5 Dog-Friendly Hotels in the US and Canada That Offer Dog Sitting Services

March 15, 2019 by Travelmyth

Photo from The Rittenhouse Hotel

Dog owners, the day is finally here! You are about to go on that Miami vacation you've been saving up for. As you are heading out the door, you see your beloved dog staring up at you. "Where you going hooman?" The fur baby says with his eyes. "Can I come??" You give him all the pets and head scratches and tell him you'll be back in 1 week. As you slowly close the door, he approaches, staring at you with those big watery eyes, the look of longing across his face. "B..But, you said I'm a good boy.." he whimpers. The door closes, you sigh, and convince yourself that he'll be fine. You already know you'll have nightly Skype sessions with him, so why do you still feel so terribly guilty? Now there's no need to stress every time you're out of town! Pet owners have the luxury of taking their pups with them on vacation and Travelmyth is here to present you with 5 dog-friendly hotels in the US and Canada. Not only are they dog friendly, they offer dog sitting services too. Take comfort in knowing that you can go wind surfing during the day and come back to the room with your doggy happily greeting you!

Holiday House Motel

Holiday House Motel is located in the heart of Vancouver Island, British Colombia, and allows up to 2 dogs per room. They provide special food for your pampered pooch and offer dog walking and sitting services for a nominal fee. For the guests worried about not packing enough doggy supplies, waste disposal bags and leashes are provided. Most rooms and suites have stunning views of the seaside. Summer is a great time to visit, as Holiday House Motel also provides barbecue facilities.

Le Village Suisse

Up to 2 doggies stay for free at Le Village Suisse, located in Val-David, Canada. You and your dog will feel at home in this cozy holiday cottage, which comes with a fireplace and wooden stove. This accommodation provides everything your dog needs - food, water bowls, blankets, and sitting/walking services. Forgot the waste disposal bags? Le Village Suisse has you covered here, too. A regional park is located close by for guests and their pets to enjoy. They also allow other types of pets so there's no need to leave the cat behind. This hotel is a huge bonus for the whole family, as children under 18 stay for free.

Bedroll and Breakfast ™

Get the American country experience at Bedroll and Breakfast, located near Yellowstone National park in Wyoming. Guests can horseback ride, have a western cookout, sit by the fire and stargaze all night. Guests can bring up to 1 dog or any other pet for free. Dog sitting and walking services are provided by the hotel for a fee. Early risers are treated to a country style breakfast in a tent warmed with a wooden oven. This is a perfect atmosphere for the guest and dog who love experiencing the outdoors.

The Rittenhouse Hotel

Visiting Philadelphia soon? Relax with comfort and luxury at the 4 star Rittenhouse Hotel. This hotel has you and your VIP (Very Important Pooch) covered with dog sitting/walking services and a pet bed in one of the many spacious rooms and suites. Upon arrival, your VIP will receive a complimentary personalized bowl with doggie goodies made specially in house. For the guests with feline companions, cats are also welcome to enjoy their stay at the Rittenhouse. While your pets are lapping up the luxury in their rooms, guests can take advantage of the salon services, fitness center, indoor pool, sauna and steam room.

Walden Hall

Walden Hall in Virginia is a luxurious countryside bed and breakfast, perfect for travelers with more than 1 dog, as up to 3 dogs can stay here! In addition to dog walking and sitting services, this hotel offers leash-free play areas so that your pups can stretch their legs. Waste disposal bags, food and water bowls are provided, as well as special bed sheets. Hotel packages include hiking, in-room spa day, a helicopter tour and more.

As more hotels become increasingly dog friendly, we found that additional services are being offered to make your stay with your pet as enjoyable as possible. Hotels are learning that a happy dog makes a happy guest which is why Travelmyth has multiple dog friendly hotel categories. Search for hotels that are not only dog friendly, but let them stay for free, provide a doggy play area and/or offer dog sitting services. You and your pup deserve a vacation!

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