200 dog friendly hotels in Italy with leash-free play areas

April 18, 2018 by Travelmyth

Photo from Altafiumara Resort & Spa

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life and taking your dog along for the ride can lead to even more adventure. The only thing that can get in the way of the perfect getaway for you and your favorite companion is the difficult task of finding a hotel that welcomes dogs with open arms! Finding hotels that not only allow dogs but provide leash-free play areas is an especially tough task. Travelmyth understands the struggle and wants to help you make booking easy, so we've compiled a list of 200 dog-friendly hotels in Italy. Italy is one of those places that you definitely need to visit once in your life and taking your dog along will mean many beautiful walks! All information and photos are provided to Travelmyth directly from the hotels.

Tenuta Ca' Zen

Tenuta Ca'Zen is a beautiful option in Porto Viro for dog owners looking for the country-house experience in Italy. As long as your dog is well-behaved and doesn't sleep on the bed, you can bring one dog to Tenuta Ca'Zen for an extra 10 euros. You will have access to leash-free play areas and dog walking services.


The Metina farmhouse in Acquaviva is run by pet lovers like you who welcome your dogs and other pets free of charge and provide many services to keep them happy. While staying at Metina, your dogs will enjoy their natural surroundings and can even take part in special training.


Your dogs may enjoy their time at Poecylia in Carloforte more than you, as they will enjoy beautiful walks in San Pietro and be treated to two gourmet meals each day for 20 euros per night. Keep in mind that you can have two dogs up to 20 kg in each room.

Schloss Hotel Korb

The Schloss Hotel Korb will bring you and your furry friends to Appiano sulla Strada del Vino, and you'll be able to rest assured that should anything happen, you can take advantage of the veterinary cares services. There's no pet limit at Schloss Hotel Korb, so you can bring all your dogs along, just be sure to keep them off the bed!

Casa Wallace B&B

Your stay at Casa Wallace B&B will make you feel like you and your dog are staying with family in Cremolino. The cottage destination treats your dog with love, welcoming them with a gift basket, bed, blankets, and special treats, all at no extra charge.

Agriturismo Il Brugnolo

Vacationing at Agriturismo Il Brugnolo in Scandiano will give you the chance to explore the green hotel grounds while letting your dog off the leash in certain areas. Agriturismo Il Brugnolo welcomes up to two pets per room for an extra 10 euros each night.

Il Salviatino Firenze

Il Salviatino knows that your dog is family and brings you to the heart of Florence at no extra charge for your pet. At Il Salviatino, you will be provided with food and water bowls and a special place for your dog to sleep, since they're not allowed on the beds.

Polisena L'Altro Agriturismo Veg

If your dog weighs less than 20 kg, make your way to Polisena L'Altro Agriturismo in Pontida for 15 extra euros per night. Polisena L'Altro Agriturismo keeps extra dog leashes on hand just in case you forget or lose yours.

Il Coltro

Il Coltro, the country house in San Gimignano with the panoramic pool and relaxing atmosphere invites you and one dog to enjoy their accommodations for an extra 25 euros per booking. You and your dog will enjoy the Tuscan walks, but just come prepared to clean up after your pet right away.

Campeggio Europa

Campeggio Europa is a dog-friendly camping community in Torre del Lago Puccini where you can travel with up to two dogs in your room with a 50 euro refundable insurance deposit against damage. Campeggio Europa provides food and water bowls, and you can find dog food and waste bags for sale at the camp shop.

Hotel Lucrezia

As guests at the Hotel Lucrezia in Riola Sardo, you and up to two of your dogs will be able to take leisurely strolls through the garden and sit in the courtyard. Hotel Lucrezia wants to pamper you and your dog alike and provides special food, sheets for furniture, a dog bed, waste bags, and food and water bowls.

Agriturismo San Ottaviano

Staying at Agriturismo San Ottaviano will put you and your dogs about 10 km from the lively, medieval village of Suvereto. Agriturismo San Ottaviano welcomes you and all your pets to enjoy the leash-free play areas and scenery of Monterotondo.

Agriturismo Al Marnich

Agriturismo Al Marnich offers you the chance to enjoy the breathtaking Schignano views while enjoying your time off with up to two dogs. The love of animals is taken to heart at Agriturismo and you will have access to special dog food and veterinary care.

Hotel Nord Est

The 4-star Hotel Nord Est in Gabicce Mare puts you beachside and is a great getaway for you and your small dog up to 7 kg. Dogs stay for free at Hotel Nord Est and you can use the location's veterinary care and sitting services for 15 euros per hour.

Agriturismo Macesina

Agriturismo Macesina is a modern farmhouse that invites you and your dog to stay and play leash-free at no extra charge. You and your pal will enjoy walks through the Bedizzol countryside and may even find yourselves at the Chiese River Park, just minutes away.

