How to travel from Germany to Greece this summer (2020)

June 4, 2020 by Travelmyth

After the long days of quarantine and self-isolation, many of you must be dreaming of diving in crystal blue seas and spending lazy afternoons in the picturesque Greek islands. The time to make those dreams come true is now fast approaching, as Greece will be open to tourists from selected countries, including Germany, from June 15th. More specifically, the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki will start welcoming international flights from June 15th, while the rest of the country's airports will open on July 1st.

For more information on the official statements from the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the important dates for international tourists, please read our FAQ at the end of the page.

According to the official statement made by the German Foreign Minister on June 3rd, German citizens are allowed to travel to 29 European countries starting from June 15th. Since this date coincides with the date Greece has also set to start welcoming tourists from abroad, we have prepared a list with hotels and resorts in some Greek cities and islands that have their own airport, where you can directly fly from German cities, along with information on the airlines that you can use.

Fly to Athens and stay at the Athens Riviera

When most people think of Athens, the archaeological sites and the museums are the first thing that comes to mind. Very few know that Athens is in fact situated in a peninsula surrounded by the sea from three sides and features some very nice beaches and resorts.

Direct flights from Germany to Athens Airport

Lufthansa from Frankfurt, Munich
Aegean from Munich (four flights per week from June 1st, daily from June 18th, twice a day from July 1st), Frankfurt (four flights per week from June 1st, 6 times from June 18th, daily from June 25th, twice a day from July 1st), Berlin Tegel (twice a week from June 13th, daily from July 1st), Dusseldorf (twice a week from June 3rd, three per week from June 22th, daily from July 1st), Hamburg (twice per week from June 25th, daily from July 1st), Hannover (twice per week from August 3rd), Nuremberg (twice per week from August 1st), Stuttgard (four flights per week from July 3rd)
Ryanair from Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Karlsruhe
Eurowings from Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Cologne-Bonn
Easyjet from Berlin

Where to stay in Athens

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso

This luxurious 5-star hotel in Athens opened its doors on June 1st. Located in the Athenian Riviera, the hotel offers a stunning location right in front of the beach, as well as lavish and elegantly appointed guestrooms and suites, making it ideal for those who want to see a different side of the Greek capital.

Fly to Thessaloniki and stay at Halkidiki

Those who travel to North Greece frequently will be familiar with Halkidiki, as it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northern part of the country and in very close proximity to Thessaloniki. Combining lush forests with sandy beaches and various archaeological sites all around, Halkidiki also features some modern and luxurious resorts.

Direct flights from Germany to Thessaloniki Airport

Ryanair from Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Karlsruhe, Bremen, Nuremberg, Dormund, Dusseldorf
Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart
easyJet from Berlin
Aegean from Berlin Tegel, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart
Condor from Frankfurt
Lufthansa from Frankfurt

Where to stay in Halkidiki

Kassandra Palace Seaside Resort

This 5-star beachfront hotel will open on June 26th, allowing its guests to enjoy once again its high quality of services and hospitality, as well as its private sandy beach and the natural beauty of Northern Greece.

Acrotel Athena Pallas

Starting from June 15th, Acrotel Athena Pallas will also join the hotels around the country that will open for tourists. Flanked by lush greenery and just steps away from the beach, this 5-star resort is a great option for those flying to the airport of Thessaloniki.

Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Hotel

Scheduled to open in the last week of June, Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Hotel is a 5-star hotel situated in the Peninsula of Cassandra at Halkidiki. The hotel is surrounded by a verdant wooded area reaching all the way down to a golden beach and the crystal-clear blue waters of the Gulf of Toroni.

Fly to Heraklion, Crete

As the capital city of Crete, Heraklion is the largest city of the island. While most visitors are enthralled by the rich history and the surrounding archaeological sites, Heraklion also offers alluring beaches and a great setting for family vacations.

