Kings, Queens, and Luxurious Dreams: Exploring 7 Enchanting Five-star Castle Hotels

January 16, 2024 by Akylina Printziou

Photo:  Lough Eske Castle

Have you ever longed to experience a storybook-style getaway, staying at a historical castle steeped in luxury? Our team over at Travelmyth must have read your mind, as we set out to explore the magic of staying in 5-star former castle hotels in this blog post, each an architectural masterpiece echoing tales of a bygone era. Blending the mystique of history with the pinnacle of modern comfort, these castle hotels offer a truly timeless accommodation experience.

From their ivy-clad facades to their luxurious interiors, each castle invites guests to partake in a living, breathing piece of history. Join us as we traverse the corridors of time in a virtual trip through 7 enchanting castle hotels with 5-star amenities all across Europe, North America and Asia, and become immersed into a world where every stone, every corridor and every archway tells a tale of knights and nobility.

Glenapp Castle

In scenic Ayrshire in Scotland, stands Glenapp Castle, a 5-star former castle hotel that invites guests to an unforgettable trip in luxury and history. At first, the castle was part of the Glenapp Estate, managed by the Earl of Orkney. In 1870, the castle experienced a transformation, with both its exterior and interior now showcasing a harmonious mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

As a member of the Relais & Châteaux group, Glenapp Castle offers nothing but the most exraordinary accommodation experience to all its guests. Each part of the castle, from its authentic period furnishings to its wonderful gardens, is created in order to offer the utmost luxury and serenity. Apart from exceptional service, the hotel boasts delectable cuisine and stands out as one of the dog friendly hotels in Scotland, extending a warm and luxurious welcome to furry companions and their owners alike.

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Lough Eske Castle

Lough Eske Castle in Ireland, steeped in history, represents the profound heritage of Donegal and its country as a whole. This castle's narrative is one of intricate construction, using local stone transported by Clydesdale horses, and a journey through times of conquest, ruin, and restoration. Originally the stronghold of the powerful 14th-century O'Donnell clans, and later a seat for affluent landowners and a backdrop for Edwardian elegance, the current Lough Eske Castle was erected in 1861 on the grounds of the old Brooke Mansion. For over 150 years, this castle has been a beacon of warm Donegal hospitality, historically a hub for hosting international guests and continuing that tradition today.

As an award-winning destination resort, spa and wedding venue, Lough Eske Castle is not only steeped in history but also in luxury, as it boasts 97 spectacular rooms and suites, each thoughtfully designed to pay homage to the castle's heritage while offering modern luxury. The accommodations range from the quaint country-house styled Courtyard Rooms to the contemporary Garden Suites that open directly into the castle gardens. For an unparalleled experience, guests might choose the lavish Junior Suites or indulge in the historical splendor of the Major General White Suite in the original part of the castle. Notably, Lough Eske Castle is also recognized as one of the hotels with a spa in Ireland, offering a serene escape where guests can unwind and rejuvenate, surrounded by the castle’s timeless elegance and the natural beauty of Co. Donegal.

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Fairmont Banff Springs

Hidden away in the beguiling Banff National Park, a marvel amongst UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Fairmont Banff Springs is in itself a slice of history with a touch of fairy-tale charm, ever since its inception in 1888. After rising from the ashes of a fire that broke out in the early 20th century, this grand hotel was caringly restored, turning it into a breathtaking sight. Encircled by mountains that stir the soul, a stay here feels like a journey through time, wrapped in the beauty of the natural world.

At the Fairmont Banff Springs, you'll encounter a stunning 27-hole championship golf course, nestled among imposing mountains, making it a standout among hotels near golf courses in Canada. The hotel is a treasure trove of activities. Whether you're carving down the slopes in a rush of winter excitement or melting away stress in its sprawling spa, there's a bit of magic for everyone. The rooms, ranging in styles, are cozy and inviting, with many holding onto the charming quirks of the hotel's original architecture. Perfect for either a golfing getaway or a serene spa escape, Fairmont Banff Springs superbly merges its historical legacy with modern luxury in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

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Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg

Just a stone's throw from Cologne, the Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg impresses with its combination of historical elegance and contemporary opulence. Crafted in the 18th century, inspired by the opulence of Versailles and Winchester Castle, this former castle first served as a royal haven and hunting spot. Over the years, its walls have embraced varied roles – from a military hospital to a boarding school, and even a refuge for those in need. Having been transformed into a 5-star hotel, it seamlessly intertwines its rich past with today's luxuries, all while offering stunning views of Cologne Cathedral and the bay.

Boasting 77 guest rooms and 34 opulent suites, the Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg promises an experience akin to royalty, draped in luxury and sophistication. The gourmet restaurant at the hotel stands as a sanctuary of culinary mastery, turning each dining occasion into an extraordinary experience. Its spa offers a peaceful haven, with calming treatments that lead you to a state of complete serenity. Known as one of the hotels for honeymoon in Germany, this destination crafts a romantic ambiance amidst its historically elegant setting, perfect for those seeking a harmonious blend of romance, historical charm, and opulence.

