Pack the Leash in the Baby Bag: 20 Dog and Family-Friendly Hotels

December 3, 2018 by Travelmyth

Photo from Den Gamle Gaard Apartments

You wouldn't want your pet vacationing without you, so why do it to them? Even when you find hotels that allow your pawed companions, you really don't know just how "dog friendly" these locations are. With Travelmyth, we've made it easy to plan a vacation the whole family can enjoy. Choose from over 200 thousand family-friendly hotels available that also accept dogs, with four sub-categories so you're never left wondering what your stay will be like. We've picked 20 of our favorites to share!

NRMA Tathta Beachfront Holiday Park

At Tathra Beachside, they know that family to a pet owner includes their four legged friends. To create a stay that lets everyone join in the fun, Tathra Beachside provides pet-friendly cottages year-round and easy access to the dog friendly Tathra Beach absolutely free of charge. The kids are never left missing their canine companion, and you don't have to stress over the costs of boarding or finding a dog-sitter. No need to pack any extra chew toys, guests can find pet supplies available for purchase at reception. Even veterinary care is available for canine guests. Worried about dirty paw stains after a long day on the beach? Not a problem! Tathra Beachside provides a dog washing station so everyone can end the day feeling clean and fresh. When planning your visit, note that only dogs who are registered and microchipped will be allowed onto the property. Tathra Beachside welcomes all canine friends, the hotel just asks that owners keep their dogs on a leash when in public areas. It's only a family vacation when you can bring your pets along!

Lappeasuando Lodge

It's a scientific fact that all dogs look cuter in the snow. At this tundra lodging in Puoltikasvaara, Sweden, it's a pet's paradise, especially for thick furred friends. For an additional fee, guests can bring up to three pets along with them on their journeys, and both cats and dogs are welcomed on the property. This family-friendly lodging also has their own huskies for dogsled tours, so you'll need to keep your own pets leashed during your stay. Your family can spend a week in a wood Stuga (Swedish for small holiday home), surrounded by a gorgeous natural landscape. When visiting Lappeasuando Lodge, pack up your pup and kids, and let them play out their White Fang fantasies. Return to the roots of man's best friend as you watch them howl beneath the northern lights. Is there any better way to bond with your favorite four-legged friend?

Niriides Resort

Greece may be famous for its cat population, but rest assured that guests visiting the beachfront Niriides Resort can bring their pups along. Just let the resort know during your booking that you'll be bringing your canine companion. There's no additional fee for pets, so you and your four-legged friend can play all day along the famous Peloponnesian beaches for no extra cost. Although no pet parent could ever claim a favorite, be aware that only one pet per booking will be allowed onto the property. This family-friendly accommodation also offers child-care accessories like high-chairs and baby cots for no additional fees. All of this means Niriides Resort offers a vacation for everyone to enjoy. A stay in one of the 11 independent villas with your dog (or cat! Both accepted), will transform this vacation house into a home.

Ribe Byferie Resort

Ribe Byferie Resort understands the bond between children and their pets. That's why at this family and pet-friendly resort there is no limit to the number of pets (or children) you can take with you. Just let the resort know during booking about your canine companion, and for a fixed fee of 33 euros, you can plan a family vacation that truly has everyone. At the aparthotel, rooms offer patio or balcony space so your dog is never trapped inside a stuffy hotel room, and there's no long walk outside for bathroom breaks. Your kids will also find endless fun at the "Kid Zone" and holiday park, where there's a playground and campfire site operated by the resort. Enjoy a family stroll along one of the surrounding green walkways behind Ribe Byferie Resort, where a small river also flows. Just be sure to bring a leash as there are no leash-free play areas!

Borgo I Tre Baroni - Spa Suites & Resort

At this country house style resort & spa, you can live out your Italian fantasy under the Tuscan sun with your kids and favorite furry friend. Borgo I Tre Baroni offers guests a gorgeous panoramic view of the landscape within a short walk from medieval sites the kids are sure to love. Situated within the National Park of Casentino Forests, your family and pet will have plenty of room to explore. As family-friendly comedian Jim Gaffigan once explained, a family vacation is really just you and your kids eating in a place you've never eaten before, and at Borgo I Tre Baroni there are four different restaurants and cafes to try during your stay. For just 5 euro a night, you and your pet need only show up. Food and water bowls are provided by the hotel, just let them know during booking that you'll be bringing a canine companion along. Here, family is everything.

Campeggio Europa

Trying out the more rustic life for your next vacation? This is the perfect opportunity to bring pets along and experience a wilderness excursion together. At Campeggio Europa, guests and their pets are invited to stay in their camping-style lodgings, situated in a national park between the sea and Lake Massaciuccoli. Enjoy a real treat with the entire family by visiting one of the longest public sandy beaches of the famous Versilia, minutes from the campgrounds. From June through August the hotel offers activities for all ages, such as sports tournaments, water aerobics, and ballroom dance classes. With water and food bowls, and showers available for dogs, there's no need to worry about just how dirty and exciting your days out will be. When you're ready to relax, Campeggio Europa has made it easy for you to do so while your canine companion can still roam free in one of the leash-free play areas. Campeggio Europa also knows that accidents happen. To protect everyone, they ask for a 50-euro refundable deposit against damages. It is 3 euro a night per pet, and up to two dogs are welcome. Simply let the hotel know during the booking process.