Direct flights from Germany to Heraklion Airport

Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dusseldorf
Corendon from Rostock, Leipzig, Erfurt, Dusseldorf, Münster, Hanover, Berlin, Nuremberg, Paderborn, Hamburg
SUNDAIR from Berlin, Kassel, Dresden
TUI Fly from Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Saarbrücken, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Paderborn
SunExpress from Leipzig, Frankfurt
Lufthansa from Munich, Frankfurt
Aegean from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich
easyJet from Berlin
Condor from Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Hanover, Dusseldorf
Ryanair from Berlin

Where to stay near Heraklion, Crete

Knossos Beach Bungalows Suites Resort & Spa

This family-owned 5-star resort located on the north coast of the wonderful island of Crete is a perfect destination for everyone. It provides deluxe accommodation and a wide range of facilities, in addition to direct access to the beach and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The resort will open its doors on July 1st.

Mitsis Royal Mare

Featuring luxurious accommodation, beautiful landscaped gardens, a private beach and an outdoor pool, Aldemar Royal Mare is an ideal 5-star resort located in the Hersonissos area of Heraklion, Crete. The hotel will open the first week of July.

Fly to Chania, Crete

Another popular destination in Crete is the city of Chania, located on the northwest part of the island. Its picturesque Old Venetian Harbor area and its charming cobblestone streets attract many visitors, while its beachfront resorts offer a comfortable and luxurious accommodation experience to all guests.

Direct flights from Germany to Chania Airport

Ryanair from Frankfurt
Condor from Hamburg, Hanover, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Munich
Eurowings from Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Munich
easyJet from Berlin

Where to stay near Chania, Crete

Georgioupolis Resort & Aqua Park

For those who will fly to Chania, Georgioupolis Resort & Aqua Park is an excellent choice, as the resort opens on July 1st. Apart from modern and comfortable accommodation, the resort also offers proximity to the beach, an aqua park and a tranquil atmosphere where you can sit back and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Pilot Beach Resort

Starting from July 1st, Pilot Beach Resort is ready to offer its characteristic top-notch Cretan hospitality to all incoming tourists. With luxury five star accommodation, fabulous bungalows, suites and exquisite service, this beach resort is located between the cities of Chania and Rethymno and is the perfect setting for family holidays.

Fly to Rhodes

Rhodes is the biggest of the Dodecanese islands and it offers many luxurious beachfront resorts where guests can enjoy the warm hospitality and many luxurious amenities. Once occupied by the Knights of St. John, the island is also known for the numerous ruins, museums and castles that offer a glimpse of the Crusade period.

Direct flights from Germany to Rhodes Airport

Ryanair from Berlin
Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf
TUI Fly from Hanover, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf
Condor from Berlin
SUNDAIR from Dresden
Lufthansa from Frankfurt
Aegean from Frankfurt
easyJet from Berlin
Corendon from Nuremberg, Münster

Where to stay in Rhodes

Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort Lindos - Adults only

Luxurious and majestic, Aquagrand of Lindos is an ideal resort for adult guests only, which will open again on July 1st. Situated in the traditional village of Lindos in Rhodes, right in front of a sandy beach, the 5-star resort offers the highest quality of services and an unparalleled view to the Aegean sea.

Villa Di Mare Seaside Suites

On the other sides of Rhodes island, right in front of the famous Ixia Beach, the luxurious Villa Di Mare Seaside Suites will also open its doors to visitors on July 4th. As the very first hotel to be built on the island, Villa di Mare offers nothing but the very best in hospitality and guest services.

Fly to Corfu

One of the most picturesque Greek islands, Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea and is also known as the "Emerald Island" because of its lush green landscapes. Visitors can choose among the island's top-notch beach resorts and explore its rich history and cultural heritage with Venetian and medieval influences.

Direct flights from Germany to Corfu Airport

Ryanair from Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin
Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich
TUI Fly from Hanover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich
easyJet from Berlin
SUNDAIR from Dresden
SunExpress from Frankfurt
Condor from Leipzig, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Hamburg
Lufthansa from Munich

Where to stay in Corfu

MarBella, Mar-Bella Collection

Located in the area of Agios Ioannis Peristeron in the charming island of Corfu, MarBella Corfu will start welcoming guests on July 3rd. Surrounded by the azure Ionian Sea, this 5-star luxury hotel offers the most lavish accommodation and the most exquisite services to all its guests. The hotel features an array of comfortable and tastefully appointed rooms and suites, ideal for family vacations, romantic getaways or even solo travels.

SENTIDO Apollo Palace

In the first days of July, another 5-star resort, Apollo Palace, will also open its doors to tourists. Situated on the outskirts of the fishing village of Mesongi, Apollo Palace offers modern and comfortable accommodation facilities, a garden with olive trees and close proximity to the beach, making it ideal for family getaways.

