8 Cool Capsule Hotels in the World

October 28, 2022 by Ioanna Hatzidavidou

Photo:  Optimi Rooms Bilbao

It is very important that traveling should no longer be considered a luxury and seen as a pipe dream, but something that every person can do and enjoy. Nowadays, there are numerous budget-friendly accommodation options that give everyone the opportunity to travel, and capsule hotels, apart from being one of the coolest and the most interesting types of hotels, can also offer a rich and unique staying experience at an affordable price. Staying in a capsule hotel might be quite a novelty for some people. But the truth is that this type of hotel has been around for a long time now and is becoming an increasingly popular preference especially for people who travel frequently for work or for travelers who are curious to try something new and unusual.

The first capsule hotel opened in 1979 in Osaka, Japan, and was designed by Kisho Kurokawa. They were used as a cheap solution for the salarymen that missed the last train home and needed a place to spend the night. Capsule hotels, also known as sleep pods or cube hotels, include small bed-sized rooms (the capsules). Many capsule hotels provide distinct areas, floors, and dorms for male and female visitors, while others are aimed exclusively at women or men. They’re stylish, space-efficient, fitted with the latest technology, and more spacious than you believe and some of them can actually feature a masterpiece interior. They usually have communal bathrooms, a kitchen or a restaurant, lockers, entertainment rooms, and changing rooms and you may find even more high-end amenities. Besides, the fact that they focus mainly on simplicity and minimalism doesn’t automatically mean that they stick to providing only the essentials and basic comforts.

Today, capsule hotels can be found from Asia to Europe and in many countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Estonia, Spain or Poland. The Travelmyth team gathered below some of its favorites:

Capsule Hostels Tallinn

Capsule Hostels Tallinn, situated in the picturesque Tallinn, is an innovative and out-of-this-world capsule hotel that will make you feel like you are traveling in space. The capsule has a modern design and its interior, combined with the lighting of the room (perfect for cuddling under the shades of the galaxy and taking star-amazing pictures) makes you feel like you are sleeping in a spaceship. There are mixed and female-only dorms and each pod includes a flat-screen TV, WiFi, headphones, ear plugs, a mirror and USB connectors. In addition to these luxury amenities and modern comforts, this funky space-themed capsule hotel also includes code-safe lockers, a shared kitchen, a vending machine and a lounge area where you can meet people from all over the world and have interesting conversations.

CityHub Amsterdam

CityHub Amsterdam in Amsterdam is a super friendly and convenient high-tech capsule hotel that perfectly blends functionality, vibrant atmosphere, old-school vibes and modernity. It is an ideal spot for digital nomads and solo travelers. This striking capsule hotel is a digital oasis including super modern and comfort pods, Dutch power plugs and USB-plugs, free WiFi, controllable lighting, built-in speakers with Bluetooth access, a self-service bar and a lounge area to have great fun and make international friends. Discover the hidden gems of Amsterdam through the app and get the best tips from the friendly City Hosts. If you are into digital lifestyle and hotel-living, this capsule hotel will become your favorite spot.

Optimi Rooms Bilbao

Optimi Rooms Bilbao in Bilbao is a state-of-the-art futuristic capsule hotel with luxurious and modern pods that look straight out of a sci-fi movie. The greenery on the walls creates the ideal contrast with the lustrous white metallic corridors and the minimalist interior design composing an environment of high aesthetics that will fascinate you. Just pure luxury! You can choose between comfortable single and double capsules that feature a viscoelastic bed and pillows, headphones, USB and Bluetooth connections, LEDs for adjustable reading and many more luxurious amenities that will meet the needs of every contemporary traveler. Among the exceptional facilities of this thrilling capsule hotel, guests will also find lockers, a shared kitchen, a dining room and changing rooms.

capsule hotel lucerne

capsule hotel lucerne is a unique and quirky capsule hotel that has a privileged location in the charming Old Town of Luzern. This capsule hotel is located in the Hirschengraben - Coworking + Innovation, making it an ideal accommodation option for business travelers and creative digital nomads. Each pod is equipped with a Swiss quality mattress, USB and power connection, a mirror, free WiFi, a shelf and a storage space. The coolest element of these stylish capsules is that each of them has its distinctive interior design creating the illusion of being close to nature. You may see a green forest, red flowers or a heavenly sky. Rest at the shared lounge (top spot for socializing) and spend unique moments of relaxation in your capsule while admiring the playful flashes of the galactic color of the ceiling.

KINN Capsule

KINN Capsule is a sleek minimalist capsule hotel in Singapore, where you will spend the most serene holidays and rest your body and mind. Decorated in nude and soft pink tones, it creates an elegant environment where balance and simplicity prevail and make you feel like you are staying in a boutique hotel. It consists of 72 stylish capsules and each capsule comes with 2 USB charging ports and power points, unlimited WiFi, a LED reading light, a folding desk and mirror, and clothes hangers. You can choose between mixed, female only and male only dorms. Among the excellent facilities of the capsule hotel there are two pantries equipped with coffee, tea and snacks, a shared lounge, a dining area and a roof terrace. Undoubtedly, at this astonishing capsule hotel you will sleep like a baby and have the sweetest dreams!

9h nine hours woman Kanda

In recent years the number of female solo travelers has been increasing more and more. And we know that above all, to enjoy your trip you need to feel safe and comfortable. 9h nine hours woman Kanda is a female only capsule hotel, designed to fulfill the dreams of every female solo traveler who is coming to visit Tokyo. Each capsule provides a towel, a loungewear set, a toothbrush, cozy slippers and a locker. Blending harmoniously modern elements, top comforts, urban vibes and the concept of ‘’less is more’’, this capsule hotel is the ultimate and a must-visit place to cocoon and recharge your batteries whether you are having a long leisure trip or a short stay for business purposes.

Nonze Hostel

Nonze Hostel is an outstanding capsule hotel in Pattaya Central that represents the motto ''Sleep, Eat, Drink'' and makes curious backpackers and new-age savvy travelers feel like they are home away from home. It boasts comfortable capsule suites designed in Thai style and well-equipped with all the functional amenities, a common area with a computer and a TV, a private locker and an electronic safety box, a reading light in each pod and high-speed WiFi. You don't have to go down the stairs but you can use the slide to get to the other rooms. The vivid colors, the energetic atmosphere, the hipster vibes and the breathtaking panoramic sea views will make your stay at this capsule hotel unforgettable. Make new friends from all around the globe and create memories that will be etched in your mind and heart.

Kapsuła Hostel Warszawa

Kapsuła Hostel Warszawa, located in the heart of Warsaw, offers the opportunity to discover the city’s contemporary charm and the fairy-tale beauty of the Οld Τown. It is also about a 15-minute walk from the Warsaw Central Railway Station. The capsule hotel consists of comfortable and spacious capsules in the colors of the Polish flag (fiery red and pure white), which have a square box-like shape on the outside. Offering an excellent location, free WiFi, lockers, a shared lounge and vending machines for drinks and snacks, this edgy capsule hotel will guarantee guests the most exciting and comfortable holidays in the Polish capital.

Are you willing to share your space with others? Of course, this type of hotel doesn't suit all tastes and will not be everyone's cup of tea, however you have to try something to be able to reject it. Capsule hotels prove that sometimes we don't need a lot of things to have fun and have a great travel experience. After all, happiness is found in simplicity and balance. And you never know. You might even love them and never want to stay in a conventional five-star hotel again. But, even if you hate them, it will surely be an once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won't forget. If you want to give them a try and step out of your comfort zone, visit Travelmyth and discover even more unusual hotels.

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