Floating on Water: 6 Hotels with Over-water Villas near Inle Lake, Myanmar

June 10, 2022 by Akylina Printziou

Photo:  Hupin Inle Khaung Daing Village Resort

Nestled comfortably in between India and Thailand, in the vibrant Southeast Asia, Myanmar (previously known as Burma) is a country with a rather small population yet rich natural landscapes that never fail to mesmerise every visitor. There are two main reasons that make travellers flock to Myanmar: the thousands of Buddhist temples that seem to be carved with excruciating detail and which can be found all over the country, and the immaculate beaches that extend across the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

As captivating as those attractions may be, there are also many hidden gems in the country that eagerly await to be discovered. For example, have you ever thought of staying in a water villa while in Myanmar? Before you raise your eyebrows in bewilderment, hear us out!

We know that when you think of water villas, the first places that come to mind are probably the Maldives with the luxurious private island resorts or the exotic islands in French Polynesia which are surrounded by turquoise waters. However, the picturesque Inle Lake in Myanmar is actually home to several hotels and resorts with over-water villas and bungalows (or floating huts, as the locals tend to call them), and you can find no less than 16 of those on Travelmyth.com! Plus, the area around Inle Lake is teemed with majestic pagodas all around, so you’re killing two birds with one stone, really.

Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min

Luxurious and modern, the 4-star Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min is a true oasis of tranquility and relaxation, as it is surrounded by lush gardens and all the quiet you’ll need throughout your stay. Among its various room types you can find elegant water villas, set right above the lake. Each water villa is equipped with a private wooden balcony from which you can admire the wonderful views over the lake and the surrounding area. And if you just can’t get enough of being over the water, the hotel also boasts an over-water restaurant.

Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort

If you’re looking for a more traditional and classic type of accommodation, then Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort is the perfect choice for you. It offers 40 charming rooms and suites on stilts over the water, while each one features wooden details and a more minimal decoration, as well as wonderful views over the lake. Should you feel the need to pamper yourself, the resort also features an outdoor pool and invigorating spa services.

Golden Island Cottages Thale U Hotel

Golden Island Cottages Thale U Hotel is an eco-lodge which offers accommodation only on over-water cottages and is a great choice for those of you who wish to be closer to nature for the duration of your stay. Relax in the privacy of your accommodation, take in the Inle Lake views and even engage in activities such as bird watching and trekking. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the sunset, as the golden colour of the sun rays that is reflected on the water create a sight you’re not likely to forget any time soon.

The Serenity Inle Resort

As its name suggests, The Serenity Inle Resort is an ideal choice for those travellers who seek a calm and peaceful accommodation at Inle Lake. It features 26 bungalows on stilts right above the water, which seamlessly blend traditional elements with modern comforts and amenities and are all connected with a wooden walkway. When you’re not relaxing in your private balcony, you can dive in the resort’s outdoor pool which also offers magnificent views over the surrounding nature.

Hupin Inle Khaung Daing Village Resort

Located on the western part of Inle Lake, Hupin Inle Khaung Daing Village Resort is a 3-star resort that boasts elegant and deluxe over-water chalets and cottages, fully equipped with all the amenities you might need for the most comfortable stay. Each chalet and cottage features a sitting space with a window that overlooks the lake and the mountains over the horizon, making you feel one with your surroundings.

ViewPoint Ecolodge

Last, but certainly not least, ViewPoint Ecolodge is located in Nyaungshwe, just 15 minutes by boat from Inle Lake. At this resort, you will not only be able to stay at a suite over the water, but also dive in its floating pool, have a picnic with food out of a bamboo lunch box, participate in a local cooking class and explore the surrounding villages, discovering all the beauty this place has to offer. The floating suites are built out of local material and they provide stunning views over the natural landscape around you, making sure that your stay is nothing short of unique and unforgettable.

These are only 6 out of the 16 hotels with over-water villas near Inle Lake that you can find on Travelmyth. Follow the link below to view the rest and prepare for a truly unique getaway in this charming part of Myanmar!

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