Christmas Village Markets in Germany, from West to East

December 2, 2022 by Kati Marienberg - Usher

Looking for the Spirit of Christmas? The hypermarket commercial Christmas hustle and bustle may turn you to a moody Scrooge instead of a benevolent Santa Claus. The remedy is right at hand, just try the Christmas Village Markets in the unforgettable Schwarzwald – Black Forest area, to uplift your festive season mood.

Ravennaschlucht, Breitnau

Market opening dates: 25.11.2022 - 18.12.2022 (only from Friday until Sunday)

Ravennaschlucht – The amazing Ravenna Bridge and the Christmas market under it. Here, nature comes to your aid to find the Christmas Spirit and helps you create memories in your soul, shared with loved ones in comfortable and cosy hotels and cottages. The cosy feelings in the warm atmosphere of your accommodation are a perfect match to the nature in winter season outfit.

Imagine the enchanted forest and old viaduct, Ravenna bridge, with the occasional train passing by. The natural setting in the middle of the forest is full of wonder all year round, yet maybe it is the loveliest Christmas market in the whole of Germany – in the magical Black Forest area – Schwarzwald. There are other idyllic villages to see and both cottages and hotels of any size to stay for a night or long weekend when the advent time is here again. The true Spirit of Christmas will be awoken, and joy opens the heart to love and compassion. So why not step into the true winter magic land in the Black Forest? The nature is so spectacularly beautiful around here, it overflows with abundance and joy, energizing and rejuvenating guests from head to toe.

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Hotel Hofgut Sternen

Like an old farm – totally renovated to an outstanding hotel mansion - traditional buildings scattered in a large yard area which offers quite a charming setting to enjoy a snowy winter's day. Just the distinctive styles and decorative ways in which the builders created these village style houses gives a lot to admire and cherish in your memories. They have their own sustainably resourced energy supply and traditional artisans to produce Glass Art works and cuckoo’s clocks. Situated directly next to the magical viaduct area and the setting for the Christmas market area, Hotel Hofgut Sternen will give you the best time together with loved ones or just with someone special. This multi-functional complex also offers spa services for guests to unwind in a warm and caring environment, after a day in the great outdoors.

Parkhotel Adler

Parkhotel Adler is an amazing luxury complex with over five hundred years of history, nestled amid a wonderful garden area and surrounded by lovely evergreen forest patches. The inner décor will leave you speechless by its sheer comfortable and rich outlook, done in the style and elegance of the Belle-Èpoque. The hotel offers a spacious and lovely spa and is centrally located to easily reach the sights in the southern part of the Black Forest.

Treschers Schwarzwald Hotel

Traditional style, amazingly decorative buildings with a touch of true luxury, Treschers Schwarzwald Hotel in Titisee-Neustadt has a splendid, award winning and multi-functional spa area with a variety of pools and saunas to enjoy unwinding totally. The location is perfect, next to lake Titisee, providing easy access to sights, sports and natural treks, as well as winter activities.


Market opening dates: 24.11. 2022 - 6.1.2023

Look forward to the great variety of market stalls, an enchanting fairytale street, an avenue of church windows, extraordinary gourmet igloos and much more. This festive and wellness spa city offers unforgettable experiences in this winter season.

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Hotel Der Kleine Prinz

Hotel Der Kleine Prinz is a fairy tale-like, historic, luxury boutique-style hotel that welcomes guests with a unique and pleasant ambience created by the romantic and authentic historic design in the rooms. The Little Prince theme is present in the small details and the overall look of the hotel and it adds up to the chic cuteness of the place. The open fireplaces bring the ambient warm feeling of relaxation during your stay in the hotel. The hotel restaurant has accumulated lots of compliments from guests for their succulent dishes.

Roomers Baden-Baden, Autograph Collection

This huge and peaceful hotel offers luxury in zen-like large open spaces and minimalistic serenity in the rooms. It has a spa with many facilities and romantic amenities to enjoy alone or together with someone special. The breathtaking views may take you to the level of gratitude and bliss. The location of Roomers Baden-Baden, Autograph Collection is great for a visit to the upper Black Forest area and perfect for activities in nature with or without one’s furry family.