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Chateau Herálec Boutique Hotel & Spa by L'Occitane

Step into the pages of history when visiting Chateau Herálec Boutique Hotel & Spa by L'Occitane which is set in the picturesque Czech Highlands. The chateau, with roots stretching back to the 13th century, has gracefully aged like fine wine, evolving from a historical stronghold with majestic red towers into a heartwarming 5-star boutique-style hotel. Each stone and corridor whispers tales of the past while offering the cozy comforts and luxuries of the present. Perfectly positioned within easy reach of Prague, Brno and Vienna, this enchanting chateau even welcomes guests to arrive in style by helicopter, adding to the fairy tale experience.

At Chateau Herálec Boutique Hotel & Spa by L'Occitane, known for being a family-friendly hotel in the Czech Republic, guests of all ages are treated to royal hospitality and invited to enjoy luxurious amenities. The spa serves as a peaceful space, offering rejuvenation with its array of natural products for both body and soul. In the hotel’s restaurant, diners embark on a remarkable culinary adventure, where traditional flavors skillfully blend with modern luxury. This chateau ensures a memorable stay, artfully merging historical elegance with modern comforts, crafting enduring memories for its guests.

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Castillo Hotel Son Vida, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Mallorca - Adults Only

Castillo Hotel Son Vida, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Mallorca - Adults Only in Majorca, Spain, magnificently embodies the rich historical legacy of the region. Located within a transformed 13th-century castle, the hotel artfully combines historical architectural features with a collection of sophisticated antiques and prominent artworks by acclaimed artists. Its careful transformation into a 5-star luxury hotel exclusively for adults has been nothing but successful, maintaining the enchanting charm of its historic roots while adding modern amenities to cater to the refined tastes of contemporary guests. The hotel proudly features 164 guestrooms and suites, each artfully designed to reflect the unique beauty and charm of Majorca. The hotel is nestled amidst three superb golf courses, offering guests unrivaled leisure opportunities. The Castillo Hotel Son Vida Spa, complete with a 24-hour fitness center, and a range of sophisticated dining options, from the fine dining at El Castell to the chic Pool Bar, leverage the stunning panoramic views of Palma bay, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

As one of the adult-only hotels in Spain, Castillo Hotel Son Vida, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Mallorca - Adults Only is a serene oasis, offering guests over 16 years old an exclusive retreat. The suites, bright and spacious, offer incomparable views of Palma Bay, the surrounding golf courses, and the hotel's lush gardens. This privileged haven is not just about luxury; it's an embodiment of tranquility, appealing to seasoned travelers, whether they are couples seeking a romantic getaway, friends looking to create enriched moments together, or golf enthusiasts. Perched on a hilltop, the property radiates a tranquil and sophisticated ambience, perfectly suited for luxury enthusiasts.

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Six Senses Fort Barwara Sawai Madhopur

Our exploration concludes with Six Senses Fort Barwara Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan, India. This imposing structure, originally a 14th-century fortress, once stood as a royal residence. This illustrious past infuses the location with a profound and mesmerizing historical allure. A remarkable restoration effort has skillfully converted two palaces and two temples within the fort's boundaries. The resort's design beautifully encapsulates the grandeur of a royal era that stretches back over 700 years, offering guests a unique insight into the luxurious and magnificent world of Rajasthani royalty.

Six Senses Fort Barwara Sawai Madhopur distinguishes itself as one of the hotels with a heated pool in India, providing a suite of sumptuous amenities for an extraordinary guest experience. Situated a mere three-hour drive from Jaipur and in close proximity to Ranthambore National Park, the hotel serves as a tranquil haven of personalized service. Guests enjoy the attentive care of GEMs (Guest Experience Makers), guaranteeing a stay that beautifully blends royal elegance with a sense of intimate hospitality. The resort also prides itself on offering a fusion of traditional and contemporary culinary delights, exclusive spa treatments, and tailored wellness programs. Alongside an aerial yoga pavilion, steam and sauna rooms, and various private dining venues, the hotel offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and contemporary comforts. The journey to this palace is equally luxurious, with zero-emission transfers in electric SUVs, complete with refreshments and cold towels, ensuring a royal welcome from the very beginning.

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As we conclude this enchanting sojourn through some of the world's most spectacular 5-star castle hotels, it's clear that each destination offers more than just luxury accommodations; they provide a passage through time, a chance to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of history while enjoying the pinnacle of modern comfort and service. Whether it's the majestic Castillo Hotel Son Vida in Spain or the historical elegance of Six Senses Fort Barwara in India, these hotels are not just places to stay, but destinations in themselves, offering unique experiences that linger in memory long after the journey ends.

For those who found inspiration in these tales of royal retreats and historical luxury, there’s a world of exquisite castle hotels waiting to be explored. Why not dive deeper into our collection of five-star castle hotels, or perhaps blend history with adventure by exploring our curated selection of luxury retreats and beachfront paradises? Each category offers a unique flavor of travel and luxury, perfect for planning your next unforgettable escape. Discover more, combine different experiences, and tailor your journey to your own taste of adventure and elegance.

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