7 Enchanting Hotels To Watch The Northern Lights

December 16, 2022 by Kati Marienberg - Usher

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Ever had a dream to wake up in the middle of the forest, surrounded by layers of snow windles hugging closely to your rustic log chalet, with the open fire embers still glowing? The blue shadows move in the slow rhythms of the earth, while the skies have begun the magical dances of vibrating hues of greens and deep purples. This is the Aurora Borealis, the enchanting breath of life over the ever-changing Universe.

I guarantee that experiencing this exquisite phenomenon, under the huge moving colours in the sky, will take you beyond this world, to another realm of awe and gratitude. This dance of colours will continue to resonate within the soul, long after the tails of the lighted waves disappear and the deep quiet of the shimmering frozen snow envelopes your thoughts and dreams, in a state of deep peace.

Let's take a closer look at some amazing areas in the far North of Europe and the selection of hotels in the very heart of the possibilities to see these magical natural phenomena.

Hotel Rangá

Hotel Rangá goes beyond being a hotel, as it has been created to share Iceland’s history and culture with the guests. Therefore, Icelandic art is displayed throughout the hotel, complementing the unique décor of the rooms, lavish with Nordic wood. Delicious foods await in the excellent restaurant, when the great outdoors adventures end for the day. South Iceland offers destinations like the Golden Circle, the waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss and Vík´s famous black sand beaches. Being remote was never more desirable, as it is the perfect quality when hoping to catch a glimpse of the Nordic Lights. And, believe it or not, this property has its own observatory tower too! The hotel takes pride in the sustainability issues, and so they use green and renewable energy, recycle, and prefer to cooperate with local suppliers. Their mission is to inspire guests to explore and admire all the wild Icelandic powerful sights and unforgettable visions, even while in the car, driving along. The dazzling waterfalls and massive glaciers truly make you see the magnificence of nature and respect it deeply.

Hótel Húsafell

Hótel Húsafell is situated in the best possible area in Iceland to experience the Nordic Lights magic. They appear at least three times a week in the autumn and wintertime. Well-equipped to host events and small conferences in a unique environment, the hotel provides a great array of facilities and services to create unforgettable memories for both business visitors and guests staying in comfortable and lovely lodgings. The on-site restaurant provides delicious nordic dishes, while the hotel also offers excellent opportunities for tours and hiking in the wilderness areas near the great glacier. Geothermal pools, amazing waterfalls and Nordic luxury accommodation create a warm feeling with which you can enjoy the holidays beyond any expectations. There is no need for thousands of words as you will end up speechless of the wonders Iceland has to offer. In addition, you will find a golf course and garden areas in this splendid location.

Magical Pond Nature Igloos

The peace is within the moments. There is a magical way to experience the deep winter violet, starry sky and the Aurora Borealis: the scenic thermal glass wall bedroom. Make yourself comfortable, with your significant other hugging close, sharing the warmth of the bed together, and let all your senses surrender to the most spectacular and enchanted colour display up above. The night is filled with wishes and memories to treasure beyond imagination within Lapland’s wilderness scenery.

All year, nature changes clothes. At springtime, the water and air shimmer in light and the leaves of the trees bud with the purest newborn greens, while the bright yellow flowers turn their faces towards the sun. The summer hazy mornings change into days filled with wildflowers. The ambient grace of the midsummer festivities hugs your mind, by the burning of huge bonfires, when the light of the endless day mellows to a soft husk. They say the night in midsummer time is full of magic and wishes may be granted. Autumn, again, splashes the horizon with a vivid watercolour palette. And look out, here the wild deer come sometimes to graze next to your bedside, so close you have never dreamt it to be possible.

Magical Pond Nature Igloos in north of Finland provides extensive amenities and services for the guests to make the most out of their visit, to see the sights, explore the wilderness with dog or reindeer pulled sleds and snowmobiles, offering something for everyone. For couples and groups, the accommodation and restaurant facilities provide further delights to the palate as well as to all senses.