Hotel Alte Laterne

This colorful and romantic hotel provides an ideal location to explore sights such as the convention hall, Caracalla-Therme, the Casino, the Burda museum, Lichtentaler Allee, the Fabergé Museum and the Festival Hall, as they are within walking distance of this small gem of a property. The interior of Hotel Alte Laterne has a cosy and clean feeling with a touch of romance.

Harz, Goslar

Market opening dates: 23.11.2022 - 30.12.2022

Next to the large National Park area of Harz, with majestic mountains and dense forests with genuine spruce trees, lies the city of Goslar. The scent of Christmas trees is unmistakably in the air, creating the true feeling of Christmas. With some luck, snow will cover the area and the Winter feast will be even better.

Look around you and you will see cosy, wooden stalls with decorated rooftops and spruce garlands with chime bells in the side panels – take a step further in narrow alleyways and stop to admire the crafts and other offerings. Just relax in the present moment and let your senses guide you. Here, you can see the genuine smile of an old woman, selling her skillfully handmade works, people tasting foods and wine in happy banter. Let it in and sit down to admire the decorations and the feeling of Christmas.

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Romantik Hotel Alte Münze

Romantik Hotel Alte Münze is a boutique-style, luxurious, lovely traditional design hotel which welcomes families and their furry tail-wagging friends. Its romantic setting is perfect for a pre-Christmas holiday to awaken the inner child with the pure joy of experiencing everything the good life has to offer.

H+ Hotel Goslar

H+ Hotel Goslar has delightful surprises hidden for you to discover – imagine taking a shower in a cave-like space built in between rocks and the shiny little gems glittering around in the deeper high walls of the womb of the earth. The large indoor pool area pleases families and individuals, and the sauna will take all your stress and worries away. After a magical day in the Christmas village winter wonderland, give yourself the gift of unwinding and refreshing in the services of the hotel. The bright and delightfully clean colours of the inside decorations give zest to your life. Ecological and pet friendly values are important in this hotel.

Hotel Die Tanne

Hotel Die Tanne is a place to relax in an ambient, large hotel with a romantic inner yard and a lot of services to offer visitors. The Finnish sauna will melt your worries away as it detoxes the body in gentle warmth after a winter's day of delightful experiences with the snow and cosy Christmas village market this area is so famous for. Its rooms are bright and have the feeling of freshness, with exceptional care to greet your eyes at first sight. Take your family or your friend with you, and enjoy.


Market opening dates: 23.11.2022 - 22.12.2022

This old city carries over one thousand years of history from the early Middle Ages. The castle and the church have been restored with exceptional skill. The Romanesque architecture and the location in the middle of the scenic holiday route gives the area a sure charm in all seasons. Its closeness to the National Park of Harz allows for easy mixing of the activities in nature with the city exploration, thus enjoying the best of both worlds.

In fact, it is a great combo to add some enchantment to your quest, with complete relaxation in one or even two of the hotels and spas on the category menu, according to your choice. The Christmas Markets in nearly every city and village in Germany will suit many preferences, and their sizes vary a lot. Aside from the usual massively big venues, there are so many places filled with atmospheric bliss with some of them graciously situated amid nature and others in unique historical towns and cities, full of wonders to explore.

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Romantik Hotel am Brühl

This historic, fabulously restored stone building is an experience to remember by itself. An eco-friendly, romantic vacation with or without four-legged friends is possible in Romantik Hotel am Brühl. Marvelous terraces, interior design and decorative details in common areas and rooms make this traditional building a true gem to stay.