GRUBERS, Hotel Appartments Gastein

There are dog-friendly hotels, and then there's Resident Gruber. For a truly pampered experience for both you and your pet, this hotel does everything in its power to guarantee you both the best experience. Was it a last-minute decision to bring your pet along? No problem for Residenz Gruber. There's no need to contact the hotel beforehand, just show up for your reservation! No room change, no additional fees, absolutely no hassle. In fact, pets aren't just accepted here, they're treated to a gift basket upon arrival. In additional to a pet gift basket, Resident Gruber offers blankets, leashes, and specialty foods for your pet, as well as disposable waste bags, extra towels, and dog sitters for you. If there's any trouble on the road, there are also "doggywellness" checks for as little as 25 euro. This hotel is also near two ski resorts and offers private balconies with views of the mountains. Most dogs would agree that it's not a bad place to spend the family vacation.

Peninsula Bed & Cocktails

If you and your family just can't part with your small pooch for vacation, bring them along! The Historic Peninsula Inn welcomes pets in their pet-friendly lodging in Gulfport, Florida. This hotel asks that guests bring only one small pet (25 pounds or less) and charges a 25-dollar fee during booking. There are a number of leash-free dog parks around the property and within a short walking distance, and a pet-friendly bar called The Dog Bar is not far from the hotel. The Fort De Soto Dog Beach is nearby and has many dog accommodations like a dog shower and leash-free zones. Within three miles of the hotel there are also a collection of museums, numerous hiking trails, and various water activities to keep you and the family active during your stay!

La Ferme Grenadine

La Ferme Grenadine is a gorgeous, nature-focused hotel situated in the UNESCO-preserved Argan Forest. This means there's plenty of space for you and your pet to relax and enjoy the many unique features of a Moroccan landscape. Your pet will love the leash-free play areas around the gardens, and you'll love that you can bring your pooch along for free. That's right, bring up to two pets along on your Moroccan journey for absolutely no extra charge, just notify the hotel during booking. Food and water bowls can be provided by the hotel, as well as special dog food for the more sophisticated four-legged traveler. This family-friendly hotel also offers exciting activities at their on-site farm, as well as camel rides, a swimming pool, and bicycles for rent.

Real Dominican Republic Discovery

Sometimes it can be difficult to plan a trip that fits everyone in the family's wants and needs. At Real Dominican Republic Discovery, though, there's truly something for everyone. From snorkeling and windsurfing for the water lovers, to massages and an outdoor pool for those looking to relax. Kids will love the waterpark, and the whole family can enjoy an evening on the terrace. Pets stay for free and there's no need to notify the hotel beforehand if you plan to bring a canine companion. Just note the one pet per booking policy. Pet-friendly sheets and towels can be purchased at the hotel. Come stay at the most visited destination in the Caribbean and enjoy a Dominican getaway!

Hotel Atlantis Medical, Wellness & Conference

At Hotel Atlantis Hajdúszoboszló, they understand what it takes to make a great family vacation. That's why they've gone out of their way to offer services that accommodate every personality. In addition to a playroom on the second floor and various other childcare services, they also provide guests a pet gift basket full of goodies. Just notify the hotel during the booking process and upon arrival you and your pet will be welcomed with toys, pet towels, blankets, and food and water bowls. For 10 euros a night, up to two pets will be allowed at the hotel per booking. When planning your stay, just be sure to bring proof of your pets' current vaccinations. There are no zones for leash-free play so guests will have to stay close to their canine companions and make sure they have a leash at all times. Plan your Hungarian holiday escape today!

Resort Baia del Silenzio

At Resort Baia del Silenzio, you don't have to choose between making your family vacation unforgettable or affordable, here both are promised! You'll never have a dull day at this hotel, with activities that take you anywhere from below the water's surface to high above, hiking in the hillside. Cilento National Park is a main staple for any family excursion, and pets will love the open air and space to explore. This resort takes particular pride in their pet-friendly policies, and is sure to give you and your four-legged companion top service. Let the hotel know during the booking process, and for 8 euros a night there are no limits to the number of pets the hotel will accommodate. This hotel does charge a 100-euro deposit to guard against damages. For a vacation that's fun for the whole family, consider a stay with Resort Baia del Silenzio.

