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June 23, 2022 by Akylina Printziou

 W New York - Times Square

Imagine waking up in the plush bed of your hotel room, walking towards your window and gazing over the bleary city from the 40th floor. Or sipping your favourite cocktail at the top floor of your hotel building, 300 metres above the ground, with the nighttime hustle and bustle of the city spreading right below your feet. There are many distinguished hotels around the world, but skyscraper hotels have redefined luxury and elegance, since they make you feel like you’re at the top of the world and nothing can ever bring you down.

They say sky's the limit but skyscraper hotels beg to differ, as they surely push those limits, soaring higher and higher in the sky.

 Jumeirah Emirates Towers

If the thought of staying among the clouds excites you, then let us walk you through Travelmyth’s process of collecting and categorising hotels in our Skyscraper category, which at the moment features over 1100 hotels all around the globe.

First, we need to set out some ground rules. In order for a hotel to be included in the skyscraper category, it has to be housed in a building that comprises at least 30 floors. The hotel can take up the entire building or just a few floors of it, as long as the overall number of floors is more than 30. Of course, this rule can be rather flexible according to country, since some countries might boast buildings with hundreds of floors, while others barely have any buildings with more than 20. One such example is the  President Hotel in Athens, Greece, which has 21 floors, yet it is the tallest hotel in the country and one of the tallest buildings overall in Athens.

Then, the Travelmyth team scours the internet trying to collect information about the height and number of floors the hotels have, so as to determine whether they’re a good fit for our category or not.

 The Okura Prestige Bangkok

As you might imagine, the vast majority of skyscraper hotels are located in Asia or the US, although you’ll be able to find some quite impressive ones in Europe or Australia as well. At the moment, Travelmyth has collected 70 skyscraper hotels in New York, 63 in Bangkok and 62 in Dubai, while Shanghai comes in the 4th place with 61 hotels and Hong Kong in the 5th with 47. Tokyo has 32, Las Vegas 27 and Honolulu 20, while Brisbane and Melbourne each have 18 and 15 respectively.

Most skyscraper hotels can be found in the business districts of some of the most dynamic global metropolises. From high-tech high rise buildings that make you feel like you’re starring in the newest sci-fi blockbuster to skyscrapers that reflect the classic grandeur with vintage architecture and touches of opulence, there is a huge variety of skyscraper hotels all around the world where you can treat yourself to luxurious accommodation and breathtaking cityscape views all at once.

Ideal for both business and leisure, the modern  Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, UAE, boasts 56 floors and a height of 309 metres. It is located right in the heart of the financial district of Dubai, while it is also directly connected with the metro, allowing guests to conveniently go out and about the city.  The Okura Prestige Bangkok in Bangkok, Thailand, is housed in a skyscraper that boasts 34 floors and it features 240 rooms and suites, all with impressive city views, as well as an infinity pool on the 25th floor. You can also experience luxury and comfort at  Makati Palace Hotel in Manila, Philippines, which is located close to the city centre and business district.

 JW Marriott Shanghai at Tomorrow Square

 JW Marriott Shanghai at Tomorrow Square in Shanghai, China, is housed in one of the tallest buildings in Shanghai, which rises 60 floors above the commercial and shopping district of Shanghai. The building is also notable for its unique shape which resembles a rocket that is about to take off into space. If futuristic buildings don’t excite you all that much, do not fret! You can still opt for a skyscraper hotel like  The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York in New York, USA, which features a more classic, French-inspired style that will make you feel another kind of majestic. This hotel soars over 160 metres and features 41 floors as well as stunning views over Central Park.

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