale that has been written exclusively for you. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, let's explore together 5 charming and opulent boutique-style riads and hotels in Morocco:

Tigmiza Boutique Hotel & Spa

Right in the heart of Marrakech (also known as "The Red City"), surrounded by lush palm groves and golf courses, you will find Tigmiza Boutique Hotel & Spa, a true gem of a hotel. Each suite and villa boasts an elegant and distinctive design, reminiscent of the traditional architecture yet fully equipped with modern amenities and everything you might need for the most luxurious stay. If you seek something even more unique for your stay, you can choose one of the pavilions which offer absolute tranquility as both their interior and their surroundings are enveloped by nature. Of course, invigorating spa treatments couldn't be absent from a luxurious hotel like this one, so don't forget to immerse yourself in therapies with local products such as mint, saffron or honey.


Striking colours and vibrant interiors are the first thing you notice when you enter STORY Rabat, a luxurious boutique-style hotel located in the Ambassadors district in Rabat. Its design is an amalgamation of modern Moroccan architecture with Andalusian elements, which are reflected across its 27 rooms and 10 villas, while its heartfelt hospitality and high quality services will take your stay to a whole new level. The hotel also features a chic library to relax with a good book, stylish meeting rooms for your business needs and a verdant garden where you can enjoy romantic moments with your significant other.

Domaine Des Remparts Hotel & Spa

Combining Moroccan and ethnic elements that aim to bring harmony and an exotic air to your stay, Domaine Des Remparts Hotel & Spa is a 5-star boutique-style hotel in Marrakech which is ideal for a discreetly luxurious vacation. The soft tones of its interiors, the lush gardens which are lined with palm trees and the spa and wellness rituals will make you feel connected with your surroundings and truly unwind during your stay. The hotel's cuisine will also offer you new gastronomic experiences, as it blends healthy food with traditional Moroccan dishes.

Dar Rhizlane, Palais Table d'hôtes & SPA

With its palace-style exterior, enveloped by white bougainvilleas and emanating a royal atmosphere, Dar Rhizlane, Palais Table d'hôtes & SPA will make you feel like true royalty from the moment you set foot on its premises. It features rooms and suites with individual decoration and aesthetics, as well as a private garden or terrace and riad-style design that will offer guests the romantic oriental experience they seek. At the hotel spa, you'll be able to pamper your body, mind and soul through the treatments and rituals offered and surround yourself with enticing aromas that will certainly enrich your luxurious accommodation experience.

La Sultana Marrakech

Last, but certainly not least, La Sultana Marrakech is a stylish riad that offers a glimpse into a truly majestic accommodation experience in Kasbah, just a short distance from historic sites such as the Royal Palace and the Saadian Tombs. Each room and suite has a unique and cosy feel, while the hotel's roof terrace is the ideal place to unwind after a long day with a refreshing cocktail, overlooking the city and all its wonders. Works of art adorn every nook and cranny of this boutique-style riad, making your stay truly one of a kind.

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