100 dog-friendly hotels in France with leash-free play areas for dogs

August 10, 2018 by Travelmyth

Photo from Chambre d'Hôtes Le Castelet

Dogs are man's best and most loyal friends. They are essential to us and our families, making it unimaginable to picture spending fun times and holidays without them. Since you must be thinking how you can travel along with your furry friend, we have compiled a list of the most comfortable hotels in France that accommodate not only you and your family but also your dog.

Domaine de Bassilour

Luxurious and serene like nature itself, the Domaine de Bassilour is a paradise on earth for you and your dog. With a dog policy of a maximum of 3 dogs per room at a minimal cost, Domain de Bassilour provides a clean, comfy and free environment for both you and your pet.

Domaine Le Castelet

The Chambre d'Hôtes Le Castelet provides a posh and relaxing environment for you and your dog. With well-structured leash-free and dog play areas in addition to splendid recreational facilities such as a sea pool, you will have an experience of a lifetime to share with your dog.

Domaine de Perry

Domaine de Perry is the hotel you need for a simple, relaxed yet fun holiday for you, your family and your dog. Spacious and beautiful, Domaine de Perry is a dog-friendly facility that offers services such as leash-free and dog play areas, as well as veterinary care and several other services to ensure the comfort of you and your little friend.

Auberge de la Tuilerie

Unwind and enjoy a beautiful holiday at the Auberge de la Tuilerie hotel where you can bring along your dog. Beautiful and tranquil, Auberge de la Tuilerie has an amazing outdoor pool with caring and friendly dog accommodations, such as dog play and leash-free areas, ensuring the utmost comfort for you and your canine companion.

Villa Magnolia Parc - adults only

Feel free, alive and relaxed at the Villa Magnolia Parc that provides you with a serene and classy accommodation, including well-furnished rooms and an outdoor pool. Its best feature, however, is its free and clean accommodations for dogs with leash-free and dog play areas.

Résidence Villa Casa Blanca

Résidence Villa Casa Blanca is an elegant and comfortable choice if you seek a beautiful holiday destination at an affordable cost for you and at no extra cost for your dog. Besides the relaxing ambiance, it includes a dog play area and a leash-free area, allowing you and your dog to rest and play with the utmost freedom.

Domaine à l'Aise

With a modern swimming pool, the Domaine a L'Aise hotel is a top accommodation for a relaxing holiday that also cares about your dog. Experience total freedom by enjoying the calm environment as your dog plays in the dog play area or in the leash-free area.

Château de Bournand B&B

Get comfortable and well rested in the company of your furry friend at the Château de Bournand B&B. With a garden and free dog-friendly accommodations that include a dog play and leash-free area, this hotel guarantees a beautiful holiday.

Wait no longer! Have a dog-inclusive holiday now at any of the above hotels. You can view these and many other dog-friendly accommodations at our website so you can find the perfect pick for a relaxing and complete vacation.

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