Aperanti Agrotourism

If you're looking for a truly immersive experience in Cyprus, look at Aperanti Agrotourism for a chance to relax in this rural accommodation and experience firsthand the village life of locals. Just outside the capital of Nicosia, this quaint location and modest bed and breakfast is perfect for you and your pet. For no additional fee, you and your companion can explore the Cypriot traditions, taste the local cuisine, and pick from one of the many activity packages the bed and breakfast has to offer. Your kids can also learn the basics in the kitchen with family cooking classes provided by the property, and horse riding lessons when they want some fresh air. Just let the hotel know during the booking process that you'll be bringing a pup along, and they can accommodate you with pet-friendly sheets. With the sea and mountains nearby, and the local streets to explore, Aperanti Agrotourism is a gorgeous getaway for everyone.

Den Gamle Gaard Apartments

Experience the Medieval period of Denmark by staying at the Den Gamle Gaard Apartments. These apartments combine modern quality with medieval features. Events around the city like the Medieval festival in Nysted are sure to excite visitors of any age, and the pet-friendly city welcomes your canine and feline friends. Local attractions like the massive Aalholm Castle, built in the 11th century, are great places for the whole family to explore. For an additional fee, up to two pets are welcome at the hotel per booking. With plenty of green space around the apartments and designated leash-free zones, your pets and kids will love the fresh air and open atmosphere of Nysted.

Agriturismo Il Brugnolo

Looking for a family and pet-friendly hotel in Italy? Agriturismo Il Brugnolo promises you and your canine companion an enjoyable stay in their countryside farm. Let the hotel know during the booking process, and they will work to ensure you a room on the ground floor with a private entrance. Up to two pets (dog or cat) are welcome with each booking for an additional fee of 10 euro per night. The spacious green park with a playground is great fun for your little travelers, and the accommodation provides strollers if you choose to explore the countryside and surrounding area further. Games are also available on-demand and a ping-pong table can be found in the park. Pets can also roam free around the leash-free vineyards without fear of passing cars, bringing ease to their play and your watchful eye.

Kamalame Cay

You haven't experienced beachside luxury until you've stayed at Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas. Situated right on the water's edge, this family owned and operated resort understands that for a vacation to be meaningful, it's about the experiences you share, not just the idyllic location and seafront views. That's why this family and pet-friendly resort charges no extra fee to bring along a canine companion. Just let them know by email before your stay, and they will have a gift basket prepared with goodies for your furry friend. Grooming, leash-free zones, and food and water bowls are all available on site. This private island resort also offers guests the chance to go diving, fishing, and boating on the crystal blue waters. The gorgeous sandy beaches are also perfect for lounging and the spa treatments are guaranteed to fulfill your relaxation needs. At Kamalame Cay, this private island will feel all yours, if only for a few days.

Hotel Rural Bioclimático Sabinares del Arlanza

Hotel Rural Bioclimático Sabinares del Arlanza is surrounded by animals, and this property knows how essential pets are to a home. While the hotel has its own entourage of donkeys, chickens, dogs, and cats, they welcome all pets to their property. The additional fee is only 10 euro per booking to turn your vacation into a complete family endeavor. This property does have a number of stipulations, however, and it's important to visit their website before you book your visit. With plenty of space to roam, you and your pet, along with the rest of the family, can enjoy the amenities and surrounding areas. The hotel boasts a number of family activities, some night events, and some eco-friendly. A special treat, scenes from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, were also filmed around the location. Enjoy clear nights under the sky in a hotel with an open-door policy for families and pets.

Villa Residencial Encantos Da Mata

The only thing more gorgeous than a Brazilian getaway, is a Brazilian getaway with your family. Pousada Encantos da Mata, located in Itacaré, just 200 meters from the Concha beach, welcomes families and pets! For no additional fee, small dogs (15kg or less) are welcome to join you on your travel experience. Up to 2 pets are allowed, just let the hotel know during the booking process. This accommodation offers family rooms where up to 7 guests and your pets are welcome to relax with the same casualty as you would at home. In addition to the nearby beach, there are also plenty of dining options and other beaches just a short distance from the property. Run through the waves with your canine companion or take a picturesque walk along the sandy shores. Breathe easy in the jungle atmosphere, and relax under the green canopies that make Brazil a universal destination.

Klinci Village Resort

Few locations rival the gorgeous panoramic views of Montenegro. Klinci Village Resort knows that family vacations aren't complete without the option of bringing your pet along, which is why they charge no extra fee if you choose to bring your pooch. Let the resort know by email that you'll have a furry friend with you, and they can prepare for you special, pet-friendly sheets, dog leashes, and water and food bowls. Pick between one of the five accommodation options, and treat your family and canine friend to gorgeous views, and modern rustic interiors. Sailing, biking, food tours, and even cave tours await your family's stay when you book a stay at Klinci Village Resort. Don't worry about your pet's well-being on this trip, the resort has veterinary care offered if needed. Don't leave your pet behind for this vacation!

It's not always easy to plan travel when you have kids and pets to worry about, but these hotels work to take the hassle out of the process. Nothing beats a morning walk through the countryside with your best friend, or a family piled together in bed, snuggled around your furry companion after a packed day of fun. Wake up to wet noses and slobbery kisses when you book with one of these hotels. Explore the thousands of other family and pet-friendly hotel options around the world and find your perfect fit today.

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