40 dog-friendly hotels in Austria with leash-free play areas

August 24, 2018 by Travelmyth

Photo from ad vineas Gästehaus Nikolaihof-Hotel Garni

If you're considering a trip to Austria with your four-legged friend, you're in luck. With outdoor activities for any season and a variety of cultural events and excursions, there's plenty for both humans and canines of any personality type to enjoy. When it comes to accommodations, you'll want lodging where your dog is comfortable, with an area where it can play after a car-ride or after spending a few hours straight indoors. These 40 Austrian hotels have you covered with leash-free play areas and other helpful amenities that will ensure your dog has a restful holiday as well.

Austrian Alpine Apartments

With proximity to skiing, hiking and cycling, these cosy two-bedroom apartments will bring you and your dog closer to nature. A leash-free play area and towels are also available.

GRUBERS, Hotel Appartments Gastein

Dogs stay for free at this family and dog-friendly hotel which provides a gift basket, food, blankets and a sitter service for your furry friend.

Johannahof Appartements

With fully-stocked kitchens and close proximity to town, Johannahof Appartements offer vacationers all the comforts of home while they're away on holiday. They provide a leash-free play area, waste bags and leashes.

ad vineas Gästehaus Nikolaihof-Hotel Garni

Situated near the Nikolaihof Wachau vineyards, this hotel charges no additional fee for dogs and allows them to sleep on the beds and furniture (with a special sheet). It also offers complimentary trash bags and bowls.


This small, romantic cottage with a wine cellar is located near castles and offers guests the option to enjoy many outdoor activities. For dogs, they offer blankets, a leash-free play area and bowls.

Austria is a destination where outdoor enthusiasts and their dogs will truly feel at home. With leash-free play areas and amenities like sitter services, dog food and bowls, many of these hotels go beyond pet-friendly, ensuring that both owner and dog have the most comfortable and enjoyable stay. Check out the best dog-friendly hotels on Travelmyth.com and book your next vacation in Austria, where you can relax knowing that your best canine friend is well-cared for while you take a break from your everyday routine.

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