10 Cheap Hotels near Vineyards this Summer

July 8, 2019 by Travelmyth

Photo by Rowan Heuvel

When’s the best time to visit a vineyard?
There’s a time of the year when people take the most Instagram-worthy pictures of a vineyard. You’ve probably seen some of them. Couples hand-holding through the vines. Close-up of a purple grape cluster. Endorsement of a bottled wine against the backdrop of a lush vineyard. All of these are captured within a time frame.

So when is it?
If you stick to the end of this blog, I will reveal to you the secret… it’s August.
A month earlier, you get baby grapes. A month later, it’s harvest season. August is a time when summer heat ripens the grapes, revealing its colour then creating the sweetness within.

At Travelmyth we combined for you “Cheap” and “Vineyard” hotels, then hand-picked the best ones.
Yes, everyone wants to go to France and Italy. But for this list, we picked the hidden gems around the world. Forget waiting in line under the sun or crowds photobombing your pic’s aesthetic.

Saronsberg Vineyard Cottages

More of a vineyard with a hotel. It sits on the Tulbagh Valley, in between three mountain ranges. The cool air from the mountains washes down the valley creating an airflow and cooling the area. There are springs and the Klein Berg River; one of the main water supplies through the farm. This creates a unique soil perfect for growing olives, fruit orchards and wine on the medium slopes of Waveren (one of Saronsberg’s mountain-side farms).

Shiraz is the main cultivar. The rest are Grenache, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon and Muscat de Frontignan just to name a few. All the grapes are hand-harvested, bottled, stored and served in the premises. They don’t joke around. The hotel is perfect if you’re looking for that secluded, beside-the-mountain, #nature, #wilderness experience. Expect floral notes on your wine and more banknotes on your bank account. You’re welcome.

Hotel Villa San Giorgio

Tuscany stands out as one of the best wine regions in the world. We picked one with the best value for you.

This hotel is right at the top of a country hill within the famous Chianti vineyards. Expect panoramic views of the orchards, San Gimignano’s Towers and Tuscany’s fairytale-like countryside. Even just arriving to the hotel is something to remember. Picture rolling hills of bright green, medieval brick buildings and roads lined with Mediterranean cypress and vineyards. If you’re looking for a view that fits perfectly on a wall frame, this is the one.

On the in-house restaurant, you can try out Tuscan cuisine with the local wine (here, fine Chianti wine is the local wine). You can also relax on the sunbeds by the pool for a warm afternoon knowing you didn’t break the bank coming here.

Hoopenburg Guesthouse

This one stands right in the middle of a wine farm. Forget searching for vineyards. It’s just outside your door. Stellenbosch is nestled on South Africa’s Western Cape, a region known for the major production of wine. The Table Mountain also looms behind you, this setting is simply perfect.

On weekdays, you can sample the wines on offer and learn more about the process of winemaking. If you’re tired of everything wine, they offer horse-riding and cycling paths off-site.

Half a kilometre away, Eaglevlei Winery Art Gallery is open for you to test your artistic side. Just a couple kilometres more, you can visit a museum and the famous Giraffe House where you’ll see, well… a house.

Agriturismo dei Grippi

We admit it. A wine list can’t really get by without mentioning Italy. But don’t worry! We picked one that is not as expensive as one from the Tuscany region. Or crowded so you can enjoy your glass in peace. Situated in Sona, a village of vineyards in the Doc area of the Province of Verona, the hotel's only a few kilometres away from the beautiful Lake Garda and the romantic Verona.

The area is well-known for Custoza wine. Each room is decorated differently and gives you a breathtaking view of the vineyards and the pool. This hotel cultivates, and produces their own wine. You can try it out in the winery or the tasting room, conveniently beside the pool. They also produce homemade jams from fresh fruits.

Jazina Club 1972

The hotel stands close to “Royal Grapes” vineyards, famous for Zhilavka white wine, Vranac and Merlot reds and a stronger liquor, Loza. You can also enjoy high quality cooking. The signature menus are fresh Californian trout, young lamb on a spit, traditional sach, seasonal salads, and homemade cakes prepared by the chef.

The convenient location gives you a view of green scenery, cool breeze from Sushica river during the summer heat. Dine in (or out) under the trees with local wine in hand. There, you now have a perfect afternoon.

Ecoresort Hotel Zefyros

Have you ever wanted to travel to Greece but Santorini is too expensive and too touristy? Don’t worry. This hotel is on the Ikaria Island, so you get the ocean views and pretty landscapes too.

So what’s in it? Greek wine and olive groves. Thanks to the mountainous region and perfectly warm breeze, the area produces fine wine fit for the connoisseurs and beginners alike. It is surrounded by vineyards in Agios Kirikos, a traditional Greek village. Houses stand really close to one another with tall windows in red or blue colour. By the slopes, you’ll find many cobbled alleys and cafes for a calm afternoon.

The property itself reflects the unique Mediterranean environment where you can experience the authentic Greek way of life. Not to mention a night here won’t break the bank.
But if you still want Santorini, here you go.

Green Garden Resort

If you ask someone in Romania what they know about Odobeşti, the answer will be, wine. This hotel is within the famous Vrancea Region. You can find tons of variety here thanks to the high altitude of the hills. The most common ones are medium-dry to sweet wines.

Green Garden Resort is the ideal location for tourists looking for an authentic taste of wine from the vineyard Odobeşti, one of the most famous in the whole of Romania.
From August to fall, when it’s time for harvest, try out the wine tasting with traditional Ewe lamb on the side or the other goodies from the local cuisine.

Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park

Let’s spice the list up a bit by travelling to Australia’s Coonawarra. You can choose to stay at a cabin, but if you’re feeling adventurous and want something different from your room back home... try out the bubble apartments or the bell tents. Imagine a night of staring straight into the stars while sipping Australia’s premium wine.

Coonawarra is known as one of Australia’s finest Bordeaux-style wine producing regions rivaling the French’s Bordeaux. Thanks to good, well drained soil, reliable underground water and medium-cool Augusts, you’ll get a memorable taste of Coonawarra’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

The 5 wineries on the trail around you are open seven days a week as well as the eateries. You’ll start at Redmans, walk to Brands Laira, then lunch at Otelia or the General Store, on to Wynns, Digiorios and finish at Zemas. Oh and these are FREE (except for lunch).

Nohab Apartman

The village stands on the slopes of Mount Badacsony. Take in the perfect view and atmosphere of the woods and fresh air. Thanks to its elevation and soil quality, this is a haven for wine lovers (and money savers). Be it red or white.

The Badacsony wine region produces Hungarian Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir as white, the unique Bakator, Chardonnay, Red Tramini, Chasselas, Sylvaner, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and, yeah, you get it by now. There’s a lot. Also try out Ürmös, a distinct fortified wine aged on green walnuts. This one is a local specialty. This apartment is owned by a family so everything you need will be personalized.

There it is. 10 Affordable Hotels near Vineyards. Vineyards are usually tucked beside luxurious 5-star hotels, but we found these gems for you so you can go indulge freely on premium wines rather than putting half of your budget in rooms.

If these hotels are not your cup of “wine”, tag us @travelmyth with your recommendations!
Of course, this is not all of them! Want an affordable hotel with a vineyard and a POOL? Add it in the category. How about a getaway with your significant other? Try ROMANTIC and CHEAP.

Mix and match the categories and find the one that best fits your dream vacation at Travelmyth.

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