San Benedetto Camping Relais

Villaggio Turistico - Camping San Benedetto is an ideal place for you, your family, and your dog to vacation, as you're likely to find plenty of company for you and your dog! When you're camping with your dog in Peschiera del Garda, you can spend time walking along the charming shore of Lake Garda.

Resort Baia del Silenzio

Resort Baia del Silenzio is a beautiful spot in Pisciotta that goes out of their way to make everyone feel involved, including your dog, with group walks in the Cilento. You can bring all your dogs to Resort Baia del Silenzio because there is no pet limit. Just keep in mind you will pay a 100 euro refundable damage deposit.

Fattoria Il Praticino

Fattoria Il Praticino is a Tuscan dream in Castelfranco di Sopra where you and up to three dogs can relax, breathe in the fresh farmhouse air, and discover the natural beauty of Tuscany. Let your dogs run free off the leash, but not on the furniture.

B&B Monticelli

The B&B Monticelli in Gubbio welcomes two dogs at no extra charge and provides areas for your pups to run free off the leash. The scenery brings a natural calm and the accommodations for you and your dogs are quaint.

Domus Rosarum

Your stay at Domus Rosarum will leave you feeling like you're living the luxurious life while bringing your dog with you at no extra charge. The 18th-century residence in Arqua Petrarca awaits the arrival of your dog with special blankets and a gift basket.

Masseria Sant'Agapito

Visit Lucera and stay with your dog at Masseria Sant'Agapito at no extra charge. Your dog will have a special place to sleep and be able to run free around certain areas.

Parco della Vigna

B&B Parco della Vigna is a family-friendly option for your travels to Martina Franca, where up to two dogs will be welcomed at no extra charge. B&B Parco della Vigna offers access to veterinary care and provides waste bags and food and water bowls.

Hotel Blu Eden

The New Hotel Blu Eden is a great option for traveling with small dogs up to 5 kg and enjoying the beautiful beaches and nature along the Riviera’s Cedars. Your dog will be welcomed with a gift basket and the New Hotel Blu Eden provides kennels for when you want to go out.

Masseria Murgia Albanese

The Masseria Murgia Albanese Bed & Breakfast welcomes up to two dogs free of charge and puts you in an 18th-century farm-style house close to Alberobello. Walk around the grounds with your dog and let them explore off the leash.

Agriturismo Case Tabarani

Agriturismo Case Tabarani is a scenic farmhouse in Collesano which provides you spectacular views and the ability to share your adventure with your dogs at no extra charge. Along with being able to run free in certain spaces, your dogs will be given a special bed to sleep on.

Relais Il Pozzeto

Relais Il Pozzetto is a 17th-century house in Anghiari, which lets you enjoy the beauty of Tuscany and welcomes all your dogs free of charge. Enjoy the bonding experience with your dogs at Relais Il Pozzeto as they're allowed on the beds and furniture.

I Poggi di Grace

The I Poggi di Grace Bed & Breakfast in Fivizzano is a getaway to the quiet calmness of nature for you and your dogs. You can bring up to three dogs for your stay and will have access to veterinary care, blankets and towels for your pets.

Bella di Ceciliano

Visit the small and cozy Bella di Ceciliano Bed & Breakfast in Arezzo and get a taste of Tuscany while traveling with up to two dogs at no extra charge. Your dogs will be by your side to absorb the natural beauty.

Il Papavero b&b relais

The Agriturist Il Papavero Bed & Breakfast in Senigallia is located on a hill which means you can observe the gorgeous views at the end of your walk with your dogs. Agriturist Il Papavero offers veterinary care, and walking and sitting services.

L'Agrifoglio Villa Francesca

Let your dogs, up to two are allowed per room, roam in the beautiful garden surroundings at L'Agrifoglio Villa Francesca in Tolfa. At the end of the day, you can climb into bed with your dogs and rest up for your next adventure.

Staying at Locanda degli Elfi e Ristorante Mascha Parpaja means delicious food, beautiful scenery and a wonderful vacation with up to two dogs in Canosio. You can even relax in bed and on the furniture with your dogs on special sheets provided.

Altafiumara Resort & Spa

Located in Villa San Giovanni, Altafiumara Resort & Spa makes traveling to Italy with your dog a smooth and enjoyable process by providing food and water bowls, waste disposal bags, special bed sheets and a leash-free play area to keep your pup entertained. There's no limit on the number of pets you can bring with you to Altafiumara Resort & Spa and you'll spend just an extra 15 euros per night.

Il Nascondiglio - The Hideaway

Located in Amandola, Il Nascondiglio - The Hideaway is the perfect place for exploration and strolls with your dogs. You can share your room with up to two dogs who will be welcomed with a gift basket and provided with towels of their own.

If you're planning a trip to Italy and want to bring your four-legged pals along, there are plenty of accommodation options available to you. The hotels you've just read about will welcome your dog and let them run wild in a leash-free play area. Check our search engine for more dog-friendly hotels in Italy and start preparing for your getaway with your dog.

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