9 Romantic Hotels in Europe for History Lovers

June 11, 2019 by Akylina Printziou

Photo from Hotel Goldener Hirsch, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Salzburg

We get it. You sit down after long weeks of hard work. You’re tired, she’s tired. You both want to relax. You think to yourself,
“We could be in Italy right now. Drinking red wine. Walking in the moonlight. Feeling the summer breeze.”

No more rigorous researching. Here at Travelmyth, we’ve handpicked for you 9 of the most romantic and historic hotels in Europe out of millions of choices.
You can step back to the Renaissance, live like the lords and ladies of a 15th century mansion or lay back on ancient gardens of the Mediterranean.

This first hotel is in one of the most historic cities in the world. A mark of the 20th century. Our first stop is...

Rocco Forte Hotel De Rome

“Two countries in one”

Of course, Berlin’s history will fill up libraries. But Romantic? Let me convince you.
In Tiergarten Park you can set a blanket beside the lake under the tall trees for a warm afternoon. There you can marvel at the intricate statues, each with their own stories. You can find privacy from the busy streets of Berlin in a picturesque scenery at the Bürgerpark Pankow. Feeling classy? A night at the Berlin Philharmonic. Or simply sit down watching the romantic sunset at Mauerpark Hill.

You can enjoy Italian cuisine on a rooftop bar at the Rocco Forte Hotel De Rome or within the ornate 1889 walls of the hotel, originally built as the head office of the famous Dresdner Bank. If you want to feel the breeze with your loved one, take a private boat ride to Charlottenburg Palace. Close off the night with a 4-course romantic candlelit dinner on the La Banca Garden.

Penthouse Center Town Apartment

European charm in a tropical scene. Don’t be deceived by its high energy, there’s a ton of room for calm beach walks and well… history. As one of the oldest cities in the world, there are more museums, historic buildings and immortalized art than an average traveller can handle.

Finding affordable hotels is easy. Finding affordable hotels in a great location, is not. Thankfully, there is Penthouse Center Town Apartment. This vintage 1906 jewel stands only a walk away from the famed Placa d’Espanya. With its perfect location, you can enjoy the city once you leave the door, grab a drink on nearby shops or walk around the city block.

Can't leave your furry friend back home? No problem.
I'm sure they'd enjoy Barcelona too and more.

The Scotsman Hotel

Famously known for its picturesque medieval castles and Georgian structures. We take you here because Edinburgh’s story is more than a hefty chapter in a history book. With less than a million inhabitants, Edinburgh bottles the charm of UK minus the busy streets. This old city is widely voted as one of the most romantic places to put a ring on her.

Scotland is a refuge for the classy, so why not stay somewhere extra-classy? The Scotsman Hotel stands in between the Old Town and the New Town giving you a perfect view of the Edinburgh Castle, Carlton Hill and Princes Street Gardens.

Built in 1905 on the North Bridge, this hotel is steeped in history. Candlelit stained glass windows, marble staircase and baroque walls will greet you as soon as you walk around the hotel with your loved one. Also, there’s a Grand Café beside the building with live jazz and piano for an old-school feel.

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet

You might also know it by its other names, Byzantium and Constantinople. Ruled by Alexander the Great, it was the capital of the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire then the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is the only city in the world that spans 2 continents. It is both Europe and Asia. A place where merchants, travellers and kings landed for conquest and trade. This place is a history-nut's paradise. A cultural melting pot of the old world and the new.

A hostel is not a very romantic place. You want to treat your loved one to one of the greatest trips of your lives. Not somewhere where you might be bunking with strangers smelling like alcohol. You wouldn’t want to settle for something less, would you?

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet embodies Turkish luxury and history with a romantic twist. You can stroll around the landscaped gardens, wake up with a view of the Blue Mosque or the Hagia Sophia. Since you’re standing at the heart of the Old Town, you can skip your way to the historical sites or sit on the docks for a romantic afternoon.

Grand Hôtel Stockholm

Seas, bridges and colours.
Stockholm has a plethora of candlelit restaurants perfect for those cozy romantic nights. As the capital, Swedish history is embedded in the city’s architecture and art.
There are tons of museums and famed streets that you can immerse yourself into. Stroll around and watch the sun glaze down the 16th century cityscapes.