Hotel Theophano

Hotel Theophano is such a spectacular sight in its traditional glory as a building, with beautiful, detailed walls and windows that please the eye. The central location next to the market square in the old town, with luxurious interiors and romantic rooms, invites you to have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Hotel Balneolum Superior

The open large pool areas in beautiful light shades of yellow welcome you to Hotel Balneolum Superior and its spa, where you may enjoy the saunas and other rejuvenating experiences in full service. In the rooms of the serenely beautiful hotel, four-poster beds give a touch of romantic time from the past. The hotel is also family friendly and welcomes four-legged friends, as do many hotels in Germany.


Market opening dates: 22.11.2022 - 23.12.2022

Leipzig boasts a picturesque location near big rivers and lakes. This city has the honour of being the home of Johann Sebastian Bach, the iconic composer. The sights in the city not to be missed are certainly the Alte Handelsbörse, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei and the Zoo Leipzig, which is one of the oldest zoos in the world. This area offers a taste of history from the merchants' world spanning from the 1700s to the industrial era.

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Steigenberger Icon Grandhotel Handelshof Leipzig

Steigenberger Icon Grandhotel Handelshof Leipzig has a marvelous full-service Spa World area in two floors, offering a place of unwinding and deep relaxation. They welcome guests to experience the elegant rooms and amazing suites - all in ecological luxury, in the romantic setting of an old exhibition building turned into a fabulous hotel.

Art Hotel City Leipzig

Art Hotel City Leipzig loves to uplift visitors’ mood with contemporary artwork. Its modern, clear design brings freshness and a relaxing feeling to your stay in this grand hotel.

Hotel Markgraf Leipzig

Hotel Markgraf Leipzig has bright and elegantly designed rooms and common areas. From the terrace, guests can enjoy a rare sight in a city, the garden courtyard in the colours of every season. This airy and light design spreads a good feeling to the entire hotel premises.


Market opening dates: 23.11.2022 – 24.12.2022

The oldest Christmas market in Germany certainly offers a historical and cosy atmosphere to find more than the old Christmas tree in the middle. Then let's walk inside the narrow alleyway in the market and you may already imagine the taste and the scents in the air, from the bounty of the succulent foods and sweets prepared for winter’s most well-known celebration. The mouth-watering aromas wafting around you – Rösti, made with grated potato and onion, roasted flat and crisp on the top - and whether you prefer the spicy sweet ginger breads, or a slice of flavoursome cheese with mulled sweet wine, served warm to enlighten the glow within, you are in for a treat.

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Relais & Châteaux Bülow Palais

Relais & Châteaux Bülow Palais is an oasis of luxurious amenities and service, and has a serene setting of relaxation in the marvelous spa, restaurant, and amazing premises, to offer one-of-a-kind weekend getaway / daycation before Xmas time – or you may also want to choose to spend the Winter festivities here without any worries. The awarded hotel offers full service on everything you may imagine, and the property is in impeccable condition.

Leonardo Hotel Dresden Altstadt

With a splendid location in the historic centre and next to the market square, which sparkles with lights – this is Striezelmarkt, Germany’s oldest Christmas market, dating back to 1434. It is truly a mesmerizing, fairytale sight, and you can get the very best views of it from some of the Leonardo Hotel Dresden Altstadt’s comfortable rooms.

Hotel Indigo Dresden - Wettiner Platz, an IHG Hotel

When you step inside Hotel Indigo Dresden - Wettiner Platz, an IHG Hotel's premises, it is like you have entered a fairy tale world. The big building is like an Aladdin’s cave inside – so many lavish and decorative details fit into this property. All the common areas welcome the visitor to admire and enjoy more.

So, whether you are just visiting for the weekend or having a bit of a longer autumn break before winter celebrations begin, endless options for a stay are available in the cities and villages of Germany. Fortunately, some of the markets continue over the New Year, to the end of Old Christmas Time till the 6th of January, the Epiphany Holy day, when the baptism of the Christ and honouring the memory of the coming of the Magi is celebrated.

There are plenty of areas and markets to choose from, making it extremely difficult to decide – so, coming back every year to a different city or town, wouldn’t this be a perfect solution?

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