6 of the World’s Most Haunted Hotels Are in SA

October 30, 2018 by Travelmyth

South Africa is on the spotlight again, this time for its haunted hotels. According to the research conducted by the advanced hotel search engine www.travelmyth.com, 6 of the world’s most haunted hotels are in South Africa. Halloween is just a breath away and we know that some of you get as excited about haunted places as we do. From old manor houses to luxurious downtown city hotels, the bone-chilling stories behind these haunted hotels are certain to haunt your dreams and keep you awake at night.

Lord Milner Hotel

Lord Milner Hotel has its own ghost resident, Lucy, who likes to make noise behind closed doors and scare off the guests. The town where this hotel is located, Matjiesfontein, used to be a command headquarters during the South African War and that would explain the mysterious ghostly appearances all too well.

Foxwood House Boutique Hotel

Built in 1924 and being one of the first houses in Johannesburg, Foxwood House is home to antique furniture as well as a couple of ghosts. Guests have reported seeing the figure of a woman holding a child on the balcony, while others say they have seen the ghost of Paul Kruger.

Kimberley Club Boutique Hotel

Kimberley Club appears to be home to more than a few ghosts. Guests have spotted a ghost waiter in the dining room, an old man wandering in the upstairs passages, a woman dressed in a Victorian dress who stands near the staircase, while the howling of a ghost dog can often be heard from afar, making chills run down the spines of each guest that hears it.

The Nottingham Road Hotel

The ghost of Charlotte, a chambermaid, is said to wander around the rooms of this hotel and especially room 10, moving vases and things, tidying clothes and straightening the bed sheets. Rumour has it that she jumped to her death from the balcony of room 10 after she was abandoned by her lover and has not left the building since then.

Hotel Glencairn

Glencairn is considered to be one of the most haunted areas in South Africa, with guests and staff reporting more than a couple of ghost sightings. A black haired woman wearing a white dress sometimes appears in mirrors, while a little boy can often be seen running in front of the kitchen, playing pranks and breaking glasses.

Mountain Park Hotel

This old manor house in Bulwer accommodates not only regular guests but also ghostly ones. Two drunk ghosts can be seen in the bar, while the ghosts of Ruth the governess, seven-year-old Matilda and Wisp the dog have also been sighted wandering around the premises.

“Haunted Hotels” is one of Travelmyth’s 45 category filters. The research was conducted with all hotels that are listed in at least one of the biggest online booking sites. The haunted category currently features 132 hotels around the world with 6 of them being in South Africa.

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