A grand city needs a grand experience. Experience the full Swedish grandeur by staying at the Grand Hotel Stockholm, one of the most iconic structures in the city and built in 1874. The First Nobel Banquet of 1901 was hosted in these walls until the year 1929. Even the standard rooms are elegantly designed. Walk around the private courtyard or have a romantic dinner in Mathias Dahlgren’s award-winning restaurants as you overlook the water and the grandeur of the Old Town. Did I say grand?

Hotel Goldener Hirsch, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Salzburg

“A guy named W. A. Mozart was born here.”

The city of Salzburg is filled with age-old artistry. Baroque landmarks, historic streets, and tradition-rich way of life. The city is so culturally rich that in 1996, it was listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s the appeal of roughly textured walls built hundreds of years ago and the scent of antiquated wood, that takes us back to an era of kings and queens. Within the historic centre of Salzburg lies Hotel Goldener Hirsch, a 600 year-old hotel brimming with Salzburg-style décor handpicked by Countess Harriet Walderdorff. With the romance package, make your loved one feel special with a bottle of champagne and flowers the moment you arrive.

Can't get enough pretty castles? We can't either, luckily.

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Mount Vesuvius may erupt, the Roman Empire may fall, Odysseus may plug his ear full of wax; Sorrento still stands as one of the most beautiful towns to ever exist. Looking for historical facts to dazzle your aunts with at Thanksgiving? Find your favourite from the plethora of legends, mysteries, myths and civilizations like the Romans, Greeks, Aragons and Byzantines that resided in Sorrento. This town’s history is as colourful as the houses that stand on its famed cliffs and mountain slopes.

On these cliffs, you can find the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria. A 180 year old hotel with suites fit for royalties. Find Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius in front of you as you wake up in the morning. As the legend goes, it’s the same place where the Roman Emperor Augustus had his villa.

Feeling hungry? On Bar Vittoria you can enjoy 2 elegant restaurants, Terraza Bosquet Seafront Restaurant and L’Orangerie Poolsidebar & Restaurant. What about a romantic walk? Stroll around on 2 acres of lush Mediterranean garden with citrus grove and olive trees.

Le Meurice – Dorchester Collection


The City of Love. Ask anyone their top 5 favourite cities, one of those is Paris. This city will dazzle you with 19th century cityscapes, intricate sculptures and cobblestone streets. Walk the streets of Paris like they do in the movies while you catch a scent of freshly brewed coffee and designer fragrances.

We get it, Paris has as many visitors as it has hotels. So we picked the best one for you. Romantic 18th-century interiors with a French twist, Louvre to your left and Place de la Concorde to your right. At Le Meurice, you will live like royalty. From Dylan to Dalí, this five-star hotel is loved by famed artists of old and new.

Sip a glass of wine with your loved one on the terraces as you watch the cityscapes or the historic Rue de Rivoli street. Feeling tired? Share a moment with duo spa treatment and a glass of champagne.

Tired of fast food? The palace features a 3-star Michelin Restaurant, an “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey”.

Hotel Gabbia D'Oro

“O’ Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

The how and where of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. On the Citta Antica area, you can walk your way to Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House) and gaze upon the famed balcony where Juliet poured her heart out looking for an equally moody teenager. It is said, once Shakespeare was walking on its cobbled streets, he was inspired by the balcony. Little did he know, the same balcony will procure thousands of lovers every year swooning to take a selfie.

Since you can’t sleep at Juliet’s House, we picked one for you. Equally romantic, less tragic and well… Italian. Hotel Gabbia D’Oro is an intimate hotel with 16th century interior design that takes you back to the Italian Renaissance. It was built in the 1900s beside the 14th century Gardello Tower. It features a romantic garden and an intimate orangerie where you can dine with either your Romeo or Juliet. Oh, and it has balconies.

Mind you, these are not all the hotels and cities!
Wanna bring the family for an infinity pool and fun getaways? We got you covered. Feeling too calm and wanna stay on a haunted hotel? Nothing better than a ghost grabbing your leg as you walk up the stairs.

Historic hotels give you a taste of what it’s like living at a time of knights and ladies. With these picks, we made sure that you are having Instagram-worthy portraits and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with your significant other.
We’ve covered the basics in their histories, it’s time for you to find out what’s more. Tag us with what you find @travelmyth and we may feature you on our Instagram! If you have recommendations for better options, tag us too!

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