Fly to Kefalonia

Surrounded by the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is a truly verdant and unique island, where guests can escape from the modern city life and have the most amazing holidays in the nature and by the sea. The island features an array of hotels and resorts that offer high quality accommodation and an unforgettable holiday experience.

Direct flights from Germany to Kefalonia Airport

Ryanair from Frankfurt
easyJet from Berlin
Condor from Munich

Where to stay in Kefalonia

White Rocks Hotel Kefalonia

White Rocks Hotel is located in the area of Lassi, only 2km from the island's capital city and plans to open for visitors in July. Boasting a private beach right in front of the hotel and surrounded by dramatic hillsides and the azure Ionian Sea, this 4-star hotel will make your stay truly unique and unforgettable.

Fly to Zakynthos

The island of Zakynthos is located in the Ionian Sea and is also known as 'Fioro Levante' or 'The Flower of the East'. With its stunning beaches, picturesque villages and traditional architecture, Zakynthos captures the attention and hearts of all visitors.

Direct flights from Germany to Zakynthos Airport

Eurowings from Dusseldorf
Lufthansa from Munich

Where to stay in Zakynthos

Karras Grande Resort

Featuring a modern design and luxury facilities, as well as a family-friendly and peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the village of Tsilivi, the 4-star Karras Grande Resort is a great choice for everyone who visits the island of Zakynthos. The resort will open on July 1st.

Contessina Hotel

Elegant and sophisticated, the 4-star Contessina Hotel is ideal for guests who want to combine a tranquil family getaway with modern facilities and luxury accommodation. The hotel is also located in the area of Tsilivi in Zakynthos island and plans to open in the last two weeks of June.

Fly to Kos

Known for its wonderful sandy beaches, the island of Kos is yet another popular destination among the Dodecanese islands. Apart from the azure beaches and the various accommodation facilities, the island also features various archaeological sites for guests to explore.

Direct flights from Germany to Kos Airport

Ryanair from Berlin, Dusseldorf
Corendon from Hanover, Münster, Nuremberg
Condor from Munich, Berlin
Eurowings from Munich, Dusseldorf
easyJet from Berlin
TUI Fly from Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Paderborn, Hanover
Laudamotion from Dusseldorf

Where to stay in Kos island

The Small Village

The Small Village hotel is located in the area of Mistichari of Kos island, and is surrounded by a lush natural environment with a view of the Aegean sea and Kalymnos islands. The hotel offers a wide array of amenities and will open its doors on June 15th.

Fly to Mykonos

While Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands for its vibrant nightlife and party atmosphere, guests can also enjoy the island's wonderful beaches and picturesque villages, as well as stay in some of the most luxurious and elegant hotels the country has to offer.

Direct flights from Germany to Mykonos Airport

Ryanair from Frankfurt from 2/7, Dusseldorf
Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn, Munich

Where to stay in Mykonos island

Apanema Resort

Combining the traditional Cycladic architecture with modern amenities and comforts, this stylish resort will start welcoming guests at the end of June.

Casa Grande Hotel

Starting from July 1st, the 4-star Casa Grande Hotel, which is located in the area of Platys Gialos in Mykonos, will open its doors to visitors, offering intimate and luxurious accommodation in a modern and comfortable setting.

Mykonos Palace Beach Hotel

Another hotel in the area of Platys Gialos that will open for all guests on July 1st is the 4-star Mykonos Palace Beach Hotel. With its stunning beachfront location and its comfortable and elegant accommodation facilities, this hotel will make your stay in Mykonos unforgettable.

Fly to Santorini

Santorini is an island that needs no introduction. With its famous caldera views, dramatic landscape, the cave-like architecture of many buildings and hotels and the romantic sunset views, the island is an ideal destination for a relaxing or romantic getaway.

Direct flights from Germany to Santorini Airport

Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf
Lufthansa from Munich
Condor from Dusseldorf, Munich

Where to stay in Santorini island

The Dream Santorini

Starting from June 15th, The Dream Santorini will welcome guests to its premises. Located in the heart of Oia, the most famous village of Santorini, this charming hotel offers villas and suites in the traditional cave-style design of the island, as well as breathtaking views over the sea and the sunset.

