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July 30, 2021 by Anthony Grant

Photo from Hyatt House San Juan

Most dog owners shudder at the thought of going on vacation without their pet. Fortunately, gone are the days when pet owners had to sacrifice the length and the frequency of their vacations as a result of having four-legged companions, and for many travelers today finding pet-friendly accommodations and destinations is paramount. In fact, these days well over half of travelers who own pets take them along on their travels. Increasing the options and ease with which owners can take their furry friends may encourage these travelers to take longer, as well as more frequent trips and holidays—but until now, traveling with your pet was something of a guessing game. Travelmyth helps you find great hotels that are going to please both you and your dog (or dogs, as the case may be).

What are the hotels where dogs can stay for free? Which hotels have special play areas for dogs, and which offer actual dog sitting service or other special services in New York, London, or even Morocco? Travelmyth's search tool helps you pinpoint exactly what it is you are looking for in a dog-friendly hotel. Supposing you want to take your two Maltese dogs—we'll call them Sonny and Vito—along with you on a ten-day vacation to Sicily.

The prospect of finding the right hotel for all three need not be daunting. You could start by selecting our category for Dogs Stay Free—then click Europe, Italy, Sicily and even locations within Sicily, such as Syracuse, Palermo and Taormina. Narrow the search by adding the category for Dog Play Area... and see what great choices come up in Taormina, or Ragusa or... you get the idea. Learn about other special services hotels may have on offer too, such as food, placement of water bowls, special sleeping area for your four-pawed friends, veterinary care and more. Travelmyth finds and consolidates all these details for you to see and evaluate with just a few clicks.

Sonny & Vito inspect a pillow at the Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa in Laguna Beach, California.

Or you can broaden your search. If you know you must travel to a specific destination like Paris (Hotel de Crillon, anyone?) that's super and Travelmyth will certainly simplify the search for dog-friendly lodgings in your desired destination, but you can also open up the options literally to your heart's content. That's because you can mix and match categories even while refining your search so you can find what you want, or what you didn't know you wanted, and then proceed to book it.

Our search engine is effectively pre-loaded with the most relevant categories for your canine-inclusive trip. Tempted by a luxury dog-friendly boutique hotel with a spa, infinity pool and parking? Just enter those categories in the search bar and up come 64 fabulous hotels that fit this multi-category match all over the world, from the Eden Roc Cap Cana in Punta Cana to Elounda Gulf Villas in Crete, Greece and many more. Fine-tune your search geographically, to North America or, keeping things posh, St. Barts.

Sonny & Vito, the traveling Maltese, prepare for a nap at the Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa in Laguna Beach, California.

Traveling with your pet can be fraught with unforeseen issues, of course. If you're driving to your hotel, you might want to research local veterinarians along your route, plan for dog friendly rest stops and always keep the comfort level for your pet intact—and all that is before you even arrive at your hotel! The good thing is that pet-friendly travel has really taken off, you can now find out about things like which hotels have play areas for dogs in advance, without having to stress out about it. Fortunately for you and Fido too, Travelmyth helps take the heavy lifting out of pet-friendly hotel research so you can focus on making great vacation memories—for those with four paws and a tail and those without!

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