Villa Little Peak

The spruce forest is moulded into massive snow sculptures in wintertime. Wild hare has left clear trails from its jump paw prints in the pristine snow. The purest white envelopes the soul, when you strap on the skis and glide into the winter wonderland. Embraced by nature, here you can try outdoor yoga classes, performed in unforgettable surroundings. The perfect location of this exquisite place surrenders all your senses with awe, experiencing the hills and small mountains in the wild scenery in Ruka, Kuusamo. Ruka Peak is nestled at the top of the Ruka hill, at 430 meters above sea level, offering astonishing and serene views, far in the horizon. At the lodgings, the soft steam traditional Smoke Sauna welcomes visitors to unwind and rejuvenate, thus, to ease stress and let it melt away. Villa Little Peak offers extensive amenities and activities to welcome you to the perfect adventure holiday. They create and cater for uplifting venues, tailor-made events and meetings, while the sledge dogs await eagerly to run into new adventures and take you along.

Aurora Queen Resort Igloos

The Arctic North of Finland will certainly fulfill any dreams of true winter experiences. In Aurora Queen Resort Igloos they have log cabins turned partially to igloos made of glass, so you can sleep under the stars, hugged by the snow cover around those innovative dwellings. An excellent place to experience the Nordic Lights and starry skies is to be found in the lodgings of the resort, while resting in the warm bed. Can it get more romantic than cuddling up together and sharing this magical experience and quiet, tranquil time with the most special person in your life?

Of course, the resort is ideal for larger groups of friends and families to come together and stay in its bigger dwellings, which are equipped with modern comforts. The thick crusty layers of snow, the occasional slow flurries over the cosy, warm sleeping huts, grottos and cabins made of traditional, natural materials create the perfect getaway and comfort after some outdoor activities. Try sledge rides on various devices – ah yes, there’s not only one kind of sledge – there are so many of them. Some are pulled by reindeer, others by sleigh dogs, while others are kicked by foot or used to slide down in a similar fashion to toboggan. Join the Santa’s Elves, have some fun and get a ride in all of them.

Pinetree Lodge

Winter in Lapland. The thick crusts of snow covering the trees and wilderness landscape, wild animal trails and the occasional reindeer flock sighting. Aurora borealis, dancing foxy tails of colour in the space above. Nature surprises the visitors over and again, beyond imagination. Lapland’s culture is kept alive by the Sami people and their stories (or sagas) may be heard when meeting the locals in tours. Pinetree Lodge in Sweden provides an ambient atmosphere in the main area lounge, with a fireplace to relax after outdoorsy, activity-filled days. The same area transforms to a conference room during the spring and autumn seasons, upon request. The resort restaurant caters to up to 120 people and the resort amenities extend to a spa area to unwind and a sauna to get a healthy glow for a totally relaxed body.


Icehotel in Sweden is an exquisite experience as it is entirely created of sculptured ice from the neighbouring Torne River. The inside temperature varies from -5 to -8 degrees Celsius, and the unique hand-carved ice designs are created by international artists. The thick, thermal sleeping bags keep you warm in the magical ice bedrooms, where the Icy King Bed is covered in thick, soft reindeer hides for maximum comfort. Imagine stepping back in time to the Ice Age for one night to remember. Back to the warm comforts of life: a morning treat of shared sauna, for those interested to get a boost of glowing circulation instead of the usual shower.

This amazing hotel complex also provides warm lodgings with all modern amenities and free entrance to explore the ice castle areas in the daytime. The restaurant with a traditional twist and local produce caters to the guests and the Icebar may be a great way to get into the real feel of the place as well. Other activities in the wintry outdoors provided are dog or reindeer sled excursions, and snowmobile tours. More adventurous activities like river rafting or guided hiking and fishing can also be arranged.

Keep in mind, apart from the winter season delights and the possible magical experiences witnessing the Nordic lights phenomenon, spring, summer and autumn up north have their own lure and charm to offer to visitors from all over the world.

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