Athina Luxury Suites

Another famous area of Santorini is Fira, where guests can opt to stay at Athina Luxury Suites that will open its doors on July 1st. With its dreamy location on the caldera and its luxurious and modern accommodation facilities, the hotel will certainly offer you an one-of-a-kind experience.

Fly to Kavala

Combining both mountains and the sea, the city of Kavala is a great destination for travellers who seek a destination slightly different from the cosmopolitan Greek islands or the country's capital. Ideal for family vacations, Kavala and its luxury hotels will offer you the relaxing getaway that you need.

Direct flights from Germany to Kavala Airport

Eurowings from Cologne-Bonn, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Munich

Where to stay in Kavala

Lucy Hotel

Uniquely situated at the western end of Kavala city, this 5-star hotel offers spectacular views of the Aegean sea, elegantly decorated rooms and suites and immediate access to a sandy beach. The hotel is already open for all guests who want to spend their vacation in Kavala.

Fly to Kalamata

Located in the Peloponnese peninsula, Kalamata is a city where you and your family can spend a comfortable and unforgettable getaway. Whether you want to enjoy a sandy beach, the fresh air of mountains or explore historic sites, staying in Kalamata will give you the opportunity to do so.

Direct flights from Germany to Kalamata Airport

Aegean from Munich
Condor from Munich, Dusseldorf

Where to stay in Kalamata

Grecotel Filoxenia Hotel

One of the most famous and luxurious hotels in the city of Kalamata, Filoxenia Hotel, plans to start welcoming guests again on July 3rd. With luxurious and comfortable accommodation facilities and a spectacular beachfront location, the hotel is ideal for families and couples alike.

Horizon Blu Boutique Hotel

Open from June 5th, Horizon Blu Boutique Hotel is another great option for guests travelling to Kalamata. This 5-star hotel features elegantly appointed rooms and suites, exquisite services and is located right in front of the beach.

Fly to Skiathos

Last but certainly not least, the island of Skiathos belongs to the Sporades archipelago and is a charming location for relaxing vacation, thanks to its crystal beaches and hotels that offer the highest quality of services.

Direct flights from Germany to Skiathos Airport

Condor from Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt

Where to stay in Skiathos

Skiathos Princess

Set right in front of the beach of Agia Paraskevi in Skiathos island, Skiathos Princess is a 5-star luxury resort which is ideal for family getaways and tranquil holidays. The resort will start welcoming guests on July 3rd.


Is it safe to travel to Greece in Summer 2020?

Greece had fewer COVID-19 cases and casualties than most countries. While travel bans are starting to lift, all hotels, restaurants and public areas are reopening with specific measures to implement for the health and safety of all visitors. Despite all these measures, travellers are also advised to abide by the protocols and the hygiene rules in order to remain as safe as possible.

Is the quarantine over in Greece?

Yes, the quarantine period in Greece has ended since the beginning of May, with the gradual easing of most other restrictions following soon after.

Can I travel to Greece before June 15th?

Visitors flying from abroad before June 15th are only allowed to land to the airport of Athens and are all tested upon their arrival. A quarantine period of 7 or 14 days will then follow, depending on whether the test will be negative or positive, and the visitor will be required to stay at a designated hotel.

Is there a quarantine period for travellers who arrive to Greece from abroad?

According to the Greek Ministry of Tourism, visitors from 29 countries, including Germany, are allowed to enter the country from June 15th without the need to stay in quarantine or self-isolation. Travellers from these countries do not need to be tested before flying and there's no mandatory testing on arrival, only random checks. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained on a statement on May 30th that for travels from June 15th to July 1st that originate from an airport not in the EASA affected area list (no airports in Germany are in this list), travellers are only subject to random tests upon arrival. From July 1st onward, the list does not apply and all visitors are only subject to random tests upon arrival.

The hotels will be open, but what about beaches, restaurants/cafeterias and museums?

City hotels are allowed to reopen from June 1st following the health and safety protocols. Resorts will be allowed to reopen from June 15th. Restaurants, cafes and bars reopened on May 25th, implementing social distancing and other safety rules. Beaches also reopened in May. Archeological sites reopened on May 18th and museums are expected to reopen on June 15th.









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